Your Grandma Is Being Bullied In Heaven

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  1. Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz
    11 hours ago

    Wow how dare you

  2. karlazeen
    19 hours ago

    My grandma died when I was 12, thanks for adding to my emotional trauma.

  3. Curious Cornucopia
    Curious Cornucopia
    20 hours ago

    Hilarious but at the same time if i got to heaven and some angel was beating up my grandma and "bullying" her i would probably get sent to hell for killing an angel.

  4. ooger booger
    ooger booger
    Day ago

    This hits different with no grandparents

  5. Witch Mother Julie
    Witch Mother Julie
    Day ago

    Lol, with paps and all! 😆

  6. Razor High Flyer
    Razor High Flyer
    Day ago

    Sounds like an insult you'd hear in CoD: "Fuk off, ur nan gets bullied in heaven"

  7. Cyric McWind
    Cyric McWind
    2 days ago

    Never met my Grandmother. Lol

  8. Chavez Smith
    Chavez Smith
    3 days ago

    lmao wtf HAHAAAAAA

  9. jack Hhun
    jack Hhun
    3 days ago


  10. Solutus
    3 days ago

    You know what, I honestly wouldn't mind this. This is probably the only reason either one would make it to heaven. I agree with and endorse the actions of these angels. They are literally doing the lord's work.

  11. L33 LAV S1
    L33 LAV S1
    5 days ago

    The annoying Rich kids at the tennis court be like

  12. noisaid getlost
    noisaid getlost
    5 days ago

    Hard to catch, but i'm pretty sure Jaspers teeth stay closed but his jaw entirely seperates from them, adding to the menace.

  13. Taj L
    Taj L
    5 days ago

    What’s in grandpas shoe box

  14. thicc boi
    thicc boi
    5 days ago

    I saw this thumbnail 2 weeks after my grandmother died

  15. Nickster
    6 days ago

    I'm just happy they didn't come at me with bible accurate angel forms.

  16. Joe Boyd
    Joe Boyd
    6 days ago

    What’s in the fucking box

    6 days ago

    Me 🤌🏽 my grandma white ?? Ok I guess lol

  18. SOuth VIETnam
    SOuth VIETnam
    6 days ago

    this hit different when your grandmother actually died

  19. Kettle The BunnyRam
    Kettle The BunnyRam
    6 days ago

    My grandma was a crazy religious women who would use God as her personal hitman and was a narcissistic hoarder who was abusive to her kids and grandchildren. This video made my day much better, thankyou!

  20. Yaoi
    6 days ago

    Grandma: it's me, your grandma. Me: holy shit I'm white?

  21. herobrine
    6 days ago

    Its my grandma's mom

  22. Sod
    6 days ago

    Dusty old bones full of green dust

  23. Butternut yeeetsbanana.-.
    Butternut yeeetsbanana.-.
    6 days ago

    And god be like the teachers that don’t see anything but only notices lil nas x pole dancing to hell and says “NO” but says “this too shall pass as well.” to your grandma being bullied.

  24. What’s a meme. Bob
    What’s a meme. Bob
    7 days ago


  25. Tyler Parks
    Tyler Parks
    7 days ago

    how do I kill someone who's already dead

    1. Tyler Parks
      Tyler Parks
      7 days ago

      wait this isn't Google

  26. Lilgodofwar07
    7 days ago

    Oh my God now I'm going to send my grandma to hell so she can't be bullied

  27. apparently bird _
    apparently bird _
    7 days ago

    Everyone in heaven hates my grandma wow that's like a whole thirteen people

  28. synchro505
    7 days ago


  29. Trent Bollhoefer
    Trent Bollhoefer
    8 days ago

    How the fuck did I get in heaven

  30. Henry Lee Dupuis 69
    Henry Lee Dupuis 69
    8 days ago

    This is hilarious yo lol!😂

  31. Terminator t0mat0
    Terminator t0mat0
    8 days ago


  32. Unnatural Balance
    Unnatural Balance
    8 days ago

    Send this to a religious freind with a Dead grandma.

  33. Helio Gonzalez
    Helio Gonzalez
    8 days ago

    Honestly am not mad I'll se you in hell grandma

  34. Honed Hero
    Honed Hero
    8 days ago

    the shoe box under grandpas bed huh...

  35. Bilbo Swaggins
    Bilbo Swaggins
    8 days ago

    What's......what's in the shoe box under the bed?.....

