Shampoo is a Lie (for me...and maybe for you too??)

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Why I haven't washed my hair in 5 years
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  1. Johnny Harris
    Johnny Harris
    18 days ago

    so I usually make videos about maps and international stuff but as you all can see lately i've been diving into all sorts of different topics (NFTs, icecream makers, shampoo). The reality is that I make my videos based on what is genuinely fascinating me at any moment. I'm glad you are all here along with me on this wild ride of trying to understand how things work. lots more stuff to come! -Johnny

    1. Nick S
      Nick S
      13 hours ago

      Wait, do just rinse your hair real good with hot water in the shower? Or are we talking a shower cap type thing?

    2. Serhat Donmez
      Serhat Donmez
      23 hours ago

      i am not doing it since 20 years :)))

    3. Nauman Munaf
      Nauman Munaf
      Day ago

      And all i use is Johnson's baby shampoo as when i was 4 or 5 it made it silky and continues to help it remain silky

    4. Nauman Munaf
      Nauman Munaf
      Day ago

      I am a boy and have silky smooth hair

    5. Ken Neth
      Ken Neth
      Day ago

      OK, now let's talk about toothpaste. That I replaced years ago with...

  2. Ademar Junior
    Ademar Junior
    20 minutes ago

    Besides all you said. I would also say diet. A crappy diet can make you have a crappy hair

  3. Flores
    34 minutes ago

    Okay but i can't go more than two days without washing my hair/scalp because the oils and smell, itchiness and flakes start to make me feel like sh*t. With one day's worth of oil i can lubricate a V-6 engine lol and if I don't wash with shampoo my head smells like wet dog! Seriously, it stinks. 😵

  4. Ved
    43 minutes ago

    Am i the only one who uses shampoo and soap ONLY ? Without conditioner and some products and all ?

  5. Pattie Prophet
    Pattie Prophet
    Hour ago

    Your great

  6. Joey Cyzz
    Joey Cyzz
    Hour ago

    A shampoo ad poped out right after this video was finished lol

  7. Polish guy
    Polish guy
    Hour ago

    I wash my hairs 1 a month and when I wash it more often or not at all then my hair are worse, bad, more dirty( yeah I know )... Idk my English is to bad to remember this word :|

  8. Murad Ali
    Murad Ali
    Hour ago

    I use shampoo only after getting a haircut 💇‍.

  9. strawberry
    2 hours ago

    this just makes me realize how dumb-looking most shampoo commercials are :DDD

  10. olezha
    2 hours ago

    I’m bald why am I watching this

  11. Chris Hunter
    Chris Hunter
    2 hours ago

    just a little bit of shampoo works very well... using a bottle since 6 months now

  12. Lisa Trombley
    Lisa Trombley
    2 hours ago

    I haven't washed my hair in over a year, I quit using shampoo 5+ yrs ago. Best thing I've done for my hair

  13. Ben G
    Ben G
    3 hours ago

    *stops shampooing* Problem multi billion dollar conglomerates?

  14. The Gorn
    The Gorn
    4 hours ago


  15. Piekay
    4 hours ago

    Rye seems to be a good alternative for shampoo. It works for some people, at least

  16. This is Faizan
    This is Faizan
    5 hours ago

    If not shampoo then what you use to wash your hair?

    1. Drunkass
      2 hours ago

      “Tea is packed with good-for-you nutrients that can help make damaged hair soft and shiny again. The antioxidants it contains work to remove buildup and help your hair absorb nourishing vitamins and minerals, as well as protect it from UV rays that can further damage and dry out strands.” Black tea seems to be the most popular option, but most of the teas are good as well.

  17. Armel
    5 hours ago

    At last, someone like me! I haven't used shampoo for a long time. I just rinse it with water really well while massaging my scalp. My gf can't believe that i don't use shampoo because my hair is super smooth and looks so healthy😅 maybe it's genetic why some people need shampoo and others don't 😅

  18. SierraAspen
    5 hours ago

    Every time I bought head and shoulders because my head was itchy 💀🤦🏽‍♀️😑

  19. Nuryana Panaligan
    Nuryana Panaligan
    5 hours ago

    I only wash my hair with Conditioner, no Shampoo. My scalp isn't dry anymore.

  20. Dylan Rush
    Dylan Rush
    6 hours ago

    What metric did you use to determine the problem being "1000 times worse for women"?

  21. peace
    7 hours ago

    Any diy tips tho?

