Destroying an F250 in 10 minutes flat.

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These guys gave me this truck and said "We don't want it to exist anymore." What can I say I make dreams come true 😏. Thanks again @ownbosssupplyco. If you have a truck or car you want me to destroy and its unique email me at


  1. WhistlinDiesel
    18 days ago

    Chill guys its HD 4K its just processing lol

    1. misfit diesel
      misfit diesel
      14 days ago

      311 camera man fuckin rips ass lol good push

    2. yo bert
      yo bert
      14 days ago

      Whistlin diesels tire filiment shop

    3. TurboFreak
      14 days ago

      You stupid ass. Now I know who not sell to.

    4. Kirston Martinez
      Kirston Martinez
      14 days ago

      Would u destroy a van?

    5. Kirston Martinez
      Kirston Martinez
      14 days ago

      What about a van?

  2. 1200€
    Minute ago

    😭 nooo a beautiful truck like this

  3. A Ev
    A Ev
    6 minutes ago

    😂😂dude added a chicken to the top im done

  4. 1200€
    6 minutes ago

    Do this with a modern Audi

  5. Jeziel XD
    Jeziel XD
    26 minutes ago


  6. Сергей Сергеев
    Сергей Сергеев
    53 minutes ago

    Просто пиздец! Ну нахуя ?

  7. craig delaware
    craig delaware
    57 minutes ago

    His barb Tatts don’t even go all the way around… yee yee 🇺🇸

  8. Peyman M
    Peyman M
    Hour ago

    یعنی کیرم دهنت

  9. Martinus Britz
    Martinus Britz
    Hour ago

    That's just stupid man

  10. Cj Spence
    Cj Spence
    Hour ago

    This guy is like a dude on gta 5 One moment when you buy a car, you promise yourself that you’re not gonna sell it Next moment, sells it

  11. Why Not Just Try
    Why Not Just Try
    6 hours ago

    That poor tree! What did the tree ever do to you?

  12. Down By The Creek With Jared
    Down By The Creek With Jared
    7 hours ago

    Kid with bike “ that was totally wicked! “

  13. chow
    10 hours ago

    Poor tree 😩

  14. Iam 77x
    Iam 77x
    11 hours ago

    I hate you when doing this..

  15. Alex Meisner
    Alex Meisner
    14 hours ago

    Whistlin Douchebag.

  16. MJorgy5
    14 hours ago

    Damn, I had an old Tundra that would've looked great against that tree.

  17. Tegan
    15 hours ago

    Brings a whole new meaning to 'compact car'.

  18. craigzilla100
    15 hours ago

    Some men just want to watch the world burn ... This hurt my soul.

  19. Marty G
    Marty G
    15 hours ago

    so, where did the Barrett bullet holes come from huh

  20. Dustin Engelmann
    Dustin Engelmann
    16 hours ago

    Why are people still selling this douche bag vehicles?

  21. westley west
    westley west
    16 hours ago


  22. rod abmrd
    rod abmrd
    16 hours ago

    That was a nice truck to just need up. I think it would have been better to destroy the Duramax. Nobody would have disliked as much. But a classic truck. I think that was just dumb

  23. Swanny Boy
    Swanny Boy
    18 hours ago


  24. Tyler St-Onge
    Tyler St-Onge
    18 hours ago

    Not ok

  25. Ben Diaz
    Ben Diaz
    18 hours ago

    Test a C8

  26. Trace Ingle
    Trace Ingle
    21 hour ago

    Never seen that method of demounting a tire...

  27. Kane Jarnigan
    Kane Jarnigan
    21 hour ago

    That truck was so nice tho 😭

  28. Alejandro Medrano
    Alejandro Medrano
    21 hour ago

    🤣🤣🤣 i just love ur vids and the way u explained where the motor ended up in the back seats

  29. Rob&Rosa Chavez
    Rob&Rosa Chavez
    21 hour ago

    Dude I almost cried that my favorite model color and year !

  30. Bubbles The Shitrocker
    Bubbles The Shitrocker
    22 hours ago

    Will you still be laughing when there is no such thing as classic trucks anymore and then you think back to all the beautiful pieces of time you destroyed for attention seeking.

