[753] You’re Doing it Wrong... The REAL Double Wrench Method

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The referenced video with 60M Views: ukwill.info/window/lZ2wgGBzltt623w/video

See this follow-up video in which I show this method in action on stronger locks that are locked on a chain: [760] The REAL Double Wrench Method Tested ukwill.info/window/04K5h4ifbMygtoA/video

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  1. Kyle Gray
    Kyle Gray
    26 minutes ago

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  2. Vellioh
    Hour ago

    How would you ever get both of those in the lock when its locked onto anything? The reason the other way works is because both of them are down below. In an area not occupied by what its locked onto.

  3. Cyber Rat
    Cyber Rat
    7 hours ago

    My neibou- I mean my car is finally available who wants to buy

  4. No Google
    No Google
    19 hours ago


  5. Terry Lu
    Terry Lu
    Day ago

    very informative. Now all I need are two wrenches

  6. Sydney Baker
    Sydney Baker
    2 days ago

    This assumes that the shackle will have enough space to insert a couple wrenches. The locks used by the origin video were cheap and flimsy with grossly oversized shackles that were way to large for the application.

  7. Chemical sniper
    Chemical sniper
    2 days ago

    This video takes the saying a team is only as strong as its weakest link literally

  8. Sean Falcon
    Sean Falcon
    2 days ago

    this is one of those things in life that you should just know how to do in a pinch.

  9. Benjamin Pohl
    Benjamin Pohl
    2 days ago

    I'm.just wondering how do you do this trick with a chain element between the lock( which ist normally the case for a lock in action) there would be hardly space for two wrenches depending on the thinkness of the chain or locking device. when i use such a lock for a chain, I choose the size of the lovk and chain pairing so there is as little space as possible in between

  10. Tyler Wolfe
    Tyler Wolfe
    4 days ago

    I want lpl to piickk my chastity lock

  11. Dagroth the lost soul inevitable darkness
    Dagroth the lost soul inevitable darkness
    5 days ago

    Or get a crowbar and just pry it open.

  12. GrosserSchlumpf
    5 days ago

    1:53 Click out of one 2:05 And click out of two

  13. Jakob Frei
    Jakob Frei
    5 days ago

    I'm still not sure, how does this trick work? Are we directing our force to somewhere?

  14. Andy Schuessler
    Andy Schuessler
    6 days ago

    You are not getting those wrenches in there when it's padlocked over something like a chain, a cable or a lockbox.

  15. Mazera
    6 days ago

    thank you for this tutorial I will definitely try this out

  16. se mon
    se mon
    6 days ago

    Damn where'd that little piece in his hand go

  17. Julio Lozano
    Julio Lozano
    7 days ago

    You people relax. No one wants your Facebook marketplace used lawnmowers and bikes.

  18. Mariano Rodriguez Oneto
    Mariano Rodriguez Oneto
    7 days ago

    It was a fluke

  19. Jesse Bella
    Jesse Bella
    7 days ago

    Thing is though, usually a chain or something will be inside the lock and you wont be able to fit the spanners inside of it like you can here with an empty one, so kinda pointless

  20. Montey Balloo
    Montey Balloo
    7 days ago

    The dramatic produce hisologically preach because canadian chronically peep for a knotty ukrainian. knowledgeable, curved lotion

  21. Fullshark 09
    Fullshark 09
    8 days ago

    You can't do that if it's attached to something. There would be simply no room to place the wrenches.

  22. Hawaii Knife And Gear
    Hawaii Knife And Gear
    8 days ago

    -Sees criminal trying to steal bike "Excuse me sir, I believe you are doing it wrong, here, try this"

  23. slammed02chevy
    8 days ago

    Problem is you don't actually have it locked on anything. I imagine if you actually have that locked through a loop, then only the side by side approach likely works

  24. LateNightRewrites
    8 days ago

    Instructions unclear, tried at military base and was promptly shot

  25. Sarah White
    Sarah White
    8 days ago

    Lawyers helping criminals everywhere.

