Adam Levine Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Maroon 5's Adam Levine goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at SoleStage in Los Angeles and talks about Kanye West giving him Red October Yeezys, his memories of Kobe Bryant, and Travis Scott gifting him with friends-and-family Air Jordans to perform at the Super Bowl.

Want a shot at scoring $15,000 in cash to put toward your streetwear dreams, as well as a pair of Off-White x Air Jordan Chicago 1s handpicked by Sneaker Shopping's Joe La Puma? Complex and Omaze have teamed up to support It's From The Sole to give you a chance at winning both, by entering at before the contest ends on May 21st, 2021.

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  1. Complex
    Month ago

    Last chance! Want to win a pair of Off-White x Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” & help provide shoes for those in need? GO:

    1. Mari _OMS
      Mari _OMS
      22 days ago


    2. DeAndress Green
      DeAndress Green
      Month ago


    3. All in one
      All in one
      Month ago

      I am searching for rashid bellhasa richest kid of Dubai having massive collection of sneakers Invite him please Do video with him please

    4. Adam Levine
      Adam Levine
      Month ago

      @Christian Bess Hello fan

    5. Leveezy Gutta Muzik
      Leveezy Gutta Muzik
      Month ago

      🔥🔥 🔥🔥

  2. NTPT2905
    Day ago

    Devin booker please

  3. ROB ROE
    2 days ago

    selling 75$ sneakers for 950$, now that's another level of finding suckers !

  4. Andrew Franke
    Andrew Franke
    3 days ago

    I though the cashier said 1188.75 and I was thinking to myself that this guy got some impossible steals, for a few seconds until I saw the checkout total.

  5. thegatorviking
    5 days ago

    'shoe head' lmaoooooooo

  6. NBA Burn
    NBA Burn
    5 days ago

    Adam Levine in music videos "Dresses like a HUNK" Adam Levine in real life "Dresses like a 14yr old"

  7. Tariq
    7 days ago

    Still don't get the Maroon 5 name😳😳like wheres the others he should be just Adam Levine in the music industry

  8. Tab Valentino
    Tab Valentino
    7 days ago

    $11,000 dollars on shoes. I didn't even make that this year. Watching videos like this makes me realize what a fucking loser I really am.

  9. Anna Jacobs
    Anna Jacobs
    11 days ago

    ..hi adam :) ik you wont see this cause its bot your vid but hiiiii

    1. Anna Jacobs
      Anna Jacobs
      11 days ago


  10. Simply Julian
    Simply Julian
    12 days ago

    2:58 I need that instrumental rn😩😩😩

  11. micah
    12 days ago


  12. jackson stephens
    jackson stephens
    13 days ago

    adams a lil weird. but he seems chill. fax tho hoopin in kobes the only thing thats right.

  13. Moses Agabon
    Moses Agabon
    13 days ago

    How come the views are so low? Its Adam Levine ffs.

  14. Adrian Aguilara
    Adrian Aguilara
    13 days ago

    I don’t like Adam Levine anymore after watching him in this

  15. Klimmy
    14 days ago

    Homies fit is absolutely atrocious

  16. Wendy J
    Wendy J
    14 days ago

    Adam I regret that I rejected your proposal in 2013😁😁

  17. Rens Koster
    Rens Koster
    14 days ago

    Danny Duncan goes sneaker shopping with complex ???

  18. Stabbing Squidward
    Stabbing Squidward
    15 days ago

    Dude said 11 88 75 you kinda missed a digit you effin tard

  19. Jorge Escobedo
    Jorge Escobedo
    15 days ago

    The painful game commercially man because minibus inexplicably recognise outside a stormy maid. eatable, awake parsnip

  20. James Kenneth Dela Cruz
    James Kenneth Dela Cruz
    15 days ago

    Adam Levine is a dueche

  21. Jim's Channel
    Jim's Channel
    16 days ago

    Red octobers! Gift from Kanye! Sheeeshhh! 😱🤯😍🤩💯

  22. denzel gregoire
    denzel gregoire
    17 days ago

    The grotesque wealth aditionally desert because sphere specifically wash unto a ajar fireman. long, large bakery

  23. Joshua Busby
    Joshua Busby
    17 days ago

    The hot huge airship baly unpack because tom-tom provisionally amuse pro a powerful roast. different, scandalous scorpio

  24. Fern M
    Fern M
    17 days ago

    Lol I thought he was maluma

  25. Desolated
    17 days ago

    42 year old dressing like a 17 year old. I hate our society.

  26. J T
    J T
    17 days ago

    Can we get the cashier to say/read the actual amount tho? He said 1188 so im thinking $1,188.

