Tye Dyeing with Bella Poarch

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  1. Izabella Gomez
    Izabella Gomez
    5 minutes ago

    Bret: never talked to Bella Bella: got tictock famous Bret: hey bleep

  2. Ace gamers
    Ace gamers
    Hour ago

    u swear too much

  3. Younes Zreika
    Younes Zreika
    2 hours ago

    This was Hella entertaining

  4. Génesis Acevedo
    Génesis Acevedo
    6 hours ago

    His voice with Bella are soft and all but the words aren’t really

  5. Samantha Escobar
    Samantha Escobar
    6 hours ago

    La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la how do you know through 34 La La La Lala La La La La La La La La La La La OK have you meet Charli D’Amelio

  6. Marina Duran
    Marina Duran
    10 hours ago

    Cousins? That's weird? I'm confused? What are the odds?

  7. Dana Fulla
    Dana Fulla
    11 hours ago

    yaasssss mga dalagang filipina

  8. -froggy_ chan-
    -froggy_ chan-
    14 hours ago

    11:16 "You better bich dafuq"

  9. Kath Binbinon
    Kath Binbinon
    14 hours ago

    Ang cute niyo 🥺💜

  10. Kim R.
    Kim R.
    14 hours ago

    I wish I had a friend like Bretman, His personality is great.

    18 hours ago

    Bella imitating the microwave is so adorable 😍

  12. Kylie Smith
    Kylie Smith
    22 hours ago

    No one gonna talk about the screaming cats lmaooo

  13. Sarah Samauels
    Sarah Samauels
    22 hours ago

    Bretman: BEITCHH Bella: 😂😂😂😂😂 Me: 🤭😮🤔

  14. Breanna Halsell
    Breanna Halsell
    Day ago

    Not that bayyyyyyyyyy lmfao 🤣 I still love you though

  15. Anthony Navarro
    Anthony Navarro
    Day ago

    Omg the cat in the background LOL

  16. Dandy Baabs
    Dandy Baabs
    Day ago

    Damn bretman went from a cute little boy to a muh fukin MUSCLE MAN!

  17. Meowwww
    Day ago

    Can’t believe bella got to collab w blackpink when all she did was move her mouth🤡

  18. Meowwww
    Day ago

    Bella literally doesn’t continue the convo while bretman tries his best 😑

    1. meow meooww
      meow meooww
      3 hours ago

      @Hello World ok, but do you know what social anxiety is? Or ptsd?

    2. Hello World
      Hello World
      8 hours ago

      @meow meooww I'm introvert myself but I try my best. Especially this is a rare collab that will be uploaded in millions of people so go and fcking try lol.

    3. meow meooww
      meow meooww
      19 hours ago

      Do you have an introvert friend? If you don't, you won't get it

  19. Florence Gueu
    Florence Gueu
    Day ago

    yes bella

  20. Aliz Cano
    Aliz Cano
    Day ago

    Bretmen are u sure it was access and not excess

  21. ImNot Jae
    ImNot Jae
    Day ago


  22. Jason Clack
    Jason Clack
    Day ago

    How is this dude many and girly at the same time

  23. Ik Hoi
    Ik Hoi
    Day ago

    Bretmans body is turning me onnnnnn god

  24. Ik Hoi
    Ik Hoi
    Day ago

    When they said they knew each other as kids I thought they were joking lmao

  25. Karaitiana
    Day ago

    ahhh I literally love how comfortable bretman makes others feel. you can tell Bellas a more introverted quiet type but she was still able to be herself with bretman.

  26. poseidon
    Day ago

    Tinitigasan din si bretman kay bella😂😂

    Day ago


    Day ago


  29. Maryjoy Gritan
    Maryjoy Gritan
    Day ago

    Belinda poarch😭

  30. Garrett Orr
    Garrett Orr
    Day ago

    If I had a dollar for every time bretman said bitch

  31. urma
    Day ago

    Bella is so cute and so badass at the same time

  32. H I
    H I
    Day ago

    are they actually cousins?

