1. Jane Hunter
    Jane Hunter
    5 hours ago

    The superb parsnip ultrasonically cross because butane holoprosencephaly fear behind a glamorous banker. glamorous, careful february

  2. Joe Sambrano
    Joe Sambrano
    Day ago

    so awsum. just one thing, not one pair of safety glasses

  3. Todd Dunning
    Todd Dunning
    Day ago

    Love the OG no-bling fabbing but eye protection please guys!

  4. Jem Ty
    Jem Ty
    2 days ago

    Enjoying your journey but please put safety glasses on when grinding n drilling, making me cringe. Cheers

  5. Julian Price
    Julian Price
    6 days ago

    My name is Lizzies husband, yall steer clear of m'wife now...

  6. James McGee
    James McGee
    7 days ago

    Come on, finish the sentence Matt! Rudy isn't here today, because he's hung over after his 21st Birthday! And I bet Randy was his wing man, and Ed was their Uber.

  7. mike groves
    mike groves
    7 days ago

    I will only watch episodes with Lizzy in them.

  8. Mike Baxter
    Mike Baxter
    7 days ago

    Lzz'y could teach my son's some fabrication and shop skills, all they can build is in Minecraft :(

  9. Darren MacKenzie
    Darren MacKenzie
    7 days ago

    I love how patient Matt is with the kids.

  10. Wayne Simpson
    Wayne Simpson
    8 days ago

    (6:38).. Rudy .. wear safety glasses when grinding

  11. Gerold Knoebel
    Gerold Knoebel
    10 days ago

    Very nice video, Matt - you are 100% right, better to rebuild the yellow stag than give it away. Years ago I rebuilt myself a MB 190 diesel with tail fins completely new. I weld in sleeves on the beams and after all the welding, I pressed in zinc corrosion protection and vacuum sealed those sleeves. Goes very quickly and the corrosion from the inside, is stopped. Outside sandblasted, first primed with zinc dust and then sealed with bitumen. The car passed the technical service in Germany this year without complaint. Greetings from Frankfurt and your videos are all really great.

  12. Artur
    11 days ago

    I love this channel because of those moments like 16:23

  13. Zahi mussalam
    Zahi mussalam
    11 days ago

    Are they you kids?

  14. Mixmaster Willyd
    Mixmaster Willyd
    14 days ago

    HAHAAHH the makeup ad, hahahahahahahaha

  15. BlueShark Rides
    BlueShark Rides
    16 days ago

    OSHA violations intensifies. Please wear some safety glasses when grinding and cutting, you only have two.

  16. arjuna
    17 days ago

    who else wants lizzy on a lift for an under-carriage inspection?!

  17. Victor Montano
    Victor Montano
    17 days ago

    Geez no eye protection,😳. also some tell Lizzy to watch herself with a loose ponytail .

  18. 03Fastfittie
    17 days ago


  19. Wesley Salley
    Wesley Salley
    18 days ago

    Please please please please wear safety glasses!!

  20. Stuart Wilson
    Stuart Wilson
    19 days ago

    Boys and girls - Safety! Glasses and earmuffs

  21. John M
    John M
    21 day ago

    You definitely need Paul From Fab Rats to come and help he's the MAN

  22. Gabriel Uribe
    Gabriel Uribe
    21 day ago

    As I was going through plumbing school, we had one Girl in our class room, as I remember she had hair as long as Lizzy's, and our Teachers concern about her hair was always have it tucked in her helmet, my concern Is safety for Lizzy, Do you get my Point!!

  23. Rudy Smit-Ash
    Rudy Smit-Ash
    22 days ago

    Lizzy's one cool chick.

  24. Aidan Mosman
    Aidan Mosman
    22 days ago

    “Safety 4th” *hand gets burnt in next scene*

  25. Stop Communism
    Stop Communism
    22 days ago

    This guy is pretty special. What an amazing family he leads. Just great people all around. So real and respectable.

  26. Johnny Wishbone
    Johnny Wishbone
    23 days ago

    Rudy is getting jacked! Soon he won’t even need a truck to haul people out.

  27. Sigh Pocket
    Sigh Pocket
    23 days ago


  28. Andrew Armstrong
    Andrew Armstrong
    23 days ago

    I really wish I had the money to do to my 95 cherokee that you all do to your jeep. I'd be able to take it out and have so much fun with it

  29. Jonathan - Argiri
    Jonathan - Argiri
    23 days ago

    Where i come from, it wouldn't be mud you'd be worried about, it would be that swiss cheese steel that would can put your fingers straight through. Where i come from it wouldn't be those worn out old polyurethane bushings you'd be worried about, it would be that swiss cheese steel you can put your fingers straight through. Where i come from, it wouldn't be frame stiffening you'd be worried about, ok wait maybe....🤣🤣 . Where i come from you worry about that swiss cheese steel you can put your fingers straight through and frame stiffeners. 🤣🤣🤙 Who has it harder, Desert folk or America's interior city folk?

