[631] Master Lock 875/975 Decoded WITHOUT ANY TOOLS !

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  1. 5up Gunplay
    5up Gunplay
    8 hours ago

    The break room at master lock. 👁👄👁

  2. Pu Koh
    Pu Koh
    16 hours ago

    have they fixed this POS?

  3. Suspicious Person
    Suspicious Person
    Day ago

    Just use a thermal lance and cut the shackle. Masterlock í a FAIL.

  4. James Schultz
    James Schultz
    Day ago

    Watched several of these videos now. Very interesting and entertaining for sure. How about some advice on which locks are actually good, that would be useful.

  5. João Pedro Schneider
    João Pedro Schneider
    2 days ago

    why the fuck this videos are so addicting??? i don't need a locker, i don't have one, i'm not interested in buying one, i'm not interested in lockers at all, but here i am watching his videos since morning

  6. David James
    David James
    2 days ago

    Method we used as kids to unlock those old bicycle chan locks. Pull, and turn. Each gate, loosens just a bit more.

  7. David James
    David James
    2 days ago

    Makes me want to duplicate his proceedure. I'll start with M175 though.

  8. Hero
    2 days ago

    Yikes we use these at my work (big department store) to protect the several hundred dollar tools, as well as the easily $100,000 of less expensive tools. I took one to try it out and picked it myself somewhat easily considering I've never even picked a lock that wasn't clear before.

  9. Jesse Donaldson
    Jesse Donaldson
    3 days ago

    You would think that by now that these companies would just hire him before they release the locks to see what problems he could find with them

  10. Sam Corona
    Sam Corona
    3 days ago

    I'm wondering how many people have threatened this guy's life for giving them the info to break into stuff lol good luck haha

  11. Seth Wilcock
    Seth Wilcock
    4 days ago

    No bike is safe

  12. J. J. springer
    J. J. springer
    4 days ago

    I use a flat piece of plastic used to measure my meds! nock it so it slides under all wheels! Then turn them feeling for the spot! And the open! Wife leaves them open turned 90° and grandkids, change the number lock it! Then I go behind them and change them back

  13. LowKey Gaming
    LowKey Gaming
    4 days ago

    Most people are afraid of locks this guys makes the locks afraid of him.

  14. only the gifted
    only the gifted
    6 days ago


  15. MrOlivetribe
    6 days ago

    Great! now I can rob your mom's house

  16. John C
    John C
    7 days ago

    Super slick

  17. Vash Hernandez
    Vash Hernandez
    7 days ago

    No lock is safe

  18. Uga Uga Uga
    Uga Uga Uga
    7 days ago

    Amazing. You're a genius.

  19. EpicGamerYouTubeManNotSimp69FunnyNumberHaHaHaHa420
    7 days ago

    When I was a child I cracked a lock by guessing the numbers like: 0000 0001 0002 and so on

  20. drwisdom1
    7 days ago

    I like the way Mr. LockPickingLawyer shows us the new model has a superior design, but then demonstrates it is not useful as a lock. Clearly, this video indicates Master Lock has to go back to the drawing board.

  21. Mike Urban
    Mike Urban
    8 days ago

    At what point does someone stop reviewing locks, and begin teaching criminals how to bypass locks?

  22. rabbit drink
    rabbit drink
    8 days ago

    one of our locks combos got scrambled a little bit at work, this video helped open it, thanks :)

  23. Daniel HDZ
    Daniel HDZ
    8 days ago

    so when are going for our first bank ? 😆🤣😂 I have the car ready

  24. Twitch Waxy
    Twitch Waxy
    9 days ago

    when you call the lawyer to get out of jail, and he comes with a lock pick...

  25. Kakyoin
    9 days ago

    at this point its just flexing

  26. ANDY 09
    ANDY 09
    9 days ago

    Your voice is so satisfying like jerryrigeverything

    1. ANDY 09
      ANDY 09
      7 days ago

      @Katorn Hypno thanks bro

    2. Katorn Hypno
      Katorn Hypno
      7 days ago

      Your*, You're is "You are". "You are voice is so satisfying?"

  27. Johnny Harris
    Johnny Harris
    9 days ago

    I like your video thumbs up will subscribe but I would never invite you to my own damn you're good

  28. R van Dyk
    R van Dyk
    10 days ago

    Over at master they are having a disaster!!

