Fate of Demacia | Official Teaser - League of Legends

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  2. Christian Brylle
    Christian Brylle
    2 days ago

    Lux can save thr entire Demacia alone.. ❤️

  3. Vahron Ric
    Vahron Ric
    3 days ago

    The animation is probably cleaner than my very soul.

  4. dark king
    dark king
    4 days ago

    I wish to see what Fiddlesticks is doing right now

  5. Orthane
    4 days ago

    Every Demacian right now: *MAGESSSS!*

  6. RANDOM 20
    RANDOM 20
    6 days ago

    Animations clearer than my future 😔😔

  7. Jeros Julian D. Infante
    Jeros Julian D. Infante
    6 days ago

    I think Lux, Garen and maybe Jarvan weren't around at the time, as they might have been chasing Sylas to the Freljord. I don't see Demacia falling so easily as Lux's magic is a direct counter to the Ruination, so that means Lux was out of town

  8. Sparring Bible
    Sparring Bible
    7 days ago

    Cant wait for demacia to be nothing but rubble and ruins soon, story be soo tragic we'll tell the next generation how proud and strong demacia once was

  9. Alex Katz
    Alex Katz
    7 days ago

    will they be making one of these for any other nations?

    8 days ago

    *Final Fantasy XIV - Best MMORPG* *Final Fantasy XIV - Best MMORPG* *Final Fantasy XIV - Best MMORPG*

  11. Van Bantes
    Van Bantes
    8 days ago

    It's funny that demacia tries to contain magic but now magic is containing them

  12. ロクロキ
    11 days ago

    Try laughing now, Lux.

  13. K
    11 days ago

    when will the arcane release?

  14. HideonJAPAN
    11 days ago

    Yone needs to go to Demacia now Asakana will feast there.

  15. GottaFeedTheKids
    12 days ago

    You know the Ruination combined with Sylas rebellion and the arrival of Fiddlesticks should be the end of Demacia.

  16. Gintoki
    12 days ago

    Wouldn't it be interesting to see Sylas in something like this? I mean he can literally steal people's abilities which is how he survived the deep cold in Freljord I wonder if the same thing can happen with the mist.

    1. xD
      11 days ago

      He steals magic, not abilities

  17. Oxndv Vfkuhl
    Oxndv Vfkuhl
    13 days ago

    not happening to shurima...

  18. Hisar Panorama
    Hisar Panorama
    13 days ago

    for Gondorrrrrrrrr

  19. Dwight Doria
    Dwight Doria
    16 days ago

    imo, riot missed out on this one. They could've made the ruination event into a movie I'm sure a lot of fans would be interested into seeing that

  20. Dwight Doria
    Dwight Doria
    16 days ago

    League of legends movie when?

  21. BelovedBoy
    16 days ago

    When Viego hits you with the uh oh, stinky

  22. Lotfi Bouaziz
    Lotfi Bouaziz
    16 days ago

    voldermo-- shhh don't say the name

  23. Champ The Flowerhorn
    Champ The Flowerhorn
    17 days ago

    League the movies Coming Soon 20xx.

  24. Саня Харьков
    Саня Харьков
    17 days ago

    COVID пришёл в рунтерру

  25. BigBadWulf
    17 days ago

    Me:"A Mega city comepletely empty of people???" Rito:"Oh we used all our budget on the green smokescreen"

  26. Noctis Lucis Caelum
    Noctis Lucis Caelum
    18 days ago

    cant wait to see how they get pyke

  27. DontKnow9000
    19 days ago

    As soon as the Mist reaches Zaun it is going to mingle with all the chemicals in the air and give Viego some bad LSD Trip

  28. CandyCaneKnight
    19 days ago

    Demacia never falls. And it never will. False rumors and lies. u.u

  29. Boye The Wise
    Boye The Wise
    19 days ago

    You may think its Viego, but its actually the writers removing the school of mages and the advanced politics from its original lore

  30. Eldrick Neil Guevara Reyes
    Eldrick Neil Guevara Reyes
    19 days ago

    1:05 at this part, gives me Qiyana's theme vibes wow-

  31. Sky Landry
    Sky Landry
    19 days ago

    I wonder what happened to the mages locked in prison of Demacia

    1. being TZUYU & MOMO's wife
      being TZUYU & MOMO's wife
      18 days ago

      there is a mage that locked in demacia? how and why?

