Charlo vs Montiel HIGHLIGHTS: June 19, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME

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Jermall Charlo retains his WBC World Middleweight title and improves to 32-0 (22 KOs) following his dominant unanimous decision victory over rugged Juan Macias Montiel live on SHOWTIME from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas on June 19, 2021.

Fight Night Recap:

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  1. Tina Pease
    Tina Pease
    2 hours ago

    Hahahaha lucky charlo. ....l hope charlo never fight Canelo.....cuz Canelo will destroy him...😷

  2. Victor Chavez
    Victor Chavez
    4 hours ago

    Este es el poderoso charlo que le puede ganar a canelo jajajaja

  3. Jose Meneses Montano
    Jose Meneses Montano
    3 days ago

    Lol lions only ??? More like vultures only . Dude only going after scraps and leftovers at this point .

  4. Ulises 115X
    Ulises 115X
    4 days ago

    Canelo Destroys Charlo

  5. Goaty Goaty
    Goaty Goaty
    5 days ago

    We need to see montiel vs castano in these next 2 yrs

  6. robert austine
    robert austine
    6 days ago

    Wasn't a draw?

  7. Marquis Blakemore
    Marquis Blakemore
    7 days ago

    Charlo brothers can take a punch that’s why they never been knocked out ion care what y’all saying and plus they fast both beat Canelo and ima put my money on it and watch I make a lot cause nobody can see it happening but I know it is

    1. Mando So
      Mando So
      6 days ago

      lmao they got smoked in the same month. they can’t do shit when they face ok fighters lol canelo would put both of them to sleep in the same night! wtf are YOU smoking ?!!!

  8. Marquis Blakemore
    Marquis Blakemore
    7 days ago

    Canelo fought a lot of people he should’ve knocked out but he didn’t and plus he don’t fight nobody. How many looses he got ? All ok Charlo’s , Tank & Tarrance I’m putting my money on them vs anybody even Spence he fight somebody other then the ones i named and I know tank not in they class im just saying.

  9. Deme1 KO
    Deme1 KO
    7 days ago

    Charlo darn,you fought like a scared amateur

  10. Vincent Ward
    Vincent Ward
    7 days ago

    he really though he lose u see it

  11. Intrepid Jolletero
    Intrepid Jolletero
    7 days ago

    If Cab 🚕 drivers in Mexico are all like Montiel here, then everyone down there, should carry an MMA championship belt.., how in the world Charlo even mentions Canelo’s name.., does he really think he is on Canelo’s skill level??

  12. Mario Gerardo
    Mario Gerardo
    8 days ago

    For sure his not a pound 4 pound..canelo will knock this charlo dude before 5 rounds....he couldn't get ride off this guy

  13. Jj Manning
    Jj Manning
    8 days ago

    There's no way Charlo beats canelo!!

  14. rudy delgado
    rudy delgado
    8 days ago

    Charlo got his ass whooped

  15. sithmar929
    8 days ago

    I respect that fight ....

    8 days ago

    hell of a fight

  17. Nu Man Fatin
    Nu Man Fatin
    8 days ago

    Had a little tempering going on. Talking about the hard punches the Champ endured in a couple rounds. You know, tempered steel gets stronger situation. Great work champ. numanfatin

    8 days ago

    Montiel look like he had plaster on his gloves

  19. carlos lopez
    carlos lopez
    8 days ago

    jermall problem this fight he was throwing everything the first half of the fight and lost all his energy...literally every punch he threw he was trying to knock dude out because he thought it was gonna be an early night. He learned the hard way that monitel wasnt going out easy and he had to pay for it with a tough fight the second half.

  20. ™  MEZZY ONE NA ÷ TION
    8 days ago

    Those boys getting that work, fire fight

  21. Pangolinist
    8 days ago

    Y’all boys talking like he lost, he won every round, it may not have been his best showing but fighters have off nights. If he fights Canelo he will give him problems I guarantee it.

    1. JuanPapi 101
      JuanPapi 101
      7 days ago

      How dcaf, canelo rips him apart, he’ll be lucky if canelo lets him live cause he will send into a deep coma, no defense, stamina, feints, power, footwork, head movement, chin, or iq. Canelo will whoop charlo badly

  22. Ebk Jmunna
    Ebk Jmunna
    8 days ago

    If Charlo had better stamina he will be way better.

