Don Toliver - Drugs N Hella Melodies (feat. Kali Uchis) [Official Music Video]

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  1. Don Toliver
    Don Toliver
    Month ago

    "Drugs N Hella Melodies (feat. Kali Uchis)" Out Now! 💕💫

    1. Shackera Samuels
      Shackera Samuels
      5 days ago


    2. Hanna Montanna
      Hanna Montanna
      5 days ago

      Mas pq q fez isso cmg tmb??eu ein

    3. Hanna Montanna
      Hanna Montanna
      5 days ago

      Seu maravilhoso

    4. Eric T
      Eric T
      15 days ago

      Can someone edit this and make it an instrumental with the hook only!

      16 days ago

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  2. Nuha Shaikh
    Nuha Shaikh
    18 minutes ago


  3. assburyy y
    assburyy y
    2 hours ago

    whats the name of the song at the very start of the video?

  4. Er Mac
    Er Mac
    3 hours ago

    Nice!! Can't wait to here the chopped and screwed version as well

  5. LeRouzé
    4 hours ago

    this sounds like foam

  6. Vishal Tayya
    Vishal Tayya
    7 hours ago

    Praying God..... This song shouldn't by found by those creepy tiktokers

    1. Iheb
      7 hours ago

      Just wait.....

  7. Kellics18
    9 hours ago


  8. minnie mouse
    minnie mouse
    11 hours ago

    That melody and the waterfall tho WOW 🔥 💚

  9. Io
    12 hours ago


  10. 4FMxM1CrØBØy
    12 hours ago

    Legends are thinkin not uchis its utchiha

  11. Leonardo Zeotti
    Leonardo Zeotti
    14 hours ago

    I had no idea

  12. Key Banks
    Key Banks
    16 hours ago


  13. Brock Lewis
    Brock Lewis
    18 hours ago

    Is this what Imma hear when Im going to heaven?

  14. Elin SY
    Elin SY
    18 hours ago

    Ufff yess!!

  15. Abril Lara
    Abril Lara
    19 hours ago

    Feels like I got glitter covered candy raindrops falling on cotton candy clouds dissolving into a chocolate river ✨ 🍬 💧 ❤️ 🍫

  16. Mamkajiwin
    19 hours ago

    What’s up Broski 🦋🦋🦋

  17. B0iPSYCH9
    Day ago


  18. Francisco Flores
    Francisco Flores
    Day ago

    Don Toliver es un formidable alumno de Travis Scott. 🎶

  19. Amarr Victor
    Amarr Victor
    Day ago

    Im only here for kali Uchis

  20. Katherine Mitchem
    Katherine Mitchem
    Day ago

    Yesss two of my fav artist!!! Love this collab thank you 🗣❤️✊🏽🖤

  21. Warrior Twins 1111
    Warrior Twins 1111
    Day ago

    This is lovely thank you 🥰❤️

  22. Shark
    Day ago

    Who saw this live at rolling loud? It was amazing 🙏🏾😤

  23. Bofelo Shaun
    Bofelo Shaun
    Day ago


    Day ago

    Cali uchiha?👀😂

  25. Sara Terrazas
    Sara Terrazas
    Day ago


  26. Giovanni Walters
    Giovanni Walters
    Day ago

    This kinda remind me of some narco shit

  27. Skarleth
    Day ago

    they’re both heaven sent. they compliment each other so well

  28. KAMZ
    2 days ago

    WAIT i seen a meme that was like "would you rather have a hour long convo with jay z or take a bath with kali uchis" DID HE JUST

  29. Kinho Sousa
    Kinho Sousa
    2 days ago

    Lyrics! Sex full of adrenaline This pussy put you right to sleep just like a sedative Not to sound conceited, I'm not one to brag But I'm the girl you needed that you never had Some people only see the negative Some people find a way to see the good in everything I just wanna see you through the good and bad Take you as you are and never give you back No place I can't go Love ain't here, no Drugs and hella melodies On the ocean and it's bright Diamonds blinging, diamonds blinding Are you hoping for the time? See you dressed in designer, hold your manners Don't give it up, don't give it up, up Don't give it, don't give it up Don't give it up Sex full of adrenaline This pussy put you right to sleep just like a sedative Not to sound conceited, I'm not one to brag But I'm the girl you needed that you never had Some people only see the negative Some people find a way to see the good in everything I just wanna see you through the good and bad Take you as you are and never give you back Caught my eye, I love your intellect (intellect) I guess I put you straight to sleep, I call it bed rest (bed rest) I just want your body like I never had (I just want your body like I-) Take you out the house and never bring you back Read my mind, you know that I'm into you Spend our days off in the lake, I guess you into that (into that) I just wanna love you like a hunnid racks (I just wanna love you, love you) Take you out of town and never bring you back (out of town and love you) No place I can't go Love ain't here, no Drugs and hella melodies

