#3 BUCKS at #2 NETS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | June 19, 2021

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  1. Ramie Douglas
    Ramie Douglas
    Day ago

    Even though I am a bucks fan and I loved that we won kd is honestly one of the greatest players ever in my opinion he turned and he shot mad it 48 points an it wasn't even his best in my opinion this game was the finals if he won they would have won the playoffs if bucks won there only Challenges we're the clippers which were injured tbh when I saw kd make an airball I cried both time kd I the best in the world without a doubt

  2. gor9027
    3 days ago

    KD’s shoe size is now one of the biggest “What ifs” in NBA history now that the Bucks won the title.

    1. Thomas Sankara
      Thomas Sankara
      2 days ago

      Not really. He had plenty of chances to close in OT but he went 0-6. Steve Nash proved he wasn't a legit coach, that's why we won this game and the championship.

  3. Keyshawn Wilson
    Keyshawn Wilson
    3 days ago

    The 2nd best player in the league in KD proving once again he should not be disrespected vs the 5th best player in the league in Giannis with a fully healthy team and still almost lost to a big toe.

  4. Omanignat
    3 days ago

    Naka tanga lng kasi si harden puta hindi binigyan ng screen si durant d sana naka pwesto pasya ng mas maganda ang bhobho mo harden 😂

    4 days ago

    This was the best game/ match in the playoffs.

  6. Kevin William Cruz
    Kevin William Cruz
    4 days ago

    I hope next season wrestbrook harden durant in Brooklyn nets thats champion team #2022

  7. my lock
    my lock
    4 days ago

    Why harden ain't take the shot kd doin everything dam

  8. Gabriel Barraza
    Gabriel Barraza
    5 days ago

    That 3 by KD was so unnecessary.

    1. Soldier09
      5 days ago

      considering that he choked and airballed it, yea

  9. Soldier09
    5 days ago

    Giannis' ring 💍 > KD's rings 🧁🧁

  10. Zachary Harris
    Zachary Harris
    5 days ago

    Who’s here after the 2021 NBA Finals?

  11. JJSports TV
    JJSports TV
    5 days ago

    can we accept the fact that this is the real Finals?

  12. Dee Davis
    Dee Davis
    5 days ago

    This was the best series of the playoffs by far

  13. Stephen Wuzy
    Stephen Wuzy
    5 days ago

    If KD’s foot was slightly smaller they may have won the champions this year

  14. Benjamin Clark
    Benjamin Clark
    5 days ago

    This was the game that gave the Bucks to get to the finals ☺️

  15. nousefulness
    5 days ago

    Crazy to think the Bucks were one inch away from being eliminated and now they're champions

    1. alexander morales
      alexander morales
      5 days ago

      Yea fr.

  16. 1990Thunderbolt
    5 days ago

    This was the real NBA Finals!

    1. 1990Thunderbolt
      3 days ago

      @Giannis Son: Chris Paul yeah but wait till the next season when the western conference go bonkers if they all stay healthy!

    2. Giannis Son: Chris Paul
      Giannis Son: Chris Paul
      3 days ago

      @1990Thunderbolt Eastern Conference literally made big improvements this season, although no eastern team became the number one in nba

    3. 1990Thunderbolt
      4 days ago

      @Kaden Williams pretty much. I guess it was all eastern conference this year 🤷‍♂️

    4. Kaden Williams
      Kaden Williams
      4 days ago

      wait so the injured nets put up a better fight than the suns

    5. Infernocus
      5 days ago


  17. Bill Nye
    Bill Nye
    7 days ago

    Just about 3-4 years ago this stadium was completely empty. Funny how people are sheep and sway teams so easily.. Look at all the sudden Suns fans now. Lmao

    1. KimWright
      6 days ago

      Some fans move with their favourite players.Nothing to see here! Others it is choice!

  18. Joselito Sunga
    Joselito Sunga
    8 days ago

    If you win, injury means nothing. If you lose, injury means everything.

  19. Joselito Sunga
    Joselito Sunga
    8 days ago

    9:09 So it’s Holiday!

  20. doughboy 1991
    doughboy 1991
    8 days ago

    Joe Harris...Omg 😂😂😂

  21. UncleDrew
    13 days ago

    I was expecting Kyrie to play like a God bc his friend Kobe died he needed to impress Kobe in heaven

    1. Mapfal
      11 days ago

      Wtf, don't make this about Kobe's death

  22. EliPlayz
    16 days ago

    This is the real Eastern Conference Finals.