  32. michał
    19 days ago

    Viego, you know nobody likes you anyway ??? Your endless bugs are enought.

  33. Sugar bomb
    Sugar bomb
    19 days ago

    I hope you guts do a collab with moontoon someday 😊😭

    1. xD
      18 days ago


  34. Cytryz
    20 days ago

    I wouldn’t mind having that mist everywhere I go. It’d be cool. Just so long as it doesn’t ruin my electronics.

  35. DontKnow9000
    20 days ago

    At this point i like the Worldbuilding and Lore more than the actual Game rn

  36. Minh Phát Trương
    Minh Phát Trương
    20 days ago

    Let make the movie

  37. Hazy Heart
    Hazy Heart
    20 days ago

    wtf...the animation is so real...

  38. Andreas Sme
    Andreas Sme
    20 days ago

    Lets see noxians now

  39. lee leavelle
    lee leavelle
    20 days ago

    Oh no, anyway

  40. yineth sofia
    yineth sofia
    21 day ago

    viego no esta que asco

  41. YouPlayer
    21 day ago

    This animation sounds effects sooooooo clean ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🏻

  42. Tr Tr
    Tr Tr
    21 day ago

    I hope seraphine is doing a kpop concert in the backround while they kill each other

  43. Hydra
    22 days ago

    bugger off viego!

  44. Dallas Kuhn
    Dallas Kuhn
    22 days ago

    now imagine how much cooler this could be if viego wasnt so lame

  45. Lia Gamer
    Lia Gamer
    23 days ago


  46. Rolando Monzon
    Rolando Monzon
    23 days ago

    Sentinels are ready to fight, I wish that star guardians will fight too

    1. Rolando Monzon
      Rolando Monzon
      22 days ago

      I forgot about that lol!

    2. xD
      23 days ago

      But Star Guardians are from different universe

  47. GunravelT
    23 days ago

    RIP Demacia

  48. Levi Elric
    Levi Elric
    23 days ago

    $$$, you know what i am saying rito

  49. Mostqto
    23 days ago

    Hmmm when j4 see shyvana ruined... It will be like top 10 sad moment in romance anime.

  50. Atlas
    24 days ago

    Blood for Noxus

  51. Hakan
    24 days ago

    gallyo nooooo

  52. TheBurningManiaC
    24 days ago

    I just wanna see kindred bro. I mean its possible characters are coming back to life so kindred who is supposed to be something like the god of death may step in.

  53. Paper BagM8
    Paper BagM8
    24 days ago

    Glad to see riot appreciate how unbalanced viego is in their trailers

  54. Lorde Fox
    Lorde Fox
    24 days ago

    Queria poder jogar mais aparece que meu celular não é compatível

  55. minhhoanglazy
    25 days ago

    This might be Garen's chance to run away with Katarina 😏😉

  56. Stop exist now
    Stop exist now
    25 days ago

    Imagine dislike this video :/

  57. Sheikh U
    Sheikh U
    25 days ago

    That looks like the place where Ryze kept the runes

    1. johnny joseph
      johnny joseph
      24 days ago

      Those are hidden deep in the petricite forest in a secret chamber. But yeah, they were styled after the artifact containment pillars in the Demacian capital.

  58. Jovana J.
    Jovana J.
    25 days ago

    Riot should make animeee

  59. Gabi Da
    Gabi Da
    25 days ago

    but why so hard for this naimation, when the game lacks several important things like: improving the banning system, cleaning the community and nerfing champions. Are riot managers so blind?