  36. Old School Media
    Old School Media
    8 days ago

    Doom music intensifies then all hell breaks loose in heaven Doom Guy style

  37. Toxic Skull
    Toxic Skull
    8 days ago

    Hmm. Well my grandpa and grandma can get this or hell. Either way I don't care. They never were good people to us anyway

  38. Daniel Lane
    Daniel Lane
    9 days ago

    This, doesn’t make sense

  39. Annoying Doggy
    Annoying Doggy
    9 days ago

    Why did my feelings get hurt from this?

    9 days ago

    Stop hurting my grandmother!

  41. Wilfred 517
    Wilfred 517
    9 days ago

    As a christian myself I’d like to say… JESUS FUCKING CHRIST🤣

  42. C H R I S G A M E R T M
    C H R I S G A M E R T M
    10 days ago

    have you ever thought that earth is worse then hell?

    1. Brandt Heemsoth
      Brandt Heemsoth
      7 days ago

      In hell there is comfort in complete hopelessness. Here our actions effect us and those we know or care about

  43. Mamamew TheRani
    Mamamew TheRani
    10 days ago

    Papa giveth. Seriously this is the shit I live for. Short dumb animations that I can't stop staring at because good god is it fun to watch. Bless you Papa.

  44. Monkey Chicken
    Monkey Chicken
    10 days ago

    what is under grampas bed

  45. Garathnor
    10 days ago

    "constellation prize: lol :D

  46. Robert Donaldson
    Robert Donaldson
    11 days ago

    And that's how I became a Demon.

  47. Brandon McCreight
    Brandon McCreight
    11 days ago

    Was this Dennis Reynolds’ grandfather they were talking about? 😬😬😬

  48. Ligma Jobs
    Ligma Jobs
    11 days ago

    Man this is a lot like meatcanyon

    1. Brandt Heemsoth
      Brandt Heemsoth
      7 days ago

      @Ligma Jobs tell me your trolling

    2. Saber :D
      Saber :D
      9 days ago

      @Ligma Jobs it is meat canyon

    3. Thomas The Apostle
      Thomas The Apostle
      9 days ago

      @Ligma Jobs it is meat canyon

    4. Ligma Jobs
      Ligma Jobs
      10 days ago

      @Thomas The Apostle lol I can't believe you actually think it's meat canyon just because they share "canyon" in there name. What an idiot

    5. Thomas The Apostle
      Thomas The Apostle
      10 days ago

      it is meat canyon

  49. Don Pasquale
    Don Pasquale
    11 days ago

    Constellation prize

  50. That one cat KQ
    That one cat KQ
    11 days ago


  51. Gamer cat Is here
    Gamer cat Is here
    13 days ago

    I’m confused, was that an insult or a compliment? Mainly because I hate my grandma…

  52. Windy Wummbo
    Windy Wummbo
    15 days ago

    Why did my grandma become white?

    1. Gimper Murzyn
      Gimper Murzyn
      11 days ago

      She had to be cleaned out of sin before entering heaven

  53. Draco
    15 days ago

    Now this is not funny

    1. DANIEL
      10 days ago

      Have you ever heard or seen the phrase “humor is subjective”?

  54. ligmaballsjoemama
    16 days ago

    Damn the angels bullied my grandma Now ima have to rip and tear their *f*cking* wings off

  55. 1929 Midas
    1929 Midas
    16 days ago

    Oh come on Grandma this is the fifth time this week!

    16 days ago

    This is actualy ofensive my grandma is dead and my grandma was good whe even gave food to the homeless people

    1. Агент 50 X
      Агент 50 X
      7 days ago

      Lmfao sensitive much?

    2. The Ninja bird
      The Ninja bird
      11 days ago


  57. WASTED Games
    WASTED Games
    17 days ago

    I watched this and when it finished the next thing my recommendations was the furry pit

  58. Ethan Winters
    Ethan Winters
    18 days ago

    I wanna papa meat to be my future childrens childhood

  59. Lisa Harney
    Lisa Harney
    18 days ago

    Me: *Watching this when my grandma is alive* Also me: *V I S I B L E C O N F U S I O N*

  60. Side Character
    Side Character
    18 days ago

    My grandma is so scary I feel she’ll live longer than me it honestly scares me 😅

  61. ッT  R  A  S  H ッ
    ッT R A S H ッ
    18 days ago

    Idk why they 2 are in heaven. They are literally beating up a grandma :V

  62. Owen Slaughter
    Owen Slaughter
    19 days ago

    Ummm.... Yeah my Grandma totally didn't g to Heaven.... LOL

  63. Oldie Wan Kenobi
    Oldie Wan Kenobi
    19 days ago

    The only reason grandma is in heaven right now is because she left the families wealth to the church. That seems to always sneak them in there. Well placed, hidden messages that might just be subjective in nature. But I had a hunch this is what you were trying to get at, without saying it.