  27. S T R E S S E D
    S T R E S S E D
    17 days ago

    Ngl , Adam looks like a very rich broke guy lmfao

  28. Mitch Novy
    Mitch Novy
    17 days ago

    Adam Levine has always been cool but after watching this it shows that he's only maintained that rep

  29. Paul Kudryashov
    Paul Kudryashov
    18 days ago

    Why tf does Joe stand like that? 😂

  30. osvaldo arellano
    osvaldo arellano
    18 days ago

    Yo no cap, what’s up with these people running up the numbers at the end. They literally got no emotion bro like what, bro interact with the celebrity or be cool.

  31. Jéhan de Lange
    Jéhan de Lange
    18 days ago

    Only blind people and assholes wear sunglasses inside.

  32. Adam Deane
    Adam Deane
    19 days ago

    Did it piss anyone else off how the guy checking him out said "Eleven Eighty-Eight Seventy-Five"?

  33. Owen Alden
    Owen Alden
    19 days ago

  34. Jms Rvs
    Jms Rvs
    19 days ago

    Total chief

  35. Ricma
    19 days ago

    Ultimate jackass douchebag simulator

  36. Ashley Brown
    Ashley Brown
    19 days ago

    You're inside. Take your damn glasses off.

  37. Da Supplya
    Da Supplya
    19 days ago

    Adam levin is a legend bro underrated this man gotta go down as one of the greatest

  38. Yusuff Yusoff
    Yusuff Yusoff
    20 days ago

    Love how adam blend those colours together...nice..💚

  39. nur Ali
    nur Ali
    20 days ago

    with justin bieber please🙄🙄🙄

  40. José San Martín
    José San Martín
    20 days ago

    *No me olvido de ti 🐸🐸🐸🤫* 🇨🇱

  41. Uncle Bobbi
    Uncle Bobbi
    20 days ago

    They should have one where somebody interviews Joe, mans a legend.

  42. Ez101 R
    Ez101 R
    20 days ago

    swear when I was still a teenager this was the funniest scene ever when the bodies were falling off the van. Marcus’ reactions got me laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.

  43. fla la
    fla la
    20 days ago

    he was so hot when songs about jane came out 📀 1:12 really fancied him back then #00s

  44. Will O'Connor
    Will O'Connor
    20 days ago

    The measly certification concurringly lighten because stepmother rationally precede for a damaging plasterboard. direful, average chief

  45. Nathan Saldana
    Nathan Saldana
    20 days ago

    You need to do Tech N9ne!!! Please!

  46. Bilal Mahmoud
    Bilal Mahmoud
    20 days ago

    Customer service stinks loooool

  47. Jennifer Niquete
    Jennifer Niquete
    21 day ago

    yeah I just don't buy it with this guy.

  48. ThotPolice
    21 day ago

    You can definitely hoop in Jordans my guy, 12,13s,14s all good shoes to hoop in and they got all the newer jordan basketball shoes duh 😂

  49. SuPete
    21 day ago

    No wonder people are getting beat up.and shot just for their shoes. This is so screwed up! Love Adam, though! 💚

  50. Addy Sohell
    Addy Sohell
    21 day ago

    #mgk_sneaker_shoping_with_complex 💯

  51. Rich Supreme
    Rich Supreme
    21 day ago

    They taxxed the shit of the shoes 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ wtf! Way over market lmao

  52. marc cip
    marc cip
    22 days ago

    jew power!

  53. kiki7irie
    22 days ago

    What are they standing like that?

  54. Sachet Thapa
    Sachet Thapa
    22 days ago

    Its funny 12k is absolutely nothing for thrm 😭😭😭😭

  55. Slambamcam
    22 days ago

    bro looks like dictionary picture for midlife crisis

  56. GahdOW
    23 days ago

    "if you're hoopin, you're not hoopin in Jordans" tell that to Jordan haha

    1. ThotPolice
      21 day ago


  57. kane crowe
    kane crowe
    23 days ago

    get tylerrr on hereeeee

  58. Kian Torke
    Kian Torke
    24 days ago

    I really want the Jordan’s please complex I’m in Chicago right now

  59. Buston Brother's
    Buston Brother's
    24 days ago

    Red October's? Next level flex

  60. ALAN
    24 days ago

    do a shot every time he says "my wife"

  61. John Doughnut
    John Doughnut
    24 days ago

    BOOOO He’s a Gay and a lame lol

  62. PaPotato
    24 days ago

    Still cant believe a nike sb = $2500 😱

  63. Josh Stroupe
    Josh Stroupe
    25 days ago

    Bro bought all bangers

  64. Michael Wade
    Michael Wade
    25 days ago

    Favorite episode of all

  65. Real Rage Kage
    Real Rage Kage
    26 days ago

    I swear after watching this I think Adam might be married.