    1. xurify
      25 days ago

      theres different teams for riot.. the animation team deal with the cinematics etc, theres also a game department which deal with the game development such as things u mentioned

  60. Diogo wesley
    Diogo wesley
    25 days ago

    Que abertura foda me arrepiei todinho

  61. Mikhail Panzo
    Mikhail Panzo
    25 days ago

    Imagine being the guy who sets off the black mist. Suicide black mist guy: hey look guys, vape magic Mageseekers: *bring him to the center of Demacia*

  62. Andrey
    25 days ago

    Riot needs to create a movie.

    1. XxXRUSTXxX
      23 days ago

      They are currently making it....

  63. Kostas Monkey
    Kostas Monkey
    25 days ago

    Καλα όλα αυτά αλλά που βρήκαν τόσο μάρμαρο στη Ντεαμασια?

  64. s p
    s p
    25 days ago

    No Riot no... Your game will be remembered more for toxicity more than Lore.

    1. League of Bullshit
      League of Bullshit
      10 days ago

      hahahah true

  65. __papaoikonomou__
    25 days ago


  66. ChaZ-E
    25 days ago

    Reminds of AC Odyssey DLC

  67. Lowenn Concepcion
    Lowenn Concepcion
    25 days ago

    Can someone please tell me where can I read this and other information? Like, when are we right now lore-wise? Is the story progressing or did rito just picked from all the stories they created and decided to focus there

    1. The Bulba *__*
      The Bulba *__*
      23 days ago

      Latest timeline.

    2. That's my name
      That's my name
      24 days ago

      @Lowenn Concepcion dunno, havent seen them

    3. Lowenn Concepcion
      Lowenn Concepcion
      25 days ago

      @That's my name ohhh so like avengers movies?

    4. That's my name
      That's my name
      25 days ago

      Story is progressing. Right now, we are at the ruination. Viego is trying to get back Isolde, the love of his life. He also seems to try to qonquer Runeterra since it seems like he uses the black mist to attack Demacia.

  68. Rico O' Rourke
    Rico O' Rourke
    26 days ago

    Garen: 'sharpens his blade' What..? 'looks at the sky" "rushes out, and busts the door to lux's study open' SISTER. something is happening! Lux: I feel it too.. we should go and see what Jarvan thinks. Jarvan: CITIZENS please remain CALM " my lord WHAT IS THIS DARKNESS?!" " save us! " " PLEASE HELP " Jarvan: GET those who cannot fight to the strongholds! whoever wields steel COME WITH ME Garen: Jarvan... what is happening..? Jarvan: I know not what this is, but it cannot be good... Lux: Can we stop it..? Garen: 'rests hand on her shoulder' Alone no... but Together we will ensure sister. Lux: Then let's get moving. Jarvan: FOOTMEN TO THE FRONT ARCHERS COVER THE REAR!

  69. no more
    no more
    26 days ago

    I just wonder ruined king is out for some time yet not a single animation including Yorick who is supposed to chase Viego in attempt to stop him couse he is only one living on Shadow Isle who is not corrupted?

  70. Ervidor
    26 days ago

    Does anyone notice the connection between Gravelord Azir and Ruination of Shurima?

    26 days ago

    Garen will not falter

  72. Srdjan
    26 days ago

    There is an easy solution Neeko becomes viego and commands the black mist

    1. dark king
      dark king
      6 days ago

      if Neeko did it she would be corrupted by the black mist and we will have two of Viego to deal with

    2. Nicolò Ferone
      Nicolò Ferone
      13 days ago


    3. Francisco Magallanes
      Francisco Magallanes
      17 days ago

      @Sora Nai DOESN'T IT?

    4. Sora Nai
      Sora Nai
      19 days ago

      sry bruh but it doesn't work like that

  73. Hadi Sabeh
    Hadi Sabeh
    26 days ago

    this is cool and what not but fix your client .

