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    Overly Sarcastic Productions
    Month ago

    oof ouch ow my website Soooo the comic site is working intermittently because of the sudden explosion of traffic. There's nothing wrong on the webmaster side (which unfortunately means there's nothing for me to fix) so it should clear up as things slow down. But you'd like to read it now, I'm mirroring it onto the comic tumblr starting here: Have fun! -R

    1. Doom Adder
      Doom Adder
      16 days ago

      When are you going to cover Siegfried,the nibelungenlied,and the volsunga saga

    2. Thane of Moss
      Thane of Moss
      24 days ago

      Sorry, but...Dragons? Gods? Magic? Elves with wild hair? Catboys of varying levels of angst? Possible self-inserts? YOUR CHARACTER ART?? These are a few of my favorite things! Definitely gonna check your comic out! ;D

    3. Slevin Channel
      Slevin Channel
      25 days ago


    4. TB96
      25 days ago

      I am interested in comicaurora website. I'll check some of it's comic. I love your art

    5. Steve K
      Steve K
      29 days ago

      I was wondering about that. Please let us know when things become more consistent, as I loved the series up until this point, and would like to keep reading it when I am allowed to do so.

  2. Philipp C
    Philipp C
    10 hours ago

    Has any film ever been made without timeskips? If yes, I think it'd be useful for some people around me who complain about time jumps in most instances, insisting that a film or show without them wouldn't be weird at all.

  3. Bird The Bear
    Bird The Bear
    Day ago

    That’s it I’m writing a story that shows every time the main character poops

    Day ago

    You haven watched or read one heart will recover but god give a warning before u hurt me like that

  5. Mushfiqur Rahman
    Mushfiqur Rahman
    Day ago

    I am actually ok with time skips establishing somethings only to be undone soon

  6. Dragongaga
    Day ago

    I think ToG handled the time skip really well. Well, there are multiple mandatory time jumps over the course of the story, which mostly serve to speed up natural character development, but also add scale to this unique world and its rules, to say like, yeah, it took them three years of traveling literally to get from plot point A to the place where plot point B happens. And I think thats far better than just adding a bunch of unnecessary side drama that is not relevant to the story. Go read it on webtoons, Tower of God, it's good. As far as I remember, there's only one major time skip that immediately follows from the major, gut wrenching cliffhanger at the end of season 1, where really no first time readers know what happens and the way the story is constructed at this point, I think it just works, it's SO GOOD

  7. Liam
    Day ago

    Completely unbroken /buffers stretch of time.

  8. boio
    Day ago

    The real question is why the big leap is called a timeSkip and why the short one is called a timeJump

  9. abloogywoogywoo
    2 days ago

    ReBoot... [gets hit by the nostalgia train]

  10. Hungry Penguin
    Hungry Penguin
    2 days ago

    The show "Heroes" has an addiction to timeskips. I'm halfway through season 3, and I'm noticing a recurring theme. One or more of the characters travels to and/or sees the future, and one by one, the protagonists are rounded up (because no matter how many times they come together to save the world from catastrophe, they always end up far away from each other by the next volume) to save the world. There's always a period where they show what happened in the past to catch everyone up on the madness that is the present, and then show an unrecognizable future brought to you via the butterfly effect. Now, I do like time travel in fiction. It's amazing. But dude... there's such a thing as too much. One guy can manipulate time and space, another guy absorbs and copies his powers, one dude can depict the future in paintings, guy absorbs his powers, other guy kills original guy, and steals his power for himself, and two other guys are shown to develop this ability in later seasons, then there is a thing people eat that gives them visions of the future, one woman can predict the future when she dreams, guy absorbs and copies her power, girl can run super fast, and her ability at one point becomes supercharged, enabling her to travel faster than light and the show goes along with the space time continuum idea of traveling faster than light lets you go back in time, so she goes back 16 years, and the show glosses over how she came back to the present... just, so much time travel and future reading.

  11. Kelfsword16
    3 days ago

    Red did a comic! Awesome!!

  12. Lee 24
    Lee 24
    3 days ago

    When you get the time, watch one piece. I know it's a bit much but believe me, it's worth it.