    1. Drunkass
      2 hours ago

      Tea is packed with good-for-you nutrients that can help make damaged hair soft and shiny again. The antioxidants it contains work to remove buildup and help your hair absorb nourishing vitamins and minerals, as well as protect it from UV rays that can further damage and dry out strands.

  22. EivenKim ちわ:D
    EivenKim ちわ:D
    8 hours ago

    Humans are well known by trying to replace natural things with the artificial one just to make money out of it or, from pretending they bring back natural things again. One day we will be all in mars and doing like is edgy and trendybto live on earth

  23. EivenKim ちわ:D
    EivenKim ちわ:D
    8 hours ago

    I only use a soap bar for all (I am a woman)

  24. Exodus Cypher
    Exodus Cypher
    8 hours ago

    Your right, leave the HR to not offend others out. Speak the truth and call it what it is. Your right about what your said through and through. It makes sense and ads up. Awesome presentation minus the HR interjections

  25. MikiGameplays
    8 hours ago

    i never in my life used conditioner,i did not know man use that ahaahahahaah WTF , that is new to me xD maybe know i have to try it one time

  26. ThriftybyNature
    8 hours ago

    I use urine to wash my hair, it stopped my balding and it actually stimulates hair growth in my case.

    1. Drunkass
      2 hours ago

      I don’t think it’s hygienic to use it every time you wash it. Try tea, it’s super good for the hair

  27. Future Invest
    Future Invest
    9 hours ago

    how does this man washes his hair if not shampoo

  28. John Paul Riego
    John Paul Riego
    9 hours ago

    I just use conditioner so my hair smells good.

  29. Ангелина Суворова
    Ангелина Суворова
    9 hours ago

    I tried the no shampoo method while I was visiting my grandma in a village for like 2 months and nothing happened except my hair was starting to become dreads and I gave up But it did drastically reduce the amount of hair washes I have per week (from 4-5 times to just 2). So it’s definitely not for everyone, but it may at least help And also I’ve always wondered how those medieval people lived without shampoo. I guess they had bugs living in their hair, but not all of them right?

  30. Joshua Peralta
    Joshua Peralta
    10 hours ago

    I'll try this no shampoo thing

  31. itsDezz Ray
    itsDezz Ray
    10 hours ago

    Only my opinion ppl!!! But I think daily hair washing is a cultural thing. I've always wondered why white ppl washed their hair everyday. Seems like other measures could be taken to get rid of the excess oils. A couple of times in my life as a black woman I have been asked ( By white ppl) how do blk ppl not wash our hair daily in protective styles. Yes we wash our hair and like for him its not a everyone thing but maybe a majority thing. But its just not necessary to. I've always had so many questions.

  32. bney
    10 hours ago

    This sort of reminds me of how the “blackheads” on your nose are seen as this horrible thing that you have to strip out of your skin when a lot of the time it’s just sebaceous filaments that everyone has and is totally normal, natural, and will always be there.

  33. Agus Kamaludin
    Agus Kamaludin
    10 hours ago

    Meanwhile I got a salloon ads

  34. Galuh Puspita
    Galuh Puspita
    10 hours ago

    masuk akal sih jaman dulu orang kan gak pake shampoo... mereka pake apa buat bersihin rambutnya ya?

  35. Elliot Kane
    Elliot Kane
    11 hours ago

    Yo I tried this. Lasted a week and felt like I had lice. Had to wash. Pro tip let the shampoo sit in hair while you wash rest of body. Then rinse last.

    1. Elliot Kane
      Elliot Kane
      Hour ago

      @Drunkass 🤔

    2. Drunkass
      Hour ago

      Try washing it with tea instead of shampoo.

  36. Emanuel Custo
    Emanuel Custo
    11 hours ago

    But you didnt say HOW you wash and take care of your hair dude!

  37. piwo
    12 hours ago

    This makes me think of the Yao women in guangxi. They only wash their hair once a week i believe and using plain water. I always felt that for me using shampoo is kind of a vicious circle that encourages to add more and more products. The thing is that I workout outside everyday in very hot weather so I never really considered not shampooing since my hair ends up super wet with sweat. But I will try to give it a go, just rinsing them thoroughly instead of shampooing.

  38. daris taufiq
    daris taufiq
    12 hours ago

    Im confused with the terminology of "washing" (pardon me, im not a native English speaker) in my understand "wash" is just let the water pour into our hair.. in my home we always "wash" but not always with shampoo.. when you said havent washed your hair.. my mind automatically think your hair havent touch water for five years which is... probably wrong.. right?