  30. Maram Mahfouz
    Maram Mahfouz
    2 days ago

    He's so hot

  31. AA K
    AA K
    2 days ago

    Too much drugs.....

  32. Tpain Voyageur
    Tpain Voyageur
    2 days ago

    What a beautiful song to listen 🥰

  33. Arya Naderipour
    Arya Naderipour
    2 days ago

    Can’t stop listening 😤😤😤😤❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  34. FrUit SNacKs
    FrUit SNacKs
    2 days ago

    I feel like Travis Scott could have killed this too

  35. Ashley Wednesday
    Ashley Wednesday
    2 days ago

    This is a 🔥 and a cool song to me !!!!

  36. israel whippy
    israel whippy
    2 days ago

    Kali I love u baby girl

  37. Kenzie 835
    Kenzie 835
    2 days ago


  38. space klip
    space klip
    2 days ago

    Satinism in this video forsure.. rip kali rip don toliver

  39. Kimberly Guadalupe Cervantes
    Kimberly Guadalupe Cervantes
    2 days ago

    this is an auditory orgasm , dios mio un orgasmo auditivo 💕🍑

  40. leocadiHoE
    2 days ago


  41. Serenity Meek
    Serenity Meek
    2 days ago

    I jus love her so much 🥺❤️ .. boff em

  42. Mac
    2 days ago

    the outro is so fire

  43. starless wonder
    starless wonder
    3 days ago


  44. Loui Cultureee
    Loui Cultureee
    3 days ago

    This song needs promo. This is a hit song that people haven’t found

  45. godzilla chris
    godzilla chris
    3 days ago


  46. Zen
    3 days ago

    This video is all over the place lol and why do they look scary 😂 Kali still a baddie thoo

  47. Katlin Lamb
    Katlin Lamb
    3 days ago

    Kali Uchis is the queen of features. her voice is so beautiful!!

  48. Dragon - MusicHk
    Dragon - MusicHk
    3 days ago

    Friend: The only way to get sent to heaven is to end life Me: Have you heard of Drugs N Hella Melody

  49. Dragon - MusicHk
    Dragon - MusicHk
    3 days ago

    This song has a kind of adult Disney money feel to it

  50. Paul Griffiths
    Paul Griffiths
    3 days ago

    Lots of health & safety issues here! Who did the risk assesment for the video? 😉

  51. ROCA09
    3 days ago

    Montrezl Harrell super smooth with the vocals...who knew.

  52. BettaFly
    3 days ago

    This songggg fffffuuuck

  53. tiny dumpling
    tiny dumpling
    4 days ago

    The first 24 secs are heaven to my ears…

  54. sᴏғɪᴀ
    4 days ago

    this song makes me feel like im in heaven

  55. Mubarak
    4 days ago

    Wait does the first chorus sounds like ...oohh

  56. Chris Baylor
    Chris Baylor
    4 days ago

    🎶🎶🎶🎶Some people only see the negative some people find a way to see the good in everything 🎶🎶🎶

  57. Maria hashi de taubaté
    Maria hashi de taubaté
    4 days ago

    Tô viciada mds

  58. Alejandro Jimenez Valdez
    Alejandro Jimenez Valdez
    4 days ago

    When I listen to this song I feel like I'm going to paradise with the love of my life 😍