  30. Bill Beck
    Bill Beck
    23 days ago


  31. Jim Layey
    Jim Layey
    24 days ago

    she is grinding with no glasses stupid

  32. Chuck Wagon
    Chuck Wagon
    25 days ago

    Shouldn't you fix the a/c in the Morevair first?

    1. Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery
      25 days ago


  33. Rolf Karlsson
    Rolf Karlsson
    25 days ago

    At 6:36 - Rudy, how many sets of eyes do you have?

  34. Scott Reyburn
    Scott Reyburn
    26 days ago

    Shit it sounds like my body

  35. A Barbarian Horde
    A Barbarian Horde
    26 days ago

    "I do sand dune recoveries *reverse sunglasses* AND I NEED A LIGHT VEHICLE." *all body on frame bois destroyed simultaneously*

  36. Mark Scaggs
    Mark Scaggs
    26 days ago

    please eye protection, nice job

  37. Greg Ballard
    Greg Ballard
    26 days ago

    How is it that Matt's other kids are rarely seen even though wife Jaime is there all the time.

  38. MarvTV
    26 days ago

    I KNEW it was clickbait.

  39. Dave Cirrone
    Dave Cirrone
    27 days ago

    Hey Matt do you have skid plates? I don't see 1 under the transfer case.

  40. Ryan Dunn - Consultant
    Ryan Dunn - Consultant
    27 days ago

    I just stumbled upon your channel. Very informative, interesting, and well filmed!

  41. GalaxySteam Smash
    GalaxySteam Smash
    27 days ago

    "Maybe it's Valvoline" LOVE IT! That was pure genius!

  42. Rodney Booth
    Rodney Booth
    27 days ago

    safety glasses are a must when grinding.

  43. Tim King
    Tim King
    27 days ago

    Waht a bannanannna with a Bump Stop !

  44. random person
    random person
    27 days ago

    9:05. i found the morrvair for you. someone helpfully left it at the restaurant for you. how thoughtful of them lol

  45. David Higdon
    David Higdon
    27 days ago

    Let's count the number of OSHA violations! 1 ha ha ha, 2 ha ha ha, 3 ha ha ha ... Just kidding! Maybe it's Valvoline he he

  46. mecanicman66
    27 days ago

    Lizzy is looking hot sorry i had to say

  47. Chuck Fowler
    Chuck Fowler
    27 days ago

    You need a light vehicle huh....then what's the Corvair I wouldn't call it light.

    1. Chuck Fowler
      Chuck Fowler
      27 days ago

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery I'm surprised yall dont have something like Fab Ratts dads off road maybe that's the plan

    2. Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery
      27 days ago

      Light vehicle. (Banana) I also need a heavier vehicle. (MORRVAIR) I also need a heavy wrecker. (Coming this fall)

  48. Frank Bier
    Frank Bier
    27 days ago

    Please please please wear eye protection, this from an eye doctor who has removed a lot of foreign bodies from corneas!

  49. random person
    random person
    28 days ago

    what happened to the morvair?

    1. random person
      random person
      27 days ago

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery phew, thought it had broken down and couldn't be repaired.

    2. Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery
      27 days ago

      Out working every day.

  50. Sea Mac
    Sea Mac
    28 days ago

    OMG, OSHA...don't look, don't look.

  51. Jesse Clark
    Jesse Clark
    28 days ago

    Vavoline makeup was a good add.. lmao

  52. Chris Falcone
    Chris Falcone
    28 days ago

    Absolutely love watching yall

  53. brano_
    28 days ago

    I really like Rudy´s car :D

  54. gharkun
    28 days ago

    lizzy appears "the repeeling of the banana" lizzy disappears

  55. rockn raptor
    rockn raptor
    28 days ago

    Glad you are keeping the ol XJ. 👍🇺🇸😁 Thing is a beast.

  56. Steven Burton
    Steven Burton
    29 days ago

    Can't wait for the finished product

  57. dorian shaw
    dorian shaw
    29 days ago

    The ratty sign bareilly film because sweater concurrently attack after a plastic report. pathetic, alert picture

  58. Erik Tyler
    Erik Tyler
    29 days ago

    Yall need to invest is some pole jacks. They're much safer, adjustable and CHEAPER than cutting up an expensive 2x4!

  59. Ron Wallace
    Ron Wallace
    29 days ago

    I like Lizzy. I never could get my daughters to do that kind of stuff. But now my daughter drills holes in people's heads to help work on their brain.

  60. Buck Early
    Buck Early
    29 days ago

    Don't wanna sound like a dirty old man!! Lizzy the cow girl is hot!!!

  61. Micah Ott
    Micah Ott
    29 days ago

    Hey at least you all don't have to deal with rust like us poor Bastards in the midwest, I'll take sand and dirt all day.

  62. Dang Right
    Dang Right
    Month ago

    666k subscribers ding ding ding

  63. Sky Tiger
    Sky Tiger
    Month ago

    Synargize What? why so many thumbs down? I guess everyone hates getting towed

  64. Chris Austin
    Chris Austin
    Month ago

    I have a 1999 that other than stock has a 3.5 lift and wished I had the cash to add alot of upgrades. Maybe someday.