  39. Sneaky NinjaKat
    Sneaky NinjaKat
    12 hours ago

    I shampoo my scalp once a month and condition once a week. I have 4B and C hair so v different from straight/wavy

  40. Minhaj SixByte
    Minhaj SixByte
    12 hours ago

    i get the idea of oil but what about the dust from the roads and stuff.

  41. Hazim Irsyad
    Hazim Irsyad
    12 hours ago

    8:39 damn my life is a lie

  42. Andydv68
    13 hours ago

    Two weeks into giving up shampoo (still washing hair with water + scrubbing) and am never going back to using shampoo.

  43. BatataFria
    13 hours ago

    Blonde don draper?

  44. Jacob Shaw
    Jacob Shaw
    13 hours ago

    What about the beard though 😞

  45. legal illegal
    legal illegal
    14 hours ago

    but but how to wash our hair clean😂😂😂

  46. FrownyMascot
    14 hours ago


  47. Rhaegar Blackfyre
    Rhaegar Blackfyre
    14 hours ago

    I wash my hair maybe 5 times a year and that might be a generous number. People are usually shocked if the topic of shampoo is mentioned and I inform them i've had the same bottle for 5 years. lol

  48. Earl Cedric Mediavillo
    Earl Cedric Mediavillo
    14 hours ago

    Now that I think about it, I don't use anything on my hair when I was younger. I only started using shampoo and conditioner because my hair isn't fragrant

  49. Jeff Baker
    Jeff Baker
    15 hours ago

    This is like an Onion video.

  50. Jahn Xavier Bonfiglio
    Jahn Xavier Bonfiglio
    15 hours ago

    This sounds like my life, and since my hair is very fine, I washed it almost every day. My hair always looked good, but had no real body, and just laid flat across my head. In my 50s, I am now going through recovery from a back injury, and I began washing my hair less and less often. For the first few weeks, I was really self-conscious, but after a few more weeks - when I didn't even want to leave the house, because I was certain my hair looked awful - I started to look in the mirror, and dammit, my hair looked GOOD. The dandruff, flaking and dryness I had endured for a lifetime had disappeared as if by magic, and my hair had a fullness and body to it that I had never experienced. I am loving it. I run water over it in the shower, and that's it. Also, I have reduced the temperature of the water. I am certain the super-hot water I was shampooing with every single day - for decades - added to my scalp problems. Also, your comments on therapy are dead-on. Love your channel. Cheers!

  51. Marina
    15 hours ago

    I wash my hair 3 times a week and overall it looks nice. I tie it up on the days I don't use shampoo. It's long down to my waist, although it's thin and just a little dry from the middle to its ends but only because I don't take care of it that much as I should since I've been dyeing it for about 20 years. As for the rest, it looks and feels fine, really soft and smooth. The longer your hair is, the dryer its ends will be, IT'S NORMAL because by that point it's just dead hair, you just have to trim it instead of using 3495 products for broken ends that won't work or that will fix it cosmetically (and partially) but not from the inside out as companies say, that's a complete lie. Whatever people put in their bodies when they eat is key, but genetics have a lot to do in the matter. If you don't have a proper healthy diet with all the nutrients your body needs, your hair, skin and so many other aspects in your body will always be messed up. Plus, your hair is different from other people's hair, so it will never look like the model of the commercial, also because it has been stylized for the commercial. People need to accept themselves a little more and focus on those things that are worth the energy invested. And accept diversity because we will never look the way other people look. We don't have to.

  52. Vitor Miranda Bertani
    Vitor Miranda Bertani
    15 hours ago

    Brazilian Indigenous use extracts and oils of vegetables to also clean hair, so technically properly cleaning your hair is important, it is part of natural human behavior. However, I agree about these industrial chemicals that we use, instead of extracts directly from nature

  53. rosyid abdurrahman
    rosyid abdurrahman
    15 hours ago

    what about smell? how does your scalp smell? i shampoo every other day, when i'm feeling brave i'm like yeah natural oil is good maybe i'll shampoo tomorrow, then tomorrow comes my head is all itchy, and every few minutes i would get a whiff of my own scalp and oh do they smell, are you telling me that in your case after 3 weeks the oiliness is gone? what about itchyness and smell?

  54. ruanfernando
    16 hours ago

    What do you actually do with your hair then? Just let the water go through it? Even if you work out and are all sweaty?

  55. Zoggere
    16 hours ago

    I recommend using nizoral which is an actual medicine, instead of head and shoulders or palm tree oil, nizoral has really helped me almost instantly with my dandruff.