  23. Chronic Culcha
    Chronic Culcha
    9 days ago

    Canelo will murder this dude.

  24. franvshots
    9 days ago

    And this man wants to fight Canelo lol

  25. Julio Ceccarossi
    Julio Ceccarossi
    10 days ago

    Canelo lo revienta

  26. Julio Ceccarossi
    Julio Ceccarossi
    10 days ago

    Canelo lo revienta

  27. Jdubb54
    10 days ago

    Probably the most exciting one sided fight I’ve ever seen

  28. Ricardo Cuellar
    Ricardo Cuellar
    10 days ago

    Apuesto Mya sabrosas canicas aque el Munguía noquea al charlo ,neta ala brava nomás que le sacan los charlo el Munguía los despedorro a los dos los charlo son buenos boxedores pero bocones igual que meyweder bocón y compra juezes

  29. Legendary champ
    Legendary champ
    10 days ago

    Good fight for Charlo these type of fights build fighters like no other.

  30. lukejo45
    10 days ago

    Ain’t ready for Canelo, keep cherry picking

  31. Dervon Jones
    Dervon Jones
    12 days ago

    Charlo have power!!

  32. Ivan
    12 days ago

    Exposed… didn’t mungia sleep this guy Montiel ?😂 and he wants cénelo oh no kid wait for your prime time .

  33. Ur dad Kid
    Ur dad Kid
    13 days ago

    This the guy you people think can beat canelo im dead🥱😬

  34. Joemar Engana
    Joemar Engana
    13 days ago

    Easy work for canelo a weak chin has revealed..

  35. im a dad boxing trainer
    im a dad boxing trainer
    14 days ago

    Lol canelo is going to put hand on this dud 👊👊😂😂

  36. Yoni
    14 days ago

    We ain’t ready for that money fight with p4p Nelo by the looks of it. And has Benavidez making you look like a 🦆

  37. WER's ParadiseMicroGreens
    WER's ParadiseMicroGreens
    15 days ago

    That was an Awesome F-ing fight, Montiel Is a Freaking Lion, who is going to crush his way back to a championship one day but the 'King of the ring Charlo' just has what the other Boxers don't, plain and simple.

  38. Siraj Brown
    Siraj Brown
    16 days ago

    Montiel didn't go out like no weenie doe... Respect...

  39. JuneTunes
    16 days ago

    This look like it should’ve been a draw or some

  40. Armando Vindeola
    Armando Vindeola
    17 days ago

    Charlo no aguanta la pegada de candlo

  41. Miguel Salas
    Miguel Salas
    17 days ago

    Cherry pick gone bad charlo was exposed by montiel who the real charlo is hello

  42. Carlton Durant
    Carlton Durant
    17 days ago


  43. Thierry Henry
    Thierry Henry
    17 days ago

    We want Andrade!!!!!! Thats the best fight to rank up!!!

  44. TwoFace
    17 days ago

    Idk if it was because he was fighting at home, and he was forcing a KO. Most of Charlo’s punch selection was quite idiotic. He was literally throwing power shots to the glove of Monticello. Punches was very wide and sloppy. No straight down the pipe straight rights, which I thought would’ve ended the night when Charlo hurt him. This was a different fighter who fought Deravenchenko.

  45. mario campos
    mario campos
    18 days ago

    After watching this canelo needs to take this easy fight against charlo

  46. APEX Rider MTB
    APEX Rider MTB
    18 days ago

    Ggg would of sopped him

  47. John Smith
    John Smith
    18 days ago

    Skill set not near canelo..too easy for canelo

  48. Roberto Tevez
    Roberto Tevez
    18 days ago

    es un guerrero Montiel, mis respetos desde Argentina

  49. War Lord
    War Lord
    18 days ago

    And Canelo is ducking him,eh 😂

  50. Jeff Lopez
    Jeff Lopez
    19 days ago

    Canelo will knock him out ! 😏

  51. the yes
    the yes
    19 days ago

    is heaven real......basically that is it after we go to heaven and fuck like crazy...drink like crazy