  26. Wiara Służba Modlitwa
    Wiara Służba Modlitwa
    8 days ago

    Why this video make me feel like stealing something...?

  27. Michael R
    Michael R
    9 days ago

    Would this work if the lock was on something? It doesn't seem like it would.

  28. PlumpusMcRich
    9 days ago

    Your honor, my client did not break into that orphanage overnight he was just testing the strength of the lock And so my client is built different

  29. Doge of clans
    Doge of clans
    10 days ago

    Why is he teaching us how to break and enter

    1. Vinícius Sales
      Vinícius Sales
      9 days ago

      So criminals can have an easier time obviously

  30. Strange
    10 days ago

    i wonder how many thieves are subbed to this guy

  31. Herberthishful
    10 days ago

    I can't believe I had to use this method to break open my padlock :c

    1. Herberthishful
      9 days ago

      @Vinícius Sales the funny/dummy thing is that I couldn't open it with its own key neither 😂 that's why I decided to yeet it

    2. Vinícius Sales
      Vinícius Sales
      9 days ago

      Could have just picked the lock, but you chose the brute force route

  32. Alpha Racoon
    Alpha Racoon
    10 days ago

    I one broke a lock with a soft plastic bottle

  33. Chevytrouble _2
    Chevytrouble _2
    10 days ago

    I need that 7/8 wrench for the work I do lol

  34. Blue Clouded Leopard
    Blue Clouded Leopard
    10 days ago

    U got 25 million views...

  35. MasterCommandCEO
    10 days ago

    Well shit

  36. Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes
    11 days ago

    Any time you gotta bust a lock off tho the top of the shackle is taken by whatever chain/lug it’s connected to

  37. SandyRiverBlue
    11 days ago

    There's a reason for the original orientation because when in use, there is a loop of steel in the way of the orientation you were showing.

  38. Alter Costa
    Alter Costa
    11 days ago

    O problema é fazer isso com uma corrente no cadeado

  39. János Skublics
    János Skublics
    11 days ago

    ███████╗ ██╔════╝ █████╗░░ ██╔══╝░░ ██║░░░░░ ╚═╝░░░░░

  40. Srekwah
    11 days ago

    Kind of makes the picking part a bit redundant.

  41. Sean Barrett
    Sean Barrett
    12 days ago

    Ah yes. This is great. Aint no plastic locks like the other movie video

  42. james suty
    james suty
    12 days ago

    If the lock is locked onto something can you still arrange the wrenches in that configuration??? I don't think so..

  43. Harry Wyatt
    Harry Wyatt
    12 days ago

    Cheers mate, I’m off out tonight with 2 wrenches 🔧

  44. Th3MAgg0t
    12 days ago

    There is such a thing as losing the keys ya know

  45. Th3MAgg0t
    12 days ago

    But what about a lock that's actually around something?

  46. unfa
    12 days ago

    I kinda prefer the 60M viewers to *not* know how to break padlocks.

  47. Your local Neko
    Your local Neko
    12 days ago

    If its master lock you dont even need wrenches just blow on it

  48. tufneckdragon
    12 days ago

    How does this work if that lock has 2 chain links in it, like I locked my bike with a chain & lost the key. I just don't see a reason to know how to brake a lock that's not attached to chain, cable etc.

  49. Jerric
    12 days ago

    Where my fellow bike thieves at

  50. jam_northstar 69
    jam_northstar 69
    12 days ago

    can LockPickingLawyer open a safe like in Army of the Dead?

  51. Skinflint Jack
    Skinflint Jack
    12 days ago

    Spanner not wrench

  52. 勇樹
    12 days ago

    Ah levers

  53. Mohamed
    12 days ago

    How humble. "I think this is a superior method"

  54. Count DaMoney
    Count DaMoney
    12 days ago

    Yeh, only 24+ million views on this technique, the 60 million views video must be better (sarcasm, absolute sarcasm, for the less bright readers).

