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  1. XxshokoxX
    5 hours ago

    Her:GaSp Me: 😶 why such the dramatic gasp tho

  2. Tong Chang
    Tong Chang
    5 hours ago


  3. Safuan Adam
    Safuan Adam
    8 hours ago

    Nutella mask plssssssssssssssss

  4. Igor Gavran
    Igor Gavran
    10 hours ago

    Ogyujkn. 00 what is it thatCuhtiuiu

    12 hours ago

    Make a watermelon face mask

  6. Elveena john
    Elveena john
    12 hours ago

    Make a biskit face mask we will give u millon like

  7. Ellie Mortimer
    Ellie Mortimer
    13 hours ago

    You got one million likes congrats 🎉

  8. Ayaana Fathim
    Ayaana Fathim
    13 hours ago


  9. Ayaana Fathim
    Ayaana Fathim
    13 hours ago


  10. Ashton,Anica
    15 hours ago

    Can you do Grass pls

  11. testrajaus
    16 hours ago

    Please make a noodles face mask

  12. Reena Reena
    Reena Reena
    17 hours ago

    Can you make hibiscus face mask. we will give you 1million likes

  13. kanna tupili
    kanna tupili
    17 hours ago

    Please do gems face mask please

  14. DeTZ
    18 hours ago


  15. Anusree Sajith
    Anusree Sajith
    18 hours ago

    The fact that she got 1 m liked that’s crazy

  16. Kensi
    23 hours ago

    Love your videos!😍🥰

  17. Kensi
    23 hours ago

    What is the Peptide for???

  18. Alisha Sutherland
    Alisha Sutherland
    Day ago

    I think that one worked the best😃👍!!!! Oh wait opps never mind

  19. Kittengamer
    Day ago

    Can we just explain WHY SHE IS USING THE BACK OF A SPOON TO MIX that’s not how you use it people 😑

  20. Lindsi Rupert
    Lindsi Rupert
    Day ago

    And she got 1m likes

  21. _Darling_Ny_
    Day ago

    That’s a look tho ngl

  22. SiimplyJade
    Day ago

    A tip for the pet tide. Most of the time it doesn’t break, so before you put it in the blender, try breaking a bit. Maybe that’ll help? Or maybe try soaking it under water for a bit, then it’ll dissolve a bit!

  23. niyati doshi
    niyati doshi
    Day ago

    It's so hard to take the gillter off

  24. Greninja
    Day ago

    Please make a aloe vera mask

  25. ZAINAB princess
    ZAINAB princess
    Day ago

    Is make a strawberry mask

  26. Leena Manoj
    Leena Manoj
    Day ago

    Please make blue glitter

  27. Maria Digna De guzman
    Maria Digna De guzman
    Day ago

    Please make a Rainbow mask

  28. Jacinta Mcdonagh
    Jacinta Mcdonagh
    Day ago

    Make a watermelon face mask I will give you 7000 likes

  29. g t
    g t
    Day ago

    Plz make a mango face mask 🤗

  30. Ramil Subardiaga
    Ramil Subardiaga
    Day ago

    Please make a fish face mask

  31. skill devolapment
    skill devolapment
    Day ago

    Please do a leaves face mask

  32. Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande
    Day ago

    U actually got 1m likes congrats 👏👏🎉🎉 😊😊😊😊👍👍

  33. Sohini Dey
    Sohini Dey
    Day ago

    Make a coke face mask plsssssss

  34. Gaury Nandha
    Gaury Nandha
    Day ago

    Pls do lipstick

  35. roshaa17 roshaa17
    roshaa17 roshaa17
    2 days ago

    Can you do a yel)on and pink face mask and we will give you a million 👍

  36. Vilma Serpas
    Vilma Serpas
    2 days ago

    Her: LETS GOU Me: hahahahahahHahahaHAHAHAGA LOL SO FUNNY I almost died laughing 🤣🤣

  37. Karla Molina
    Karla Molina
    2 days ago

    I live in Juárez and I like tik tok in the United States

  38. Mya Mulley
    Mya Mulley
    2 days ago

    Next time do a food mask please

  39. Sadaf Zaidi
    Sadaf Zaidi
    2 days ago

    Please make a slime face mask pls pls pls

  40. Joshi Tushi
    Joshi Tushi
    2 days ago

    Can please do ice or banana

  41. Anzor Adashkulov
    Anzor Adashkulov
    2 days ago

    Make a chips face mask

  42. Anuradha More
    Anuradha More
    2 days ago

    Please make a egg face mask pls pls pls

    2 days ago

    Can you please do and watermelon face mask

  44. Azzurra Tombacco
    Azzurra Tombacco
    2 days ago

    Pls make a candy face mask pls

  45. Nipa Nasreen
    Nipa Nasreen
    2 days ago

    You will make a weird face mask

  46. Nurul Ariana Qushyairin
    Nurul Ariana Qushyairin
    2 days ago

    Make a maentouz plz

  47. Future Queens
    Future Queens
    2 days ago

    Please make a blue berry face mask

  48. Shree Sai Equipments & Parts SSEP
    Shree Sai Equipments & Parts SSEP
    2 days ago

    Lip stick pls

  49. SumanSheryar SumanSheryar
    SumanSheryar SumanSheryar
    2 days ago

    Do 💓💙 please 🥺

  50. Nathan Robinson
    Nathan Robinson
    2 days ago

    So much glitter ✨

  51. Kamini Ray
    Kamini Ray
    2 days ago

    Plz make a pineapple face mask

  52. Javed Ahmed Khan
    Javed Ahmed Khan
    2 days ago

    Please make a coconut face mask ☺️❤️

  53. Elephantzzzz2324
    2 days ago

    Can you make wipped cream face mask?