  23. Jalen Garrett
    Jalen Garrett
    18 days ago

    That was a 3 pointer

  24. Andrew and Tyler bro’s
    Andrew and Tyler bro’s
    20 days ago


  25. Jeff Araujo
    Jeff Araujo
    22 days ago

    Were is KYRIE?? Dude is soft lol

  26. Aaron Blackmon
    Aaron Blackmon
    22 days ago

    So, noone saw Durant hit that 3 with one second left in the fourth quarter at 7:41 😕 we're just gonna act like they shouldn't have won if they counted that 3 as a 3 and not a 2, even the announcer said it

  27. nico4132
    23 days ago

    7:44 durant knew he step on 3pt line

  28. The Light Knight
    The Light Knight
    23 days ago

    Kd needs a super team to win. Can't do.it by himself

  29. Jung Kook
    Jung Kook
    24 days ago

    Joe harris trashh steve coaching trashh did not call timeout

  30. Chas Stone
    Chas Stone
    25 days ago

    How can you lose with all those stars? Ask the Bucks

  31. Casanova
    25 days ago

    Harden should have got that last shot KD was 🥵dead 🔋

  32. Kiff D
    Kiff D
    26 days ago

    I love how when gannis came to the nba he said I like Kevin Durant now he’s knocking him out of the playoffs

    29 days ago

    Matthew 3:10 And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

  34. Liquid Cane Carthen
    Liquid Cane Carthen
    29 days ago

    Cut that hair

  35. Brody Coffee
    Brody Coffee
    Month ago

    Ok then add kyrie Irving to what we just watched I don’t think this game is even close if he’s in the game

  36. John Ruggiero
    John Ruggiero
    Month ago

    I hope this ends the “let’s build a super team era.”

  37. Donte Santiago
    Donte Santiago
    Month ago

    They played the bucks twice this shit is confusing

  38. Angel Cadena
    Angel Cadena
    Month ago

    Cute how people talk like kd is the best n better than LBJ lol. Had a super team n couldn't even make it to the conference finals xD. Yeh I'm aware the Lakers are eliminated as well. But they're not a super team. Whoopty do with 2 superstars compared to 4 or a full team like the warriors did

    1. Stromberg
      24 days ago

      Shut up angel

  39. Super Epicpro
    Super Epicpro
    Month ago

    KD had 46 points before he made the shot to send it to OT but the bucks don’t put the former DPOY on him

    1. Mapfal
      28 days ago

      And he lost

  40. EAsfgman
    Month ago

    Harden strikes again. Been saying it, dude is garbage. No passion. No desire. No hustle. No discipline. No motivation. He's put there just acting like "whatever happens is cool w me". Harden garbage. He proves it everything he goes out on that court.

    1. Isaiah 23
      Isaiah 23
      29 days ago


    2. Isaiah 23
      Isaiah 23
      29 days ago

      Are u dumb he was through a hamstring grade 2 injury

  41. Jourdan Cerilla
    Jourdan Cerilla
    Month ago

    Im here before kd sign with the bucks.

  42. Milk Boi
    Milk Boi
    Month ago

    Devin booker better than LeBron Kd better than LeBron Giannis better than LeBron

  43. Stephen Warren
    Stephen Warren
    Month ago

    All of Harden’s old teammates are in the Finals 😂🤣🤣

  44. NotProjectSupreme
    Month ago

    score board was rigged

  45. Jeffrey Gooding
    Jeffrey Gooding
    Month ago

    Harden SOLD 💀🤦🏽‍♂️

  46. Obi Chukwura
    Obi Chukwura
    Month ago

    The minute Giannis had his jersey untucked... It was over

  47. Chuck rogers
    Chuck rogers
    Month ago

    Maybe harden should have took that shot?

  48. cyrus cachola
    cyrus cachola
    Month ago

    Overated...LeBron would won

  49. Joe Marwil
    Joe Marwil
    Month ago

    No plan for last play?..no timeout?...air ball? Crap.

  50. Shaoping Xie
    Shaoping Xie
    Month ago

    Steve Nash is an idiot. How could he arrange last two shots by KD? The whole world believed that the ball would go to KD so that Bucks would closely defend KD. He should let JH shoot the ball.

  51. A U
    A U
    Month ago

    They cheated kd made that 3

    1. Gary 3tahler
      Gary 3tahler
      24 days ago


    2. Mapfal
      28 days ago


  52. SAKA
    Month ago

    so... i guess to win a championship nower days u need at least 10 allstars in one team o what are u f kidding me BN... i had my bet on u guys!!!!...???

