Sodium metal is soft and squishy

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  1. Undead_Burrito_Playz
    7 hours ago

    forbidden cheese

  2. Just your normal weeb
    Just your normal weeb
    8 hours ago


  3. Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese
    10 hours ago

    I thought they were mushrooms

  4. Merlia Summers
    Merlia Summers
    13 hours ago

    Very reactive Yep I know cause last time in the lab I put it in water and it exploded and caught on fire ...

  5. Raccoon News reporter
    Raccoon News reporter
    14 hours ago

    Commenters: cheese Me, who thought it was a dried orange:

  6. King ARkaMAni
    King ARkaMAni
    20 hours ago


  7. ZeroTheEpic
    21 hour ago

    dude i watch you because my mom thinks that im learning (which i am but in a fun way)

  8. Miri GA
    Miri GA
    Day ago

    Sodium Chloride(and usually iodine): table salt=sodium an explosively reactive metal+chlorine a toxic gas

  9. Zac T
    Zac T
    Day ago

    Love these videos… fascinating 🤨

  10. scep plays
    scep plays
    Day ago

    imagine feeding your annoying relatives this.

  11. ꧁M e m e A x o l o t l꧂
    ꧁M e m e A x o l o t l꧂
    Day ago

    T H E F O R B I D D E N C A K E

  12. ꧁M e m e A x o l o t l꧂
    ꧁M e m e A x o l o t l꧂
    Day ago

    This is the metal a black smith uses if a person asks for a free set of armor

  13. barrada
    Day ago

    great, now put it in water

  14. Wait, What?
    Wait, What?
    Day ago

    Dump it water, c'mon

  15. fritzdaddy-135mm get staggered
    fritzdaddy-135mm get staggered
    2 days ago

    The forbidden Gouda

  16. cixa
    2 days ago

    i want to eat it SO BAD

  17. Mylene gapido
    Mylene gapido
    2 days ago

    I thought it's cheese or a sliced apple😂

  18. Faxz Malix
    Faxz Malix
    2 days ago

    I see apples

  19. GeneralBarricade
    2 days ago

    Forbidden cheese

  20. MinaTori
    2 days ago

    As someone who has seen sodium and water react in person, I was physically recoiling the whole video expecting it to explode

  21. [redacted]
    2 days ago

    it looks like wieddly proportioned garlic with rosemary on it.

  22. Biggie Cheez
    Biggie Cheez
    3 days ago

    I wanna eat it

  23. Fennex
    3 days ago


  24. nyetloki
    3 days ago

    Forbidden gouda

  25. kyoto
    3 days ago

    Looks tasty

  26. Veshon Owens
    Veshon Owens
    3 days ago

    I remember my chemistry teacher melted the fume hood cause we convinced her you light the entire 30 g of sodium the school had. Favorite class to this day

  27. HydraGamerYT
    3 days ago

    Throw in water🔥

  28. Ferry Ferdaev
    Ferry Ferdaev
    3 days ago

    Sodium is natrium aka salt

  29. UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU
    UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU
    3 days ago

    "I Will eat that *funny cheese"*

  30. tsubakistar Catana
    tsubakistar Catana
    3 days ago

    Now add water

  31. Govindu Harshana
    Govindu Harshana
    3 days ago

    Mmm yummy 🤪👍

  32. AJUH YT
    4 days ago

    Forbiden cheese

  33. keki
    4 days ago


  34. Angie Clark
    Angie Clark
    4 days ago

    I never knew or heard about sodium metal. This is new to me. Thanks for sharing.

  35. NeverwascooL
    4 days ago

    Sodium an explosive metal Chlorine a deadly gas Combine them, mmm fries taste better

  36. dat gio
    dat gio
    4 days ago

    Mmmm yummy yummy forbidden cheese

  37. Elaine
    4 days ago

    Forbidden Parmigiano Regiano-

  38. Albert D
    Albert D
    4 days ago

    Lol I thought I was the only one who saw cheese there.

  39. NotBlaze_JK
    4 days ago

    I swear I just looked at it and I wanted to eat it

  40. Lucas
    4 days ago


  41. Mr. White
    Mr. White
    4 days ago

    First i thought it's garlic haha

  42. Leighana Perkins
    Leighana Perkins
    4 days ago

    Ligit thought it was pumpkin💀

  43. Florence
    4 days ago

    Eat it

  44. Sreeboo
    4 days ago

    Class8 NCERT textbook CHEMISTRY

  45. Adam Wright
    Adam Wright
    4 days ago

    The forbidden cheese

    4 days ago

    I am so happy about my name...

  47. Aeyther
    4 days ago

    Look like cheese

  48. Sad Coconut
    Sad Coconut
    5 days ago

    There is gonna be someone thats gonna try and eat it like cheese

  49. metafighter - علي
    metafighter - علي
    5 days ago

    Why do i want to eat it

  50. Randall Hill
    Randall Hill
    5 days ago

    Ok... what purpose does it serve?