  13. David Hopp
    David Hopp
    4 days ago

    12:10 the characters changed? Outside of looks and power-ups they are the same characters personality-wise

  14. Justankitty
    4 days ago

    Vinland saga has to have one of the best time skips out there m.

  15. Nathaniel Lee
    Nathaniel Lee
    4 days ago

    Jojo's bizarre adventure is known for it's timeskip for introducing 5 generations of it's cast which were all male and now a female main character is coming into the final arc then there's a reboot/not reboot arc that has the story and main characters somewhat switch roles, it's weird but it seems to work for this series.

  16. montezuma
    4 days ago

    big disagree with your point at 10:15, how, precisely, those two character who werent around, were they supposed to know that the happy go lucky goofy ass martian kid wouldve become a MIND RAPIST

  17. Hanji Cohen-Chang
    Hanji Cohen-Chang
    5 days ago

    Anyway yeah I liked Fire Emblem Three Houses' timeskip, especially how Edelgard and Dimitri both grew, you can really see Edelgard's transformation from a student to an actual Emperor, and Dimitri's descent into madness

  18. Hanji Cohen-Chang
    Hanji Cohen-Chang
    5 days ago

    So is the eyepatch guy a Fire Emblem Three Houses reference or is that a common thing that happens?

    1. Hanji Cohen-Chang
      Hanji Cohen-Chang
      Day ago

      @jayhasthebigdumb fr fr?? i was like omg dimitri? what?

    2. jayhasthebigdumb
      2 days ago

      Dimitri immediately came to mind when I saw him…

  19. Hanji Cohen-Chang
    Hanji Cohen-Chang
    5 days ago

    probably really stupid of me for expecting anything to do with Fire Emblem here lmao

  20. ArachCobra
    5 days ago

    I remember Naruto being such a huge offender on the second one. Three year timeskip and it amounted to basically everyone changing clothes and learning one new technique.

  21. darkwaterseraphim
    6 days ago

    I remember when a friend and I used to edit each other's writing, she'd nitpick the fact that I wouldn't show the stuff like the process of waking up, putting on pants, etc every single time. It's nice to hear that this isn't the faux pas that she tried to tell me it was. It's one thing when the audience is trying to keep track of important objects and spacing, but I shouldn't have to say the characters brush their teeth *every time* they wake up.

  22. Cordon Joseph
    Cordon Joseph
    7 days ago

    I’m glad you brought up young justice. 5 years is a huge amount of time to skip for kids. Often they’re not even really the same person anymore.

  23. Brian Gerstel
    Brian Gerstel
    8 days ago

    Alias’ time skip at the end of Season 2 is notable in that it explicitly uses the disruption of the POV character’s relationships.

  24. Emerald Star Productions
    Emerald Star Productions
    9 days ago

    Thank you for bringing up Young Justice. We share the same thoughts on that show’s time skip mess.

  25. zenoaeno peno
    zenoaeno peno
    9 days ago

    your vids are really good but god damn are you talking at 10× speed

  26. L'Humanoide Errant des Internets
    L'Humanoide Errant des Internets
    10 days ago

    I tend to have an aversion for timeskips but I absolutely love those in Tower of God. The funny thing is, since most of the cast is basically immortal and already very old, most things stay the same except for the protagonist who changes A LOT, so you have the nice breakup in continuity byseeing the hero grow while not having to relearn the rules of an already massive world.