  33. Jenna
    2 days ago

    As a fellow introvert it makes me love Bretman even more seeing how sweet/patient he is with Bella

  34. Jannah Begum
    Jannah Begum
    2 days ago

    I think they are I'm not sure but anyways guys u should check that out

  35. Jannah Begum
    Jannah Begum
    2 days ago

    They are cousin's actually bc there names like the letters both start with b like bretman rock and Bella poarch don't you know what I mean like it so amazing if u don't believe me then check it out for yourself .search are Bella poarch and bretmen rock cousins on UKwill and it will come up see for yourself😏

  36. Christopher Perales
    Christopher Perales
    2 days ago

    It’s crazy cuz I’ve never heard Bella Poarch talk she talks very pretty

  37. Alyana Viquiera
    Alyana Viquiera
    2 days ago

    How many bitch word did he say

  38. Cassandra Trazo
    Cassandra Trazo
    2 days ago

    These two speaking in dialect. OMG Philippine pride❤️

  39. YoU gOt No JaMz
    YoU gOt No JaMz
    2 days ago

    I lover her laugh it’s so cute

  40. Faith Lee
    Faith Lee
    2 days ago


  41. yombie kittyyoongi
    yombie kittyyoongi
    2 days ago

    why she is so shyyyy😭😭😭 it's kinda cute. and i love how bretman interacting with her, he's the best💖💖

  42. LostWonton
    2 days ago

    I never really had an opinion of Bella other than I thought she was very pretty. Since I don’t watch many big people on tik tok I was more indifferent. That being said, I really enjoyed this video. She seems so sweet and the overall feel of the video is very wholesome. This definitely makes me want to check out more of her content ☺️

  43. troll
    3 days ago

    Shes so much more nicer and calmer than nikita dragun lol

  44. Marlin Jaquez
    Marlin Jaquez
    3 days ago

    I love Bella’s vids

  45. 공주님Mayora
    3 days ago

    I really love how Bretman rock say bitch. I don't know but It really makes me more comfy hahha lmao😂

  46. Hailey Hebe play roblox and others
    Hailey Hebe play roblox and others
    3 days ago

    That is a bad word

  47. Hailey Hebe play roblox and others
    Hailey Hebe play roblox and others
    3 days ago

    You can talk the b or f Word

  48. Mia333
    3 days ago

    I like how Bella has (what would be considered) a big forehead and is still very beautiful it makes me feel better about mine :)

  49. Molomolo Tiira
    Molomolo Tiira
    3 days ago

    Shes wore that in one of her tiktok videos

  50. Caitlyn Baka
    Caitlyn Baka
    3 days ago

    Its the cat in the background for me

  51. Mary Divine Bitancur
    Mary Divine Bitancur
    3 days ago


  52. Chubbi Turtles
    Chubbi Turtles
    3 days ago

    aww he's so pretty with this hairstyle

  53. Ammy's day
    Ammy's day
    4 days ago

    her tie dye is giving me Instagram vibes by the colors but I guess other than that colors, it does look like cotton candy

  54. Lily horse
    Lily horse
    4 days ago

    Omg bella she talks i love youuuuuuuu bella And Brightman Rock -

  55. Lily horse
    Lily horse
    4 days ago

    ok im in friends69 im no aa joke hey sorry im dumb. in my class so yaa im not poor im ok myself but i need help im a bich andaa. ok pls heel problem ÷

  56. Aesthetics with Hope
    Aesthetics with Hope
    4 days ago

    You guys are cousins? I would have never guessed 🤨

  57. Gladys Padilla
    Gladys Padilla
    4 days ago

    i love these two sooo much 💖

  58. Hyperparcosm
    4 days ago

    The both unproblematic people and yes you might say bella poarch has a racist tattoo but it looks so different than the actual subject in the drama back then

  59. Frezle Verzo
    Frezle Verzo
    4 days ago

    i love how he keeps calling her belinda

  60. Shane Raz
    Shane Raz
    4 days ago

    Sino iti Ilokano ditoy?😂

  61. Marilyn Traas
    Marilyn Traas
    4 days ago

    he's so soft here

  62. Amy Estrada
    Amy Estrada
    4 days ago

    Wait there actually cousin’s

  63. Venusian Hermes
    Venusian Hermes
    4 days ago

    bella has to be an aquarius or a shy gemini 😭

  64. Funda Yildirim
    Funda Yildirim
    4 days ago

    Bretman is just😍 He is such an loud character but when he is with an introvert he is just trying to be like her to make her feel comfrotable. ❤

