NLE Choppa - Letter To My Daughter (Official Video)

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  1. Cstarplayz_YT
    8 minutes ago

    Sorry choppa we all know what it’s like my granny died when I was 1 yrs old we love you NLE choppa make your grandmother proud of you with your songs and keep making bangers your one of my fav rappers

  2. flamethrower
    Hour ago

    Have a good life nle choppa hopefully 🙏 you see your daughter more often

  3. Timothy Dodson
    Timothy Dodson
    Hour ago

    "I would cut my feet off to see your first steps" bro that's deep

  4. tommy clark
    tommy clark
    Hour ago

    I never felt a song that I could relate so much to❤️💪🏾 stay strong I hate it for fathers that go through this

  5. King Badass
    King Badass
    2 hours ago

    Choppa has soul. Something most rappers ain't got nomo

  6. Queen of  Acrylic nails
    Queen of Acrylic nails
    2 hours ago

    I really did not know you went through this if we was close friends I would go to jail for you dang I fell bad butt yea yo baby mama should go to jail she hurt yo fellongs

  7. dr cj rodriquez
    dr cj rodriquez
    2 hours ago

    It's been a whole month in my head I still think it's the number one

  8. miyah dag
    miyah dag
    2 hours ago

    This go hard no kap

  9. Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia
    4 hours ago

    My dad will never do this in his life the only thing he dose is lie to get out of work and I see some old lady that's maybe 70 years old mowing her lawn and he smokes beat up my mom and we left him and the only time I went back was to check my grandma because she was dieing and he tryed to get my mom back and he had a girl friend and he kiss my mom I got to that point if he was gonna do something bad I was gonna beat him up I don't care if he's my dad or not I would still beat him up.

  10. The Savage Kidz
    The Savage Kidz
    4 hours ago

    Thanks for this song NLE Choppa, I am your biggest fan, I Luv this, one of your best songs yet. Keep going up... Luv this!!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  11. Pj Lemon
    Pj Lemon
    4 hours ago

    Going through so Much and he is only 18😔

  12. Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee
    4 hours ago

    Being a father to a beautiful 6 yr old girl, that her mother is with another raising her, I feel for this song. For this video, for the lyrics. I try to be everything to my daughter. It’s just hard sometimes. Appreciate this song so much 💯🙏🏾

  13. Anthony Thomas Jr
    Anthony Thomas Jr
    5 hours ago

    This sad I’m crying it’s 🔥 I need water it to good

  14. SheluvvsJayden 🧛🏿
    SheluvvsJayden 🧛🏿
    5 hours ago

    He copy nba young boy

  15. Gregory McClain
    Gregory McClain
    5 hours ago

    I feel bad but don't let anything stop you have a great life be safe to

  16. YagirlAlexis
    5 hours ago

    Dammm you went deep I feel bad for u stay strong

  17. Yolospacee
    6 hours ago

    Look who different choppa changed in the last 2 years... he’s not doing gang violence no guns in music videos not talking about murdering people in every song or sentence he’s a changed man and deserves to see his child.

  18. Cxncern
    6 hours ago

    Reace in Peace🙏🏽

  19. bdbd keeoemb
    bdbd keeoemb
    6 hours ago

    i listen to this shi errday 💔🔥

  20. Levi. luv.
    Levi. luv.
    7 hours ago

    this song lowkey kinda sad😔

  21. Smaher J
    Smaher J
    8 hours ago

    The boyh SwiftKey J😬👍🤯😇😇😘

  22. Taytem Kephart-Ross
    Taytem Kephart-Ross
    8 hours ago

    100/ of 99

  23. Abhinand Raj
    Abhinand Raj
    8 hours ago


  24. Jd Playz
    Jd Playz
    9 hours ago

    Bro your daughter cute she is blessed

  25. sharoe dopson
    sharoe dopson
    9 hours ago

  26. Patrick Dean
    Patrick Dean
    9 hours ago


  27. Daniel Louis
    Daniel Louis
    10 hours ago

    Good dad's be like this touching song love it

  28. Preston gamer
    Preston gamer
    10 hours ago

    This man is a better father than mine

  29. Kaelan Casey
    Kaelan Casey
    10 hours ago

    I'm sorry for you NLE

  30. King Russell
    King Russell
    11 hours ago

    She keep putting him on child support because he got the lifestyle that she wish she had keep Ya head up NLE we here for you

