WE TRADED TINY HOMES FOR 24 HOURS! (van life vs bus life)

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  1. Kara and Nate
    Kara and Nate
    Month ago

    Which would you choose 🚌 or 🚐 ?

    1. Kuljit Kaur
      Kuljit Kaur
      Day ago


    2. tinaj sews
      tinaj sews
      18 days ago

      Repent , the kingdom of God is at hand , read your bible for yourself, and pray , there is nothing our there in the world ,ask God to guide and protect you ,if you have any question please ask me, Jesus loves you ^

    3. Alberto Angulo-Mendivil
      Alberto Angulo-Mendivil
      Month ago

      Bus 100%

    4. Clint Anderson
      Clint Anderson
      Month ago


    5. Liz Hutchinson
      Liz Hutchinson
      Month ago

      If I were moving around as often as you, I'd choose the van. But if I were going to relocate less often, the bus.

  2. ya boy lucas
    ya boy lucas
    Hour ago


  3. Joe Soteldo
    Joe Soteldo
    4 hours ago

    Whatever happened to Louis' converted electric VW van? I thought you guys would swtich those EV van vs your van! :) hillarious and that bus is gorgeous!

  4. PX10
    5 hours ago

    That’s pretty cool

  5. Heather Daley
    Heather Daley
    5 hours ago


  6. Shannon Skena
    Shannon Skena
    7 hours ago

    When Nate was driving he was starting to lost it

  7. Pastel Flowers
    Pastel Flowers
    7 hours ago

    Wdym metal things????

  8. Klairisa Stinson
    Klairisa Stinson
    16 hours ago

    A pretty big van

  9. Connor Pimblett
    Connor Pimblett
    17 hours ago


  10. Brittney Davis
    Brittney Davis
    Day ago

    My dad drives buses and trucks and it not fun all your do if hit dumps

  11. Esra Lupton
    Esra Lupton
    Day ago


    Day ago

    The bus bc its bigger

  13. Emma’s gaming And routines
    Emma’s gaming And routines
    2 days ago

    12:00 I literally dying 😂 lol

  14. Emma’s gaming And routines
    Emma’s gaming And routines
    2 days ago

    Y’all are the perfect couple. I love it 💕✨

  15. Edyn Grosbernd
    Edyn Grosbernd
    2 days ago


  16. Jasmine Curtis
    Jasmine Curtis
    2 days ago


  17. The YouTuber
    The YouTuber
    2 days ago


  18. Keiron Stranomg
    Keiron Stranomg
    2 days ago


  19. BakingWithElla
    3 days ago

    My dads mum and dad live on a farm

  20. Lynn Eckert
    Lynn Eckert
    3 days ago


  21. Celena Bjorklund
    Celena Bjorklund
    3 days ago


  22. Rowland Jude
    Rowland Jude
    3 days ago

    Wait so what do u work as since u are always on the road

  23. Ally Gramz
    Ally Gramz
    3 days ago

    you cannot hit the notification bell, I've been trying for months. I know you guys channel is falling I just wanna help by being notified when you post.

  24. Vikramathithan Sankar
    Vikramathithan Sankar
    3 days ago

    You can buy a house.

  25. ✿ sleep ✿
    ✿ sleep ✿
    3 days ago

    That one dog is a great peranease I don't think I spelled that right but I have one and her won't walk on a leashe and he is not as big

  26. LylySunshine
    3 days ago

    In my school bus, there is seatbelts but we dont use them

  27. SSP slaps
    SSP slaps
    4 days ago


  28. Sophie Kidner
    Sophie Kidner
    4 days ago

    You two should have a Netflix series 😂❤️

  29. Sophie's random ideas
    Sophie's random ideas
    4 days ago

    I would definitely chose the bus only because it is bigger

  30. Damion Kissel
    Damion Kissel
    4 days ago

    I'd still choose the bus

  31. Game Tech30
    Game Tech30
    4 days ago


  32. waveygurl
    4 days ago

    My partner and I have a bus. It doesn't drive and I agree with everything you said. It may have trouble being more portable. Although Busses have a lot of space and more space for renovations