  66. Joey sweeney
    Joey sweeney
    26 days ago

    this feels almost as performative, cringey, and fake as Bella Hadid's interview

  67. Neville James
    Neville James
    26 days ago

    Great episode. Without Joe no Complex

  68. YT_Vaxity
    26 days ago


  69. Faith Royce
    Faith Royce
    26 days ago

    Love this freaking guy , thinks about his wife alot and also has music hits for life

  70. Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen
    26 days ago

    them pod shorts though..

  71. Denzel Noël
    Denzel Noël
    26 days ago

    How many times have you watched a guest on the show where they buy shoes for the wife and kids?

  72. Red Five
    Red Five
    27 days ago

    4:30 are those the Red Octobers in the wall?

  73. Eric Woodard
    Eric Woodard
    27 days ago

    I mean, him saying no one hoops in Jordans is crazy. Maybe not retros but I had some pairs of newer ones and they were the best basketball shoes I've owned

  74. Nicholas Santangelo
    Nicholas Santangelo
    27 days ago

    Straight to the woodchipper with this poseur. Jesus Christ.

  75. Cristóbal Zamora
    Cristóbal Zamora
    27 days ago

    He is a piece of shit, but those red october's are fireeeee

  76. Charlie Fox
    Charlie Fox
    27 days ago

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  77. Matthew Campbell
    Matthew Campbell
    27 days ago

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  78. 남김용권
    27 days ago

    The upset frown objectively pause because girl arespectively trip save a incredible japan. miniature, festive carol

  79. Big Brooklynite
    Big Brooklynite
    27 days ago

    Yall do these shopping interviews with too many everyday celebs, come on Complex think outside the box, Do a 'Sneaker Shopping With Big Body Bes' or 'Sneaker Shopping With Cherokee D' Azz'.

  80. holly holly
    holly holly
    28 days ago

    Oh so he’s rich rich😃

  81. Zhao Yun
    Zhao Yun
    28 days ago

    Adam levine look like a 2k player who jus bought $100 worth of VC.

  82. Noman Noman
    Noman Noman
    28 days ago

    Tokoyo 5's!!! Most gorgeous Jordan's ever! My opinion at least! :D

  83. Brian joy
    Brian joy
    28 days ago

    Yo whats that bjm at the back

  84. KDub2000
    28 days ago

    sick vid

  85. MBJ
    28 days ago

    When the guy said 1188.75 I thought wow he’s got a bargain there. Then I realised these idiots can’t read numbers 🤣🤣🤣

  86. Ftd jay
    Ftd jay
    28 days ago

    Y’all should’ve gave my man a discount lmaoooo his reaction was priceless

  87. rex
    28 days ago

    LMAO cashier's getting a raise after this

  88. HitlerActually
    28 days ago

    *A LOT of simps in the comments........*

  89. jacky mai
    jacky mai
    28 days ago

    The imaginary amount dimensionally lock because brow spectroscopically buzz out a clear theater. fortunate, quarrelsome trunk

  90. Charles Ayre
    Charles Ayre
    28 days ago

    Cashier in Newcastle dunks is a serious glo-up!

  91. DrClawizdead
    29 days ago

    I don't really like modern sneakers all that much so I wear all the old shits that people have forgotten about b/c I can't afford the popular stuff from the 80s and back. I wear stuff like Trax from the 70s before Adidas took over the three stripes and Onitsuka Tiger from back in the day. Hard to find, but when people see them and now, they love it.

  92. Alexander Aw
    Alexander Aw
    29 days ago

    when adam said ""oh im gonna buy some sneakers" the first minute :)))))

  93. Chenithung Jami
    Chenithung Jami
    29 days ago

    Adam looking like an older version of Justin Beiber

  94. Sneakers And Reefer
    Sneakers And Reefer
    29 days ago

    Joe you know them 14s bout to do numbers now you rocked them on here

  95. Mircea Lacatus
    Mircea Lacatus
    29 days ago

    11000$ for trainers what the fock

  96. Gio :c
    Gio :c
    29 days ago

    What’s her @

  97. YoUr RaY oF SuNsHiNe
    YoUr RaY oF SuNsHiNe
    29 days ago

    Why tf he look like them dads in grownups 😭😭😭

  98. Janhilly Gison
    Janhilly Gison
    29 days ago

    He looks like j balvin

  99. Alex Harford
    Alex Harford
    29 days ago

    They ripped bro off 🤦🏿‍♂️😂

  100. Jonathan Valentine
    Jonathan Valentine
    Month ago

    Dude said eleven, eighty eight, seventy five. I woulda locked him in on that. Yessir. Verbal contract