  31. julian dat GOAT
    julian dat GOAT
    13 hours ago

    “I ain’t never put my hands on a women wasn’t raise that way”🔥

  32. Life Whith Davii
    Life Whith Davii
    13 hours ago

    Awww I’m so sorry 😢 💙💙☝🏽

  33. DriqLit
    13 hours ago

    The fact that he got a tattoo of her.. hit different

  34. please me get 10k subs without uploading
    please me get 10k subs without uploading
    13 hours ago

    it’s sad he quitting the music but it puts a lot of stress on him and maybe he can see his daughter more

  35. Denim Payne
    Denim Payne
    14 hours ago

    Nle you a good father idk why she won’t let you see yo kid but you do everything for her I’m praying for you brother follow me on ig denim_nsu1 stay up bro

  36. Сергей Зотов
    Сергей Зотов
    14 hours ago

  37. PleaseQuitChewing1010 Please
    PleaseQuitChewing1010 Please
    15 hours ago

    shit made me cry..

  38. UguizYT
    17 hours ago

    Cant really call this pain because I know this shit a procces god give us challegnges to see make some progress❤️🥲

  39. Genji's what if's
    Genji's what if's
    17 hours ago

    i felt that shit presonal level like just before i seen this song some shit just happend with my fam like damn.... i really need to hear this song thx bro and keep it up

  40. King Nas
    King Nas
    18 hours ago

    I love this song it literally makes me cry.

  41. Mhlengi Ndlovu
    Mhlengi Ndlovu
    18 hours ago

    All the dislikes from crazy baby mamas

  42. Derrick Stewart
    Derrick Stewart
    19 hours ago

    Maan this shit definitely hit different. Shoutout to all the real Fathers dat do by they kid(s) they try to break us being the best we can for the ones we create in this world.

  43. Hanif Alathar
    Hanif Alathar
    20 hours ago

    ¨never let them break your spirit in this physical world¨

  44. PG3D gaming
    PG3D gaming
    20 hours ago

    So nobody gonna noticed that this is the same exact beat from valuable pain from NBA youngboy?

  45. CHi_Guy 956
    CHi_Guy 956
    20 hours ago

    Top 5 song for me now for sure

  46. Kelsi Monroe Jenner
    Kelsi Monroe Jenner
    23 hours ago

    He's only 18 and has a daughter I had one at 14. And I'm now 20

  47. Robert Rogers
    Robert Rogers
    Day ago


  48. Maliyah gentry
    Maliyah gentry
    Day ago

    Nle, when I figured out u were in jail because of Maria, I felt like she was using u for money because when she called the cops i noticed that she didn’t have scars and u said u did so I believe u. Byeeeee! Btw clover is sooo cute

  49. Tina Cooke
    Tina Cooke
    Day ago

    This is deep choppa

  50. Gustavo Baez
    Gustavo Baez
    Day ago

    😔🥺 I am sorry An NLE Choppa

  51. Olivia Mullins
    Olivia Mullins
    Day ago

    He should get to see his daughter

  52. Peter Alcocer
    Peter Alcocer
    Day ago

    Bro made me cry😭

  53. Phantom
    Day ago

    Did you know his beats and his voice and lyrics is fire

  54. Animal house
    Animal house
    Day ago

    Take her to court bro GET YOUR DAUGHTER

  55. Jaylen Secor
    Jaylen Secor
    Day ago

    I’d neva put my hands on no women wasn’t raised that way🤧

  56. Leo Benitez
    Leo Benitez
    Day ago

    Who ever disliked has no heart

  57. Pamela Springer
    Pamela Springer
    Day ago

    I feel the that song the walls getting smaller

  58. Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry
    Day ago

    “I’d cut my feet off just to see yo first steps” 😪🤧

  59. King Lewis
    King Lewis
    Day ago

    I feel your pain bro going through the same shit 💯💰

    Day ago


  61. Codie Fisk-respondek
    Codie Fisk-respondek
    Day ago

    This is hard to explain I didn't have a father and hearing this Is just idk that's so....... Your a great father

  62. Drulif
    Day ago

    good luck on life NLE because you changed mine best music I swear

  63. Kareem Prince
    Kareem Prince
    Day ago

    I hire all the pain in your voice

  64. Cookie
    Day ago

    I feel you don’t give up and hopefully god will make your wish come true!!

  65. Julian Houston
    Julian Houston
    Day ago

    I cried to this it’s so sad!