  55. Watching U FrMBhindU
    Watching U FrMBhindU
    12 days ago

    Me omw to all the free things at the Storage units

  56. dragonrln
    12 days ago

    Great video. As a lock user, I suppose one could more easily defeat this trick using locks with longer shackles.

  57. Ronnie Alacre
    Ronnie Alacre
    12 days ago

    Lock Picking Lawyer? More like "Lock Breaking Lawyer", am I right?

  58. Joseph Herron
    Joseph Herron
    12 days ago

    But can you do that with a shady in the shackle?

  59. Bryce Rush
    Bryce Rush
    12 days ago

    Lpl definitely swole

  60. Nicc E
    Nicc E
    13 days ago

    If you think about it, this won’t work in a real life situation because something is going to be in the loop of the lock so you won’t be able to get the wrench’s in to exert the needed force.

  61. learning time
    learning time
    13 days ago

    IF gta had its own UKwill app

  62. chronal cactus
    chronal cactus
    13 days ago

    "Let's take a look at exactly what happened" I think you broke the lock

  63. Neelesh Suteri
    Neelesh Suteri
    13 days ago

    2:04 The Satisfying moment

  64. ScroatBagGarage
    13 days ago

    Now how do you do that when the lock is actually in use and not on a workbench? Imagine a chain or gate latch taking the space you place your wrench(s)

  65. ivana jizahnyu
    ivana jizahnyu
    13 days ago

    WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE. If the lock is actually attached to something (like it would normally be if youre trying to break it) wouldnt all the downforce youre generating with the wrenches be directed toward whatever the lock is locked to and not the actual top of the lock? or id imagine itd be extremely hard to do if you could wedge it in there correctly.

  66. Tyson Martin
    Tyson Martin
    13 days ago

    Short and SWEEEEET!

  67. Michele e i Rettili
    Michele e i Rettili
    13 days ago

    24 million views?!!!!!!?????

  68. JagaOICU812
    13 days ago

    Man! you'd think you would have hit 120 million by now. UKwill is a strange beast indeed.

  69. Evalyn
    14 days ago

    It doesn’t scale up because a big lock in something like a chain or door latch will not give you enough room to get the spanner’s in it. So the first method is still preferable. I just like having the biggest toughest lock for my van. I got one padlock and why do I bother typing this, no one will read it

    1. daniel loader
      daniel loader
      12 days ago

      Two people have read it. Probably more!

    2. Master Galaxy
      Master Galaxy
      13 days ago

      I read this so be happy about yourself because I'm here.

  70. Tom Dodson
    Tom Dodson
    14 days ago

    the issue here though, mate, is that if the lock is ON something you cannot fit the wrenches in like this. Whereas you CAN fit them in sideways.

  71. Zachary
    14 days ago

    "That's what wrenches are for, dumbass" -Clyde Shelton

  72. Paguo
    14 days ago


  73. onefixitman
    14 days ago

    It is nice in theory but most locks are in use and have other items in the way and taking up space. Try the same thing with the lock locked onto a hasp of some kind and you will note the lack of space available to do it your way. If you do it the way other people are doing it there will be more room. I understand the stress points but you need to put the lock in a real world scenario and see if there is enough room to do what your are saying to do. Chances are there will not be enough room.

  74. Phattyconn
    14 days ago

    Click on one, looks like we broke something, lets try that one more time.

  75. Sylvester Ashcroft
    Sylvester Ashcroft
    14 days ago

    This is the lockbreaking lawyer, here with another video!

  76. Koyote Kola
    Koyote Kola
    14 days ago

    Excellent video with great but simple analytical skills.

  77. Chris H
    Chris H
    15 days ago

    Wouldn't this way be more difficult if the lock is actually on something?

    1. Josh N
      Josh N
      13 days ago

      Lol good point

  78. Liso Campos
    Liso Campos
    15 days ago

    If proper parenting/education improved, locks will be obsolete.

