the longest jump in minecraft

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  1. Simplyleilei5
    56 minutes ago

    7 blocks???

  2. SuperSonicAdvance
    Hour ago

    Why the creepy music?

  3. Solo
    2 hours ago

    dream copy smh

  4. MrDum
    5 hours ago

    Jump boost+ speed:I’m a joke huh

    5 hours ago

    You can jump 6 BLOCKS if you use boat

  6. Bill Lecky
    Bill Lecky
    6 hours ago

    6blocks are possible

  7. Johan Vrijburg
    Johan Vrijburg
    6 hours ago

    Dream 2.0😅

    7 hours ago


  9. Mozzarellsa
    7 hours ago

    1 dag i play Minecraft end i jump 5 blocks.

  10. realbot Robot YT
    realbot Robot YT
    8 hours ago

    Have you ever noticed that the longest jumps was 6 block’s?

    8 hours ago

    Thats a Dream concept

  12. Steven Castaneda
    Steven Castaneda
    8 hours ago

    Presidential candidate

  13. Heño Eullysses Aquino
    Heño Eullysses Aquino
    8 hours ago

    The music it's winning smile

  14. lainey Hill
    lainey Hill
    9 hours ago

    How the heck do you so

  15. The black cat
    The black cat
    9 hours ago

    I jumpen 5 Blocks one time it wasn't so Hard

  16. •👑Diane TV VLOGS👑•
    •👑Diane TV VLOGS👑•
    9 hours ago

    But I jumped 6 blocks-

  17. Mohit Patel
    Mohit Patel
    10 hours ago

    Noob you He he he he he 😂😂😂😅😅

  18. Michelle Taylor
    Michelle Taylor
    10 hours ago


  19. Ish
    10 hours ago

    Drista: four.

  20. ☪️ Blue¢m0on_ZcH
    ☪️ Blue¢m0on_ZcH
    12 hours ago

    Me : i-i WTF 5 but its 10 •-•

    1. ☪️ Blue¢m0on_ZcH
      ☪️ Blue¢m0on_ZcH
      12 hours ago

      Am stoopy

  21. Mary Crowford
    Mary Crowford
    13 hours ago

    I jumped 8 blocks before

  22. Potxto_ Girl
    Potxto_ Girl
    13 hours ago

    The title: the longest jump in Minecraft The content and music: THIS IS A LIFE AND DEATH SITUATION

  23. Tạ Việt Hoàng
    Tạ Việt Hoàng
    13 hours ago

    it was all fun and games until the lavender town music kicks in

  24. Fergus Angeles
    Fergus Angeles
    13 hours ago

    But Why I Can't Do Jump 5 Blocks I Just 4 Blocks In My Minecraft And I Think Its Version 1.19?????!!

  25. Aj dela Torre
    Aj dela Torre
    14 hours ago

    Bruh I already know this

  26. π Piterek1337 π
    π Piterek1337 π
    15 hours ago

    i downloaded a bot to jump for me and he was making so much momentum he jumped 6 BLOCKS

  27. RicoLord1
    15 hours ago

    Bruh dude just said with momentum you can jump 5 then 6 blocks is obviously possible also this video should be older than 1 year

  28. الييبا ابييات
    الييبا ابييات
    16 hours ago


  29. Pootisdispenser H3R3
    Pootisdispenser H3R3
    16 hours ago

    Dream: yea I already know,, so what..?

  30. Gacha Ps3d
    Gacha Ps3d
    17 hours ago

    I'm a Minecraft veteran I already know lol before you make a vid

  31. Pixy Agatha Paramitha
    Pixy Agatha Paramitha
    17 hours ago


  32. Spikey H
    Spikey H
    18 hours ago

    My guy made a dream video a short

  33. Ed the burger boi
    Ed the burger boi
    19 hours ago

    Flying method in creative mode:am I a joke to you?

  34. Brian yt
    Brian yt
    19 hours ago

    I can jump on 5 block

  35. dinosaur night
    dinosaur night
    20 hours ago

    Just do some 45° strafes and get your 5 blocks

  36. cello
    20 hours ago

    Yooooo this vid hit 1m likes!?!

  37. Arc • Josh1546
    Arc • Josh1546
    20 hours ago


  38. DoggoDreemurr
    21 hour ago

    huh that’s why I was able to do it

  39. Lourdes Pamittan
    Lourdes Pamittan
    21 hour ago

    I did 6 blocks by jumping 61 times

  40. Ruie Joselito Rimando
    Ruie Joselito Rimando
    21 hour ago

    i can jump 4 block away

  41. Amya Robinson
    Amya Robinson
    23 hours ago

    Not him showing PopularMMOs when he said Minecraft veteran That dude was my childhood-

  42. Kaburr Ada Bkb
    Kaburr Ada Bkb
    23 hours ago

    Him: U probably can do five block tall jump with momentum. Opening scene: There's no momentum on it.

