Internet Money - His & Hers ft. Don Toliver, Lil Uzi Vert & Gunna (Directed by Cole Bennett)

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Lyrical Lemonade Presents

Internet Money - His \u0026 Hers (feat. Don Toliver, Lil Uzi Vert \u0026 Gunna)

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Directed \u0026 Edited by: Cole Bennett
VFX \u0026 Coloring: Scissor Films
Animation: Kyle Parnell
His \u0026 Hers Windows Logo Design: George Hammond

1st AD: Erik Mateo
2nd AD: Deighton McKoy
DP: Parris Stewart
1st AC: Nolan Maloney
2nd AC: Brian Giallorenzo
Steadicam: Kyle Fasanella

Casting: Mill Ticket Entertainment
Lemonade Girl: Alexis Harris
SFX Makeup Artist: Jessica Jimenez
Production Design: Fusina Designs
Art Coordinator: Rashi Jain
Set Dresser: Andrew Caso
Set Dresser: Carlos Hernandez
Gaffer: Frank Florencio
Key Grip : Braulio Moz

Executive Producer: Sal Tarantino
Producer: Omar Reynoso
Production Manager: Toni Sudimac
Production Coordinator: Joel Collado
Associate Producer: Jake Millan
COVID Officer: Akeem Turner


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  1. The Forever Purge
    The Forever Purge
    5 minutes ago


  2. Grimey Workingman
    Grimey Workingman
    3 hours ago

    Don Tolliver is AWESOME 👌

  3. Joey Mcdavid
    Joey Mcdavid
    3 hours ago

    You fallin off

  4. Tahir Miles
    Tahir Miles
    4 hours ago

    Why am I just now hearing this song bro

  5. Ju’Kadynn Carter
    Ju’Kadynn Carter
    4 hours ago


  6. Accidental Content
    Accidental Content
    4 hours ago

    Uzi is so cute XD

  7. Debra Bean
    Debra Bean
    6 hours ago

    Lil uzi is 🔥

  8. David Akindele
    David Akindele
    6 hours ago

    This song got me thinking of funfairs and beaches😀😀

  9. Brooklyn Carter
    Brooklyn Carter
    7 hours ago

    Why am I now hearing this on the radio😩🤦🏾‍♀️??? I SWEAR THEY BE MAD LATE YO SMFH 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. ﷽𒅌꧅꧅DOKA
    8 hours ago


  11. brooks davis
    brooks davis
    8 hours ago

    I don't find the lyrical lemonade girl creepy at all lol its funny to me

  12. Peyton Koon
    Peyton Koon
    9 hours ago


  13. taco maadie
    taco maadie
    10 hours ago

    They had make tik tok dace out of this

  14. Salami Anjolaoluwa
    Salami Anjolaoluwa
    11 hours ago

    Don asf be mad💘💘💘

  15. APOSTOLIS p.
    12 hours ago

    Gunna get that porshe and come to Mykonos

  16. Saahen Devan
    Saahen Devan
    12 hours ago

    Imagine people seeing this comment in like a few years

  17. Jacquelyn Simmons
    Jacquelyn Simmons
    12 hours ago


  18. Ian Wallace
    Ian Wallace
    12 hours ago

    Summary: like two verses, loose geography lessons, so much autotune I don't even need to know who lil Uzi is.

  19. Jojo87
    13 hours ago

    He looks like rich the kid

  20. Kyle your lesbian friend
    Kyle your lesbian friend
    14 hours ago

    Dear Parents, Just because your kids are smiling while looking at their phones does not mean they have a boyfriend or girlfriend. They are just listening to his and hers while looking at photos of bakugo

  21. des
    15 hours ago

    0:07... when you get spawn camped consistently in hijacked and you just got your napalm strike

  22. 장선영
    19 hours ago

    woooooooooooooo~ what a bop ~!

