How Lockpicking Works

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Simple and clear explanation on lockpicking, how it can work, and what the goal is. If you like puzzles stick around!

Looking for some decent locks?
American Padlocks:
Abus Disk Padlock (88/40):
Mul-T-Lock Junior (House Format):
Mul-T-Lock MT5+ Padlock:

Looking for a DiskLock pick?
Consider my Silver Bullet:
or DIY Kit:


  1. Mohsin Abid
    Mohsin Abid
    19 hours ago

    Helped me a lot

  2. Exploded Games
    Exploded Games
    Day ago

    Nose picking while my locksmith does the lock picking!

  3. Lawgx
    2 days ago

    Switching to a brick is faster than lockpicking

  4. Bolte Parbona
    Bolte Parbona
    3 days ago

    Now, I understand LPL's words.....

  5. IAN 2021
    IAN 2021
    4 days ago

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  6. SG Lala
    SG Lala
    4 days ago

    Click on one

  7. dra6o0n
    5 days ago

    I think how a lockpick minigame in a fps rpg can play more realistically with a pressure gauge and the pick itself to control the resistance but cannot see the pins alignment. Like say in a Elder Scrolls game. Holding Spacebar will increase wrench pressure, too much will damage the wrench, too little and the pins might slip and reset. Pressure will slowly go down over time. Using the mouse up and down to apply pressure to a pin, mouse wheel to switch pins. A gauge is shown for how much strength used in the wrench, and how much resistance given when pushing the pin that is a colored shade. Pins 1 to 5 would be a rectangular bar with different color shades as you push them with different pressure, default is all green, adding pressure changes the color from green to red in various 'shades' from 0% to 100% basically, and with the right wrench strength level (like say you try to keep the gauge centered), you will hear a click when binding the pins, and need to stop the color at that spot where the sound occurred.

  8. Joshua
    5 days ago

    This is the best explanation I’ve seen on UKwill thanks mate cheers

  9. Robsay01
    6 days ago

    They should offer a “break in course” with this at local community colleges! Text books and videos too!

  10. B dun
    B dun
    6 days ago

    just use an illusion spell: "open lock" for me. or a scroll

  11. The GOAT
    The GOAT
    6 days ago

    This is wayyyy quieter than a brick.. thank you..🤣🤣🤣

  12. Rockfall 214
    Rockfall 214
    7 days ago

    Lockfall 🤔 That's the closest thing I've heard to my name/gamer tag

  13. Anjhelo hanniah DERICHDISCI
    Anjhelo hanniah DERICHDISCI
    7 days ago

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    7 days ago

    Is this dream?

  15. k brooks
    k brooks
    8 days ago

    Great idea, putting it on you tube, where theiving scumbags can see it.

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    Roost3r OSRS
    8 days ago

    This was excellent thank you very much

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    8 days ago

    Thank you because of you I got rich

  18. shogged
    8 days ago

    Click out of 2, 3 is binding

  19. Valentin Staudenrausch
    Valentin Staudenrausch
    8 days ago

    Do set pins ever fall back down? Can you notice that? What do you do then? Just keep on searching for not-set pins?

  20. pyro323
    9 days ago

    So this is what Lock Picking Lawyer watched when he was 2. 🤔

  21. champer slimmerthannone
    champer slimmerthannone
    10 days ago

    Hard for me to see this vid with my ski mask on...

  22. Scott W.
    Scott W.
    10 days ago

    OUT OF STOCK.... in everything

  23. Bo Burson
    Bo Burson
    11 days ago

    Great video. Thanks!

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    Ayden Sexton
    11 days ago

    *in Russian accent* yes brick is faster 🕴🕴

  25. George Laphazanidhs
    George Laphazanidhs
    11 days ago

    How to be a thief. Can you make a video on how should we proceed once we are in the house and another video once we are in the shop? Thank you.

  26. Schyler Hijar
    Schyler Hijar
    12 days ago

    So all those years of me playing Oblivion...I was just training!

  27. tubefish666
    12 days ago

    'American guy' = Roger Ver?

  28. Melkiy582
    13 days ago

    Зачем Ютуб мне это порекомендовал?)

  29. moosesnWoop123
    13 days ago

    Lock Picking Skill Increased By 20%

  30. moosesnWoop123
    13 days ago

    "bricks are always faster" LMAOOOOOOOO SCREAMING

  31. iLikeWaffles
    13 days ago

    Thank you! I've watched lots of others and nothing made sense. Now i can understand LPL and possibly start lockpicking myself.

  32. Nitsu
    13 days ago

    But what if the guy locked his bike with electronic countermeassures and ATGM launchers ??

  33. Joshua Jiang
    Joshua Jiang
    13 days ago

    Nothin on 1, 2 is binding, click out of 3😜

  34. Wild Pidgey
    Wild Pidgey
    13 days ago

    Interesting video, but nothing that Elder Scrolls Oblivion didn’t teach me already.

  35. deliciousgroove
    13 days ago

    Really cool. Great illustration and explanation!

  36. Frank Rizzo
    Frank Rizzo
    14 days ago

    I'm a criminal. I'm here so I can stop using bricks.