  51. CodexXx
    5 days ago

    "Feels like my waifu's *BOING BOING*

  52. Preethi Thomas
    Preethi Thomas
    5 days ago

    I was waiting for u to put it in water. Sigh

  53. Cronus
    5 days ago

    What if someone mistakes it for a mango slice and ate it 😂

  54. haid weng
    haid weng
    5 days ago

    For the one that want to eat it, sodium metal is alkine element so that mean it exploe when it contact to watsr which is mean it explose when you eat it

  55. Alexander Divino
    Alexander Divino
    5 days ago

    The forbidden cheese.

  56. RainbowObsessedNightmare
    5 days ago

    C H E E S E

  57. INHumaN
    5 days ago


  58. Phoenix Spitler
    Phoenix Spitler
    5 days ago

    Scary cheese

    6 days ago

    Where do you get that thing.... And how much your spending on them

  60. Mocha Owl
    Mocha Owl
    6 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought it was pie...

  61. Pixelwc
    6 days ago


    1. The Imperfect God
      The Imperfect God
      6 days ago

      DON'T EAT IT!!!

  62. Nathan Moore
    Nathan Moore
    6 days ago

    Ahh yes reminds me of the classic sodium and eel salesman bit from top gear.

  63. Brawliverse
    6 days ago

    Mango ice cream

  64. Twinkle AndSparkle
    Twinkle AndSparkle
    6 days ago

    Mmmm, forbidden cheese….🤤

  65. Oliver Baker
    Oliver Baker
    6 days ago

    U like sodium? Na

  66. PaxMano33
    6 days ago

    Now throw it in water 🤯

  67. PocketMinecrafter
    6 days ago

    Him: sodium metal Me: *gold kryptonite*

  68. PlayingMinecraft
    6 days ago

    Now drop it in water 😆

  69. Jason Frankerson
    Jason Frankerson
    6 days ago

    What is this used for?

  70. Eitan A
    Eitan A
    6 days ago

    “It’s actually really soft, and you can squish it with just your fingers.” *Proceeds to barely deform it*

  71. h
    6 days ago

    looks like jackfruit

  72. Lorenzo Savona
    Lorenzo Savona
    6 days ago

    Ooh gonna get me some good cheese

  73. BL1ZZRD
    6 days ago

    Bruh forbidden cheese

  74. Ryuk is getting bored
    Ryuk is getting bored
    6 days ago

    It was looking like crushed cookies in the jar

  75. Horrendous Gamer!
    Horrendous Gamer!
    6 days ago

    It looked like something from a hotpot when I looked at it for a second

  76. Sabyasachi Choudhury
    Sabyasachi Choudhury
    6 days ago

    I’m disappointed that he didn’t throw it in a toilet bowl

  77. Sob Dummie
    Sob Dummie
    6 days ago


  78. Donut_ Overload
    Donut_ Overload
    6 days ago

    Ima start calling it butter iron

  79. Miguel Fernandes
    Miguel Fernandes
    6 days ago

    What can one use it for?

  80. Mai Thịnh
    Mai Thịnh
    6 days ago

    This looks like jackfruit

  81. Omkar W
    Omkar W
    6 days ago

    Cursed cheese

  82. Coronavirus
    6 days ago

    Metal cheese

  83. Pixels
    6 days ago


  84. Meow kow
    Meow kow
    6 days ago

    Steel starts rusting in about 10 seconds in contact with the air here in the south too

  85. Sunset
    6 days ago

    I thought that was some stale pieces of biscuits

  86. Kushagra Bahuguna
    Kushagra Bahuguna
    6 days ago

    The forbidden cheese

  87. terperoseokjin wah
    terperoseokjin wah
    6 days ago

    i thought it's pickled garlic

  88. Spyro the thicc dragon
    Spyro the thicc dragon
    6 days ago

    What liquid is it stored in? Oil? If it was water, it's kablooey o'clock for your lab.

  89. enerji
    6 days ago

    why do i want to bite it

  90. DamnDamnDamn
    6 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought this was gonna turn into a cake meme when he cut it?

  91. 0hn0haha
    6 days ago

    Like for the knife. Kershaw is good stuff. Not top of top but very quality

  92. HellH0und0 00
    HellH0und0 00
    6 days ago

    No one My brain: is that a durian?

  93. Zaq Tactic
    Zaq Tactic
    6 days ago

    You are gonna make me eat it ;-;

  94. A Banana
    A Banana
    6 days ago

    I want to bite it

  95. Zijie Xu
    Zijie Xu
    6 days ago

    It looks like frozen butter

  96. Ladie
    6 days ago

    Me: why does it look like a garlic? *reads caption* Me: Oh.

  97. Aerith Gainsborough
    Aerith Gainsborough
    6 days ago

    Wanna eat

  98. Sirlancealot03
    6 days ago

    My mouth is salivating when I look at this :/

  99. Some random person
    Some random person
    6 days ago

    M O I S T B O Y S

  100. Zhyrko Knightmare
    Zhyrko Knightmare
    6 days ago

    Most: relates it to cheese. Me: hmm......tofu