When you're scared of needles...

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  1. cohen Dunstan
    cohen Dunstan
    6 minutes ago

    That’s not a shot, that’s getting shot, I died

  2. Ytqueen XD
    Ytqueen XD
    2 hours ago

    Where's jing jing

  3. Amir Boulhout
    Amir Boulhout
    3 hours ago

    Headshots dead shot😂

  4. The Dynamic gamer
    The Dynamic gamer
    10 hours ago

    His videos always have a twist

  5. Tuxsoft
    15 hours ago

    When I got mine I was too happy to feel scared...

  6. Negan
    19 hours ago

    Anti-vaxxer nightmares be like:

  7. Joan Williams
    Joan Williams
    Day ago


  8. OfficalMiXerz _YT
    OfficalMiXerz _YT
    Day ago

    PLTW jacket

  9. Quaisy Lopes Jr.
    Quaisy Lopes Jr.
    Day ago


  10. DJminus_123
    Day ago

    Where is Jing Jing

  11. Sea_Bass512
    Day ago

    "That's not a shot! That's getting shot!"

  12. Roscure
    2 days ago

    When you have a phobia against needles. My nightmares and fear in one video

  13. Adrian Barquero
    Adrian Barquero
    2 days ago

    good vid but you already made this once. Video is called BRO JUST CHILLAX!!! | Dezzz

  14. Adiscountlemon
    2 days ago

    So no one is gonna talk about how this is practically a copy paste of a skit in just chillax

  15. kimtaehyungarmy -
    kimtaehyungarmy -
    3 days ago

    You should make a video like this about phones breaking. Something like, A person drops their phone and it cracks. You say, “You should be more careful with that.” The person says, “Oh, sorry. I’ll be more careful in the future.” You’re about to walk away when you see them bring out a huge hammer, and you scream, “BRO? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” “I’m fixing it!” You start freaking out and pulling on your hair. “YOU’RE MAKING IT WORSE!” “Oh, sorry.” He puts the phone away. Suddenly, he takes out a giant bucket of water and starts pouring it on the phone. You scream in agony at the sight. “BRO!” “What?” “WHAT ARE YOU D O I N G?” “I’m fixing it!” “B-Bro!” You pace around the room. “YOU’RE RUINING YOUR PHONE!” Something like that idk 😂😂

  16. JennaMochi
    3 days ago

    Him: Do I look dangerous to you??!! Also Him: Holding a weapon.

  17. tacitpuggil
    3 days ago

    and we are johnson and johnson about to commit arson

  18. Carrie Crawford
    Carrie Crawford
    3 days ago


  19. danger boy
    danger boy
    3 days ago


  20. Misses Witch
    Misses Witch
    3 days ago

    the gun part kills me all the time.. along with the "sir, relax" hahaha

  21. aL proxy
    aL proxy
    3 days ago

    “That’s not a shot, that’s getting shot”

  22. Leon Youm
    Leon Youm
    4 days ago

    Nathan, where did you find Dez's script?

  23. Hartaka
    4 days ago

    dez vaccine v2

  24. the Help
    the Help
    4 days ago

    Here to keep the binge going.

  25. 02Captain Maniac
    02Captain Maniac
    4 days ago

    "And were jhonson and jhonson"

  26. Camp Krusty
    Camp Krusty
    4 days ago

    Towards the end, that's when you hit her with the, yea your bf calling me too. Lol

  27. Cookie 🍪
    Cookie 🍪
    4 days ago

    I thought it said when your scared of noodles 😂

  28. Ashtyn Moore Cubing
    Ashtyn Moore Cubing
    4 days ago

    “We have only wanted to be wanted” No one wants to die from blood clots though...

  29. ‼️.-SLIMY-.‼️
    5 days ago

    this is how 6 yr old me would react except there was only screams and crys

  30. DonutMan34
    5 days ago

    Wait a minute?... ive seen this before, i just dont know where...

