[1244] Schlage Deadbolt OWNED By Lishi Pick/Decoder

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The referenced video:
[1209] This Tiny WiFi Camera Owns Kwikset SmartKey (LockTech LTKSD)


Video Setup

So many of you have asked about my video setup... well, this is what I use. All links below are Amazon Affiliate.

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Lights (5,800k setting used)- amzn.to/3aTqz5p
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  1. Brad Thede
    Brad Thede
    3 days ago

    No problems opening a regular Schlage lock…deadbolt is a bit more challenging. Anything I should know about a deadbolt vs standard lock?

  2. Lightning8714
    9 days ago

    Are the Lishi tools for european locks too ? BKS would be a common brand here. 👀

  3. griff
    13 days ago

    Glad to know my house basically has no security

  4. Bob Davis
    Bob Davis
    14 days ago

    Why is it that those of use who are curious and are determined to be informed are always looked at like we are crazy when we inform loved ones and friends of their false sense of security is indeed false! I mean I am not a lock Smith or professional lock picker by any imaginable standards and I can pick a lock and "could potentially with enough patience cut a key on my own with a file"... the one statement I hear over and over again is..."only a thief would think of that"! "THATS THE PROBLEM PEOPLE!!" True security is only enjoyed by those who look to find the faults! Am I insane or do others notice this issue as well????

  5. B C
    B C
    15 days ago

    LPL: Here in my garage we have a key decoder next to my lambo

  6. Lewis Ho
    Lewis Ho
    18 days ago


  7. Kolby Colony
    Kolby Colony
    19 days ago

    Its crazy how you can just buy these without any license

  8. It is What is is
    It is What is is
    20 days ago

    "Yes, I would like to place an order. Could you please create a key for my to get into my third neighbor from the right house?" "Sure. Please be patient since it will take around 4 minutes"

  9. Victor Souza
    Victor Souza
    23 days ago

    Hello, I’m a locksmith for two years, this tool is new here in Brazil. I didn’t understand very well how to open it, start with the highest pin, or the lowest one, or start with the number 5, and come back to 1 pressing everyone down until you hear a click. And that?

  10. Tom O brien
    Tom O brien
    25 days ago

    Hi LPL do they do any of our locks in the UK as all I have seen is American locks opened ???

  11. Mat Steele
    Mat Steele
    28 days ago

    They are such well made tools

  12. Nelson Echevarria
    Nelson Echevarria
    Month ago

    Dude,you forgot to mention about having the right cutter on that code cutting key machine,different lock brands require different cutters on code cutting key machines.The code card specifies which cutter must be used in order to properly code cut a given lock brand key.I bought a Kaba-Ilco Universal 2 code cutting key machine because those HPC code cutting key machines are not as good as HPC leads people to believe.I don't know about now but there was a time when HPC used to make the code cards out of paper instead of laminated plastic like Kaba-Ilco uses.HPC lock picks are also nothing to writ home about because HPC lock picks are made of stamped spring steel and are not machined properly so the HPC lock picks have a lot of burrs and you would think that HPC would make the lock pick edges smooth with as much as they charge for they lock picks.Another thing that totally blows about HPC lock picks is that since the lock picks are made of spring steel the lock picks tend to snap of you're not careful.My "go-to" lock picks are SouthOrd lock picks which are made of stainless steel,are very well machined without any burrs and will not snap. www.southord.com/

  13. Hauv Xiong
    Hauv Xiong
    Month ago

    Still not better then my grinder and still.

  14. BillBosby
    Month ago

    My mind is fucking B L O W N. how fucking easy it is for criminals to do this is insane.

  15. marne78
    Month ago

    Will you have a chance to do a security analysis of a Schlage Model #BE469 V CAM 619? Here is the link from Lowe's www.lowes.com/pd/Schlage-BE469-Connect-Camelot-Satin-Nickel-Single-Cylinder-Deadbolt-1-Cylinder-Electronic-Deadbolt-Lighted-Keypad-Touchscreen-Built-In-Z-Wave/1000745998

  16. Sbn Tec
    Sbn Tec
    Month ago

    The best video. Thank you from Lipetsk region of Russia.

