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    2 days ago

    Me can’t get vic roy…

  2. Owen Woods
    Owen Woods
    20 days ago


  3. Owen Woods
    Owen Woods
    20 days ago


  4. Fede K
    Fede K
    20 days ago

    and still gets victory royale

  5. Fede K
    Fede K
    20 days ago

    Fresh: i dont know whats happened to my luck Me: u have no luck

  6. Xen0
    23 days ago

    Yo. 6:58 that shit was funny asfff🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Xen0
    23 days ago

    Fresh: hello friend. YOU MAY HAVE A UFO BUT DOES URS HAVE A BUS???😈. Player: No, but it does kill players instantly😏. Fresh: 6:58

  8. Caleb Franco
    Caleb Franco
    27 days ago

    They should add a pickle Rick for fresh or either make him and icon series skin that is just a living pickle like how meowscles is just a humane cat

  9. Gamer Man
    Gamer Man
    29 days ago

    When I saw the title I went like yeah this has to be clickbait

  10. D RIZZLE
    Month ago

    75 shield???...

  11. Roger Roger games
    Roger Roger games
    Month ago

    I think the unions hate you

  12. Alicia Rose
    Alicia Rose
    Month ago

    2:01 wow one of the worst times to have luck

  13. EddyOnyx Plays
    EddyOnyx Plays
    Month ago

    There is a place under a bridge where a UFO spawns with no trespasses in

  14. Emyli Ava
    Emyli Ava
    Month ago

    The level tooth ethically wreck because geranium energetically instruct as a premium bowl. ugly, tart gate

  15. Jackson DiNero
    Jackson DiNero
    Month ago


  16. Leo Grullon
    Leo Grullon
    Month ago


  17. AnukampaPlayz
    Month ago

    Fresh: We haven't found any ranged weapons' Epic Scar: Am I a joke to you? 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Robloxgamr!?!epic
    Month ago

    7:08 Angy boi

  19. IkonicMikey
    Month ago

    1:47 oh yeah I see purple too

  20. Randomfortniteuploader
    Month ago

    This idea was off tg plays

  21. Lynix
    Month ago

    Bruh he's so bad 👎

  22. Doryan Johnson
    Doryan Johnson
    Month ago

    You guys better support fresh

  23. Doryan Johnson
    Doryan Johnson
    Month ago

    Hi fresh your my biggest fan

  24. Jack MacMurdo
    Jack MacMurdo
    Month ago

    fresh could you add me im bigjack9

  25. Corbin Breen
    Corbin Breen
    Month ago

    creamy did it first

  26. Nexusgamer69
    Month ago

    7:08 if you hate the game why are you playing it

  27. Miguel Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez
    Month ago

    If the bus hits the ufo it's a instant kill

  28. iixkxyz
    Month ago

    What up guys and yes never gets old

  29. Romina y Natalia Castanon hernandez
    Romina y Natalia Castanon hernandez
    Month ago

    Uploads Pls!

  30. A'marie James
    A'marie James
    Month ago

    McReamy did it first

  31. Tommy Bove
    Tommy Bove
    Month ago

    Cool glitch but probably going to be patched soon :(

  32. Sadia Mustafa
    Sadia Mustafa
    Month ago

    Now everyone knows - _-

    1. Sadia Mustafa
      Sadia Mustafa
      Month ago

      Bc his content is amazing

  33. David Garcia
    David Garcia
    Month ago

    Typical gamer did that already

  34. blanche gilbert
    blanche gilbert
    Month ago

    Play Apex

    Month ago

    6:54 when luck left faster than my dad left😂😭

  36. liannepurple
    Month ago


  37. Janell Turowski
    Janell Turowski
    Month ago

    is someone gonna tell him that there is a ufo guaranteed at log jam

  38. Bambino7797
    Month ago

    Fresh I need to know how did you get soooooo many levels already?

  39. John McCartney
    John McCartney
    Month ago

    7:12 Spider-Mans door in the first trilogy

  40. Glaze Ayaan
    Glaze Ayaan
    Month ago

    Plz continue the thick series

  41. Steve Smith
    Steve Smith
    Month ago

    Watching fresh’s videos from a year ago and watching this. I notice his voice had gotten deeper

  42. Bifftheboxer
    Month ago

    you can get a free ufo from logjam all you have to do is avoid IO guards

  43. ANI mation
    ANI mation
    Month ago

    Why are there people in the comment section arguing over Roblox being better than fortnite and how fortnite sucks. People need to chill out and maybe click on a different video if they hate fortnite. You know common sense.

  44. Amante al ciclismo
    Amante al ciclismo
    Month ago


  45. Sammy l
    Sammy l
    Month ago

    You did not look dum you were sweating

  46. Grammar King 👑
    Grammar King 👑
    Month ago

    👁 👁 👄

    1. Brian Plays Games
      Brian Plays Games
      10 days ago

      Correction: 👁👄👁.

  47. Cesar Lopez Barragan
    Cesar Lopez Barragan
    Month ago

    fresh: lets not talk about it 1 second later He talks about it

  48. Noah
    Month ago

    Moment of silence for the person who he dropped the battle bus on

  49. Zachary A
    Zachary A
    Month ago

    YOOO AT 7:04 I actually think thats me. i always use that skin and i remember being in that same spot. But i never look at kill logs so idk if fresh was in that game. Pretty cool

  50. Karen Quinn
    Karen Quinn
    Month ago

    is it just me or is every battlepass in chapter 2 has a green skin JUST for fresh like last season was green kondor and this season is toxic rick

  51. Yeeter 45
    Yeeter 45
    Month ago

    6:57 That's tough dude.