  53. Emman Germino
    Emman Germino
    Month ago

    what kind of title is that?

  54. Jacob__55
    Month ago

    You know this is a great game when the commentator loses their voice

  55. Johnny Kiehn
    Johnny Kiehn
    Month ago

    Say what you will about the Nets getting robbed, if Lopez has the awareness to get ball to hit rim instead of getting a shot clock violation on that last shot, it’s gg. No chance they rebound and get down the court enough to get a decent look. Complain about getting robbed all you want Nets fans, you choked it.

  56. Ali Youssef
    Ali Youssef
    Month ago

    When u build a super team it’s the most prone to injuries it’s like a curse

  57. roofnkeith
    Month ago

    This got me hard as a celtics fan...I hate the nets

  58. Nobara Kugisaki
    Nobara Kugisaki
    Month ago

    Giannis just beat his arch nemesis Harden

  59. Xdog
    Month ago

    Bro Milwaukee’s coach I swear he was stupid. I would Get on him if they didn’t win that game. It’s so stupid that how with a few second left they don’t put a defensive player of the year 6’11 Giannis on KD for that last shot. Like how stupid do u have to be to not put Giannis on KD the last seconds of the game. Like why would u not. I understand that the whole game they didn’t have Giannis on KD because he would be tiring to guard and they need him to have energy for offense. But there’s literally a few second left. But instead they put a smaller defender on KD and he shoots right over him with no contest. Giannis would of contested it way better.

  60. Hector Nodal
    Hector Nodal
    Month ago

    #🦌 #delivery #game

  61. Back Pain Solutions
    Back Pain Solutions
    Month ago

    People give excuse to why the Brooklyn Nets lost this game 7, everyone forget the awful mistakes of Lopez, Thank god he block that Durant shot, the bucks got it out the mud, they deserve it. I’m sure we all know the bucks will win the NBA championship.

  62. NatronX
    Month ago

    Most dangerous mans on the planet 0-2 Kawhi 2017-2018 Lebron Untucked Jersey Giannis

  63. ced ed
    ced ed
    Month ago

    The magical fish worryingly heal because buffet alarmingly scatter throughout a numberless white. marvelous, dear wren

  64. EUGENE Hamby
    EUGENE Hamby
    Month ago

    That was a great NBA Basketball Game.

  65. Edwin Beasley
    Edwin Beasley
    Month ago

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  66. Invicible
    Month ago

    I think this is a great test for them especially for the BIG 3 Miami had this kind of BIG 3 but in thier first Finals they lost but still managed to get into the Finals but the Nets BIG 3 can't But if those injuries didn't happen, I think the Nets BIG 3 could make into the Finals but lose to either Clippers or Lakers(if Lakers are healthy that time either) So I'm interested to see this BIG 3 of the Nets Next Season with motivation to win it all, other players stepping up in the big moments like Joey "Brick" Harris, Landry Shamet, see more of Bruce Brown Regular Season in Playoffs Goodluck Nets next season🙂

  67. kumander bawang
    kumander bawang
    Month ago

    superteam what?!!!

  68. Stephanie Penticostes
    Stephanie Penticostes
    Month ago

    Kevin Durant: Im gonna sign with the bucks next year

    1. Benjamin Clark
      Benjamin Clark
      5 days ago

      I wished

    2. Omnipotiscience
      9 days ago

      A KD/Giannis duo is fucking lethal though. Plus, Bucks team don't have a Draymond Green.

    3. Jayjay Gaspar
      Jayjay Gaspar
      10 days ago

      Kd back warriors

    4. Jackie Hall
      Jackie Hall
      10 days ago

      he has a 3 year contract stop playing

    5. rocco steo
      rocco steo
      12 days ago

      Or the suns

  69. fermin m mejia
    fermin m mejia
    Month ago

    Durant you are not the only player in your team. Your last going to overtime was a miracle shot I can't understand why you repeat your shot you have a lot of seconds and holiday is the one who guarded you can drive then take a shot maybe Holiday can be foul. Harden why do give to Durant you are also a star player you can take the shot. Both of you was bullshit it means you can't lift your team without K. I.

  70. Rick Salt
    Rick Salt
    Month ago

    It's amazing that a loaded team like the Nets fell short . Is there salary caps in NBA ?

  71. Brandon Booher
    Brandon Booher
    Month ago

    Bucks are really good. If kyrie played along with the other two it would have been a different story. This is what happens with a really short offseason unless your the mvp lol. This was a great series overall I’m happy for the bucks. I do honestly think it would be so badass in suns won it

    1. Brandon Booher
      Brandon Booher
      Month ago


  72. John Dently Mohammad
    John Dently Mohammad
    Month ago

    Justice league Vs The Avengers

  73. Gambit Chips
    Gambit Chips
    Month ago

    If only the nets have Paul Pierce taking the last shot. He always calls game!