  17. Evgen Graff
    Evgen Graff
    Month ago

    Хорошее видео. Познавательное. Лет 5 могут дать за него

  18. Lord Nevermore
    Lord Nevermore
    Month ago

    This is awesome ! Would it technically be possible to make a universal one ? (maybe without a key shape as a base, but more the size of the pic, but still with the same system ?

  19. Wauser
    Month ago

    If you're interested in getting one of these and have noticed they are out of stock, Ali expressively recommends you to check his out. Ali's baba recommends the same. You may even find that someone is purely importing their wares and selling for a 300% markup.

  20. Javier Carrasco
    Javier Carrasco
    Month ago

    Where does he explain what he means by "# is binding", "or # is set"... I think I understand when he says "nice click out of #"

  21. Travis Pluid
    Travis Pluid
    Month ago

    So, who's the face on it?

  22. mrmuffins951
    Month ago

    So if the HBP Blitz code cutting machine that casually have sitting in my garage isn’t working, could the people at a hardware store do the same thing for me?

  23. Jerry Grealish
    Jerry Grealish
    Month ago

    Where can I get the key cutting machine? I would love to get one

  24. Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un
    Month ago

    Good thing I have guns 😃

  25. SasquatchSequoia
    Month ago

    I like how at the 3:00 min mark, UKwill captions show the sound of the key grinder as “applause” haha

  26. ACherrySodaCan
    Month ago

    so in summary. pick lock, learn code, lock available for ya forever until replaced

  27. W H
    W H
    Month ago

    LPL: when you code cut the key, you didn’t use the shoulder stop to position the blank??

  28. Rob T
    Rob T
    Month ago

    amazing. wow

  29. Joshua David Brown
    Joshua David Brown
    Month ago

    In that case, I'm never using locks again, they aren't safe.

  30. AapjeJelleAapje
    Month ago

    What does binding mean and how do u know the difference between binding and set?

  31. Gary McDaniel
    Gary McDaniel
    Month ago

    i SOLVED THIS PROBLEM I wired the inside to 240 volts, you touch the outside but when you try to pick the lock you get a 240 volt 60 amp blast so good luck

  32. Andrew Hummel
    Andrew Hummel
    Month ago

    In your opinion, what’s the best deadbolt for a residential house?

  33. Marcio Metalúrgico serviços
    Marcio Metalúrgico serviços
    Month ago

    Super legal

  34. 空姐愛七桃
    Month ago


  35. FainderS Kurs-koi
    FainderS Kurs-koi
    Month ago

    А если нет машинки, сделает ключ?

  36. I Win
    I Win
    Month ago

    looking at cool gadgets like that reminds me that I could never be an engineer, I would never have thought of a thing like this, Thank you for the video and for making me feel stupid.

  37. el tio
    el tio
    Month ago

    Where i can find one of this?... I need it

    1. el tio
      el tio
      Month ago

      Nice tool

  38. Mangesh Bharkad
    Mangesh Bharkad
    Month ago

    हमे चाहिए

  39. Руслан Петров
    Руслан Петров
    Month ago

    Где такое купить

  40. Денис Горбунов
    Денис Горбунов
    Month ago

    очень подробно рассказал

  41. GeeLowjo
    Month ago

    Watched a bunch of your vids and never, so far, seen a good one that you’d recommend for a home entry door. Hope some day you would find one for us and also hope we could afford it ...

  42. Lonnie Akers
    Lonnie Akers
    Month ago

    Locks keeps honest people out if they want it they'll find a way... No matter what lock you buy.

  43. Rob S
    Rob S
    Month ago

    LPL makes it look so easy ! The executives at the lock companies executives must cringe every time he posts a new video.

  44. Артур Пирожков
    Артур Пирожков
    Month ago

    Нихера не понятно, но очень интересно

  45. Seth Stevens
    Seth Stevens
    Month ago

    I mean it's cool that you can defeat all these locks, but you're very wrong to post it online. You're only helping theives steal our hard earned possessions

  46. Abhay Kumar Sinha
    Abhay Kumar Sinha
    Month ago

    How the device works, can you explain

  47. K P
    K P
    Month ago

    Отмычки нового уровня 10 секунд и замок открыт даже тем кто этого не делал🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  48. redouane bll
    redouane bll
    Month ago

    It may be used by thieves no ???