  74. Timmy Nguyen
    Timmy Nguyen
    26 days ago

    Stop nerfing Akali for god’s sake!!

  75. Sharon Moreta
    Sharon Moreta
    26 days ago

    Wonder how the Champs of targon will interfere

  76. Black Kat
    Black Kat
    26 days ago

    Next teaser: Shadow fight

  77. Nepals
    26 days ago

    Where is Aatrox, Xin Zhao, Taric, Sett, Poppy, Fiora, Sylas, Sona, Aphelios, Gangplank, Twisted Fate, Karthus, Elise …etc.

  78. smayl you
    smayl you
    26 days ago


    1. League of Bullshit
      League of Bullshit
      10 days ago

      are you guys ok??

    2. Vanilla
      25 days ago


  79. Jordi D
    Jordi D
    27 days ago

    Is this about the animated series or just lore related stuff?

    1. That's my name
      That's my name
      25 days ago

      just lore stuff

    2. The Bulba *__*
      The Bulba *__*
      26 days ago

      Just the lore.

  80. Nobody Care
    Nobody Care
    27 days ago

    This game also falling with demacia.

  81. Sakura Squid
    Sakura Squid
    27 days ago

    give me prestige neeko now

    1. Sakura Squid
      Sakura Squid
      21 day ago

      @miko foin TRUE

    2. miko foin
      miko foin
      26 days ago


  82. sanjibiii lamaz
    sanjibiii lamaz
    27 days ago

    I'm going to be league of legends plyer soon I'm coming lol ( league of legend,)😀😀😀😀😀

      26 days ago

      No one cares lmao

  83. Zero Vermilion
    Zero Vermilion
    27 days ago

    First, the Prison Break Rebellion of Sylas, now we have Ruination befalling Demacia? What have they do- *remembering the thousands of mages they exiled or killed just because they had magical aptitude* Nevermind.

  84. IceChillxen
    27 days ago

    Wow, they took *heavy* inspiration from Minas Tirith with designing that city.

  85. Tbraz
    27 days ago

    still waiting to see my boy pantheon show up

  86. Antonio Andrei Giani
    Antonio Andrei Giani
    27 days ago

    this video had more budget than the entire league of legends client

  87. Da Niel
    Da Niel
    27 days ago

    Hey Riot Stop nerfing Ap shaco its getting hard to play now

  88. Вадим Радченко
    Вадим Радченко
    27 days ago

    Selamatkan Demacia

  89. Asain Man
    Asain Man
    27 days ago

    Fiddle sticks seeing a lot of fear in demacia : "thanks my guy"

  90. Kimy San Gabriel
    Kimy San Gabriel
    27 days ago

    I hope kayle will comeback to protect demacia

  91. Dogeinic
    28 days ago

    Imagine being Demacian. *This post was made by Noxian gang*

  92. Brett F.
    Brett F.
    28 days ago

    Definitely setting up Sylas returning with the power of the mages to fight this. Enemy of my enemy

  93. Aditya Parikh
    Aditya Parikh
    28 days ago

    Is it just me or did 0:04 look like Minis Tirith from Lord of the Rings?

  94. Whiteshadow_ 503
    Whiteshadow_ 503
    28 days ago

    hallo an alle deutsche. Ich brauche spenden für eine Selleenblumen Vayne. Für einen Freund. Acount: Kronnox503 Ade mich bite und schenk mir Rp dafür. Danke! ade mich oder dein Katze wird steben.

  95. Christopher Almonte Vasquez
    Christopher Almonte Vasquez
    28 days ago


  96. Burial Knight
    Burial Knight
    28 days ago

    This happens if you let Miyasaki at the storyboard

  97. Eamon Parker
    Eamon Parker
    28 days ago


  98. Ivan Lou Granada
    Ivan Lou Granada
    28 days ago

    It's like a real world city or something

  99. Khalil Béjaoui
    Khalil Béjaoui
    28 days ago

    Well, Garen could just spin around and silence the mist, right?