  33. Soapybot Hi
    Soapybot Hi
    4 days ago


  34. ThrillRider247
    4 days ago

    what it comes down to is the cost... vans are cheaper to run.. and more reliable then a bus.. but a bus you get wayy more room.. and it takes way more gas and not as dependable.. thats why im thinking a short bus route.. its like a van.. but its a bus .. so its bigger .. and not as bad on gas.. 100%% but i love you guys.. you rock!! this was soooo helpful.. keep up the amazing work. now i just need to find a builder for cheap. :) :)

  35. Elite Hacker
    Elite Hacker
    4 days ago

    The bus

  36. Britny Varela
    Britny Varela
    5 days ago

    I love the dog and French fry

  37. Britny Varela
    Britny Varela
    5 days ago

    I want all the animals

  38. wasd_alex
    5 days ago

    instantly fell in love , im going to barcelona in september and wondering how i can be less anxious about the flight . thank you kara x nate

  39. Bryant Quinter
    Bryant Quinter
    5 days ago


  40. Scott Dinh
    Scott Dinh
    5 days ago

    Bus Win! Biggers is better

  41. Munkhbileg Amraa
    Munkhbileg Amraa
    5 days ago


  42. Katherine Fielder
    Katherine Fielder
    5 days ago

    Also essentials...weve got a digeridoo 😂😂

  43. Liv O'Connell
    Liv O'Connell
    6 days ago

    Oh my goodness. I haven’t thought about Louis in years! Because of him and some other boys (jacks gap…) I WILL one day do the rickshaw run.

  44. Martamarla
    6 days ago

    Hi hej

  45. geo is cool
    geo is cool
    6 days ago

    🚌 vs 🚐

  46. Bluey_Cutie
    6 days ago

    If I had a lover then I’d pick the bus but if it’s just me then I’ll pick the van lol

  47. cosmic cause
    cosmic cause
    6 days ago

    Bus. So cool and big!

  48. W C
    W C
    7 days ago


  49. Pizza Sample Text
    Pizza Sample Text
    7 days ago

    How does van life vans and bus life buses and other vehicles like that not get robbed?

  50. Holly The gamer
    Holly The gamer
    7 days ago

    🚌 but may a bit smaller that raya and lui

  51. tryNsomethingnew
    7 days ago

    YOU GUYS ROCK!!! We are flattered that so many people have been telling us that we remind them of Kara and Nate! Except the family version LOL

  52. Coco
    8 days ago


  53. J F
    J F
    8 days ago

    Can’t stop watching Nate dancing at the front whilst chaos reigned in the back…hilarious! 🤣😊🤣

  54. Rob Careaga
    Rob Careaga
    8 days ago


  55. Phan Chi Nam
    Phan Chi Nam
    9 days ago

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  56. tick 5
    tick 5
    9 days ago

    I would defiantly want to live in a bus😂

    9 days ago


  58. Luca Hello
    Luca Hello
    9 days ago

    i think the bus🚌🚍

  59. jake
    9 days ago

    I’d chose bus

  60. Exact HF
    Exact HF
    9 days ago

    97 dollars for gas

  61. R L
    R L
    10 days ago

    I KNOW WHERE THEY TRADED HOMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Susan Shaver
    Susan Shaver
    10 days ago

    Wow, they both are so awesome! The bus driving, with no seat belts made me nervous. My favorite part of it was the beautiful shower - to die for! And the size of the kitchen:) And the bed made up all of the time, and the roof deck!. But I would have to go with the van because of the size. I am only one person. I will have to figure out how to have a stationary bed though. I would feel much more comfortable driving it, parking it, etc! What a fun exchange - great video! Sneaking the super glue cracked me up!. Now I will go watch Raya and Louis in your Van:)

  63. Colton the Kid
    Colton the Kid
    10 days ago


  64. Mary Watters
    Mary Watters
    10 days ago

    “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9 “For God so loved the World that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 That’s how much he loves us that he sacrificed his own Son so that we wouldn’t have to be in Jesus spot so that we wouldn’t have to suffer.💕💕

  65. Explorer 2448
    Explorer 2448
    10 days ago

    I’ve always wanted to live in one of those! You guys are soooo lucky!