  27. laurdes z
    laurdes z
    10 days ago

    I HATE to laud voltron, because I hate how dirty they did their characters, and they had DO much room for growth they never took. BUT. Something I did LOVE about that show was how they handled the timeskip. The team doesn't even know until they're filled in by an outside party. For them, no time has passed, so their character interactions and internal struggles haven't at all changed, but the universe around them HAS. Things got worse for the universe, much, much worse, and they need to double down their efforts to stem back the tide of the galra empire, which has now found its way to *earth*, their home. As paladins, this was *always* personal. For Keith and pidge, this was always personal, theyd lost people to this, not just their lives. But they're forced into this future where their home is being threatened, despite the fact that they'd beaten the last immediate threat. Through the final season we see the payoff of all their previous work at becoming good fighters/pilots/strategists/engineers/soldiers. They focus, work, and do everything they can, often running themselves into the ground. 6 teenagers an uncle and one basically dead adult responsible for the future of the universe. The war got worse, and through the season we see the team get more intense. They become better fighters, more coordinated, and more dedicated. More than once a team member willingly puts themself in the line of fire for the mission, or even goes so far as to almost sacrifice themself to save others. And, they almost loose the war. Its pure, unadulterated luck for a long, long time that they're not crushed. Allies weapons and system-fixes happening just in the nick of time to prevent disaster. That got a little tangental, but the point is that we got the best of "Time skip to darker future" and "time skip to show characters being older and more badass" without loosing the character arcs and interactions we'd been built up to. It's extraordinarily well done. (Honorable mention that after abt season 3, when the show had basically been greenlit to continue until it was done, Voltron never ignored the overall passage of time, and the effect it had on the characters. Even if it was only given a few moments here or there, those moments were always used to set the tone of the next scene. This show NEVER let an opportunity to portray war as something horrible, even if we were actively rooting for one side, we SAW the tragedy. The thousands of gala ships that went down, the mass graveyard Pidge runs through to find her brother, the way Lance misses his family, how Keith's character development stems equally from his relative isolation from others, exasperated by the mission (his mother being a blade, Shiro being taken from him over and over again), and his sense of duty that is driven by his desire to protect people. The war is hard on all of them in different ways, but the passage of time is something that affects ALL the characters, and the timeskip in its homestretch really doubled down on that theme)

  28. ThePhreakass
    10 days ago

    This video was brought to you by One Piece

  29. Kelessa
    10 days ago

    Yesss love to see Reboot analysis!

  30. _ G8dFäthəR _
    _ G8dFäthəR _
    11 days ago

    "No one ever poops." Red obviously hasn't read Gulliver's Travels. I'm not kidding. Thanks for that, Jonathan Swift. 😑

  31. V.M. Smidt
    V.M. Smidt
    11 days ago

    Love the comic!

  32. Robin Lorenz
    Robin Lorenz
    11 days ago

    Petition for Red to read and/or watch One Piece🔥🔥🔥

  33. mraajaxx
    11 days ago

    Okay but let's get serious read One Piece

  34. Julius Munemo
    Julius Munemo
    12 days ago

    Watching this after Endgame like 👁👄👁

  35. Christine Kingston
    Christine Kingston
    12 days ago

    How did it take so long to get to one of the most popular tropes!

  36. The Boulder027
    The Boulder027
    12 days ago

    You should to a trope talk about idiot plots lol

  37. Daniel Biggins
    Daniel Biggins
    13 days ago

    um... What is a 'cotton candy elf'? Is that like eye candy? Nevermind. I'll just read it.

  38. Daniel Biggins
    Daniel Biggins
    13 days ago

    you had me at medieval super hereos

  39. Adam Giess
    Adam Giess
    13 days ago

    Once Upon A Time did time skips with memory loss a lot. Like everything that happened on that show, it was repeated enough for it to seem ridiculous that they'd go to that well again.

  40. just a red bird
    just a red bird
    13 days ago

    I think it would be interesting if you talk about the "in another world" trope

    1. just a red bird
      just a red bird
      12 days ago

      @Ironic Divine Mandate Stan and is funny how he wrote one of the first isekai and also tom sawyer

    2. just a red bird
      just a red bird
      12 days ago

      @Ironic Divine Mandate Stan yes, but i want to hear red trashing this trope and then talk good things about it and how and how not handle them for 8 minutes straight

    3. Ironic Divine Mandate Stan
      Ironic Divine Mandate Stan
      12 days ago

      Mark Twain wrote an isekai.

  41. Someplant59
    14 days ago

    If I could afford it, i would pay money to see your example characters turn into an actual television show

  42. Matthew Richard
    Matthew Richard
    14 days ago

    The Time Jump that is most awkward to my eye that is used A LOT are after shower scenes when they show the character go from the shower to their clothes and get dressed with out drying off first.