  64. bob
    19 days ago

    Thats not my gramma

  65. Shadowet
    19 days ago

    My grandma died exactly when this video was published

  66. Carlson's fun world
    Carlson's fun world
    19 days ago

    The fact that my grandma is still alive makes this kinda weird

  67. Neferpitou
    20 days ago

    Lucifer has been banned from heaven because he too kind

    1. Info Cat
      Info Cat
      19 days ago

      ok emo

  68. Drago Gaming
    Drago Gaming
    20 days ago

    If John wick sees this video:so you have chosen death

  69. Truth and Facts
    Truth and Facts
    20 days ago

    that's way too accurate for how my grandma is and most likely will be XD

  70. Dereck Pham
    Dereck Pham
    20 days ago

    This is basically ThatVeganTeacher in a nutshell

  71. Ethan455
    21 day ago

    my grandma actually is dead

  72. Gary Busey
    Gary Busey
    21 day ago

    I wanna know what's in that shoebox

  73. zang zhiao
    zang zhiao
    21 day ago

    This shit sucks, can we go back in time?

  74. The Judge
    The Judge
    21 day ago

    Oh papa meat, at it again with the elder abuse. Even in heaven she will not know peace

  75. Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez
    21 day ago

    Joke on you she not my grandma

  76. guilherme muratore
    guilherme muratore
    21 day ago

    just checked my grandpa's shoebox, saw nothing wrong just a full cosplay of one of the enemies of wolfenstein 3D

  77. Dayton Arnett
    Dayton Arnett
    22 days ago

    Wonder what was in the shoe box

  78. SDipl
    22 days ago

    Meatcanyon perfectly matched the actitude of an extremely punchable douchebag, better than high school movies tbh

  79. Love one another
    Love one another
    22 days ago


  80. tomoko kuroki
    tomoko kuroki
    22 days ago

    My Grandma is currently dying, but this is extremely funny.

  81. Snapshot
    22 days ago

    * grabs the shotgun while doom music starts playing *

  82. Braydon McCallum
    Braydon McCallum
    22 days ago

    i feel attacked

  83. Daretobestupid
    22 days ago

    This would be awful if it was what happened to either of my grandmothers, they were such sweet old ladies; my GRANDFATHERS, on the other hand, yeah, they're definitely in hell, especially my mother's dad, bastard....

  84. Elizabeth Afton
    Elizabeth Afton
    22 days ago

    when your in your grandmas house:

  85. GGray
    23 days ago

    I like how Hogwarts is just in the back

  86. Darkswords14
    23 days ago

    0:50 That's bromance.

  87. Ahem Erin
    Ahem Erin
    23 days ago

    my grandma uses the excuse of Christianity to be homophobic if she even makes it into heaven I hope everyone hates her🙊

  88. TheDeadCobra
    23 days ago

    I agree my Grandma really dose sucks it was my great Grandma that was always great

  89. ok
    23 days ago

    Gee youutbe, thanks for reccomending me this after my actuall grandma died..

  90. adventure skaut
    adventure skaut
    23 days ago

    not very realistic as my gramma killed herself and wouldn`t probably be in heaven to begin with

  91. Aesthetic Bitch
    Aesthetic Bitch
    23 days ago

    My grandma died today and this popped up

  92. PhoenixDieRise
    23 days ago

    The way he says "BOOM!"

  93. Havel The Rock Johnson
    Havel The Rock Johnson
    23 days ago

    "This is heaven! I aint supposed to get rejected in heaven!" - Granny Cuyler

  94. Blinded
    23 days ago

    God, I needed this

  95. Uncel Donel
    Uncel Donel
    23 days ago

    Not the shoebox...

  96. Brad AmeerBeg
    Brad AmeerBeg
    23 days ago

    My grandma IS the bully in heaven…. You ain’t met that bitch.

  97. G_Boy
    23 days ago

    my grandma died so this hits kinda diff

  98. Tune Goon
    Tune Goon
    23 days ago

    But I’m black

  99. Mrfluffybeehive
    23 days ago

    I see “just some guy without a mustache” everywhere

  100. Uncle Seamus
    Uncle Seamus
    23 days ago

    My grandpa just passed, Still found this funnier than fuck.