  59. Summer Time
    Summer Time
    4 days ago

    Here before this song blows on the 📻 radios

  60. AgentkillzDaGreat
    4 days ago

    This a vibe

  61. Monica
    4 days ago

    Colombian goddess

  62. greg
    4 days ago

    2:32 I feel 6LACK vibes goin on here it’s awesome

  63. Juan Cervantes
    Juan Cervantes
    4 days ago

    September 1 1988...i celebrate everyday

  64. Juan Cervantes
    Juan Cervantes
    4 days ago

    Ysy eceryday is juans bday

  65. Juan Cervantes
    Juan Cervantes
    4 days ago

    Lol i put my bday on hulk ha

  66. Youngguapo400
    4 days ago

    The goat

  67. Arshia Samadi
    Arshia Samadi
    4 days ago

    Wtfff i though this was a travis verse

    4 days ago


  69. Blue Tiger
    Blue Tiger
    4 days ago

    Don is fire

  70. Ignacio Cayupi Gonzalez
    Ignacio Cayupi Gonzalez
    4 days ago


  71. Mariana Provenzi
    Mariana Provenzi
    4 days ago

    ouch this is amazing

  72. G. Palomares
    G. Palomares
    4 days ago

    Can these two just keep making music together forever? 🥰

  73. Hanna Montanna
    Hanna Montanna
    5 days ago

    listening right now... he's like this melody to me... I'll never give up

  74. francisco magallon
    francisco magallon
    5 days ago


  75. BEAST OP
    5 days ago

    Underrated As Fuck

  76. Eusha Abdullah
    Eusha Abdullah
    5 days ago

    You don't know why this comment will get soo many likes

  77. Movie Clip
    Movie Clip
    5 days ago


  78. smurf bread
    smurf bread
    5 days ago

    What an amazing song title

  79. Ana Domingues
    Ana Domingues
    5 days ago


  80. Ronak Saxena
    Ronak Saxena
    5 days ago

    I am in another realm right now

  81. Quim Contantino
    Quim Contantino
    6 days ago

    pai grandeeee

  82. Dhanvi Achanta
    Dhanvi Achanta
    6 days ago

    Definitely gotta a Travis Scott vibe

  83. FearTheXI
    6 days ago

    This gotta be what love and DMT feels like

  84. Naledi M
    Naledi M
    6 days ago

    when Don says " don't give it up... don't give it up.... damn !

  85. Summer DarK
    Summer DarK
    6 days ago

    Venho acompanhando o don sou muito fan ele e realmente um artista nessa musica ele mostra q uma o amor vai alem de estilo os opstos se atraem :/ :')

  86. Sara 02
    Sara 02
    6 days ago


  87. AyJ
    6 days ago

    Honestly doesn't surprise me that it's mixed by Ali, this man is a genius.

    1. Randy Nsimba
      Randy Nsimba
      3 days ago


  88. Mars :
    Mars :
    7 days ago


  89. Blind Faith
    Blind Faith
    7 days ago

    same melody as telepatia.

  90. camila alejandra
    camila alejandra
    7 days ago


  91. Helen Suárez Rincón
    Helen Suárez Rincón
    7 days ago

    They knew that the video was recorded in Colombia what a beautiful landscape what a good video I love Kali Uchis and Don Oliver

  92. Unapologetically Me
    Unapologetically Me
    7 days ago

    definitely a vibe!!!

  93. Santhiago Martínez
    Santhiago Martínez
    7 days ago

    Que buena rola para hacer el delicioso 💦

  94. Lilitha Lily
    Lilitha Lily
    7 days ago

    No one: Not even Don: Me: “NO PLACE I CAN’T GO”🗣🗣

  95. Jemimah Ncube
    Jemimah Ncube
    7 days ago

    How does it feel to have an immaculate taste in music?

  96. The Laws Of Prosperity
    The Laws Of Prosperity
    7 days ago

    this song is like a drug forreal, always puts me in a chill mode

  97. gabriel stamatelatos
    gabriel stamatelatos
    7 days ago

    The ending of this song or just the melodic guitar or maybe it’s just the guitar…..all I know is that it sounds amazing and euphoric 🏌🏻❤️‍🔥

  98. YourTypicalLayla
    8 days ago

    I swear it sound so fast since the first time I heard this song I had it on the slowed version😂and I never watched the music video and now its sooo fast

    1. shivali
      7 days ago slowed n reverb!

  99. Kevin Ellerbroock
    Kevin Ellerbroock
    8 days ago

    the music video got me some A$AP Rocky vibes

  100. Oussama Jr
    Oussama Jr
    8 days ago

    The Vers From 2:27 to 2:54 is the finest flirting talk kali could get from DON!