  79. Roddy Grieves
    Roddy Grieves
    15 days ago

    I would really like to know what locks the LPL has on his house.

  80. uDropper
    15 days ago

    Reporter: "Some unknown entity launched all the USA nuclear missiles, WW3 has been endend before it even starts." LPL: "As you can see, this launch pad has inexcusable security flaws"

  81. John Lyngen
    John Lyngen
    15 days ago

    Burglary tools 101 !!!

  82. Halfcaf
    15 days ago

    Worked like a charm on a masterlock I lost the key to.

  83. Robert Von Darth
    Robert Von Darth
    15 days ago

    Lock breaks are more satisfying than bubble pack popping

  84. Syrus Alder
    Syrus Alder
    15 days ago

    i wonder how many criminals watch these vids

  85. jordan coleman
    jordan coleman
    15 days ago

    Why is it he shows me things that if done to things that aren't mine, are illegal. Yet. His voice makes me believe everything will be ok🤣

  86. Robbie JK
    Robbie JK
    15 days ago

    The majority of comments on here by obvious social media types always on their phones, solidifies in me that our Country has become a nation of dumb asses.

  87. Amiel Yalung
    Amiel Yalung
    15 days ago

    Can you make a video tutorial how to destroy handcuff locks.. i really need it within 5 minutes..

    1. Da_Lowtusz
      15 days ago


  88. James Jacobs
    James Jacobs
    15 days ago

    A lock is usually attached to the thing it locks and that limits where you can access it with spanners or whatever. You have to adapt to the situation. Also if the leverage obtained is strong enough to break it at the strong point, then go ahead and break it there. The aim is to break the lock by whatever method. Try not to break the thing the lock goes through. That can be a pain to replace or fix.

  89. Heatler
    15 days ago

    Thanks! I can rob my rich neighbors now

  90. Adam Royter
    Adam Royter
    15 days ago


  91. J B
    J B
    15 days ago

    But it would be put on a chain. It’s easy to break it open when there’s nothing in the way don’t you think?

    1. Da_Lowtusz
      15 days ago

      He made another video about it testing it with chains on.

  92. DAYDRMR Official
    DAYDRMR Official
    16 days ago

    UKwill recommended is weird

  93. Goose
    16 days ago

    How will it work if the lock has a chain running through?

    1. Da_Lowtusz
      15 days ago

      He made a video on it

  94. Darion Balkaran
    Darion Balkaran
    16 days ago

    Robbers: write that down, write that down.

  95. i want to die
    i want to die
    16 days ago

    This video got so viral, i'm so happy for him.

  96. D&D Talks
    D&D Talks
    16 days ago

    The main reason for this type of 'opening' a lock, is because you don't have the key, and the lock is 'in place' locked. With this 'new' method, I find it difficult to put the 2nd wrench in that position because the loop is going through something (locking) and would not usually allow for a wrench to be placed in that way. The previous method (side by side wrenches) does allow for both wrenches to be placed and utilized. While I will agree that the technique is probably better at applying forces to break the lock, in a 'practical' application I don't see it more feasible than the previous method.

  97. Freddy Adam
    Freddy Adam
    16 days ago

    ok but Lpl is dam strong breaking a lock with wrench,i want you to wake up to sound of a lock that you bought around 200 bucks breaking from wrench that 20.

  98. Hsc 200
    Hsc 200
    16 days ago

    I would honestly just use a hammer

    1. Endra Anugrah
      Endra Anugrah
      16 days ago

      If all lock can be wrecked easily with hammer only, this method wouldn't even exist.

  99. Mokongthe3
    16 days ago

    I like how the title says "You’re Doing it Wrong..." As If I already have done it..

  100. anthony cabling
    anthony cabling
    16 days ago

    Shout out this guy! He’s saved me so much time and effort! In other news I have a used bike store opening next month!