  43. N-Riv
    14 days ago

    I think Fairy Tail's first time skip was actually pretty good. In that one the entire main cast basically misses out on the time skip and the entire next arc is about them trying to repair the damage caused to their guild because of this. FT went from being one of the greatest guilds to being a laughing stock, I can't be the only fan of the series who cried when Natsu crawled through his motion sickness just so he wouldn't get last place because he knew his friends had spent 7 years suffering.

  44. Maxine Senior
    Maxine Senior
    14 days ago

    Me, a manga reader: I've watched One Piece and Attack on Titan, but I'll watch this anyway and hear explanations and examples

  45. KeystoneAgent
    14 days ago

    The fact that Robin/Nightwing and Zatanna just unceremoniously broke up off screen (unless I missed something) always made me furious in seasons 2 and 3 of Young Justice.

  46. Harry Weaver
    Harry Weaver
    15 days ago

    Time-skips of months/years almost always bug me. It's like we just miss a huge chunk of the characters journeys, and essentially get reintroduced to them as different people - like jumping from season 1 to season 6 of a show and wondering why certain characters have died, broken up, gotten together, made new friendships and developed different personalities. I find it almost cruel (I'm thinking Young Justice from season 1 - season 2 in particular. That really annoyed me as a kid).

  47. blaze 13541
    blaze 13541
    15 days ago

    You have other things going on? Is finishing Journey to the West one of those things? Please, please finish it. I'm begging you.

  48. rick davis
    rick davis
    15 days ago

    talk to fast

  49. phanfinger
    16 days ago

    The most surprising timeskip that I recently saw was the one in season 3 of Jane the Virgin. They suddenly go 3-4 years in the future and I did not expect it. It's wild but it was handled very nicely in my opinion.

  50. Griffin Tattongeyer
    Griffin Tattongeyer
    16 days ago

    Narrator: a time skip happened the world is all messed up Protagonist: No don’t worry i pushed this button and rewound to everything before the time skip Supporting: cast this is actually kind of boring Protagonist: you want me to push the button again Supporting cast: we want you to push the button again * back to your regular scheduled show*

  51. Anayacerinaryu
    16 days ago

    One of my favorite novels/Chinese anime stars with the words "Good news everyone, Wei Wuxian is dead!" This is a little jarring since Wei Wuxian is the main character. We are also informed that he was the Big Bad-- a war hero gone rogue and insane after he invented necromancy. Not to worry though, the actual story starts 13 years after that, when Wei Wuxian is summoned back into another body via a dark ritual. He is mildly miffed about this. What I love about that story though is how it sets up our expectations for how things are gonna go, and how Wei Wuxian is going to interact with the people from his past, and then continues to smash them, much the the POV character's confusion. It's a great use of a time skip, unreliable narrator, and limited point of view. As I watch through the trope talk videos on your channel, I'm continously delighted by just how many tropes Mo Dao Zu Shi manages to use to great effect. I didn't know you were making a web comic, but now I'm curious how YOU use tropes and, well, everything else I've heard you talk about. I'm going to check it out.

  52. Luvu TV
    Luvu TV
    16 days ago

    Hey so this probably won't be seen but what about a trope talk on soulmate!

  53. Ruaidhrí Ryan
    Ruaidhrí Ryan
    17 days ago

    Major nostalgia when seeing Reboot

  54. Peteman12
    17 days ago

    "Superhero medieval times". That premise reminds me of Dominic Deegan. So much snark on the Giant in the Playgrounds web forums for Dominic Deegan.

  55. Truman Fogler
    Truman Fogler
    18 days ago

    My favorite timeskip-induced-eyepatch-acquisition has to be Dimitri in FE three houses. I haven't taken the time to do a thorough analysis, but this timeskip successfully got me re-invested into the plot of the game as well as the characters whom I got to know as a player before the timeskip occurred. Even without counting Dimitri, the design changes are spectacular (for the most part). It makes a lot of sense as to how the status quo has changed, and how the future will be affected by your choices, so I think that's why I could be immersed by the timeskip even though I knew from trailers that it would happen months before three houses was even released. My biggest problem is how the player insert character byleth is handled, as they stay the same as 5 years pass by. It seems like the biggest waste of potential that they didn't give another redesign to the supposed main character, or maybe the final nail in a coffin for what could have been a good protagonist. Robin >>>>>>>> Byleth

  56. demigodsavatards-go
    18 days ago

    Your videos always put me in a better mood when I'm stressed, thank you

  57. Deathboy17
    18 days ago

    13:27 Watched the final season of Fairy Tail recently, eh?

