I Spent 50 Hours In Chernobyl

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I've been fascinated with Chernobyl since the moment I read about it in history class over 10 years ago. A few months ago I had the opportunity to go explore it after a big snowfall. The stories we heard were both heartbreaking and inspiring. So excited to finally be able to share.

We were all tested for Covid multiple times before filming this episode and no one has showed any symptoms in the months following this trip.

Thank you to:
Nazar Dorosh for the FPV drone shots:

Cory Martin for the cinematography:

Misha for the guidance:

And Yuri Tabach for the facilitation of this trip.

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  1. Yes Theory
    Yes Theory
    14 days ago

    As you can see, we decided to not add any sponsors or plugs on this story so we could focus on the story-telling and visual experience. But making a video of this complexity without sponsor is definitely not easy, the support from Seek Discomfort is largely how we're able to create stories like this one. It took us several months get the edit to this place and a few days of filming. I'm super proud of how the video came out and hope you enjoy it. Watch it on a TV for full experience :) See you next week - Thomas

    1. Squishy Fish
      Squishy Fish
      3 days ago

      Thankyou, you have inspired to chase my dreams to be an explorer

    2. Jéan Nel
      Jéan Nel
      4 days ago

      I hope you burnt your clothes after you went there because you will still get radiation from the material of your clothes.

    3. Carbon Proksi
      Carbon Proksi
      5 days ago

      A quick search on YT and the internet has many saying it's not, then add that the authorities even allow folks to visit the contaminated areas of Chernobyl. Thus "the most radioactive" is potentially bs clickbait.

    4. guy sumpthin
      guy sumpthin
      6 days ago

      Michael F yep ,for about 3000yrs

    5. guy sumpthin
      guy sumpthin
      6 days ago

      I see apartments , apartments , apartments, apartments ,,,and grandmas house

  2. R. Vasquez
    R. Vasquez
    3 hours ago

    Yuri is definitely a spy 😂 Not kidding

  3. Nikolai Willett
    Nikolai Willett
    4 hours ago

    Shieys version is better

  4. Eminem Awol27
    Eminem Awol27
    6 hours ago

    It’s not her land it’s our land.

    7 hours ago

    coloca legenda em português por favor put subtitles in portuguese (pt-br) please

  6. Terry Ann Watson
    Terry Ann Watson
    8 hours ago

    “I love that for us” 😂

  7. redfoxdog1
    8 hours ago

    Mm, asbestos thumbnail!

  8. Jook Kipen
    Jook Kipen
    9 hours ago

    the swimming pool building is in warzones btw it is next to storage

    9 hours ago

    since i played S.T.A.L.K.E.R & i want to visit chernobyl

  10. Silence
    10 hours ago


    1. Silence
      10 hours ago

      I know it’s “safer” now but still not healthy

  11. Chhana Skills
    Chhana Skills
    11 hours ago

    8:26 PUBG!!!!!!

  12. Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega
    11 hours ago

    Ironically, besides the radiation from the reactor plant itself, the closer you are to Chernobyl the less radiation there is because they cleaned the ground so much.

  13. Gaming With Aiden
    Gaming With Aiden
    12 hours ago

    Why does it kinda look like fallout 4

  14. logan knapp
    logan knapp
    12 hours ago

    50,000 people used to live here, now it’s a ghost town

  15. Connor Marchand
    Connor Marchand
    13 hours ago

    Anyone else recognize the pool house from warzone

  16. Ruz
    13 hours ago

    rust irl

  17. Lauri T
    Lauri T
    13 hours ago

    4:29 was that a dead dog?

  18. invaze.
    13 hours ago

    4:27 is nobody going to talk about the dead dog next to them ?

  19. Rooney
    14 hours ago

    Chernobyl is not the most radioactive place ever, the first radioactive Place ever is Fukashima. (Just Saying)

  20. BilboTeaBaggins
    15 hours ago

    Теперь я тоже хочу в чернобыль

  21. jimmy deans
    jimmy deans
    15 hours ago

    That's the pool from warzone

  22. Huski
    16 hours ago

    '''50000 thousand people used to live here..... Now its an ghost town.''

  23. friberg
    16 hours ago

    I think this is a copy of this video: ukwill.info/window/nazFZ5yneZ2fmYA/video

    1. yasio bolo
      yasio bolo
      16 hours ago

      Since they’re in an exclusion zone full of radiation shouldn’t they be wearing special clothes and equipment like gas masks or something?

  24. Creepy Stranger
    Creepy Stranger
    17 hours ago

    I thought that the man in blue jacket was justin biber.