  29. James Schneider
    James Schneider
    10 days ago

    I’d hire him for heists n shit

  30. Anri Kotte
    Anri Kotte
    10 days ago

    Even in a lock picking video, The youtube comment section is full of “funny” comments.

  31. Logan Stout
    Logan Stout
    10 days ago

    I have this lock and it changed the combo on me.

    1. rabbit drink
      rabbit drink
      8 days ago


  32. Federico Antonio Musello
    Federico Antonio Musello
    10 days ago

    On a numeric code combination you can always brute force decode the combinaton by simply using math. You have a permutation made by the number of possible digits (ten if from 0 to 9) and the number of slots. A ten digit three slots can have only have 10^3 (one thousand) possible vombination from 000 to 999 and so with a four slots you can have a maximum of 10^4 (ten thousand) possible combination from 0000 to 9999, you can try as long as you will and assuming an average time of one second to try each combination you can open a three slots in a time between 1 and 1000 seconds (or 17 minutes) and a four slots in between 1 second and 10,000 (or three hours)

  33. Megalep
    10 days ago

    Why not share Your expertise with MasterLock instead of the whole internet community, in order for them to make better locks instead of teaching criminals how to steal other peoples assets and break into their homes.

  34. LordHashimoto
    10 days ago

    Wondering if any company calls you for advice

  35. Orion Darkblade
    Orion Darkblade
    10 days ago

    Holy..... Crap.......mind blown

  36. Effyplays
    11 days ago

    At this point its like a fidget toy

  37. Brandon M
    Brandon M
    11 days ago

    What I really want to know is are there any locks at all that this guy recommends? I'm not a lock expert, I just want to know what locks don't suck.

  38. Network126
    11 days ago

    Sweet!!!! Now I can dumpster-dive the locked dumpsters too!!!!!!!!

  39. Manuel Attard
    Manuel Attard
    11 days ago

    ......or simply drill out the two pins with a cordless drill

  40. Cris Bowman
    Cris Bowman
    11 days ago

    I never try to sell pin code locks because I can crack most in less than a minute.

  41. Elmer Gloo
    Elmer Gloo
    12 days ago

    Noooo I use those padlocks on my dumpster at work! How the heck am I going to protect my trash?

    1. Network126
      11 days ago

      You must have some good trash.. 😏

    2. Network126
      11 days ago

      You're not. I'll be digging through your trash soon 😆

  42. Joe Black
    Joe Black
    12 days ago

    Life’s so much simpler when you’re naive. When I was young I thought that the law was always right, studying and good grades would lead to success, businesses knew what they were doing, and locks worked. Now I’m older and wiser, and I realize that’s all bullshit. Thanks for the videos.

  43. Zacharie Goodin
    Zacharie Goodin
    12 days ago

    Thank you so much I thought I was gonna have to get bolt cutters to cut off my lock to get into my sea bag

  44. rags1734
    12 days ago

    I just watched this video to open the lock the boss put on the gate and he couldn’t remember the combo for. The look on his face was priceless as I handed him the lock.

  45. Sidney Daugherty
    Sidney Daugherty
    12 days ago

    My Dad always said that locks are only there to keep an honest man honest. Shotguns are there to keep you secure.

  46. Bumpertini B
    Bumpertini B
    12 days ago

    The thing that most peeps are not saying, is this took him a WHILE over keyed locks, due to it being a numbers game instead of a skill. I'll still use some 20 dollar lock from wherever, as they will always ONLY be deterrents, but this took him a while. That's all that matters to some security.

    1. Alex H
      Alex H
      8 days ago

      Time to decode/pick is much less important than skill required imo if it takes 5 minutes to unlock a lock but you can master the skill in 2 minutes then that lock is way less secure than a lock that takes 30 seconds to pick, if you have hours of skill and specialized tools

  47. David Beaver
    David Beaver
    13 days ago

    Ok what arm i doing wrong every video o see on this lock everyone's pick just slips right in...no master what i try my puck will not slide in between the dials rather i try the middle the bottom it doesn't work and this is my lock....i can't remember the combo can cani decode thelock without going between the wheels

  48. WWE HD TV
    15 days ago

    Master lock is rusty WWE Cris Masters

  49. C.W. Bookout
    C.W. Bookout
    16 days ago

    I finished watching this video and went to my shop and grabbed an old lock to see if I could use this "feel" tactic to open it for the first time in 15 years. Less than 5 minutes later I learned the combination. Amazing.