  66. Frank’s fun videos
    Frank’s fun videos
    Day ago

    God plz Let nle see his daughter

  67. Frank’s fun videos
    Frank’s fun videos
    Day ago

    Boy I’m sorry

  68. Quanya Manning
    Quanya Manning
    Day ago

    Bryle u my mini me yo mama my worst enime I praying she for give a g

  69. Jordan Miller
    Jordan Miller
    Day ago

    This song hit so hard because I'm going Thur this now her mother knew the young me wen I was wild I have full custody but painted me as a monster anint see my daught in 7 months last time I went to get her went to jail 😢😢 I miss ya baby girl fav song 🔥🔥

  70. TehArise
    Day ago


  71. The Reviewer
    The Reviewer
    Day ago

    My son going through this because female wanted to control him. She has her fam thinking he a bad dad, talking about him on social media calling him deadbeat. He gave money but she went and put him on child support and want let him get his son tries to control when he can see him. Now he is engaged its worst and its affecting him to the point of giving up. She left town with child without any of us knowing it and took my grandson. Some of these females are nasty minded be careful who you sleep with unprotected. Once they got that seed its as if they feel they got a rope around you. They use the kid..seen it more then once from other families

  72. Matilda Carlsson
    Matilda Carlsson
    Day ago

    The king🥶🥶

  73. Nikodem Pietrzak
    Nikodem Pietrzak
    Day ago

    off beat

  74. Jor Love
    Jor Love
    Day ago

    Meanwhile i got a bd who doesn't want to see his daughter. Missed 4 years of her life since birth. Smh.

  75. ATL JOSIAHYT hey
    Day ago

    It’s so dumb how the dads who want to see their children get the dead beat treatment keep fighting hold ur head high

  76. Autumn Lindsey
    Autumn Lindsey
    Day ago

    I felt it🙏

  77. Aly Meyer
    Aly Meyer
    Day ago

    It’s funny how you make a song about your child yet you ain’t never seen her also funny how you making a song yet you’re still going to court because you still ain’t paying child support or providing for your child that you created in this world that you ain’t even being a father to real funny but he get the sympathy while you can from the dumb ones

  78. maurivids
    Day ago

    da fact det he had da chance to end det boi but gave him a letter 4 his daughter instead gotta mean some

  79. Dylan Rodriguez
    Dylan Rodriguez
    Day ago

    NLE Choppa need more love cus he’s making so much songs and he can’t see his daughter

  80. Kanon King
    Kanon King
    Day ago

    king von

  81. zawiya Williams
    zawiya Williams
    2 days ago

    i feel the pain that you going thow u trying to be in her life she need you in her life she need her real dad in her life hope you see her soon

  82. Holbrook Long
    Holbrook Long
    2 days ago


  83. zawiya Williams
    zawiya Williams
    2 days ago

    she soo cute

  84. zawiya Williams
    zawiya Williams
    2 days ago

    no piddy for a g

  85. Freda
    2 days ago

    Bro I get yo pain. When you can't. See you kid

  86. 2 days ago

    This song hit different

  87. Dylan Fox
    Dylan Fox
    2 days ago

    Dam you want to all that

  88. jeelan love-connor
    jeelan love-connor
    2 days ago

    That song deep nle chopper see you go through this do you want to see your daughter that’s all away and I’m praying for you😭😭😭😔😔😔😞😞😞

  89. Muhammad Nazshrul
    Muhammad Nazshrul
    2 days ago

    NLE pls make a new song

    1. sumba32
      Day ago

      He has to take a break.

  90. Westsideekid
    2 days ago

    It’s so crazy so much growth and still so much pain 🐐💯💪🏼🗣

  91. Emmett Richard
    Emmett Richard
    2 days ago

    This hurts my heart

  92. Aamira’s World
    Aamira’s World
    2 days ago

    “All for you clover I turned over a new leaf why I get the type of treatment that belong to a dead beat

  93. Aamira’s World
    Aamira’s World
    2 days ago

    “If I shot in a house u in take my breath away, never put my hands on a woman wasn’t raised that way” . I felt that

  94. Kelly Johnson
    Kelly Johnson
    2 days ago

    LATELEY IV BEEN LOOSIN SLEEP N IT HARD FOR ME TO EAT damn choppa is feelin some pain

  95. JVL
    2 days ago

    Damn, I ain't gonna cap, this got me teary eyed, choppa put all his heart and soul in this song, mad respect to you dawg ❤❤❤

  96. Lisa Ray
    Lisa Ray
    2 days ago

    Trying to be a cold parent trurned me to a no parent and dont lower yo standard

  97. Bizzy Banks
    Bizzy Banks
    2 days ago

    This Joint On Repeat😤