  49. Chucky Gibbs
    Chucky Gibbs
    2 months ago

    Now show us how to reprogram the cylinder to a different key. When are you going to make your key cutter cnc? Lol

  50. Камалдин Магомедов
    Камалдин Магомедов
    2 months ago

    Я тоже искал, там внизу нет русскоязычных коментов. Станочек воще супер.хотя проблемный. Полиция сильно заинтересуется.

  51. Death Legion
    Death Legion
    2 months ago

    Dude... 😬

  52. mineiro et vga mg
    mineiro et vga mg
    2 months ago

    Perfeito porém Complexo ! 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 🇧🇷

  53. Kamran Haider
    Kamran Haider
    2 months ago

    Wahoo , lovely tool, can one buy it from market pls ?

  54. W H
    W H
    2 months ago

    This should not be public

  55. Rock Fish
    Rock Fish
    2 months ago


  56. Thomas Bradley
    Thomas Bradley
    2 months ago

    You should go to jail why you showing this video!

  57. macnuth
    2 months ago

    Where can I buy that tool?

  58. rogermocca
    2 months ago

    Thief likes this

  59. Brian Griffin
    Brian Griffin
    2 months ago

    With all the lock equipment Lock Picking Lawyer has along with his knowledge of how to use it, if his UKwill career ever busts, it's good to know he has something to fall back on.

  60. Анатолий Метлин
    Анатолий Метлин
    2 months ago

    В общаге, с помощью заколки женской, открывал такие замки

  61. Hal Kennedy
    Hal Kennedy
    2 months ago

    For a wide range of entry work......Classic LPL

  62. Chaveiro Goianira
    Chaveiro Goianira
    2 months ago

    Vcs envia pra Brasil

  63. Chaveiro Goianira
    Chaveiro Goianira
    2 months ago

    Bom. Diab

  64. daniel martinez
    daniel martinez
    2 months ago

    Normal que esten entrando en tantas casas estas proporcionando informacion valiosa para los ladrones.

    1. Lucas Romero
      Lucas Romero
      2 months ago

      estos accesorios son de caracter comercial, ahora queda en la moral de uno si lo usa de formal legal o ilegal

  65. Todd Cooper
    Todd Cooper
    2 months ago

    That's the most straightforward thing I have ever seen.

  66. Matt Kinley
    Matt Kinley
    2 months ago

    I love how you shut up your critics about 2 seconds

  67. leo gaskell
    leo gaskell
    2 months ago

    Thanks to this video, I now know how to pronounce "Schlage"

  68. Joe Philly
    Joe Philly
    2 months ago

    So which lock do you recommend? Whats on your house?

  69. Matthew Michaels
    Matthew Michaels
    2 months ago

    Where do I get this?

  70. Damián "el Salsuero"
    Damián "el Salsuero"
    2 months ago

    Thanks for ruining my bias in favor of Schlage!

  71. Julio Cesar
    Julio Cesar
    2 months ago

    I'm wanted the heaven's key. King Jesus. He did: I am the door...

  72. 39K
    2 months ago

    I love the Lishi tools, I have the SC4 I got that because it will do the 6 pin Schlage as well as the 5 pin. I just wish they did a Yale version

  73. Сергей Дудар
    Сергей Дудар
    2 months ago


  74. Miss Informed
    Miss Informed
    2 months ago

    And of course he has a key grinder in his garage.

  75. Roy HI
    Roy HI
    2 months ago

    The only way to lock someone out of your house is to built a wall... Great to know that I will never be locked out of my house.

  76. SeaJay Oceans
    SeaJay Oceans
    2 months ago

    Sign on side of a home: "These doors lock at night, for YOUR protection."

  77. Yury Cz
    Yury Cz
    2 months ago


  78. smeador00
    2 months ago

    LMAO - owned

  79. Ramadan Bluenile
    Ramadan Bluenile
    2 months ago

    If you create a very hard locks you will make a very clever thief.