  37. Jeff Dahl
    Jeff Dahl
    14 days ago

    Why doesn't the first pin get loose when you get the second pin. Why would all the pins stay up and not fall after you bind the next pin.

    1. ravenfn
      13 days ago

      He's holding tension on the cylinder and as each pin rises, the lock cylinder turns clockwise ever so slightly and makes a click.

  38. Justin Horn
    Justin Horn
    14 days ago

    The Grey fox is proud

  39. J Braz
    J Braz
    14 days ago

    That's all well and good. But let me tell you what awaits anyone who picks my lock. A 230 grain slug.

    1. Owen Sparks
      Owen Sparks
      14 days ago

      You never leave your house?

  40. Sandesh Bhandari
    Sandesh Bhandari
    15 days ago

    When i was kid, i took my parents safe key and made a outline of it in paper then i use that outline to make a key out of video game cd. My small ass mind thought that it would be nice idea to use plastic material as a key. Then i tried to open the safe, only outer handle rotated, the key didnot rotate, ended up breaking the plastic key with half of it inside the hole. I did it so that i can buy video game cd without asking money. I gave up everything and i was preparing myself mentally to get hard ass slap from parents. Luckly found some twisers and pulled half piece out

    1. Katt
      9 days ago

      @Johnny Q he cant have the key 24/7 and it would be more risky if he kept stealing the key. Its ok, man, just don't be a prick

    2. Johnny Q
      Johnny Q
      11 days ago

      If you had the key you should have just used the key. We're you a bright kid?🤣

  41. WW-town! !!
    WW-town! !!
    15 days ago

    Can you tension and rake?

  42. swaguilar
    15 days ago

    In this situation, I usually rotate R3 until the controller vibrates to let me know I got one of the binds. I'm, of course, talking about Splinter Cell though...

    1. Carbon Claw
      Carbon Claw
      7 days ago

      Ahh the Splinter Cell reference..i was thinking about this too. The training mission on the first game when you get to the "you can pick a door if it's locked" section lol

  43. Travis McCutchan
    Travis McCutchan
    15 days ago

    Mafia 2 lock picking was pretty accurate

  44. Das
    15 days ago

    Could someone explain to me why they just dont fall down? Why do they satay while he is lockpicking other pieces.

    1. Kevin Koster
      Kevin Koster
      15 days ago

      I do believe that is what the sideways twist to create tension is for, and the sound of the click. When it's raised high enough, the twist will allow the top pin to pop over the top of the barrel. If you release the tension, everything would line up again so the pin could drop back down. I'm sure after every pin you move you have to increase your tension just a slight amount more to create that new tension on each successive pin.

  45. Dino Gerc
    Dino Gerc
    15 days ago

    Now I need practice, it shouldn't be a problem I have 24 neighbors on my floor. I donk think they mind it at all. Lmao

  46. PM
    15 days ago

    Thanks, now im in jail

  47. Lukas Beck
    Lukas Beck
    15 days ago

    It's easy. You press the action button when the line is in the highlighted area

    1. Blake Grimes
      Blake Grimes
      14 days ago

      Have my like

  48. Popeye Sailor
    Popeye Sailor
    15 days ago

    Do all locks use 5 pins and how can you tell how many pins the lock has?

    1. Anton Dales
      Anton Dales
      15 days ago

      No. By checking..just feel how many pins you can push up.

  49. Beloved Lion
    Beloved Lion
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  50. Wayne_Twitch
    16 days ago

    I learned lots playing Skyrim but then i took a shotgun to the knee damn hillbilly nords

  51. Derek Mckiernan
    Derek Mckiernan
    16 days ago

    Wow I've started lock picking as a challenge and stumbled on this video This is the best explanation on youtube Thank you

  52. Raisins
    16 days ago

    Lol so ES4 lockpicking was way more realistic than i thought

  53. Catherine Fleming
    Catherine Fleming
    16 days ago

    I've had 3 brand new locks fitted on my UPVC front door , in the par year yet they burglar is still gaining entry. Yet, it states on one of the packets that the lock is picklock proof Utter Garbage if you ask me !!!

    1. Cropsy
      14 days ago

      Watch the lock picking lawyer

  54. nikoli gogle
    nikoli gogle
    16 days ago

    We all love you man!! 🌹

  55. Axel Shark
    Axel Shark
    16 days ago

    Works best with C4.👍

  56. Rigo
    16 days ago

    Aaahh. Thats what the tension is for. 👍

  57. Robert Hatcher
    Robert Hatcher
    16 days ago

    Sounds like an enabling liability lawsuit to me.

    1. n r
      n r
      15 days ago

      Sounds like you need your cheeks clapped. Where can I find you boy

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    Analytical Habitrails
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    george makos
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    This video is fake. !!!! 😠 😠

  60. Nerd Bird
    Nerd Bird
    16 days ago

    Thank you! I will now use this information for totally legal means...

  61. Theo Bolt
    Theo Bolt
    16 days ago

    Is this burglary 101? Okay, then I'm good.

  62. Burrito Supreme
    Burrito Supreme
    16 days ago

    Brick is always faster IF you want someone to know you were there.

