Building Berm Park Ep 1 (Breaking Ground & Making History)

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Finally after two years of dreaming, fundraising, and waiting, Berm Park is officially under construction! To build a public mountain bike park has been the subject of our Patreon page since 2019. We didn't know how we would do it or where it would be built, but piece by piece it came together. Now, with a combination of funding from Patrons and outside sponsors, we're building Berm Park in Canton, NC, USA within a larger park to be called "Chestnut Mountain Park".

The first trail completed was "On the Fly", by Diamondback Bicycles. Check out the line of hard tail mountain bikes the trail is named after here

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Advertising disclosure: Diamondback Bicycles paid for the trail in this video, and is the bike sponsor for Berm Peak.


  1. Lenny Proctor
    Lenny Proctor
    2 days ago

    3:02 wow construction workers on bikes

  2. James Marquess
    James Marquess
    3 days ago

    "testing purposes" I see your game Jokes aside making a trail/jump solid and feeling good before its released to the public is major.

  3. I’m bad At games
    I’m bad At games
    8 days ago

    Wow must be lucky to have trails on Appalachian mountains where I live we are part of of the Appalachians but only have one trail on them

  4. Maxophone 52
    Maxophone 52
    10 days ago

    Could I ride my dirt jumper there or do I need a down hill bike

  5. DMV Benz
    DMV Benz
    14 days ago

    Damn I stopped watching for a few months I come back and you’re building a park, you’re doing so many big things this is awesome

  6. hon solo
    hon solo
    17 days ago

    their cassettes sound so good

  7. Beerenmüsli
    20 days ago


  8. Ricky Downhill - RDH
    Ricky Downhill - RDH
    20 days ago

    Those boys can build and ride!! Well done.

  9. Miles Price
    Miles Price
    20 days ago

    I have lived in Waynesville almost all 24 years I've spent on this Earth, and have just over the past 2-3 months picked up mountain biking. This could not have been better timing, better believe I'mma be hitting this park every other day. If only I can gather the amount of balls it takes to make my first jump soon tho lmaoooo

  10. Savge Water
    Savge Water
    20 days ago

    What Canton is it? Cause there is 28 Cantons in America

  11. Kiki Gooch
    Kiki Gooch
    20 days ago

    Will it be free to ride?

  12. Billy Woltering
    Billy Woltering
    21 day ago

    5:09 SHEESH

  13. Isaac Tindall
    Isaac Tindall
    21 day ago

    Seth : we started building the next best thing My head : but not quite me Reply if you get the joke

  14. Paul Herrmann
    Paul Herrmann
    21 day ago

    Hi my name is Paul i'm from germany and i like your viedeos and projects ,you bikes are verry nice and Looks good ,i like you 👍👍

  15. 🄻🄴🅅🄴🅈🅉
    22 days ago

    I am a new mountain biker with a gt palomar and it’s not too good and I am saving up my money for a trek roscoe 6 and im wondering if it’s good

  16. E.A
    22 days ago

    Are you going to have a beginner portion

  17. Matthew Sainz
    Matthew Sainz
    23 days ago

    Was going to say why didn’t anyone nollie the bridge then I saw the real time

  18. Savorish
    24 days ago

    I’d drop everything I have right now to work on a park like this. DREAM JOB 😍

  19. MaQuGo119
    25 days ago

    Damn, wish I had a greencard

  20. Jack Patton
    Jack Patton
    25 days ago

    I can’t believe that Seth started with a small trail in his back hard and ended up with a mountain bike park,dude congrats.I am a huge follower of the Chanel and would love to go to berm park one day

  21. Björn Einarsson
    Björn Einarsson
    26 days ago

    You need to try dirt bike

  22. TumorWarrior67
    26 days ago

    next on berm park, Seth builds a chairlift

  23. qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon
    26 days ago

    That stoppie tho-mind blown,bro he's got skills for dayyyzzz

  24. Kiernyo pagod
    Kiernyo pagod
    26 days ago

    You should parts bin kevins bike

  25. doge coin
    doge coin
    26 days ago

    This helps cheer up my week after my bike been stolen

  26. Ride Bikes Be Happy
    Ride Bikes Be Happy
    26 days ago

    Love it dude. Looks amazing.