  74. The Baby Face Assassin
    The Baby Face Assassin
    Month ago

    Karma is real braa

  75. Mason Tyler
    Mason Tyler
    Month ago

    I'm a bucks fan omg plz just let us have a championship omg it's been so tuff these past couple years

  76. Jack Warren
    Jack Warren
    Month ago

    holy shit all these kd haters are tryna block out the fact that Durant in this series proved he’s the best player in the nba rn. Coming off a blown achilles this man gutted out 3 straight games playing every minute. You didn’t see Lebron dropping 50 without AD. He would have given up and accepted defeat. if kd gets any help from joe harris they win this series easy, let alone if they were fully healthy. he improved his legacy as an all time great by elevating himself to another level in the playoffs once again.

  77. Lamar bond
    Lamar bond
    Month ago

    They should have won when kd hit that that clutch shot Bc it was a 3 or I must be tripping

  78. Jason Arnett
    Jason Arnett
    Month ago

    Durant who?

  79. Yes Sir
    Yes Sir
    Month ago

    Go bucks

  80. Lou Ders
    Lou Ders
    Month ago

    I love how all these pathetic pseudo experts had the Nets easily winning this series and now they're jumping on the Bucks bandwagon. How do I get a job where I can be consistently wrong and still have a job when I wake up in the moring LMAO.

  81. James Allen
    James Allen
    Month ago

    2 radical states California and N.Y. has 2 teams and my bucks take one out..BOOM as Harden crys going to locker room. 🤣

  82. Jack Cavanaugh
    Jack Cavanaugh
    Month ago

    lol we’re about to roll the hawks

  83. Antonio Bellosillo
    Antonio Bellosillo
    Month ago

    So glad nets lost

  84. Mecha Godzilla
    Mecha Godzilla
    Month ago

    Love rewatching the Nets loose

  85. Matthew Bush
    Matthew Bush
    Month ago

    Congratulations to Milwaukee bucks y'all going to eastern conference championships yes yes yes yes and yes

  86. harout k
    harout k
    Month ago

    Durant should've gone towards the rim on his final attempt...

  87. D uragon Express
    D uragon Express
    Month ago

    nets owner got a serious headache after this game😥

  88. Hahnstirs
    Month ago

    refs tried to get it in 7 but SHITTTT Gian Gian and them bucks stepped up big and Kd Stepped up too far 😂😂

  89. Trevor Wakeford
    Trevor Wakeford
    Month ago

    Nets deserve to lose for letting Khris Middleton score 38 points in game 6....and 23 in game 7.....go get therapy.

  90. James Michiels
    James Michiels
    Month ago

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  91. Captain Von Stahle
    Captain Von Stahle
    Month ago


  92. Anything is Possible
    Anything is Possible
    Month ago

    I think KD was feeling himself a little too much with that last shot. I mean It wasn't a bad shot maybe somewhat because he airballed but all he really had to do was attack the paint to tie the game to force 2OT

  93. Winners notwinters
    Winners notwinters
    Month ago

    😂 Nets waste of a season ..

  94. Rosano Arandila
    Rosano Arandila
    Month ago

    It's a game for a hungrier team in the end. Great2x effort from the bucks. But I don't think there is any team now that is more determine than Suns and Clippers. Just in my opinion.

  95. Eli Friday
    Eli Friday
    Month ago

    Gianas just kept saying keep trusting each even after game 2 blowout feel good of you are bucks fan.

  96. prophet DJS
    prophet DJS
    Month ago

    Well after putting together the big three together look what happens, they don't even make it to the eastern conference finals, now granted injuries played a big part but that's why it's a team game & others have to step up, but hey I'm a Knicks fan & wasn't happy that both Kevin & Kyrie chose Brooklyn over us so a little bit of victory for us Knicks fans.

  97. Benson dela cruz ✅
    Benson dela cruz ✅
    Month ago

    I watch it every day

  98. Ryan Murray
    Ryan Murray
    Month ago

    So glad the Nets lost. Harden is a bum. Kyrie is a bum. KD ok but he can't win without the splash bros. Let's go Suns!!

  99. MovieMusic Clips
    MovieMusic Clips
    Month ago

    KD out of gas!

  100. thawng ceu
    thawng ceu
    Month ago

    Yanas loud asf