  23. therealzenitsu
    20 hours ago

    ngl been listening to this on repeat this is deadass fire

  24. dry tree
    dry tree
    21 hour ago

  25. dry tree
    dry tree
    21 hour ago

  26. dry tree
    dry tree
    21 hour ago

  27. Ashley dorvilus
    Ashley dorvilus
    21 hour ago

    I'm here for it🔥

  28. Keith King
    Keith King
    Day ago

    This be fire🔥🔥🔥

  29. анальный мудрец 228
    анальный мудрец 228
    Day ago

    0 комментов на русском......в каком скучном мире я живу

  30. Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo
    Day ago

    Cada os br aqui 👇

    1. olavo 🇧🇷
      olavo 🇧🇷
      9 hours ago


  31. Gloria Seagroves
    Gloria Seagroves
    Day ago

    So good no cap

  32. Lull Kel
    Lull Kel
    Day ago

    Why is this so hard?!?!🔥🔥

  33. Brêezy•Trêes
    Day ago

    Not on my birthday🤧😖

  34. Neritic
    Day ago

    omg heat

  35. James Paul
    James Paul
    Day ago

    Am vibing right now

  36. James Paul
    James Paul
    Day ago

    Banging song

  37. Nagla Hamed
    Nagla Hamed
    Day ago

  38. Theprincesslife _
    Theprincesslife _
    Day ago

    big summer vibes

  39. N8music
    Day ago

    Day ago

    🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️ fire

  41. No name
    No name
    Day ago

    Ахуенно Оуоуоу ахуенно оуоуоу

  42. snow✔
    Day ago

    Oh no the yellow girl

  43. Le Jonk
    Le Jonk
    Day ago

    The beat drop is just unresistable

  44. David Kesling
    David Kesling
    Day ago

    don toliver literally can’t miss, especially with the lyrical lemonade visuals… sheesh

  45. Leandro Oliveira
    Leandro Oliveira
    Day ago


  46. Nassymo
    Day ago

    Don Toliver🌵 chorus + LL🍋 = Masterpiece

  47. Wanda Rwamudatinya
    Wanda Rwamudatinya
    Day ago

    Lil uzi need to post songs

  48. Sunny milkshake
    Sunny milkshake
    Day ago

    Did he actually shoot the gun

  49. Natalia Herrera Robles
    Natalia Herrera Robles
    Day ago

    My simp don toliver 🛐😳

  50. Sleazy Schlock
    Sleazy Schlock
    Day ago

    *Lemonsoft word* Microsoft: 👁👄👁

  51. Edu Yuiopp
    Edu Yuiopp
    Day ago

    Shawty I break that spine 😩😋🔥😈

  52. Ricthesid
    Day ago

    Having no RESALE VALUE for Platinum 😅😅🤨🤨

  53. Salimon Chafyee
    Salimon Chafyee
    Day ago

    He on the moon 🌚 these amogees are creepy and weird

  54. PATHANGAs _
    Day ago


  55. randonjuma ft don toliver ft k cmp ft lil nas x
    randonjuma ft don toliver ft k cmp ft lil nas x
    Day ago

    Randonjuma ft don toliver ft lil uzi vert ft gunna

  56. randonjuma ft don toliver ft k cmp ft lil nas x
    randonjuma ft don toliver ft k cmp ft lil nas x
    Day ago

    Don toliver ft lil uzi vert ft gunna ft randonjuma

  57. relm riders
    relm riders
    Day ago

    This song is so good 😇😇it leaves me speechless

  58. Ty Velli
    Ty Velli
    Day ago

    "You know how I live, so just cool out baby" ~ lil uzi vert Most relatable line of life...IN LIFE..for me ❤

  59. ayesha fhaye lero
    ayesha fhaye lero
    Day ago

    Break your ribs LMFAOOO I'M DEAD UZI

  60. Jimbo Gaming
    Jimbo Gaming
    Day ago


  61. Tatiana
    Day ago

    Uzi vibin on moon ft. Elon musk

  62. Alham Chavarría
    Alham Chavarría
    Day ago

    Vengo por tiktok

  63. RoasterCoaster
    2 days ago

    The lemonade girl is forever an image in my brain I never wanna see. I always check behind the shower curtain twice. *20