  58. Peace Out Bruh
    Peace Out Bruh
    18 days ago

    "Time skips shouldn't move the story backwards" Star Wars Sequel trilogy be like "Oh, you defeated the Empire and saved the galaxy?" *uno reverse card*

    1. Hungry Penguin
      Hungry Penguin
      2 days ago

      @Obi-Wan Kenobi For real. Luke's character just undid everything he stood for. One of the biggest themes in the OT was how there can always be good in evil. Luke watched as his father turned back to the light after being this horrible overlord. Then he senses some darkness in one student, and his first instinct is to kill him? What???

    2. Obi-Wan Kenobi
      Obi-Wan Kenobi
      14 days ago

      Man, how I hate those sequels... They make me feel like I fought for nothing. Also, if they so easily erased the victory of the OT and made everyone a failure, it doesn't makes me trust the ending of the sequels because I know they could just as easily erase that victory and make them all failures. And that feels so pessimistic, which is the opposite of how Star Wars should make you feel.

  59. Michael Drzyzga
    Michael Drzyzga
    19 days ago

    tl;dr: "time skip" because a character shuts down during the darkest hour, and the story explores the healing process and the aftermath of a Five Man Band losing its Heart to a breakdown. Revisiting this after I realized I have a pseudo-time skip in my current draft. I say pseudo, because it's a bit unique: In sequence: 1) I have a darkest hour that signals a significant tonal shift as we have a main character death, and another main character regressing. 2) We have an entire chapter of stream of consciousness as this character goes practically catatonic for an extended period. We get small flashes of the activity interrupting his existing anxiety and self-loathing dialed up to 11 by survivor's guilt. It has been TOUGH writing this part. 3) The character finally turns the tide of their internal conflict, and we can return to the more normal narrative. 4) Like a time skip, it's disorienting as stuff happened during step 2 that we're not fully looped in on. We basically cut to the aftermath of the five-man band operating without their Heart for an extended period of time because the Heart had his heart broken. Also because the five-man band didn't have the Heart to help them cope with the Lancer's death. I didn't realize at first it was a time skip, since it's a smaller period of time. But it's a crucial period of time where two characters are missing, and one of the missing characters would be best equipped to retrieve the one that is retrievable. This is a serious darkest hour. It's the Heart's crucible, while the Hero, Big Guy, and Smart Guy don't merely try to survive without the Heart - they're trying to learn the Heart's skills.

  60. Taragon Leaf
    Taragon Leaf
    19 days ago

    Now I know why the Star Wars Sequels were hot garbage.

  61. Michael Ibrahim
    Michael Ibrahim
    19 days ago

    I hate time skips with every fiber of my being

  62. Chantel Carter
    Chantel Carter
    20 days ago

    You would think that a jump would be longer than a skip.

  63. Game Bag
    Game Bag
    20 days ago

    One piece is incredibly long? Didn't you read journey to the west. And that's kind of worse isn't it I mean no pictures vs basically comic book right?

  64. Logan's Walk
    Logan's Walk
    20 days ago

    I would say time skips are a good way of keeping the world living it allows the world to change whether for better or worse as most stories are just a glimpse into one small time period and allows for sense of progression which is why I don't like DBZ's buu arc because I thought it would be Gohan's(my favorite character BTW) time to shine with a arc all to himself and sure have Goku and Vegeta fight but keep the focus on Gohan but that didn't happen after he had his moment nothing really happened with him which I thought was a big missed opportunity because it could've made Z into Gohan's story because we already had Goku's with the original dragon ball. Overall I think having a story beginning with the hero and gradually shifting to their child is a really cool dynamic and idea.

  65. Fluets
    21 day ago

    Hmm so what do people think of the timeskip in Star Trek Discovery's third season?