  65. Francis Kun
    Francis Kun
    Month ago

    The banana is a workhouse, definitely deserves a rebuild, a refresh, more tech and muscles

  66. Michael Smith
    Michael Smith
    Month ago

    I also do impressions of The Count, mostly at work, gets the crew laughin

  67. Michael Smith
    Michael Smith
    Month ago

    My heart skipped a beat and I almost cried, you got alot of memories with that old girl...glad to see she's gettin the attention she needs

  68. Tonybone Robert
    Tonybone Robert
    Month ago

    With all the money your making now…….. why not build something badass

  69. Al Brown
    Al Brown
    Month ago

    Valvoline *NOT a Sponsor, gets Valvoline ad during video. lol 🤣

  70. Erik Kovacs
    Erik Kovacs
    Month ago

    I think a good upgrade for the pwertrain would be a Duramax. Nothing crazy, just a twin turbo one with 800+ hp.

  71. BoShek
    Month ago

    I absolutely love your channel and all the people who make your videos some of the best entertainment on youtube............which is why I implore you to please please wear some safety glasses and have Lizzy tie her hair back. These things are so simple to do. It would be so so horrible if any of you wonderful people got seriously hurt when it can easily be prevented. We love you guys and do not want to see anyone hurt.

  72. Jamie Hogan
    Jamie Hogan
    Month ago

    For Bushes try nolathane to

  73. Jamie Hogan
    Jamie Hogan
    Month ago

    Should try some hankook mt2 rt05 tyres make it more capable then ever

  74. Robert Shaner
    Robert Shaner
    Month ago

    I am new around your garage. I have seen you at Paul's placeand on AZ few recoveries. It is great seeing your daughter right in the middle of things Matt. Lizzy, what is your dream vehicle?

  75. Chris Stevens
    Chris Stevens
    Month ago

    Wood get 645$ junking it wair I'm at but definitely fix it tho

  76. Erodthebod
    Month ago


  77. Burnt Eddie
    Burnt Eddie
    Month ago

    Where did Lizzy WIN the Belt Buckle? I have heard her say she has Horses. So from what I know (That's Not Much) Those Buckles are Trophies. Am I Correct?

  78. Gene Hart
    Gene Hart
    Month ago

    "Is that hot"? "No, it just didn't take me long to check it".

  79. Brett H
    Brett H
    Month ago

    Maybe shes born with it, maybe its valvoline...... damn I lost my drink with that you guys kill me

  80. Zac vaper
    Zac vaper
    Month ago

    Can't wait to see the rest...

  81. Ty 222
    Ty 222
    Month ago

    It would suck butt if Lizzie lost that beautiful hair on one of the many spinning machines!! Or if one of those grinding wheels blew up and took an eye out!! 🤣 Much love you guys. Just giving you crap.

  82. yWolfu
    Month ago

    New headliner too? Lol

  83. Ironwind1972
    Month ago

    665k subscribers because of Banana!! Glad to see you're keepin er around.

  84. Ravi Das
    Ravi Das
    Month ago

    Rudy turns 21 MA - lets watch a movie together PA- you can go to jail for a long time now ma knows her son, pa knows his government

  85. coach420
    Month ago

    nice safety glasses

  86. motown lee
    motown lee
    Month ago

    Please guys shop 1 o 1 safety first, eye protection gloves no rings etc.

  87. MM Reporter
    MM Reporter
    Month ago

    You could just auction it off on line to your viewers or take up a collection to repair the Jeep.

  88. Blake Caffey
    Blake Caffey
    Month ago

    Shout out Costa Vida though. Great birthday meal choice

  89. Abdallah Albaradi
    Abdallah Albaradi
    Month ago

    I’m one of your followers from Saudi Arabia. I love your friendly working environment. Keep on working hard.

  90. D G
    D G
    Month ago

    Good work , yes protect those eyes ! Glad to see the banana getting a make over . Good job Lizzy . 👍

  91. Gzus
    Month ago

    16:28 - haha!

  92. Jim Flagg
    Jim Flagg
    Month ago

    I use to have an old XJ. I loved that Jeep. I have a TJ (LJ) right now and miss the trunk space my old Jeep had.

  93. Jim Flagg
    Jim Flagg
    Month ago

    Don't start grinding when the man is talking to the camera.

  94. Jim Flagg
    Jim Flagg
    Month ago

    Use Nylon Bushings.

  95. shane vanbeek
    shane vanbeek
    Month ago

    I started watching the channel with the bananer dont you get rid of it

  96. Mandel Adams
    Mandel Adams
    Month ago

    Should have weighed it before and after... see how much dirt was forced here there and everywhere

  97. Mix Garage
    Mix Garage
    Month ago


    Month ago

    8:37 Why do u have the other banana jeep there rusting and not working

  99. norman nishida
    norman nishida
    Month ago

    Wear safety eyewear, You don't want a piece of metal to get embedded in your eye!

  100. tellsitasitis
    Month ago

    Lizzy works out! You can tell she's a strong girl.