  27. Cameron Chatfield
    Cameron Chatfield
    27 days ago

    man loves his manuals

  28. vijaya ramani
    vijaya ramani
    27 days ago

    Seth can u do a part spin abgrade

  29. MEOW
    28 days ago

    Plsss can you give a customized bike plssss

  30. Needsomecoffee?
    28 days ago

    Ive never seen Seth in a Street Trials Bike before

  31. Padyak Nation
    Padyak Nation
    28 days ago

    Wow Seth, you really are doing some big things about biking. I am really impressed and amazed on how you change a abandoned area to a Biking area. If I was near Berm Park I would probably be there everyday, But I am not Because I am from Philippines. Proud Biker here from Philippines 🇵🇭 ❤

  32. Ethan Tolliver
    Ethan Tolliver
    28 days ago

    could you please make a video recommending the best bikes for beginners, and build off of that with saying your favorite brands and cheaper brands to start off with. I'm researching quite a bit and I'm still not sure what to get, it would mean the world to me if I could get your word on it seth.

  33. Ugljesa Bilic
    Ugljesa Bilic
    28 days ago

    Can I get your mision pro bike since you haven't been using it? Please¿

  34. Raúl De La Rosa
    Raúl De La Rosa
    28 days ago

    Thank you @Seth'sBikeHacks

  35. N3rftimebaby
    29 days ago

    What’s a good gear for trying to do a wheelie

  36. William Souza
    William Souza
    29 days ago

    top a trilha @L@

  37. bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu
    29 days ago

    Who else gets chills when he posts

  38. khris
    29 days ago

    I think it's funny to see people in construction uniforms sending it

  39. lmao lmfao
    lmao lmfao
    29 days ago

    Does this park allow BMX's on it?

    1. lmao lmfao
      lmao lmfao
      29 days ago

      oh and if not can you rent a bike?

  40. AwsomeMan Thing
    AwsomeMan Thing
    Month ago

    But it’s really funny to see construction workers ride their bikes tho

  41. alex_2jz
    Month ago

    i wish there would be stuff like this in germany where i live, here its super boring except some parks that are like 100km away lol

    1. bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu
      29 days ago

      I want to move near this place forreal.

  42. Joe Maloney
    Joe Maloney
    Month ago

    I have got a question for someone can I put a rockshox tk silver forks for 26 wheels fit on my 27.5 wheel bike

  43. soiung toiue
    soiung toiue
    Month ago

    Real ones only Remember berm creek 😭

    1. nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy
      Month ago

      Coming from a NASCAR fan, I would much rather have Berm Park

  44. Jay Bonner
    Jay Bonner
    Month ago

    Seeing how excited people get over a few short little runs makes me feel so spoiled rotten in my city having about 10 different MTB locations to choose from with hundreds and hundreds of km of trails . Then we have heaps more locations within 1-2 hour drive . F ck we are spoiled in some places here in Sraya.....

  45. Ethan Black
    Ethan Black
    Month ago

    I comment to help statistics

  46. Clayton Barber
    Clayton Barber
    Month ago

    When I'm older I know where I'm going. No doubt I would go it would be do cool

    1. soiung toiue
      soiung toiue
      Month ago

      You guys are the best and thank you for making access to it FREE for everyone!

  47. American Every Day
    American Every Day
    Month ago

    what editing software do you use?

  48. Melissa Hayden
    Melissa Hayden
    Month ago

    When is the next video

  49. Grayson Savri
    Grayson Savri
    Month ago

    dude i cant do a fuc!#$g bunny hop i cant get it to my waist and i sure as hell cant lift back part of my bike to the that has the chain sides on it with only the front handles

  50. Stermine
    Month ago

    You are soon rich

  51. Dean Hodges
    Dean Hodges
    Month ago

    Seth, can we get a bike check? Like, what bottle cage have you settled on? Bottle? Still running the oneup edc? Tire preference? Just wondering.