  54. Alea Tatiana Anwar
    Alea Tatiana Anwar
    2 days ago

    Please do a watermelon face mask

  55. MovieTube Flix
    MovieTube Flix
    3 days ago

    make a slime face mask

  56. Yaraluz Jimenez
    Yaraluz Jimenez
    3 days ago


  57. •☆Potãtø Hėæđ☆•
    •☆Potãtø Hėæđ☆•
    3 days ago

    A chocolate Mask

  58. Mari Funny
    Mari Funny
    3 days ago

    Make a baby oil face mask plz!!! I love u ❤️❤️

  59. the magic
    the magic
    3 days ago

    Glitter bad for skin don't ever apply glitter on your skin guys

  60. Romance Ali
    Romance Ali
    3 days ago

    Can u make a unicorn face mask with pastel fighter toys pls

  61. moonrise Diamond
    moonrise Diamond
    3 days ago

    I could never No I mean it I could literally never I’m allergic to glitter 👍🏻😬

  62. Alona Shine
    Alona Shine
    3 days ago

    Plz make 🍎 face masks

  63. Misha cgjss
    Misha cgjss
    3 days ago

    Please make a🌽corn face mask and we will give million likes👍👍👍😁

  64. Yvette Roux
    Yvette Roux
    3 days ago

    make a banana face mask plz banana

  65. Paige Tormollan
    Paige Tormollan
    3 days ago


  66. Kittykatt !
    Kittykatt !
    3 days ago

    Holy moly she got 1M like good for her!

  67. Srinivas Sunkari
    Srinivas Sunkari
    3 days ago

    Hmmm that actually my comment but someone copy it

  68. Hatsumi_channel_YT
    3 days ago

    🕳️👄👁️ ɪs ɴɪᴄᴇ

  69. CHAN XIN EE Moe
    3 days ago

    Oh my god you are not going to do your best for me and your kind a good day you will have to go to do you have a good day

  70. Autumn
    3 days ago


  71. Steffi Angel
    Steffi Angel
    3 days ago

    Challenge : 1 you have to make a egg facemask Challenge : 2 you have to make a Goober face mask

  72. Hetal Shah
    Hetal Shah
    3 days ago

    Please make a rainbow face mask

  73. Haya 😍
    Haya 😍
    3 days ago

    Pilz make a oreng one

    3 days ago

    Please make rose 🌹 face mask

  75. alito duran
    alito duran
    3 days ago

    Pls do a straberry and watermelon

  76. lucky
    3 days ago

    CAN you do banana ans we well geve you 1m like

  77. Karen PJH mommy
    Karen PJH mommy
    3 days ago

    Are you going to be done cleaning up the mess on your face

  78. Eunice Neri Ramos
    Eunice Neri Ramos
    3 days ago

    Ice Craem Face Mask 10 Million Likes You

  79. Olivia Conforti
    Olivia Conforti
    4 days ago

    Do lemonade will give100,000000👍👍👍

  80. Beatriz Ferraz
    Beatriz Ferraz
    4 days ago

    This was like: “SO pretty........pain pain pain”

  81. Jasmine mashoian
    Jasmine mashoian
    4 days ago

    Make a chocolate face mask please

  82. Phoebe E
    Phoebe E
    4 days ago

    Day 4 of asking for a perfume mask

  83. Dorca Beltre
    Dorca Beltre
    4 days ago

    The eyelashes : nooo - next video anyway Chile so

  84. Veronica Beachy
    Veronica Beachy
    4 days ago

    Please do a blueberry face mask

  85. Joe Dipietro
    Joe Dipietro
    4 days ago

    That is bs

  86. Aliana_life
    4 days ago

    It’s so funny when she says it’s so pretty then a lot of glitter is on her face!

  87. Gina Rodriguez
    Gina Rodriguez
    4 days ago

    I think you can make a face mask

  88. Jenna Atherstone
    Jenna Atherstone
    4 days ago

    Please do grape mask

  89. Sophia B
    Sophia B
    4 days ago

    Do a peanut butter one with cherries

  90. divya yogmaya
    divya yogmaya
    4 days ago

    Can u do lemon please

  91. Farha Jamal
    Farha Jamal
    4 days ago

    Please make a unicorn face mask

  92. Hh Bbhfhhjdf
    Hh Bbhfhhjdf
    4 days ago

    لشو حطيتي كلتر 😂😂

  93. Hh Bbhfhhjdf
    Hh Bbhfhhjdf
    4 days ago

    لشو القصب😂😂😂😂😂

  94. Areej Ashraf
    Areej Ashraf
    4 days ago

    Choclate face mask pls and we will give you 100000 likes

  95. Jayenti Verma
    Jayenti Verma
    4 days ago

    Do a hair face mask I challenge you 😎😂

  96. Kavya Haresh
    Kavya Haresh
    4 days ago

    Make a blueberry face mask please🥺🥺

  97. Jyoti Verma
    Jyoti Verma
    4 days ago

    pls make soap mask plsssssss

  98. Darija Barac
    Darija Barac
    4 days ago

    Mak a Mask wiht notong we wil giv you 90m

  99. chennareddy reddy
    chennareddy reddy
    4 days ago

    Please make a rose face mask

  100. Marta S
    Marta S
    4 days ago