  64. Tim Dye
    Tim Dye
    2 days ago

    Toolie in that birkinnnn

  65. KeSean Ellington
    KeSean Ellington
    2 days ago

    I got this on repeat 🔥

  66. Andrew Harris
    Andrew Harris
    2 days ago


  67. Rhint Valkinsson
    Rhint Valkinsson
    2 days ago

    Wtf is a back and burp? Lol

  68. Ace Lopez
    Ace Lopez
    2 days ago

    Only came here for uzi 🔥

  69. Jonforeal
    2 days ago

    don and lemonade exaclly know how to work

  70. Saumu Hamisi
    Saumu Hamisi
    2 days ago

    In love with the beats n melodious voices of gunna and don toliver

  71. Alicia_sings🎤❤
    2 days ago

    This a hit🔥🔥🔥

    2 days ago

    Don trilver hits different man

  73. Allan Melo
    Allan Melo
    2 days ago

    When I thought Lil Uzi had done everything... 🙂

  74. Karchyツ
    2 days ago

    What is the hungarian flags in uzi drees?

  75. confused :3
    confused :3
    2 days ago

    wtf is this lol

  76. Amit Jamatia
    Amit Jamatia
    2 days ago

    Lil Uzi your fan need hlpz

  77. Ariella
    2 days ago

    I love all of Don Toliver's songs, he fails to disappoint.

  78. Lou Hale
    Lou Hale
    2 days ago


  79. Alyssa Rajaram
    Alyssa Rajaram
    2 days ago

    This song issa whole mood

  80. Gumbo Gumbo
    Gumbo Gumbo
    2 days ago

    Bro is it only me or the girl in the start is creepy as fuck.

  81. Ni06na
    2 days ago

    pov:je suis la meuf francaise que tu cherche😂

  82. MR JINN 007
    MR JINN 007
    2 days ago

    മലയാളി '_' Hello from 🇮🇳

  83. Bj Flexin 2
    Bj Flexin 2
    2 days ago

    1:13 Uzi like this dude spitting 😂

  84. neewton.03
    2 days ago

    this is summer 2021´s official anthem

    2 days ago

    Uzi is so damm short compared to the other 2 lol

    2 days ago

    My dad keeps listening to this and do da uzi dance

  87. Ms Love
    Ms Love
    2 days ago

    Let's keep it going🔥 we need an ALBUM 💯

  88. Rahul Thorat
    Rahul Thorat
    2 days ago

    That Uzi verse ruins this whole song for me man that shit was GARBAGE

  89. A A
    A A
    2 days ago

    1:12 yall saw lil uziz’s head move like that 😂💁🏽‍♀️its giving me attitude okurr😅😂🔥💗 he is so funny 😂 love this song so dope😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  90. ayesha fhaye lero
    ayesha fhaye lero
    2 days ago

    I felt that when don toliver hit the trigger 😂💯💨❤️👌

  91. Michael Sklenák
    Michael Sklenák
    2 days ago

    30yr GUNNA king

  92. Brand New Ski Mask
    Brand New Ski Mask
    2 days ago

    Don Toliver is the king of hooks right now

  93. so seductive
    so seductive
    2 days ago


  94. londonisbest V
    londonisbest V
    2 days ago


  95. Lauren Heyes
    Lauren Heyes
    2 days ago

    i play this at least 15 times a day

    1. The Legend Shadow
      The Legend Shadow
      2 days ago

      I just discovered how good it is

  96. Goujo Satoru
    Goujo Satoru
    2 days ago

    i like song nice 👌

  97. contort69
    2 days ago

    why why do i freaking love this song

  98. nilo
    2 days ago

    His & Hers

  99. ً
    3 days ago