  31. Luz Maria Cazares
    Luz Maria Cazares
    5 days ago

    "it's they small version"

  32. verycooltigerYT
    5 days ago

    inspired by dez's intruduction

  33. Jiahao Wen
    Jiahao Wen
    5 days ago

    You did this joke before

  34. welon
    5 days ago

    dude im literally dying from ur screams lmao 🤣

  35. Nathan Essoueni
    Nathan Essoueni
    5 days ago


  36. Tiernan Housman
    Tiernan Housman
    5 days ago

    Dezzz should come help him through it. He experienced this.

  37. Mitchel Bennett
    Mitchel Bennett
    5 days ago

    I’m just wondering where he got the needle from

  38. STmuted
    5 days ago

    I thought the title vid said when your scared of noodles

  39. Baton 79
    Baton 79
    6 days ago

    “Do we look dangerous?” (Holding a gun)

  40. Stikbot J
    Stikbot J
    6 days ago

    I remember this from Dezz

  41. blue blake
    blue blake
    6 days ago

    Bring back giiiiiiiing ging

  42. Silent But Deadly
    Silent But Deadly
    6 days ago

    Man this guy stole dez' video

  43. smix
    6 days ago

    What’s your outro music called?

  44. LSP Qwerty on xbox
    LSP Qwerty on xbox
    7 days ago


  45. LSP Qwerty on xbox
    LSP Qwerty on xbox
    7 days ago


  46. sandro822
    7 days ago

    Ogs know this is a remake.

  47. Marky Gamer
    Marky Gamer
    7 days ago

    Nathan you already did this from the video bro chillax

  48. Stephen Jester
    Stephen Jester
    7 days ago

    Do we look dangerous to you?!

  49. Electrothicco Bobby
    Electrothicco Bobby
    7 days ago

    Only OG’s would remember he already did this video

  50. Caleb Runnels
    Caleb Runnels
    7 days ago

    Who else drooled from laughing too hard when he said "THATS NOT A SHOT, THATS GETTING SHOT"

  51. *snuggly*donut*
    8 days ago

    I always thought he was gay jk but y u had to shoot him bruh😐

  52. Dev Mody
    Dev Mody
    8 days ago

    happend to me a lot

  53. Zabdi Abonce
    Zabdi Abonce
    8 days ago

    Honestly I wanted to get the Johnson & Johnson

  54. Pink princess Kim Seokjin
    Pink princess Kim Seokjin
    8 days ago

    That’s not a shot ! That’s getting shot….

  55. Rezera v2
    Rezera v2
    8 days ago

    I mean. Youre afraid of needles. Not knifes or guns.

  56. Cloresomy
    8 days ago

    How long does it take to make a video like this?

  57. Canada Victoria, Sống & Share
    Canada Victoria, Sống & Share
    8 days ago

    Doctor can be a killer because they know the fastest way to kill you

  58. Moosa Plays
    Moosa Plays
    8 days ago

    only legends know its reuploaded

  59. Hamaad Hussain
    Hamaad Hussain
    8 days ago

    The gun tho😄😄😄

  60. ILLuZioNzAY
    8 days ago

    Only ogs know the original

  61. tirupati rayudi Chilukuri
    tirupati rayudi Chilukuri
    9 days ago

    This reminds me about the dez video

  62. Mr. Wiggles
    Mr. Wiggles
    9 days ago

    "but because of some potential side effects we're considered dangerous

  63. Mr. Wiggles
    Mr. Wiggles
    9 days ago


  64. life is just a disspointment its self
    life is just a disspointment its self
    9 days ago

    as a black person when he pulled out that gun i put my hands up XD

  65. Anikin3279
    9 days ago

    He did this already with dez lol

  66. Shanaz Naeemi
    Shanaz Naeemi
    9 days ago

    Rename this to every kid ever

  67. Sylvie Gamboa
    Sylvie Gamboa
    9 days ago

    With all the pressure from the government that's so suspicious ....yup pretty much feels this way

  68. Shad0wplays98
    9 days ago

    I got my htvb jab I was scared I looked away and focused on my breath

  69. Golen3740
    9 days ago

    I’m about to get my 2nd Vaccine shot and this pops up on my recommended. Great way to sike me up

  70. Vord
    9 days ago

    I experienced this so much……I knew they would do this from their looks….