  66. El Rocky Raccoon
    El Rocky Raccoon
    21 day ago

    15:38 _"(...) and look what happens when I try to draw people with actual noses."_ Ahhh I knew there was something different about your artwork on that!

  67. kenneth kid
    kenneth kid
    21 day ago

    one piece is to short we got 5 more years of chapters to enjoy. and you should read it oda is a master artist.

  68. James Harding
    James Harding
    21 day ago

    One interesting exception to this is the movie _1917,_ a relatively recent WWI movie that was filmed as “one shot” with no cuts or skips. Obviously, things are skipped since it compresses roughly 24 hours (at bare minimum) into 2, but it still feels like one continuous cut. I recommend watching it, incidentally. Just not if you, like me, are an observant pedant who will pick up on anything and everything that doesn’t add up.

  69. ncredwolf
    22 days ago

    No one ever poops *coughs in warriors, literally the only media that does*

  70. The V Man
    The V Man
    22 days ago

    Great video! I think it's interesting that a "time jump" is a short period and a "time skip" is a long period. You would think it would be the opposite. A "time skip" sounds like a short period and a "time jump" sounds like it would cover a longer period. Maybe that's just me? As a fellow fan of Leverage, are you excited about Leverage Redemption? I am!

  71. DeetheFirst
    22 days ago

    Thank you for waiting a couple years to announce the comic :D Based on past behavior I'll probably end up catching up to the last page in the next few days.

    1. DeetheFirst
      22 days ago

      Wep, took me three hours *sigh*

  72. Judah Buxton
    Judah Buxton
    22 days ago

    Tell me if i did this bad: My first try at making a timeskip was right after a shocking leap in character for one of the main ones, and a character death. After a whole ton of stuff happened, i left it at a pretty somber tone, and then time skipped it and we gotta to see how bad it got for one character, and how the world has changed.

  73. vonschlesien
    22 days ago

    Love the Dollhouse variant - probably the thing that show did with the most skill. Jumped from a heroic triumph to a decade-later dystopia... and then skipped back in the next season to let us see how they got there. Timeskip as teaser.

  74. Miguel Lopes
    Miguel Lopes
    23 days ago

    I feel like the timeskip between legend of Korra's 3rd and 4th season takes to long to make sense, it takes almost all of the season for the gang to get back together and the whole season just for you to get a small hint why Kuvira did, to me it's like it takes the whole season for you to catch up to the plot only for the show to end

  75. masterfold
    23 days ago

    I mean I was hoping to see the one piece time skip here but ya it is a mountain, still if you can get yourself to the Arlong Park arc, less than 100 chapters, you will understand the hype.

  76. Robert Fuller
    Robert Fuller
    23 days ago

    Pretty sure the only new teammates I gave a crap about in YJ Season 2 were Beast Boy, and MAYBE Impulse. And I’m a huge Beast Boy stan, so there’s probably some bias there, but at least BB’s origins and future on the team was introduced in Season 1. Even if you were familiar with Tim Drake, Wondergirl, and Blue Beetle, it still felt super random for them to just be there.

  77. Kevin Witek
    Kevin Witek
    23 days ago

    Wow this was only two weeks ago?! Just lived through a real life time skip 😅

  78. Mike Naughton
    Mike Naughton
    23 days ago

    just wow.

  79. Thane of Moss
    Thane of Moss
    24 days ago

    *THANK YOU* for talking extensively about the time skip in the second season of Young Justice! That massive shift in the status quo and disruption of character dynamics is what stopped me watching the show partway into that season. So yes, this was pretty spoiler-y for me, but at least I know I'm not alone in being hugely bothered by that frankly unnecessary leap over events that would have been much more interesting and fun to actually see happen!

  80. Honey Bizhy
    Honey Bizhy
    24 days ago

    Red: “no one ever poops” *remembers the times in Jojo where Polneraff has incidents trying to go to the bathroom while traveling and when old Joesph learned he had to wipe with sand* sure....

    1. Ironic Divine Mandate Stan
      Ironic Divine Mandate Stan
      12 days ago

      Also when baby Polnareff shits on Alessi.