  25. Hekholm6
    18 hours ago

    "50 000 people used to live here, now it's a ghost town."

  26. Sanskar kakde
    Sanskar kakde
    19 hours ago

    But i thought fukushima daichi was worst....

  27. CrazyKidWil
    19 hours ago

    This is bringing me back to the good old days of Call Of Duty

  28. Valentyn Chornyi
    Valentyn Chornyi
    20 hours ago

    Kyiv is not Kiev

  29. Potato
    23 hours ago

    4:27 that dog looks dead......

  30. Les Grossman
    Les Grossman
    Day ago

    Your future kids will regret your decision my man

  31. twistaboi9119
    Day ago

    Somebody needs to make a mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with the babuska as a friendly NPC.

  32. _iTs_xBlAdE___
    Day ago

    Hey it’s the call of duty 4 campaign map

  33. Paige Nikolle
    Paige Nikolle
    Day ago

    was the dog at 4:27 dead?? someone please tell me if it is or not!

  34. Baljinder Kumar
    Baljinder Kumar
    Day ago

    It’s like the map in the cod 4 modern warfare

  35. Candyman Ilkley
    Candyman Ilkley
    Day ago

    The teeny-tiny motion historically type because wealth biomechanically lick concerning a quiet time. certain, doubtful word

  36. Kaiya Tryka
    Kaiya Tryka
    Day ago

    I’ve never heard a Russian person join the U.S military not only is that historical it’s pretty interesting i wonder why he joined?

    1. Dennis Begley
      Dennis Begley
      Day ago

      Immigrants actually join the military frequently

  37. Depot msa
    Depot msa
    Day ago

    whys that dog just laying there at 4:18

  38. 2 Steak Sandwiches
    2 Steak Sandwiches
    Day ago

    I love how Strong the people from this region of the world are.

  39. T Dawg
    T Dawg
    Day ago

    Since they’re in an exclusion zone full of radiation shouldn’t they be wearing special clothes and equipment like gas masks or something?

    1. Alpha Omega
      Alpha Omega
      11 hours ago

      It’s really not as radioactive as people think, the worst of the radiation dissipated or was removed. Staying there for a few days or weeks won’t have any measurable effect on a person as long as they stay in the safer zones.

  40. Rock girl
    Rock girl
    Day ago

    its very rare to find someone who will welcome you into their home and treat you as their own children

  41. Adam Carroll
    Adam Carroll
    Day ago

    Verdansk vibes

    1. Rock girl
      Rock girl
      Day ago

      Good cinematorgraphy except for the drone shots. A steady aerial shot without the 360 and barrel-roll would have been much better. Acrobatics are headache inducing.

  42. Antonio Besinga
    Antonio Besinga
    Day ago

    8:35 PUBG School Building or is it just a coincidence 🤔

  43. alen dowd
    alen dowd
    Day ago


  44. Hack Gg
    Hack Gg
    Day ago

    Hhhhhh ...just (MR BEAST ) CAN DO THE 50 HOURS 😉

  45. Anthony Morales
    Anthony Morales
    Day ago

    Who remembers this map from call of duty

  46. ItsMeReus
    Day ago

    to be somewhere where he registered 20,000 he must of been on the roof or next to the reactor

  47. Maestro_ Dany
    Maestro_ Dany
    Day ago

    8:06 "What the dog doin'?,,

  48. Ryan Van Aardt
    Ryan Van Aardt
    Day ago

    8:35 felt like I was playing warzone for a second

  49. Alonso Reyes
    Alonso Reyes
    Day ago

    Best abandon video I’ve seen👍

  50. Kimberly Gonzalez
    Kimberly Gonzalez
    Day ago

    Y’all tell me that tourist does not look like josh peck???

  51. Betonkeverő
    Day ago

    "She's insisting on feeding us." What a truly East-European grandma experience!

  52. Michel Kaesmacher
    Michel Kaesmacher
    Day ago


  53. James Reynolds
    James Reynolds
    Day ago

    does yuri have a son named eric?

  54. fukkuk
    Day ago

    4:20 doggie

  55. Vinay Nair
    Vinay Nair
    Day ago

    The drone shots here are incredible!!

  56. Chris
    Day ago

    This was really well made. +1 for your editing crew.

  57. 7Seven2Six
    Day ago

    Good cinematorgraphy except for the drone shots. A steady aerial shot without the 360 and barrel-roll would have been much better. Acrobatics are headache inducing.