  52. Francisco Enriquez
    Francisco Enriquez
    19 days ago

    Just being real here......why fight montiel when he lost to jaime mungia more vicious younger unbeaten boxer????.....the reason ufc caught up and beat boxing rating because the corruption of boxing

  53. GottaBeAFirmMuslim!
    19 days ago

    Cant wait when Benavidez gets his hands on Charlo and Beterbiev or Bivol get their hands on Canelo!!! Like seeing fighters who have such strong bias fanboys take their 1st L HAHAHAHA

  54. francisco vega
    francisco vega
    19 days ago

    Chalo can watch Mosley vs margarito on how to destroy this kind of fighter Montiel style and granite chin remind me of margarito back in the day the difference Montiel knows some defense

  55. Jose Ruiz
    Jose Ruiz
    19 days ago

    Jajjaja contra canelo

  56. Lubaby Yea
    Lubaby Yea
    20 days ago

    With that performance, Charlo won’t be ready for canelo

  57. Optumaz Pryme
    Optumaz Pryme
    20 days ago

    Jermall Charlo 1:16 that block

    20 days ago

    And bum charlo wants a fight with Canelo?🤣🤣🤣 charlo was getting hit and montiel is very slow with no defense just , Sanders moves more than charlo and he was getting caught with big shot from Canelo imagine Canelo vs Bum charlo 🤣🤣🤣

  59. Dubrae fox
    Dubrae fox
    20 days ago

    Charlo used NO feet and NO brains....

    20 days ago


  61. Delilah Montiel
    Delilah Montiel
    20 days ago

    Charlo dont have a chance with canelo just for that fight come on in his dreams

  62. Dub Line
    Dub Line
    20 days ago

    😑 Anyone who now says Canelo is ducking Charlo is a moron. There’s nothing much to duck.

  63. Angelo Z
    Angelo Z
    20 days ago

    Very politely asking for a fight with canelo and ggg but no one responds for years... No one responds!! So why wouldnt charlo fight the next guy in line and still be casually outboxing him winning all rounds

  64. Mark Gabriel Reyes
    Mark Gabriel Reyes
    20 days ago

    If charlo rematch with montiel, it would be draw im telling ya

  65. Dave Stephens Jr
    Dave Stephens Jr
    21 day ago

    They both got chins!

  66. Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson
    21 day ago

    Montiel is tough

  67. Daniel Perez
    Daniel Perez
    21 day ago

    That's a good fight both them took and delivered good punches

  68. Miguel Salas
    Miguel Salas
    21 day ago

    Cherry pike went wrong for charlo he is a good fighter but I think he would get knocked out by canelo

  69. Edward Jones
    Edward Jones
    21 day ago

    That's a fight

  70. Neo S
    Neo S
    21 day ago

    Wat a spectacle !! Both fighters , thank you 🙏

  71. James Zack
    James Zack
    21 day ago

    Charlo was terrible in this match. He is exposed. GGG blasts him.

    1. taker
      16 days ago

      it was 1 performance loom what he did to sergiy

  72. Lawrence Calugan
    Lawrence Calugan
    21 day ago

    Charlo wont last if he chooses to trade paunches with canelo like he did in this fight..

  73. cumbias ortiz
    cumbias ortiz
    22 days ago

    Y este quiere con canelo ...🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  74. George Partidda
    George Partidda
    22 days ago

    Black lives matter.dont let this preak fight canelo because 0 chance for the African American 🥳

    1. JuanPapi 101
      JuanPapi 101
      21 day ago

      Canelo whoop charlo & andrade

  75. Edwin Colon
    Edwin Colon
    22 days ago

    Josh ilove mejor Pelé o dos veces más y cheque a ver si puedo pelear con Canelo por qué no me convence

  76. Vic Chavez
    Vic Chavez
    22 days ago

    No way Charli won every round, he was the aggressor but was ineffective, tagged on the way in and in the exchanges montiel was timing him . Awful judging.