  50. mike leone
    mike leone
    17 days ago

    What abut key pad locks

  51. Andrew Askew
    Andrew Askew
    17 days ago

    There isn't a single lock that can't be picked, anything they have at Walmart etc is easily picked, your better off twisting steel wire and grinding it off than using a lock

  52. Ben Martini
    Ben Martini
    17 days ago

    He doesn’t need the combination😂 he can just pick it

  53. Aquilasven
    17 days ago

    On the upside you no longer need a tool to recode this lock, on the downside, you no longer need a combination to open this lock. Oops. Pretty significant flaw. At what point is a lock not qualified to be called a lock?

  54. ronnie littlerock
    ronnie littlerock
    17 days ago

    I'm no lock picker but I've opened this type of lock since I was 10 years old. All it takes is persistence.

  55. 5 Star
    5 Star
    18 days ago

    That's so badass!

  56. Sam Ruder
    Sam Ruder
    18 days ago

    Excellent tutorial!! Very good explanation of the "False Gates" This technique also works on the 1177.

  57. Meaux Brew
    Meaux Brew
    18 days ago

    Wow, I found this lock & with this video it took me 15 mins to find the combo & reset it.

  58. tony Dobek
    tony Dobek
    18 days ago

    Dewalt has a battery operated grinder that would cut through that lock in about 10 seconds! 🤣

    1. Tyrael Diavolus
      Tyrael Diavolus
      18 days ago

      But that's noisy, smelly, and heavy to carry around. Plus, with a little practice you need less than ten seconds to open this lock as shown in the video - and you have a basically useless, but still working lock to take with you this way :D

  59. Franz Ferdinand VIII
    Franz Ferdinand VIII
    20 days ago

    First lock i ever decoded was 875. 6.Jul.2021

  60. Jesse Dover
    Jesse Dover
    21 day ago

    Even faster: BOLT CUTTERS lol

  61. Scott Horn
    Scott Horn
    22 days ago

    Locks are just to delay a thief.

  62. Steven Rask
    Steven Rask
    24 days ago

    This really does work. I shit you not. I've had a lock that I haven't been able to open for years!! The only negative thing is that my fingers hurt like hell from pulling on the shackle. Thank you.

  63. Tim G
    Tim G
    24 days ago

    Because your really a criminal when the moons out

  64. Bill Schlosser
    Bill Schlosser
    28 days ago

    I think you can do the same thing with the 175...

  65. Pit bull Lover
    Pit bull Lover
    28 days ago

    That's funny a friend of mine was watching these videos a few months ago and here I am sitting outside in front of a store bored so I start reading down the comments the one I blow me is comical and I look at the time on my cell phone that's exactly 2:00 and I'm like WTF is this a normal thing at 2:00 in the morning to sit and watch lock picking videos maybe but yeah it is fascinating.

  66. EebstertheGreat
    29 days ago

    This type of decoding is so easy, you can stumble onto the technique by accident while fiddling with a lock. That's how I figured it out, like probably hundreds of thousands of other bored, fidgety kids.

  67. pierse griggs
    pierse griggs
    29 days ago


  68. Vegas Sims
    Vegas Sims
    29 days ago

    I think this is so funny how easy these are to break into. But, is showing videos on how to break into locks legal???

  69. Anders Olofsson
    Anders Olofsson
    Month ago

    So many of my students got this type of lock for the lockers in school.we hade big problem with this. This way of opening is super easy for anyone and I myself opened looks for kids who forgotten there own code. Some brands where easier then others

  70. andrew burke
    andrew burke
    Month ago

    Showing people how to ste…..good job mate

  71. jimmy macaraeg
    jimmy macaraeg
    Month ago

    You must get a lot of like and share from criminals! 🤣

  72. MojoRadio
    Month ago

    Lines on your thumbnails like that are a sign of calcium deficiency.

  73. Julian Alvarez
    Julian Alvarez
    Month ago

    What is that tool called?

  74. Reddog
    Month ago

    I have a round one of these locks and it can't be just pulled tight like that so how would you do it if you can't put pressure on it?

  75. Emerald
    Month ago

    Can this be used for lockers ?

  76. Greg V
    Greg V
    Month ago

    Worked. Thanks!