  71. subhamay mukherjee
    subhamay mukherjee
    9 days ago

    “Sir I have bad news and very bad news” Bad news:you are scared of needles so you will die in 2 days Very bad news:I forgot to tell you this 2 days before “YO WT…”

  72. MrToasty_Games ttv
    MrToasty_Games ttv
    9 days ago

    NathanDoan you are like me scared of needles and I’m a Nathan too ya know

  73. M
    10 days ago

    Nervous JNJ vaccinee noises

  74. Mason P
    Mason P
    10 days ago

    Me when im gonna get a shot: im not gonna scream. im not gonna scream. Me when i see the needle: AAHHHHHHHH

  75. UngusBungusFilms
    10 days ago

    Yes coconut vaccine

  76. ItzToxicPvPz
    10 days ago

    "Doctor: where not trying to kill you" *pulls out a gun*

  77. Andrew James Vistan
    Andrew James Vistan
    10 days ago


  78. Pablo Sebastian Delos Santos✔
    Pablo Sebastian Delos Santos✔
    10 days ago

    Nathan while doing the video: be careful that needle will kill me!

  79. ZianTheWeirdo!
    11 days ago

    wait didnt he have a video like this before? but i forgot what it was called, i think he wanted to remake it tho

  80. Niurka Bidea
    Niurka Bidea
    11 days ago

    Probably one of my favorites lol it was amazing

  81. CIDert0234
    11 days ago

    The dislikes are anti vaxers

  82. Desired Enemies
    Desired Enemies
    11 days ago

    BRING BACK GING GING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Amaar Malik
    Amaar Malik
    11 days ago

    1:17 well that escalated quickly 😂

  84. Beta Soul
    Beta Soul
    11 days ago

    I mean it did last 2 minutes

  85. Madison GH
    Madison GH
    11 days ago


  86. Mr cheese
    Mr cheese
    11 days ago

    0:46 if u scare of needles , use this instead

  87. Hadi Altaruti
    Hadi Altaruti
    11 days ago

    Imagine if i get pinned

  88. the gaming maniac
    the gaming maniac
    11 days ago

    No one. Not a single soul. THATS NOT A SHOT. THATS GETTING SHOT

  89. Tim Nguyen
    Tim Nguyen
    12 days ago

    They used a wine opener for it, for that like wooden part in wines. The cock? Idk.

  90. Vaiibhav PrabhuChandhar
    Vaiibhav PrabhuChandhar
    12 days ago

    wait ths was in the bro chillz video where he ate the ghost pepper.

  91. Amaan Patel
    Amaan Patel
    12 days ago

    No one: Not a single soul: Captions: “The nurse should bring in your coconut vaccine pretty soon”

  92. Madeline Sage
    Madeline Sage
    12 days ago

    as someone who took the J&J vaccine, i can confirm this is exactly how it went

  93. Abdullah Alabdullah
    Abdullah Alabdullah
    12 days ago

    Only the real OG’S remember he did this scene in another vid

  94. Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali
    12 days ago

    Good content

  95. Karen Chekan
    Karen Chekan
    12 days ago

    That’s not a shot That’s getting shot

  96. LucasChills
    12 days ago

    Only OGs realize this is a remake of the skit with Dezzz

    12 days ago

    Ping ping

  98. Limony
    12 days ago

    Damn I already seen this video in my dream before it was posted guess I'm a time traveler

  99. Zeal
    12 days ago

    what happened to ding ding

  100. Edgar Pastor
    Edgar Pastor
    12 days ago

    If ging ging got a shot, he'd definitely give the doctor a shot and say "how does that feel huh?!"