  77. Mario Salas
    Mario Salas
    22 days ago

    buena pelea,,, de poder a poder,, arriba montiel, gano perdiendo......... arriba mexico

  78. strafer
    22 days ago

    Why do Mexican fighters never seem to get tired? I can barely get through a 3 round fight.

  79. Goldceera
    22 days ago

    He'll sleep against GGG

  80. Coms1
    22 days ago

    I see Canelo stopping Charlo with a body punch.

    1. Blaze Whoo
      Blaze Whoo
      6 days ago

      We gonna see y’all talk to much

  81. Nir Michaeli
    Nir Michaeli
    23 days ago

    Damn why he couldn’t stay technical when he hurt him

  82. oscar uvalle
    oscar uvalle
    23 days ago

    I wouldn't mind seeing charlo vs mungia

  83. Cris
    23 days ago


  84. Izzy Mang
    Izzy Mang
    23 days ago

    Charlo the guy that hasn't faced nobody that's a goat yet. He needa step up

  85. yoskie Dagreat1
    yoskie Dagreat1
    23 days ago

    Good fight🔥🔥🔥🔥

  86. Adam Williams
    Adam Williams
    24 days ago

    Perfect fight💯💯

  87. Desmond van Loggerenberg
    Desmond van Loggerenberg
    24 days ago

    Absolute dog fight! Well done. Was good to watch💪

  88. torres3046
    24 days ago

    Charlo es un boxeador promedio

  89. Karl Kindle
    Karl Kindle
    24 days ago

    not sure what was up with charlo.. dude looked old and slow imo

  90. Karl Kindle
    Karl Kindle
    24 days ago

    respect to montiel. boy was not intimidated one bit.. and came to win.

  91. Marco Gonzalez
    Marco Gonzalez
    24 days ago

    Canelo will knock charlo Easy !!!!!!@ vien verga 💔

  92. Torque Canyon
    Torque Canyon
    24 days ago

    High respect to Montiel!

  93. Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts
    24 days ago

    Charlo would jab the fuck out canelo like he did sergey. Canelo is too short for a boxer puncher like Charlo. This guy was just as tall as Charlo which is why they had to trade. Styles make fights. Fuckin casuals I swear lol

    1. JuanPapi 101
      JuanPapi 101
      24 days ago

      @Truth Hurts canelo took ggg’s power who’s better than charlos’s, malls stamina, defense, footwork, timing is hot garbage, charlo is extremely overrated, jermell is the only lion in the family

    2. JuanPapi 101
      JuanPapi 101
      24 days ago

      @Truth Hurts Oscar was on coke & jermell & malls trainer confirmed the offer, never trust de la coca, his dumbass said wilder beats fury, charlo is a 🦆🦆 & a 🤡🤡

    3. Truth Hurts
      Truth Hurts
      24 days ago

      @JuanPapi 101 lol even Oscar came out and said they avoided charlo. The only tall guy with movement canelo has fought was Billy hoe and hes feather fisted. Canelo ain’t tryna box a boxer who can punch my guy, especially if he’s naturally bigger than canelo.

    4. JuanPapi 101
      JuanPapi 101
      24 days ago

      But canelo has head movement & defense, something Sergei didn’t have, & why did charlo & derevyanchenko avoid canelo huh??? Cause they know canelo would break them,

    24 days ago

    Charlo vs Munguía 👌🏾

  95. Dodo Carlo
    Dodo Carlo
    24 days ago

    Canelo lo anikila coge muchos golpes canelo es mui recto efectivo y pelea perfecta mente no se desordena en las peleas ni en ningun asalto charlo si se le va como el valance en varias ocaciones y ay canelo lo ace pagar mui caro seguro

  96. Greg Falco
    Greg Falco
    24 days ago

    And Charlo wants it with Canelo? OH NO NO NO NO NO....

  97. AsanteEl
    24 days ago

    Charlo fractured his hand and still got a UD

  98. Soldier
    24 days ago

    David morrell is coming for the middle weight title real soon.

  99. The 80s Babies 310
    The 80s Babies 310
    24 days ago

    Charlo has no defense! Canelo will make Charlo poop himself. Lol 😆

  100. benjamin franklin
    benjamin franklin
    24 days ago

    this was a poor performance, jacobs could easily pick him apart