  52. Matie Ainslie
    Matie Ainslie
    Month ago

    Fresh:places launch pad while falling Also Fresh:fails to jump on the ufo while gliding

  53. cayden phillips
    cayden phillips
    Month ago

    people laughing at people on UKwill playing pubs but they love fresh and fresh play pubs sometimes -right or wrong?

  54. xD Sh0ckwav3
    xD Sh0ckwav3
    Month ago

    6:58 Fesh going super saiyan😂

  55. Sahaan Ganasen
    Sahaan Ganasen
    Month ago

    $h1t now epics gonna remove it

  56. Declan O'Carroll
    Declan O'Carroll
    Month ago

    1:46 he called the gold tac purple

  57. MEHRAN29
    Month ago


    Month ago

    you should do a reverse game where if the weapon is gray, you only use gold green to purple, blue is the same and purple is green and gold is gray on the first chest you open

  59. Obinna
    Month ago

    6:57 bruh moment

  60. Aleks D
    Aleks D
    Month ago

    The battle bus is sporty. He has a carbon hood.

  61. Tom Baxter
    Tom Baxter
    Month ago

    My mate opened two chests in arena and one had a gold pump and the other chest had a purple pump and it was in arena

  62. Tracey Chapman
    Tracey Chapman
    Month ago

    and im subbed

  63. Tracey Chapman
    Tracey Chapman
    Month ago

    can u add me name Jackwchapman love ur vids bye

  64. luke gerson
    luke gerson
    Month ago

    This is from Mcreamy's video

  65. Manufactured Consent
    Manufactured Consent
    Month ago

    use code fresh lets goooooooooooooooooooooo

  66. Thea TopGamingX7
    Thea TopGamingX7
    Month ago

    Hello all friends

  67. roberto AlvArez
    roberto AlvArez
    Month ago

    Who knows any good spots to land i always land in the gas station

    1. krdnl
      Month ago

      land at the orchard above corny complex it has good loot and then u can go down 2 corny complex

  68. Leanne Nutter
    Leanne Nutter
    Month ago

    Yep I got a gold scar and gold spas from a chest

  69. #Botlifesmatter
    Month ago

    7:00 You may have a UFO but do you have an elim *1sec later* I HATE THIS GAME

  70. roy jones
    roy jones
    Month ago

    you just stole the idea from mcreamy

  71. HYTH_Montages
    Month ago

    If I found a scar and a gold tac I’d just to the challenge in the next one

    Month ago

    Didn't mcreamy steal the battle bus

  73. bugants rule
    bugants rule
    Month ago

    Fresh doesn't realize that you can get a ufo from under a bridge without doing anything

  74. Caryl Hemphill
    Caryl Hemphill
    Month ago

    Check me out boom bam bat bot boom POW oooooooooooooooh

  75. Payton Martin
    Payton Martin
    Month ago

    did you not know about the unguarded ufo by misty meadows?

  76. Zebra Fn
    Zebra Fn
    Month ago

    fresh: i figured out how to go to spawn island me: watched mccreamy busting myths

  77. Jotaro Hirose
    Jotaro Hirose
    Month ago

    I am 99% sure that trespassers are NOT robots

  78. Shoguns FAN
    Shoguns FAN
    Month ago

    Mcreamy your famous fresh took your idea

  79. #freetop
    Month ago

    Tg did it first

  80. Nice door
    Nice door
    Month ago

    It's going to get patched

  81. Ziyon Charles
    Ziyon Charles
    Month ago

    How do people find this stuff out XDDD

  82. •Cherry Bubblegum•
    •Cherry Bubblegum•
    Month ago

    How do you go into first person

  83. 100 subs Without uploading a Video Challenge
    100 subs Without uploading a Video Challenge
    Month ago

    Fresh whilst playing the game: Why you playing the game man? 😂

    1. Thea TopGamingX7
      Thea TopGamingX7
      Month ago

      Hello Psycho Playz

  84. Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson
    Month ago

    Use Code: Lazar

  85. kels06
    Month ago

    6:57 239 damage

  86. Jman50pro
    Month ago

    Love the fact that he stole this from mccreamy

  87. Esnar the gamer
    Esnar the gamer
    Month ago

    OMG what in the god damn world.

  88. Fierce Peter Gaming ✓
    Fierce Peter Gaming ✓
    Month ago


    1. Ultra XA
      Ultra XA
      Month ago

      Ur real.

  89. storm_54
    Month ago

    His loot is good on challenges

  90. James Mason
    James Mason
    Month ago

    This is a cursed challenge

  91. zackattack187
    Month ago

    I love it how he says he hates the game but yet still plays it why don't you play something else

  92. subfune jalefnic
    subfune jalefnic
    Month ago

    The stale ping comparatively bat because baboon perinatally pinch till a squealing jacket. uneven, half bean

  93. Alfyris
    Month ago

    Bus man

  94. Blue xx
    Blue xx
    Month ago

    Gotta appreciate the daily uploads from Fresh

  95. Zainudeen Mokdad
    Zainudeen Mokdad
    Month ago

    there is a ufo under the green brige

    1. Ultra XA
      Ultra XA
      Month ago


  96. Ri Ban
    Ri Ban
    Month ago

    6:59 Lol at least we now know that buses and trucks do 239 damage from a UFO.

  97. mako from mars
    mako from mars
    Month ago

    Didn't even give my boy randumb credit you've disappointed me😢 but I'm still gonna watch you bc you just amazing

  98. Gamer boy
    Gamer boy
    Month ago

    Fresh why do you not have a facecam

  99. Human
    Month ago

    I actually got a legendary scar and tac at catty yesterday

  100. its Miiya
    its Miiya
    Month ago