  65. aleesha williams
    aleesha williams
    4 days ago

    How do yall think he felt like it her video

  66. Nellie
    4 days ago

    I'm not a judge to Gay but this is just no. stank

  67. Vianey Villanueva
    Vianey Villanueva
    5 days ago

    “ran around the whole town looking for these” ☠️💀☠️

  68. Vianey Villanueva
    Vianey Villanueva
    5 days ago

    both are attractive af 😮‍💨😻💕 i’m in love

  69. Łìł múśhróòm- Fidgets
    Łìł múśhróòm- Fidgets
    5 days ago

    They are so cute in a collab

  70. Cristine Catapang
    Cristine Catapang
    5 days ago

    Is real!!!!!!!!!!! He is a Filipino

  71. Guadalupe Hernandez-Vargas
    Guadalupe Hernandez-Vargas
    6 days ago

    Bella ewwww

  72. Kiera Wright
    Kiera Wright
    6 days ago

    ya know bella's kinda look like the lesbian flag and bretmans's looks like the new gay flag- is this just me orrrrrr 0-0 like bitchhhhhh

    6 days ago

    I don't know Bretman before but after watching this yeah Queen I guess I should click the subscribe button! Ooops I already did 💛

  74. Laiger Santiago
    Laiger Santiago
    6 days ago

    Hello kabsat baro nak lang Yt channel mo I mean new subscribers…

  75. Maria Alexa Caliso
    Maria Alexa Caliso
    6 days ago


  76. Dhia Lee Rase
    Dhia Lee Rase
    6 days ago


  77. ragging bisexual
    ragging bisexual
    6 days ago

    Why did they both wear white?

  78. Danielle Manlunas
    Danielle Manlunas
    6 days ago

    When i saw the thumbnail i was like yasss

  79. Bᴜʙʙʟᴇ ᴛᴇᴀ ᴇᴅɪᴛs
    Bᴜʙʙʟᴇ ᴛᴇᴀ ᴇᴅɪᴛs
    6 days ago

    His legit fave word is bitch😂

  80. Dominic Bringino
    Dominic Bringino
    7 days ago

    Bella muka siyang 18 years old ganda mo girl Sana ol

  81. Dominic Bringino
    Dominic Bringino
    7 days ago

    Bretman:b*tch Bella:haha Fans:utot mo blue

  82. Dominic Bringino
    Dominic Bringino
    7 days ago

    Sana ol

  83. Kermit
    7 days ago

    Was that miss kitty in the back or what!! But like MISS CAT!!

  84. Raul Banuelos
    Raul Banuelos
    7 days ago

    Do a video about being strait for 24 hours

  85. It’s aria
    It’s aria
    7 days ago

    His like bitch it means female dog is he calling Bella that and us to 😑

  86. andra maria olteanu
    andra maria olteanu
    7 days ago

    Here Bretman looks like David from Lilo and Stich

  87. Leila Chu
    Leila Chu
    7 days ago

    Love that "HEY BITCH" in the beginning 😂

  88. Abraham Balingit
    Abraham Balingit
    7 days ago

    Naaamoy ko Filipino Pride

  89. Beth Cullen
    Beth Cullen
    7 days ago

    I’m wondering is my cat or ok or is it Bretmans ?

  90. Dila Fitriah
    Dila Fitriah
    7 days ago

    Bella yuo no yuo hefan song😉😁😁😊😊😎😎😎🤓

  91. Christine Martell
    Christine Martell
    7 days ago

    Freaking love bella and Bret omg!! I could watch all day. I would be happy if I lived in Hawaii and be friends with both of them. Living in Philly is so sad. Bret and bella is a perfect ☯️☯️☯️ ...shes introvert and extrovert is Bret..perfect. this needs to be a thing. Can I be your friend? I'm really nice lol

  92. Donna
    7 days ago


  93. Mochi
    7 days ago

    pls some people’s shipping them like THE FUCK

  94. 504 VT
    504 VT
    8 days ago

    Why he keeps calling her by her government 😂😂

  95. Potato
    8 days ago

    Bella is literally so cute

    8 days ago


    8 days ago


  98. meow meooww
    meow meooww
    8 days ago

    8:26 that smile

  99. Ngacheitharin Chiphang
    Ngacheitharin Chiphang
    8 days ago

    Y'all go watch his new series .

  100. Mafel Jan
    Mafel Jan
    8 days ago

    thAt iS S0oo0 cUte BeliNda PoArCh 😂