  81. Ekin
    24 days ago

    The last bit about how characters shouldnt try to go back to the pre-timeskip status quo reminds me of the new Rocco's Modern Life movie.

  82. García Martínez_Ernesto
    García Martínez_Ernesto
    24 days ago

    I got and idea for another trope video if you need it or wanted. I just finished for second time "She-Ra and the princesses of power" and "Avengers: Earth's mightiest Heroes" and the idea is to talk about team work. Sometimes is difficult to write a team doing something all together, with everyone doing something with the same weight, rather than one doing almost all the work.

  83. John Potts
    John Potts
    25 days ago

    My favourite example of a timeskip was a seemingly innocuous one in the "House (MD)" episode, No Reason. House is talking with his minions in his office and the scene cuts to them carrying on the conversation while walking down the stairs, only for House to suddenly stop and say, "Wait - how did we get here? We were just in the office!" It was all a clue to the fact that the entire episode (to that point) had been a hallucination, although it was imperceptible to the viewer because it happens all the time on TV!

  84. CoronaSunrise
    25 days ago

    Reboot. Totally Alphanumeric. I loved that show.

  85. Bassy Boi
    Bassy Boi
    25 days ago

    Reading Aurora has really made me notice how conditioned I've become to the romantic tropes, as a fellow Ace umbrella user, that when any characters were expressing platonic physical contact part of my brain jumped into "aight, I guess that's the couple, I bet the next panel will have them blush or smthng" and I was happily mistaken. I love that the characters can express genuine explicit concern about each other and not have any "no homo, bro" or * romantic intimate scene/staring* Can we have this for more stuff?

  86. Sargent _Carrot69
    Sargent _Carrot69
    25 days ago

    Just wondering, has she done the overpowered protagonist trope, because I personally think that would be interesting.

  87. A McKenzie
    A McKenzie
    25 days ago

    YOU HAD A COMIC ALL ALONG AND YOU NEVER TOLD US???????????? Just found my summer vacation binge read! OMG they have NOSES

  88. Craytherlaygaming
    26 days ago

    Yeah... one series I've read that has 0 time-skips... Toaru... the most that time will pass is like... a week

  89. Jim Matters
    Jim Matters
    26 days ago

    Barely anything happened over the 2 year time skip in one peice, it was just an excuse to give luffy power ups without the audience questioning it.

  90. lliao
    26 days ago

    Journey to the west pls.

  91. The Man Behind The Mask
    The Man Behind The Mask
    26 days ago

    I’d love to see a tripe talk on the “Evil twin/ dark reflection trope”

  92. Endermage77
    26 days ago

    Imagine exploiting the timeskip trope for a comedic gag "We will never see eachother again for 17 years." "Yes." *17 years later* "Why did we do that" "No idea bro" *promptly moves on exactly as if nothing happened*

  93. Nil Fox
    Nil Fox
    26 days ago

    You should watch 'Totallynotmark' 's video series he did on One Piece. It's really well done.

  94. PyroGrimm
    26 days ago

    Wonder if a future Trope talk will be about. Animal Companions

  95. keltzy
    26 days ago

    I think my favorite time skip was in FFVI. Admittedly, it does the whole 'the world got messed up and we have to fix it' thing, but I think because it's a video game, it kinda works. Also, it made the final boss look really cool and threatening in the process.

  96. Mars
    27 days ago

    Invincible abuses the hell out of timeskips. In the comics, where Mark starts traveling to other planets, a lot of stuff happens off screen and his relationships are either damaged or worsened because of this.

  97. Miguel Galang
    Miguel Galang
    27 days ago

    No one ever poops? Red, Tywinn Lannister would love to see you now. Proceed to the third door to your left.

  98. Cazaplier Harv
    Cazaplier Harv
    27 days ago

    Thank you red! For using steven universe and be 10 as examples

  99. Lucas Cooper
    Lucas Cooper
    27 days ago


  100. Citizen’s Guard
    Citizen’s Guard
    28 days ago

    “Spoiling a random Agatha Christie novel?? How dare you!!!” Said one person. Literally one. Lol.