  52. Isaac Muller
    Isaac Muller
    Month ago

    Hey Seth, I'm only 13, and I know that you are very busy. I am looking for a nice bike hopefully with full suspension. I cant afford to get a really expensive one because I don't get very much money from my paper route. My price range is from around $200-$500. I was wondering if you had any suggestions. I am completely happy with buying a used bike.

    1. Isaac Muller
      Isaac Muller
      Month ago

      sorry, My dad just said that we cant afford one right now. sorry for the inconvenience

  53. basicaccountant
    Month ago

    And plastic particles from the bikes wheels get into the groundwater. I get your idea, but you have to look into that too!

  54. Vance Edward
    Vance Edward
    Month ago

    He kinda looks like Beneil Dariush doesn’t he? Tell me what y’all think?

  55. Mike Kraemer
    Mike Kraemer
    Month ago

    I want to move near this place forreal.

  56. Mike O'.
    Mike O'.
    Month ago

    I wasn't planning on visiting North Carolina again, but now I'm thinking about planning a visit to North Carolina...

  57. John Asple
    John Asple
    Month ago

    Can't beat the kubota and sthil

  58. Karter Griggs
    Karter Griggs
    Month ago

    Coming from a NASCAR fan, I would much rather have Berm Park

  59. Mullet man gaming
    Mullet man gaming
    Month ago

    how did i miss this

  60. Austin Udy
    Austin Udy
    Month ago

    I come back after 2 years and he’s changed everything

  61. Neil Camara
    Neil Camara
    Month ago

    You guys are the best and thank you for making access to it FREE for everyone!

  62. Swati Reichmuth
    Swati Reichmuth
    Month ago

    It great

  63. S7 productions
    S7 productions
    Month ago

    so your telling me in the uk or at least scotland generally gets thin paths constantly going down a wet or super dry hill but you get this flip sake man lol

  64. NerdLama
    Month ago

    hey seth are you ever gonna rebuild that creepy wall ride from berm creek?

  65. dgriffinm
    Month ago

    How long are the trails ( miles )

  66. The Wanderer
    The Wanderer
    Month ago

    I’m buying my first mountain bike in well over a decade. I don’t need much so I was thinking of the Diamond Back Atroz 2 or 3. does anyone have experience with this bike? I don’t have a great deal of money, but the Atroz 2 or 3 is only $1,200 to 1,700 for a full suspension bike. I would really appreciate some feedback if anyone has used these bikes.

  67. Jane Fox Guitars
    Jane Fox Guitars
    Month ago

    I literally can't think of a cooler job than a construction job building bike tracks that you have to continually test...watching dudes in yellow caution jackets fly down a mountain is awesome!

  68. Reez One
    Reez One
    Month ago

    Mmhmm I'm thinking of a night ride at berm park....

  69. Cole Keeter
    Cole Keeter
    Month ago

    If you still have the giant can you send it to me for my brother he only has a cheep Walmart bike and he loves to MTB with me

  70. Nathan Nichol
    Nathan Nichol
    Month ago

    crazy how he's gone from bike hacks to building a whole public bike park

  71. Average guy
    Average guy
    Month ago

    From riding fat bikes in a Florida beach to building trails in NC. Way to go.

    Month ago

    Hahaha seth cased the dam thing

  73. Deceased User - RIP In Peace.
    Deceased User - RIP In Peace.
    Month ago

    I hope you’re not still sponsored by box. I got a box one prime 9 and a box 2 prime 9 for my dad and both are trash groupsets. The shifting is crazy heavy and clunky, cable tension is pretty bad, the range is fine but there’s zero cadence control. It’s just a bad system. Like it works from a purely functional perspective, but I’ve moved to SRAM GX AXS on my Fuel and Shimano SLX on my Fuse and I realized how stupid I was to buy Into the box hype. They’re not SRAM or Shimano and it shows. Hell even Microshift is way better feeling. Im not at ALL saying you influenced my decision. I’m a big boy and I made the call to spend with them. I just regret it in hindsight now that I’ve used the real deal. Box is a ripoff and their engineering is years behind.