  66. Kaleb Letto
    Kaleb Letto
    10 days ago


  67. 唐辛子GAMES
    10 days ago

    2:11 that WHAT SHE SAID

  68. RustyGams
    10 days ago

    bus cuz i like the spas

  69. Yazanmohamad Shrabik
    Yazanmohamad Shrabik
    10 days ago


    1. Yazanmohamad Shrabik
      Yazanmohamad Shrabik
      10 days ago


  70. cave
    10 days ago

    Seen as I live in a bus I would probably choose that hehe

  71. lilah garcia
    lilah garcia
    10 days ago

    Van because it’s just me

  72. Dub Ya
    Dub Ya
    10 days ago

    The fact that Nate thinks those are pliers makes me wonder how he got through life? They’re VICE GRIPS

  73. You_dont_know_me
    10 days ago

    I dont want a van or bus life. I want a ..... RV that dosnt need another vehicle to drive life.

  74. lumify
    11 days ago

    I wonder how much time it took for them to make walls and everything, good thing i have a RV

  75. Mike G
    Mike G
    11 days ago

    where did you guys end up putting the memory foam mattress that was on top of the bed

  76. HassanIsSceptical
    11 days ago

    bruh that kitchen is as bigas ours

  77. Darsh Parikh
    Darsh Parikh
    11 days ago

    I feel like if Kara and Nate had a kid they would be committed to turn the bed into a table so the kid can learn

  78. Hayden
    11 days ago

    Bus for sure

  79. Conlan
    11 days ago


  80. Simply_Lazy
    11 days ago

    That is exactly how you drive my motorhome just like the bus

  81. Francis Pullman
    Francis Pullman
    11 days ago

    Van I pik

  82. Madison And her fidgets
    Madison And her fidgets
    11 days ago

    Yeah bus

  83. GTA Wiz
    GTA Wiz
    11 days ago

    Nice vid new sub

  84. Kinley Morrow
    Kinley Morrow
    11 days ago


  85. Sarah Seibert
    Sarah Seibert
    11 days ago

    "Don't tell them" *puts it on youtube*

  86. RyRy's Mountain Adventures
    RyRy's Mountain Adventures
    11 days ago

    **everything falling** **him just vibing** Me:.......what?

  87. Karen Costello
    Karen Costello
    11 days ago

    I love both of the cars

  88. PandaBoyPlayz
    12 days ago

    You don’t have a house?

  89. Monse Torres
    Monse Torres
    12 days ago

    M 8

  90. Luz Ceja
    Luz Ceja
    12 days ago


  91. Luis Enriquez
    Luis Enriquez
    12 days ago

    The erratic thought apparently milk because salary contradictorily carve versus a honorable linen. interesting, imminent novel

    12 days ago

    bus bus bus!!!

  93. StEpBeHiNdTRIPPY
    12 days ago

    Plz buy a bus

  94. Reesethegeese87
    12 days ago

    The tiny bugs are called nosiums and there very tiny flies that bite in the middle of the nght

  95. Viaan Mahajan
    Viaan Mahajan
    12 days ago


  96. Rennie Beharry
    Rennie Beharry
    12 days ago

    By a bus 🚌

  97. Nathaniel Petersen
    Nathaniel Petersen
    12 days ago

    i wanted to find a converted bus and when i looked it up all it was, was school bus's and rv's

  98. Osanda Maleesha
    Osanda Maleesha
    12 days ago

    Its really amusing when the drawers go inside at the very time kara and nate looks behind😂😂😂..They have no idea what happens inside the bus😂😂😂

  99. Olisha Quin
    Olisha Quin
    12 days ago

    I would prefer the bus

  100. Xoxo Danilyn
    Xoxo Danilyn
    12 days ago

    they think they broke it