  31. Mysam Ans
    Mysam Ans
    23 hours ago

    Fuck you

  32. Aurélien Lemer
    Aurélien Lemer
    Day ago

    Just idiot video just kiding dude you have hit in brain for destruct pick up

  33. BoberMcBoberson
    Day ago

    Man I still love your channel and all that but I'm going to have to skip the ones where cool old shit gets destroyed. I know some will say it was a "polished turd" but it was practically a museum place compared to some of the heaps people call daily drivers in upstate NY lol!

    Day ago

    Crumble like trash it is.

  35. Saqib Zargar
    Saqib Zargar
    Day ago


  36. Stackali
    Day ago

    once i saw the roll bar was exhaust and how they fixed the floorboards. i knew it was a shit truck and didn't care that it was destroyed. it was a polished turd.

  37. David Farrior
    David Farrior
    Day ago

    this one kind of hurt to watch, that was a great looking truck.

  38. MaxFreeman
    Day ago

    You got to admit that truck was beautiful but watching him destroy it was even more beautiful.

  39. jimbote1968
    Day ago

    R.I.P. tree.

  40. roan lacey
    roan lacey
    Day ago


  41. Солнечный Человек
    Солнечный Человек
    Day ago

    Американцы, вы зачем дерево поранили? Ведёте себя как захватичики земли. Хотя так и есть.

  42. Garrett Burrows
    Garrett Burrows
    Day ago

    Would have brought many years of joy to someone

  43. Lee Ward
    Lee Ward
    Day ago

    The popularity of these videos makes me worry about our species survival.

    1. Andrew Mifsud
      Andrew Mifsud
      Day ago

      ditto. the unfortunate truth is the kind of people who like this stuff are gonna be the majority soon.

  44. Lee Ward
    Lee Ward
    Day ago

    I will never understand the appeal of this stupidity. And its popularity honestly gives me little hope for future generations.

  45. Devyn Keler
    Devyn Keler
    Day ago


  46. Brad L
    Brad L
    Day ago

    I can hardly watch this! Look what you have done!! You jacked up a perfectly good.... tree! That tree got messed up in all different ways like wtf smh ahhh!! Next time smash a Ford against another Ford

  47. ArcticGaming970
    Day ago

    I dont see the point in destroying that truck. People with money really dont care

  48. Bushwacker
    Day ago

    Now put it on CL for parts.

  49. Francis Vincent
    Francis Vincent
    Day ago

    Your a complete brainless idiot

  50. Michael Branham
    Michael Branham
    Day ago

    Please don't destroy anymore classics, destroy all the new shit u can, they still make those

  51. Brick Mechanic
    Brick Mechanic
    Day ago

    me on farming simulator.

  52. Ronald Prince
    Ronald Prince
    Day ago

    A Honda Ridgeline would survived all that

  53. Gibb Gambill
    Gibb Gambill
    Day ago

    I need to find some parts for my 79

  54. I dont know a good name
    I dont know a good name
    Day ago

    She’ll buff ouuuut, itll be fiiiiiine

  55. Lorenzo Biava
    Lorenzo Biava
    Day ago

    Destroy a Tesla Model 3

  56. Omar Valentin
    Omar Valentin
    Day ago

    Seriously my god that was a great truck

  57. Rojay Samuels
    Rojay Samuels
    Day ago

    That was totally wicked 😂😂

  58. Harry
    Day ago

    Man that was bad ass but that was such a nice truck I got a 1996 gmc you can destroy its a pos

  59. cbrock420
    Day ago

    What a bunch of wasteful pieces of shit!

  60. Ak_yeeyee
    Day ago

    I feel like I have a love-hate relationship with your Chanel, I love watching your content tho.

  61. James Crowe
    James Crowe
    Day ago

    What would Red Forman say ....Dumbass.