  58. Flamingo
    Day ago

    You can now count on 1 hand how many hours youve spent there

    Day ago

    If u go to pripyat the Ferris that is there is used in the first Call of duty Modern Warfare

  60. Lalchhuanawma Hrahsel
    Lalchhuanawma Hrahsel
    Day ago

    who else wants to rescue the dog

  61. Ashutosh Patnaik
    Ashutosh Patnaik
    Day ago

    8:31 school swimming pool in pubg 🥺

  62. A B
    A B
    Day ago

    The former residents of Pripyat are likely to never return to the town, and they almost certainly will never live there again. It is estimated that the area won't be safe for humans to live for at least 20,000 years.

  63. Isar Taheri
    Isar Taheri
    Day ago

    top videoing skills

  64. Kedem Diamant
    Kedem Diamant
    Day ago

    It's not Chernobyl. It's Verdansk. 8:25

  65. Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni
    Day ago

    videos. Most of the time hes smiling and just emerging himself into other people's world. This man truly has his priorities right guiding his life to success.

  66. Agirlwhoeatscarrots
    Day ago

    the grandma seems so nice tho

    1. Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni
      Day ago

      This is crazy

  67. Jairus Bibb
    Jairus Bibb
    2 days ago

    50 000 people lived here now it’s a ghost town

  68. Andrew Rosenberger
    Andrew Rosenberger
    2 days ago

    Look up the UKwillr shiey he goes to Chernobyl and is pretty nice to watch

  69. Heather Mason
    Heather Mason
    2 days ago

    I‘ve seen so many documentaries of visiting Prypjat. This one is the best

  70. Angelais
    2 days ago

    My grandmother’s cousin went to a work trip on the nuclear power plant before the disaster

  71. ItsAmirTV
    2 days ago

    10:01 😂 the dreams that radiate

  72. Prateek Bhatia
    Prateek Bhatia
    2 days ago

    The grandma is based!

  73. somedude72
    2 days ago

    23:02 and 23:15 thats very true

  74. Meh Whatevs
    Meh Whatevs
    2 days ago

    This has been done 1000times over. Do something new!

  75. Spooder 38E
    Spooder 38E
    2 days ago

    its pronounced baabushka not babuushka

  76. ayeitsalicia
    2 days ago

    i just realized this is one of the COD maps

  77. Isadora Shani
    Isadora Shani
    2 days ago

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  79. MrCakocalypse
    2 days ago

    Im also working in a plant and we iradiate things with Gamma radiation here in Swiss.... Wish me good luck soon we will exchange some stuff with the glowing sticks (Cobalt 95) one big mistake and we have a new chernobil🙃 God beware😆

  80. ¥₩¥
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    Miguel Amira
    2 days ago

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  82. AsorockvibesTV
    2 days ago

    This is crazy

  83. MagganRZ
    2 days ago

    "50 000 people use to live in this city. Now it's a ghost town."

  84. Commander Jameson
    Commander Jameson
    2 days ago

    for many other youtubers it´s a daily routine working with no sponsors in sight... so what?

    2 days ago

    This is my favourite channel. I especially like it when you explain everything so nicely. I wish you a lot of success with the channel and happy life

  86. Ruju P
    Ruju P
    2 days ago

    Consequences of 50 hours will be seen in 50 months or maybe 50 years or maybe never ?

  87. Bob Keen
    Bob Keen
    2 days ago

    50 thousand people use to live here. Now it’s a ghost town

  88. Niels Bom
    Niels Bom
    2 days ago

    I am LOVING the music in this video!

  89. Martie
    2 days ago

    Looks like school from Erangle in PUBG

  90. Windy Witter
    Windy Witter
    2 days ago

    Can someone explain the dog there?

  91. Mario Soto
    Mario Soto
    3 days ago

    There are also abandoned secret bases or bunkers that governments could pay billions for valuable info

  92. Josh Egert
    Josh Egert
    3 days ago

    hey check out MoonWizard on spotify :)

  93. Henry Racing
    Henry Racing
    3 days ago

    Why is Thare almost 1000 dislikes on this video. I think the video is amazing

  94. Oof On Roof
    Oof On Roof
    3 days ago

    but really this is cool

  95. Oof On Roof
    Oof On Roof
    3 days ago

    that's how i got meningitis

  96. megan roberson
    megan roberson
    3 days ago

    So tell me why I was randomly thinking about Chernobyl (before I saw any of the headlines recently) bc I live near a power plant and then you guys (my fav youtubers, prob can find my comments from a few years ago on some vids) just so happen to go there.. LIFE IS CRAZY

  97. Chickenleg
    3 days ago

    (i hear rumors of a second explosion soon) yes theory: lets go to Chernobyl!