  80. I am the Apostol
    I am the Apostol
    2 months ago

    How many thieves are in for the class today?

  81. MrDeothor
    2 months ago

    wow.. this decoder.. amazing.

  82. NipItInTheBud100
    2 months ago

    I’m sure the thief’s out there will thank you for showing them how to do this!

  83. Erik Hendrych
    Erik Hendrych
    2 months ago

    Interesting. I have a key that is both standard key and electronic chip. Can you defeat those too? Supposedly the key itself costs around 1000$ so not a cheap thing.

  84. Kevin. Gadget Eastman
    Kevin. Gadget Eastman
    2 months ago

    U make it look soooo easy. I still am fighting with my lishi

  85. VladMasters
    2 months ago

    Та блин, сраный английский замок...ща мамкины вскрывальщики начнут фапать на это видео, не понимая, что на какуюнибудь EVVA они смогут только посмотреть и не понимать, что не так...

  86. S L C
    S L C
    2 months ago

    Is it possible to pick with other tools then decode with this after?

  87. ERRORcode 12
    ERRORcode 12
    2 months ago

    No lock is safe, good thing I don't use one

  88. Tom King
    Tom King
    2 months ago

    Try that with the primus keyway with the sidebar pins. That is why it’s a mid level lock not high security lock. Locks are only rated at how long it will keep a professional from defeating it.

  89. Craig Hames
    Craig Hames
    2 months ago

    Have you been sued yet? The minute a burglar tells the Court he learned to compromise the Schlage DEADBOLT on the home he robbed, you become liable!

  90. Chris Fitch
    Chris Fitch
    2 months ago

    LPL: Your home cannot be secured no matter what you do. Sleep tight. And as always, have a nice day. 😲

    1. Noname Foru
      Noname Foru
      2 months ago

      Right?! I feel like I might as well not even have doors on my house since it’s so easy for anyone to get through them

  91. Caveman Ballistics
    Caveman Ballistics
    2 months ago

    The point all of us should take away from all of this guys videos, is LOCKS ARE FOR HONEST PEOPLE! Don’t we have enough criminal activity going on in this world without people showing criminals how to pick locks 🔐!

  92. Purwo Erdiantoro
    Purwo Erdiantoro
    2 months ago


  93. Claude Hayden
    Claude Hayden
    2 months ago

    Holy crap!

  94. david hiskett
    david hiskett
    2 months ago

    Your basic home locks, Are mostly Schlage and kwikset, so only 2 needed. Great video 👍🏼

  95. Gomez Juarez
    Gomez Juarez
    2 months ago

    Thank you bud!!

  96. Figy
    2 months ago

    I like the word schlage

  97. Jake
    2 months ago

    "And after it's in here we can start cutting the key" You might've made a working key at the price of making my hearing not work.

    1. Mikko Rantalainen
      Mikko Rantalainen
      Month ago

      @Jake Yeah, the first part of my response was also meant to be taken as a joke.

    2. Jake
      Month ago

      @Mikko Rantalainen it's called a joke mate

    3. Mikko Rantalainen
      Mikko Rantalainen
      Month ago

      You have some serious speaker setup if you need to wear ear protection to watch grinding on youtube. And if you use headphones, it's time to learn how to adjust the volume correctly.

  98. John Imig
    John Imig
    2 months ago

    I just bought and received a Lishi KW1. I got all excited pinning up my first practice lock (ABUS 83/40) with tough bitting, security pins, etc. And then I snapped it shut, and suddenly realized that I hadn't pinned it to a key. And it's been in my vise for months. Lotta false sets, but little to no progress. So time to get a cheatyface tool, get it open, and pin it to a key so I can stop being a smoothbrain.

  99. Yiziikho Krichena
    Yiziikho Krichena
    2 months ago

    Wer can i get 1 of those??

  100. Throatwobbler Mangrove
    Throatwobbler Mangrove
    2 months ago

    I'd like to see the tool used on a lock that's installed. Limited maneuvering space in the door jamb sometimes makes picking harder.