    1. Dan Do
      Dan Do
      16 days ago

      Or doorbell, then they can open the door for you

  63. Ken Frievalt
    Ken Frievalt
    16 days ago

    These are the same tools i use to pick my nose

    1. Cairo Silver
      Cairo Silver
      8 days ago

      @ravenfn If you go past the fifth pin you do start to speak in odd ways

    2. ravenfn
      13 days ago

      That's fine as long as you don't start speaking to yourself "nothing in one... some binding in two... going back to the beginning."

  64. Kaktus Kopf
    Kaktus Kopf
    16 days ago

    The satisfiying monent when you open a lovk likr this :)

  65. sh1sh1maru
    16 days ago

    Now I finally know what "binding" means. Thanks for the easy to understand explanation!

  66. Greg Conquest
    Greg Conquest
    16 days ago

    Thank you. This is the first time I've fully understood this principle of lockpicking. I know there are variations, etc., but now I finally understand exactly what is happening inside.

  67. Vince Styles
    Vince Styles
    16 days ago

    Great video

  68. MC24
    16 days ago

    Been locksmithing for 15 years and no one has explained it this clearly. No more rake n pray.

    1. Austin Hernandez
      Austin Hernandez
      11 days ago

      I've never fully understood such basics but this animation helped a lot and now it all makes perfect sense. It gives me an amazing feeling. I'm going to practice picking basic locks now. This channel is awesome

  69. ETHRON1
    16 days ago

    Finally someone explains and show the process 🙌👏

  70. Prof. Roofs, MD
    Prof. Roofs, MD
    16 days ago

    Here after watching several videos of LPL

  71. help the bear Yogi
    help the bear Yogi
    16 days ago

    You explain why the first one clicked but didn't explain why the others were able to click afterwards leading me to believe I don't need to find the binded up one first... (i know, but I said it like that And you didn't mention what exactly the tensions tool is doing.

  72. Mokongthe3
    16 days ago

    Brick is faster indeed

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    Friendly Man
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    This was great

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    Excellent illustrative animation!

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  76. Matthias Koostachin
    Matthias Koostachin
    17 days ago

    Honestly, I've only done lockpicking in video games. 🙂

  77. zarr zarr
    zarr zarr
    17 days ago

    why tell the criminals what to do, your giving idiots knowledge

  78. TwirlingFern
    17 days ago

    Super helpful to see this visual.

  79. tehsidewinder
    17 days ago

    I bought some cheap locks to learn picking, one of them has only one functional pin the rest are for show, an other opens just by inserting a long tension wrench, they were only 2euros each tho

    1. Dan Do
      Dan Do
      16 days ago


  80. snaplash
    17 days ago

    Someone needs to build a perfect lock, where no pin can bind before the others..

    1. Zeth Cader
      Zeth Cader
      16 days ago

      Why? If you lose your key, you just make it harder to get the door open

  81. Faith Cyan
    Faith Cyan
    17 days ago

    So sleeping dog was accurate? I thought whoever made that minigame wanted to piss me off?? Excuse me, I need to go write an apology letter to square enix

  82. Con Cahill
    Con Cahill
    17 days ago

    Thank you for a clear explanation. Helpful to visualise.

  83. Twobarpsi
    17 days ago

    LPL anyone????

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    AcemanX Ace Wolf™
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  86. mUk AbOuT42
    mUk AbOuT42
    18 days ago

    This is great, for simple locks but most locks have security pins. Never mind, found your other video on security pins lol

  87. Sc0pee
    18 days ago

    The thing is, that by mastering lockpicking you can break in to places, steal something and close the lock on your way out. Chances are that no one will even notice that you were there!

    1. ravenfn
      13 days ago

      Or, if you watch murder mystery shows, the cops always look for forced entry. Tends to help rule out a stranger doing the crime. Not always, though!

    2. Kio
      16 days ago

      I wouldn't steal, I'd just go around picking locks for fun 😂

  88. Joachim Quintus
    Joachim Quintus
    18 days ago

    Brick is always faster - If you live in the US. Else where houses are not made of wood and windows are all burglar proofed as a standard.

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    enjoying my new car rn thanks

  90. steven van pelt
    steven van pelt
    18 days ago

    I am missing the part when lpl says 'dropped into a false set' what does that mean?

    1. Sailor
      18 days ago

      these pins are all standard, false sets are because of a security pin called spool. Once you look at the shape of it you will understand instantly.

  91. Pat Sixx
    Pat Sixx
    18 days ago

    Mafia II ?

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    Robert Saca
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    Lockpicking lawyer could learn from this.

    1. MrSupercar55
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      What’s there for him to learn? The video explains all his famous “Nothing on 1, 2 is binding, small click outta 3” stuff.

  94. Peter Powers
    Peter Powers
    18 days ago

    Seeing the visual was very helpful.

    18 days ago

    If a brick is always faster, then what are the purpose of locks?

    1. Doug Koenig
      Doug Koenig
      15 days ago

      Locks only keep honest people out

  96. David Ryan
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    Thanks LPL!

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