  43. PutP Official
    PutP Official
    23 hours ago

    Jump boost : I'm here

  44. Awkward_ Frog
    Awkward_ Frog
    23 hours ago

    Him: ~explains jumping machanics in minecraft~ Me: *LAVENDER TOWN*

  45. Ray ._.
    Ray ._.
    Day ago

    Also a child can go 6 meters with enough momentum just gotta though em hard enough

  46. Anon Link
    Anon Link
    Day ago

    U not crazy U cool 😎

  47. Yianni P
    Yianni P
    Day ago

    Me: (could jump off a cliff and go more than 500 blocks down) ‘tis but a scratch

  48. Ismael Dávila Gómez
    Ismael Dávila Gómez
    Day ago

    Yo si pude saltar 5 bloques y pense que era el maximo, pero nunca me volvio a salir 🦥

  49. Lolznenz
    Day ago

    Nooo i knowed that before ans iam intens and goood and i did this a load of times bc iam an jump and run pro and an good player and esport lol

  50. Leo Rodriguez
    Leo Rodriguez
    Day ago

    999999 blocks is impossible If you want to do that jump You can’t pass the jump in survival mode but is too easy in creative mode Because you can fly&sprint!

  51. RussianOfficerYT
    Day ago

    DREAM can

  52. Leo Rodriguez
    Leo Rodriguez
    Day ago

    The impossible is 999999 blocks

  53. Pumpy Kid
    Pumpy Kid
    Day ago

    lol 5 blocks that’s a lot

  54. Phil Gutrich
    Phil Gutrich
    Day ago

    How far can you jump in Minecraft be like: Fly 6 BLOCKS

  55. Wither doge
    Wither doge
    Day ago

    Feather falling, jump boost, ice, and speed: no it’s 9

  56. AngryAxolotl 6
    AngryAxolotl 6
    Day ago

    Wow nice inspiration from dream

  57. teles
    Day ago

    im not a dream stan and i rarely watch his videos, but im pretty sure he has made a video about this

    Day ago

    Dream did this already dude

  59. Camden Playz
    Camden Playz
    Day ago

    9 blocks actually

  60. Lxmons
    Day ago

    My man, you just started a war-

  61. Kidnetics
    Day ago

    I saw this on ali-a

  62. I am me
    I am me
    Day ago

    It’s 17

  63. Shane Murphy
    Shane Murphy
    Day ago

    You got that from dream

  64. Noah Martin
    Noah Martin
    Day ago

    Man took dreams vid word for word

  65. pika gaming
    pika gaming
    Day ago


  66. Eva Lubega
    Eva Lubega
    Day ago


  67. Teddy lirious
    Teddy lirious
    Day ago

    U got that from Dream

  68. MrRandomDoesStuff
    Day ago

    Wow 1m likes

  69. Charlzz 123
    Charlzz 123
    Day ago

    Now I get why people kept on jumping while sprinting

  70. Javed Chohan
    Javed Chohan
    Day ago

    lavender town

  71. Javed Chohan
    Javed Chohan
    Day ago

    the background music is pokemon red and blue game music theres a rumor kids died from the high tune of the mudic and itz creepy too

  72. Sinceriority
    Day ago

    I love how we're treating this as a scientific breakthrough

  73. Siege
    Day ago

    My guy just ripped off dream

  74. Dayton Arinder
    Dayton Arinder
    Day ago

    Who else saw ssundee and not dream or socks for 1

  75. Ally Boops
    Ally Boops
    Day ago

    I can do 14 studs in Roblox

  76. 0303 E
    0303 E
    Day ago

    Dream did this a year ago

  77. Gagettv gaming
    Gagettv gaming
    Day ago

    Dude everyone knows it’s five blocks who doesn’t know this

  78. nigzuko
    Day ago

    Who cares lol?

  79. Jort Kalsbeek
    Jort Kalsbeek
    Day ago

    A random comment here its ectually infinete if you just gain enhough momentum

  80. Riccardo Togni_
    Riccardo Togni_
    Day ago


    Day ago

    O i didn't know that

  82. John Yassu
    John Yassu
    Day ago

    What type of dark magic is this

  83. paarthiban gobi
    paarthiban gobi
    Day ago

    Hey to make six block jump use speed potion and sprint

  84. 𝙀𝙇-𝙋𝙖𝙣𝙖-𝘿𝙞𝙚𝙜𝙤
    Day ago

    Oh that's true,it happpend to me in Minecraft PE Then I played Skywars in Minecraft PS4 and it happened again, so I can confirm this is true

  85. Rodrigo Brambila
    Rodrigo Brambila
    Day ago

    I Know

  86. Mara H
    Mara H
    Day ago

    I already saw this before all you have to do is just go back and then jump take all your speed I wonder if we can double jump

  87. RootstownOhioFarmer
    Day ago

    With enough momentum you can fly in survival mode

  88. Bekim Dedusaj
    Bekim Dedusaj
    Day ago

    He is so right that he’s deserves 5000000million subs and likes

  89. Bekim Dedusaj
    Bekim Dedusaj
    Day ago

    This guy is correct I sub and like to this guy

  90. Jeffplays roblox
    Jeffplays roblox
    Day ago

    I was thinking you were gonna say *So you think that 5 blocks is the biggest jump in minecraft? But no it’s 6*

  91. 72Hours
    Day ago

    Dream make it first ?

  92. Golden minigunner
    Golden minigunner
    Day ago

    Dream used this sale map to also prove this

  93. Armaan Syed
    Armaan Syed
    Day ago

    fyi u are talking about el momentum and that has a cap so 5 blocks is the hard limit

  94. Naruto_Uzumaki_アニメファン
    Day ago

    Music lavender town🤧🤧

  95. Lucky Lorenzo
    Lucky Lorenzo
    Day ago

    I did once ;-;

  96. May Javier
    May Javier
    Day ago

    I'm angola minecraft i'm just going to try that in minecraft is that can a working me

    Day ago

    He is copying dreams video

  98. lee yan
    lee yan
    Day ago

    Bro im jump in minecraft 7 bloks