  74. Joel Wiens
    Joel Wiens
    Month ago

    I gotta be honest I'm a little jealous.. and I'm watching from BC

  75. Wendy Dolphin
    Wendy Dolphin
    Month ago

    Hey Seth, so I’m typing from my moms account but I think you should get an onyx rcr. They are an electric bike that go very fast and I think you should make a video on them. I think I’m going to get one soon and I want your opinion on them.

  76. asioe kiou
    asioe kiou
    Month ago

    That stoppie tho-mind blown,bro he's got skills for dayyyzzz

  77. decom
    Month ago

    Am I weird for thinking I'd rather ride Berm Park than Whistler? Actually, on second thought , I'd love to ride Berm park THEN Whistler.

  78. MustardDonkey
    Month ago

    8:38 super sick

  79. Mad for Mtb
    Mad for Mtb
    Month ago

    Logic says that as long as you’re wearing a high vis shirt riding a trail is for professional and testing purposes

    1. asioe kiou
      asioe kiou
      Month ago

      can you please do a raw footage lap without edits or music, just you and a gopro and maybe a voice over or your live thoughts. love your videos greetings from the netherland

  80. mateo 1726
    mateo 1726
    Month ago

    Cant wait to buy a bike when the park opens, drive up from Atl, and then break a bone sending it Seth style ha

  81. Jill Smith
    Jill Smith
    Month ago

    👋🤗 this looks fun to watch

  82. Spiritual Meditations
    Spiritual Meditations
    Month ago

    nice 1

  83. Sang Pham
    Sang Pham
    Month ago

    The shiny tent consecutively yell because leek sequentially amuse throughout a rhetorical violin. tacky, seemly deficit

  84. Bobby Bob
    Bobby Bob
    Month ago

    If seth replyies to this I am gonna be the happiest kid ever. Btw I startred mtb im 12 but i live in Romania,Bucharest. There are trails only at the mountain side(3 hour drive). And I cat go there. Have any suggestions how to train

  85. Sebastien Brown
    Sebastien Brown
    Month ago

    do you still have the "murder machine"

  86. TheXanUser
    Month ago

    will berm park allow mountain boards also?

  87. NotABunny
    Month ago

    You should do a video on fitness hybrids

  88. Christopher Gaeng
    Christopher Gaeng
    Month ago

    Hey what is a great beginner trail bike for around 750$ can you help me out with finding one

  89. vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt
    Month ago

    That stoppie tho-mind blown,bro he's got skills for dayyyzzz

  90. Sloane Dalmer
    Sloane Dalmer
    Month ago

    Damn, that machine work truly is a form of art. I was just imagining how badly I'd have mangled it trying to figure out how to operate the arm lol

  91. Konnor Coffey 36
    Konnor Coffey 36
    Month ago

    I don’t even bike but I love your videos! The voiceovers the riding everything!

  92. Red Muffin
    Red Muffin
    Month ago

    What if he took the bmx bike box sent him off the airbag jump

  93. Platinum Force
    Platinum Force
    Month ago

    I can't wait for this! This is an awesome venture of yours and I'm thankful you're setting this up for the public!

    1. vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt
      Month ago

      Already know this is going to be a banger 🤟🤟🤟

  94. Yato
    Month ago

    can you please do a raw footage lap without edits or music, just you and a gopro and maybe a voice over or your live thoughts. love your videos greetings from the netherlands

  95. Rahul Kurve
    Rahul Kurve
    Month ago

    I wish i lived anywhere near canton

  96. Dawnkeeper's
    Month ago

    Good job! Keep on! ✊

  97. Nathan Maier
    Nathan Maier
    Month ago

    I wish we had stuff like this in australia... One day ah one day

  98. Levi Millar
    Levi Millar
    Month ago

    hey Seth I reckon if you still have your trek 4900 you should do a parts bin upgrade video on it

  99. Ben Waugh
    Ben Waugh
    Month ago

    Anyone else struggling to believe he's only 35 and has gray hair

  100. slxy slays.
    slxy slays.
    Month ago