  56. TheRathead80
    16 hours ago

    I hadn't washed for for two years prior to having my girlfriend move in with me. When she questioned why I didn't wash my hair I told her why. I had no dandruff either. He'll I strayed from using alot of soap and only took cold showers. Had no pimples no dandruff nothing. She started forcing me to use shampoo and shit. The only time I'd soap my hair was if I did really dirty work where I would get literal shit on me. But never shampoo. And my hair was great. Now I hate my hair and want rid of it.

  57. F1rstxDz 1
    F1rstxDz 1
    17 hours ago

    How many times do you Shower / shampoo a week ? I wanna know about people all around the world !!

  58. DDG B
    DDG B
    17 hours ago

    Head and shoulders does really work for me tho

  59. Afaq
    17 hours ago

    How many no poos are out there? 🤔 (I think we might need a new name for this btw)

  60. mkrnkv
    19 hours ago

    I heard about this idea before, the people who tried it were in about a month adaptation to this no-shampoo life or so. And yeah, then their hair became naturally healthy. Anyways, that's a great topic to have a conversation about. Plus I agree on the point of questioning our habits, that were mostly created by the corporations. Now I even feel inspired to try it myself. Thanks for sharing!! I hope more and more people will be soon waking up from this marketing propaganda everywhere and finally coming to their true-self.

  61. mido eldeeb
    mido eldeeb
    19 hours ago

    " And if I'm saying this as a man in this society it's a thousand times worse for women " damn , that's so deep if you think about it.

  62. typical girl
    typical girl
    19 hours ago

    got a ad of shampoo in between 😐

  63. Fee
    19 hours ago

    “Cold turkey” 😂 never thought I’d hear someone say “stopping cold turkey” re: shampoo 😂😂😂😂

  64. Fee
    19 hours ago

    BRO There is very much a dangerous coating on your teeth it will literally rot your teeth if you don’t brush. ALL toothpastes sort that out but don’t try your hair method with teeth please

  65. Red Panda X-Wing _
    Red Panda X-Wing _
    19 hours ago

    When you talk about toothpaste around 7:40, I was so happy, cause I eat apples and everyone's like : How the fuck your teeth look so clean ?

  66. william
    20 hours ago

    Went through the exact same thing. Now I shampoo about 2-3 times a week mainly to clean off sweat, dirt, excess oil etc. The important thing here is to find a routine that works for u

    20 hours ago

  68. Nick Dziwanowski
    Nick Dziwanowski
    20 hours ago

    I love all your videos about how marketing has fucked our society. I love all the other ones, too.

  69. G L 1 T C H
    G L 1 T C H
    21 hour ago

    He speakin fax but i have a guy in my class who washes his head once a week and smells like shit.

  70. Be Memorable
    Be Memorable
    22 hours ago

    wait, now you are complaining about capitalism? what are you some kinda communist?

  71. kazenosakura151
    22 hours ago

    My dad uses Irish Spring soap to wash his hair and it's always fluffy.

  72. Nathan Edge
    Nathan Edge
    23 hours ago

    Didn't wash my hair for 3 years and yes your right

  73. shane nelson
    shane nelson
    23 hours ago

    The best condition my hair has ever been was after not showing for 4 weeks when I was in the military. When I was finally able to shower it felt amazing.

  74. Sarah
    Day ago

    As a black person with afro hair I only wash my hair every 2 months and then use protective styles...natural oils are the best thing.....

  75. Gabriel A. Zorrilla
    Gabriel A. Zorrilla
    Day ago

    Greasy Harris.

    Day ago

    I got a shampoo advertisement right in middle of this video.🙄

  77. ottoman fall
    ottoman fall
    Day ago

    Pause: then click 9:09 and have some FREEDOM !!

  78. Robert Bailey
    Robert Bailey
    Day ago

    I’ve only used conditioner to wash my hair for years now, and I used to get a super dry scalp and I would snow with dandruff As well. I tried head and shoulders but that only made it worse. So oddly, I just tried not washing my hair ever day, and when I do, only with conditioner. Since then I’ve had no issues at all with my hair and it’s been extremely healthy

  79. Aolah
    Day ago

    Thank you dove men for putting an ad in this video.

  80. Ryouga Hibiki
    Ryouga Hibiki
    Day ago

    Surely you need to wash your scalp every now and then. Like when you get sand/dirt fall in there. What do you use? Soap or just water and a fine comb?

  81. Steve Hendrickson
    Steve Hendrickson
    Day ago

    So what does he do? Just rinse?