  62. Eric K
    Eric K
    Day ago

    Some people are just retards

  63. bob the fish
    bob the fish
    Day ago

    I’m sorry for the dislike but this has gone to far

  64. Will Jenn
    Will Jenn
    2 days ago


  65. lauren holmes
    lauren holmes
    2 days ago


  66. Gary Simmons
    Gary Simmons
    2 days ago

    So stupid I have restored many of these trucks

  67. Hauler Scraper
    Hauler Scraper
    2 days ago

    that truck would have lasted you are just a goof.

  68. Jace Gray
    Jace Gray
    2 days ago

    Your mom and dad orda slap you right across the face

  69. Liam Clarke
    Liam Clarke
    2 days ago

    Im actually tearing up for the old ford 😭😭😭😭😭

      2 days ago


  70. Daniel Hegedus
    Daniel Hegedus
    2 days ago

    One thing I just really don't understand you.

  71. Butch Cassidy
    Butch Cassidy
    2 days ago

    Ex wife count?

  72. Kush Patel
    Kush Patel
    2 days ago

    I think it just needs some air.

  73. Nightrider RV
    Nightrider RV
    2 days ago

    About stupid

  74. Mike c
    Mike c
    2 days ago

    That was totally stupid.

  75. Ryan Kenny
    Ryan Kenny
    2 days ago

    That was totally wicked

  76. MrMon.
    2 days ago

    Destroy a matchbox when he was a kid

  77. CoreyHolt
    2 days ago

    Strong tree 🌳

  78. Phillip Davis
    Phillip Davis
    2 days ago

    Y'all are idiots! That was a beautiful truck! WTF??? Definitely not car guys, just morons!

  79. Trenton Caldwell
    Trenton Caldwell
    2 days ago

    Not the f250 😢😢😢😢

  80. Palmer Fosnough
    Palmer Fosnough
    2 days ago

    Bro fuck you I would have loved to have that truck.

  81. J.T. Haderlie
    J.T. Haderlie
    2 days ago

    I think it should buff out. Scratches don’t seem too deep

  82. The Fat kid
    The Fat kid
    2 days ago

    Your so dumb it’s a really nice truck

  83. Elijah Daves
    Elijah Daves
    2 days ago

    Damn. I'm struggling to afford injectors in my truck and this guy just demolished a truck worth half my house...I mean, I know it's probably making him more money but it still hurts my soul...ha

  84. LL Hold
    LL Hold
    2 days ago

    And im over here driving on bald tires

  85. Blue Monkey Games
    Blue Monkey Games
    2 days ago

    Your a fucking wanker

  86. Embers_
    2 days ago


  87. TheChaztor
    2 days ago

    Yeah sure this will drive business their way. ffs

  88. RussKP Media
    RussKP Media
    2 days ago

    Not the good ol 250 😢

  89. SRP Designs
    SRP Designs
    2 days ago

    Ya wanna hit a lil kid??......YUP...... 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙄🙄

  90. Ethan Healey
    Ethan Healey
    2 days ago

    My unimog could have done that

  91. Melvin the Mechanic
    Melvin the Mechanic
    2 days ago

    You give me headaces 🤯

  92. TampaMTBr
    2 days ago

    You are a waste of a person. A real piece of crap.

  93. Bobby Gaude
    Bobby Gaude
    2 days ago

    Ford F-150 compact

  94. ThatsMyRc
    2 days ago

    I’m impressed that’s a strong 🌳 👍🏼

  95. bryan garren
    bryan garren
    3 days ago

    You couldn't have found one in a bit worse condition? Lol.

  96. Duke Mandalorian
    Duke Mandalorian
    3 days ago

    Hey WhistlinDouchebag will you be proud when a young viewer kills themselves trying to emulate your reckless behavior ??

  97. Texan Tucker
    Texan Tucker
    3 days ago

    I’m not sure what The Bible would say about this, but I’m like 90% sure it’s a sin.

  98. Patrick Ryan
    Patrick Ryan
    3 days ago

    Load it on a trailer and bring it to a Body Shop for an " Estimate " for your insurance! LOL

  99. Daniel Via
    Daniel Via
    3 days ago


  100. Liam Anderson
    Liam Anderson
    3 days ago

    i can’t tell if he hates his trucks or loves em