  77. bigsmall246
    Month ago

    The oldest way to decode combination locks

  78. Charley P
    Charley P
    Month ago

    I just wack em with a hammer

  79. Flux
    Month ago

    LPL: Taking apart will do nothing to open it *Proceeds to remove the locking part of the lock*

  80. grand04gt
    Month ago

    Is it bad the first thought in my mind was "wow that is simple to find the combination and change it.....now to find out if one of my friends has that lock" 🤣🤣

  81. j Shugga
    j Shugga
    Month ago

    You're thorough Mr. Lock picker. Your spouse can hide anything from you even if they wanted to 🤣

  82. retro_amp
    Month ago

    I don't know why Master doesn't pay you to expose any vulnerabilities before release. hahaha

  83. Clayton Howard
    Clayton Howard
    Month ago

    Well done video! Thank you!

  84. kalhoon
    Month ago

    bottom of a soda can works good.

  85. flightingfalcon
    Month ago

    This vid was really helpful hehehe

  86. socaliguy81
    Month ago

    It's baffling that these companies still can't just make a secure lock!

    1. YaBoi
      Month ago

      You'd be surprised how tough it is. At least to my understanding of locks anyway. Also, this guys a professional

  87. Justin Kase
    Justin Kase
    Month ago

    They use these at my construction job to lock up material and everyone uses a different combo so it's really frustrating to have to find people to get the code. Not a problem anymore. :D

  88. James Rodwell
    James Rodwell
    Month ago

    The misty open inversely avoid because double spontaneously smile under a quickest white. dependent, unnatural objective

  89. Abe The Rock
    Abe The Rock
    Month ago

    Funny how they solved a problem just to create another

  90. Jayson McCullough
    Jayson McCullough
    Month ago

    That was like: awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome.... Well F#@!

  91. Julian
    Month ago

    Wow I used to do that technique/method on old bike locks 40yrs ago

  92. Will V
    Will V
    Month ago

    I'm gonna send you a lock that you absolutely cannot pick. A lock of hair. 😜 Never mind, you'd probably find a way to pick that too. 🙈

  93. Greg Martin
    Greg Martin
    Month ago

    I just imagine the lock manufacturers looking at these videos with head in hands

  94. ZephyrFluous
    Month ago

    That's.. such a simple way to crack it and yet super clever, impressive af

  95. Tom`s RC Rasemäher Eigenbau
    Tom`s RC Rasemäher Eigenbau
    Month ago

    This method of keeping the lock pulling and then turning the number wheels works with all combination locks. No matter what price range. With bicycle locks, no matter if 3, 4 or 5 numbers, it takes approx. 10 - 20 seconds and the lock is open. You can tell when you have the right number because something is moving, because you pull the lock while you turn the numbers.

  96. Daryl Hudson
    Daryl Hudson
    Month ago

    LPL: " brings out Master Locks " Master Lock CEO: Why are you picking on us ? LPL: I didn't use a pick, I gave you the finger. 🔓 Master Lock CEO: 🤬

    1. Daryl Hudson
      Daryl Hudson
      Month ago

      @Jake Carter the one he picked it with 🤣

    2. Jake Carter
      Jake Carter
      Month ago

      Which finger tho?

  97. Larry Guthrie
    Larry Guthrie
    Month ago

    Made 3 years ago, has Master changed anything?

  98. goodbodha
    Month ago

    And someone somewhere has this securing their rental space at a storage locker.

    1. bob nob
      bob nob
      2 days ago

      @welshx7 Either that or they only had a bolt cutter and couldn't cut off the cheap pick locks. Really disappointed how easily they where able to cut it off.

    2. welshx7
      2 days ago

      @bob nob My guess would be that they assumed the people with higher end locks had higher valued items and not wanting them to get stolen, bought high quality locks to protect them. The theifs targeted those higher quality locks guessing they had better stuff inside.

    3. 'Mike Hutton
      'Mike Hutton
      2 days ago

      I used to delivery liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen. You'd be surprised how many tank enclosures are locked with this junk.

    4. Jesse Donaldson
      Jesse Donaldson
      3 days ago

      @DrewH right lol I think everything thought to be unpickable was done with ease by him lol

    5. DrewH
      4 days ago

      @78tag what lock? Lmao The dude shows you how to pick every lock.

  99. AGWittmann
    Month ago

    Imaging the engineer of this shackle watching the video and when LLP show us the flaw, the engineer is doing this: ukwill.info/window/0GTKnqF7etuV3KY/video

  100. Luka
    Month ago

    Her: How are you so good with your fingers? Me: 8:16