  82. Advaith Shankar
    Advaith Shankar
    Day ago

    When i shampoo, my hair becomes so dry. I personally ( *personally* ) like some oil in my hair coz if not then its gonna be itchy to me ( *to me* )

  83. Ake tparsyaa
    Ake tparsyaa
    Day ago

    well, my dad doesn't use shampoo but he uses family soap bar for his scalp 🤣. Seriously, he is 57 now, still has no grey hair, idk if that's one of the factors.

  84. IamMe
    Day ago

    But do you still shower? Or do you cover your hair then?

  85. AkiNameMedia
    Day ago

    Disclaimer - This is my personal experience: I had a lot of problems with itchy hair-head and through removing the possible causes I came to the conclusion that it was two things 1. Shampoo 2. Water. The water was very hard and it was doubling up with the shampoo and making my scalp very dry. I changed the place where I lived but the problem persisted so I changed shampoos (mostly unintentionally, just buying whatever was most economic at the time) and I came to the result that a certain shampoo was agreeing with my hair the most (the shampoo was actually a part of a gift basket). So my problems at first were itchy hair if I didn't wash it for more than 36h. When changing hair products I stumbled upon a very reputable shampoo brand and let me tell you, after one shower my head was itching like hell, I had to re-wash my head only to come to the conclusion that it was that shampoo's fault, and it ended in the garbage bin. Now very recently I ran out of the shampoo that was agreeing with my head and I grabbed another while showering that my GF uses, about 36h had passed and I had itchy head. Normally I don't use any conditioner or gel, just a regular shampoo and my hair looks pretty nice similar to the ads they show but without any CGI or other hair products, just good ol' simple shampoo. My recommendation is just go to the market, buy about a dozen shampoos and try each one out, eliminating ones that you don't like, same goes for body gel's... Good luck

  86. arm
    Day ago

    No oil No shampoo Only regular body soap work fine fir m3

  87. Dionella Calit
    Dionella Calit
    Day ago

    Some lady said that the top of ur hair is supposed to only be washed by Shampoo and the the bottom half with conditioner.. And that ur not supposed to coat both shampoo n conditioner all over ur hair and that the population has been washing their hair completely WRONG the WHOLE TIME!!??!!

  88. Dionella Calit
    Dionella Calit
    Day ago

    I absolutely love all ur research and data that goes into ur videos.. Thanks for all u do.. Ur videos are the BEST!!

  89. E Sever
    E Sever
    Day ago

    Okay so what do you do with your head? Like, you still rinse your face for example, right? So what do you do with your hair?

  90. Kuning Ng
    Kuning Ng
    Day ago

    Trying no shampoo for 4 days after seeing this video. So far so good, it does produce natural oil but I try not to think it as “dirty”, really lesser flakes, less dryer strains (no conditioner). I’ll go for another week. 😬

  91. ً
    Day ago

    I wash my hair every 2 days, but I have never used conditioner for almost 5 years

  92. Fan Editor TV
    Fan Editor TV
    Day ago

    I actually thought of this before, but my family and friends said I'm making things up in my head.

  93. Akamai
    Day ago

    So when you shower can you go over your routine, do you keep your hair dry or do you just rinse it with water and that's it? This clarification would be very nice.

  94. ICE JUICE 93
    ICE JUICE 93
    Day ago

    Oh come on, I know you were scratching your hair while watching this...

  95. Aaron Leka
    Aaron Leka
    Day ago

    I've watched this video 5 times already and I still can't understand if he washes his hair just with water or if he doesn't wash it at all

  96. Jonas Bloch Kristensen
    Jonas Bloch Kristensen
    Day ago

    That was quite powerful to watch 🙂🙏

  97. Mubeen Uddin
    Mubeen Uddin
    Day ago

    I don't have hair Why iam watching this 🤔

  98. Ismael Ahmed
    Ismael Ahmed
    Day ago

    Johnny you've no idea how much I needed this video, the best thing I've ever done for my hair is quit shampooing. I have not shampooed since the day this video came out.

    1. Ismael Ahmed
      Ismael Ahmed
      Day ago

      @Sahil sharma assuming you're Indian, I'm guessing you already know what shikakai is, I've been using that instead of shampoo and I oil my hair twice a week so I've got no issues w smell or scalp hygiene.

    2. Sahil sharma
      Sahil sharma
      Day ago

      Does it smell

  99. El professor A a a a a a a
    El professor A a a a a a a
    Day ago

    Watching not to use shampoo but Ad pops up "use some hair product" 🙄

  100. forgedude
    Day ago

    My father now 73 hasn't used shampoo in 73 years, no biggy. I don't use it but I do use soap to wash my hair to get off the oils I put copious amounts after bathing.