Saying Goodbye (What a Wonderful World)

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  1. Celine 2003
    Celine 2003
    39 minutes ago

    You made her happy in her last moments

  2. grandeshook
    Hour ago

    i’ve followed you and maple since the vine days . you guys always put a smile on my face, and filled my heart with so much love . maple’s pure soul will always be with us 💜

  3. Luis David Lobo
    Luis David Lobo
    Hour ago

    Thanks to you and Maple I was able to find happiness in difficult times. Your music and Maple's smile will live forever in my heart

  4. laurel rosep
    laurel rosep
    Hour ago

    I put my cat down today. this came up on my recommended when I got home.

  5. MarshPlays Gaming
    MarshPlays Gaming
    2 hours ago

    To the 1.1k people that disliked this, do you even have a heart?

  6. Ovrr 0ef
    Ovrr 0ef
    2 hours ago

    Bruh been watching u guys since vine bro

  7. fuzzylester
    2 hours ago

    I remember seeing you guy's vines back in the day and finding so much comfort in them, especially seeing Maple so soothed by your music. This is heartbreaking, but I'm so glad to know that she's happy listening to you play from somewhere much nicer 💕 Fly high Maple

  8. Jessy Martinez
    Jessy Martinez
    2 hours ago

    i’ve been here forever and my heart aches for you. she will be missed. i love you maple.

  9. Master Junky
    Master Junky
    2 hours ago

    She was a lucky dog and she passed away in old age.

  10. Mark Wilkinson
    Mark Wilkinson
    2 hours ago

    Breaks my heart but so glad you shared her with us.

  11. Shoyos Cafe
    Shoyos Cafe
    3 hours ago

    Saw this today in insta as a repost had to check it out my hamster just died today and the last time I saw her was 4 weeks ago cause I’m currently out of the country and I never got to say goodbye to my buddy this brought me comfort when I couldn’t find it I’m so sorry for your loss , the pup is in a better place now at least sending love and support 🖤🖤

  12. إبراهيم
    3 hours ago

    Sorry for your lose Habibi

  13. super abdul
    super abdul
    3 hours ago

    We love you Maple 💙😢

  14. Patrick Murphy
    Patrick Murphy
    4 hours ago

    I come back to Maple's videos every day. Missing her, but it just reminds me so of my Sky, who passed 6 years ago this coming Sept. I haven't gotten any better than the day she passed and these songs just seem to bring me closer to her. Still hoping to wake up and find it's all been a bad dream.

  15. Jacob Lure
    Jacob Lure
    4 hours ago

    How could anyone dislike this video

  16. Brandon Irvine
    Brandon Irvine
    4 hours ago

    Rest in peace maple 💜

  17. Douglas Peters
    Douglas Peters
    4 hours ago

    Bro the world just aint right maple will be missed

  18. Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ
    4 hours ago

    currently balling my eyes out

  19. rosetae 75
    rosetae 75
    4 hours ago

    Oh my god I’m crying so hard now I can’t stop

  20. Vani
    4 hours ago

    thank you maple

  21. Ehtuz
    5 hours ago

    People who dislike this video go straight to the deepest part of hell

  22. Theo Severn
    Theo Severn
    5 hours ago

    I will single handedly hunt down the 1.1k people that disliked this video

  23. Aaron Frey
    Aaron Frey
    5 hours ago

    Damn really missing my dog right now...

  24. T xo
    T xo
    5 hours ago

    This hurt my heart so much - thank you for giving Maple the most incredible life. May Maple rest easy ❤️

  25. add.allen
    5 hours ago

    you both brought so much love into the world ❤️ can’t wait for you two to play together again one day

  26. IanPlays
    6 hours ago


  27. Raaj Verma
    Raaj Verma
    6 hours ago

    Maple will be missed forever. 🍁 She is the most perfect doggo which everyone would love to have

  28. Alva Scott
    Alva Scott
    6 hours ago

    Rest in peace beautiful pearl in gold❤

  29. Yo Phiis
    Yo Phiis
    6 hours ago

  30. izuku midoriya
    izuku midoriya
    6 hours ago


  31. Maroono
    6 hours ago

    Why God... why

  32. Trin
    6 hours ago

    What a wonderful baby girl, you two were incredible. I’m hoping you’re both happy for the love you shared. 🤍

    6 hours ago


  34. Iris Thai
    Iris Thai
    6 hours ago

    I’m sure she’s in dog heaven now

  35. Cade Howell
    Cade Howell
    6 hours ago

    I can here to get my weekly sob out

  36. Nathan Mantle
    Nathan Mantle
    6 hours ago


  37. Jho
    6 hours ago

    Im still crying everytime i see maple. You are so missed in the community maple. Please say hello to my little man dougie up there. Rest easy guys. We love and miss you so much.

  38. Nikhil Varghese
    Nikhil Varghese
    6 hours ago

    I am in tears 😭

  39. ColdFire
    6 hours ago

    Deeply sorry for your loss. I lost my best friend Mac(german shepherd) just earlier this year after adopting him from a rescue shelter 12 years ago. The pain is immeasurable but the memories last forever.

  40. Arya Lal Gonullu
    Arya Lal Gonullu
    6 hours ago

    I lost a best friend as well. I know it is one of the worst pains ever. RIP Maple, I hope you meet my Sunny in the place where you both went❤️

  41. emily
    6 hours ago

    you gave her a wonderful life and made her happy with your music, thank you for that

  42. Vishal Karanam
    Vishal Karanam
    6 hours ago

    first saw her on your Boulevard of Broken Dreams cover 5 years ago, time flies. rest easy baby. 🧡

  43. JaleN Rideoutt
    JaleN Rideoutt
    6 hours ago

    R.I.P Maple rest easy you beautiful soul

  44. Valentina Tradigo
    Valentina Tradigo
    7 hours ago

    I’m crying

  45. Mascha.nitzling
    7 hours ago

    That’s so beautiful and sad at the same time I can’t deal with that right now.

  46. Conner T
    Conner T
    7 hours ago

    it’s ok she’s probably swimming in a pool of tennis balls

  47. Henry4711LP
    7 hours ago

    I genuinely cried

  48. UnknownCardist
    7 hours ago

    I Loved youre Videos you and maple were one of the buggest Motivations to ne when i started learning the guitar. 😘

  49. giusy
    7 hours ago

    I miss her and I didn't even know her

  50. Ross J
    Ross J
    7 hours ago

    How can 1.1k people be so heartless

  51. Natasha Havanur
    Natasha Havanur
    7 hours ago

    I’ve been watching you and Maple for years, this is so heartbreaking. She was such an angel ❤️❤️

  52. Natalie Melendez
    Natalie Melendez
    7 hours ago


  53. mars angelina
    mars angelina
    7 hours ago

    currently sobbing

  54. Goldberg Shekelstein
    Goldberg Shekelstein
    9 hours ago

    Its just a fuckin dog

    1. Marc Levy
      Marc Levy
      7 hours ago

      shut up

  55. J F
    J F
    9 hours ago

    Hey, Trench. Hoping that you and Cherry are adjusting and once again finding sources of beauty and wonder. Hugs to you both.

  56. yacoub hashem
    yacoub hashem
    9 hours ago

    5th time watching the video, wanna see how many times it takes before i stop crying:(

  57. Ángel Pineda
    Ángel Pineda
    10 hours ago

    WHY AM I CRYING SO BAD :(. Gonna miss you dear maple.

  58. Nat Cat
    Nat Cat
    10 hours ago

    She's now at Rainbow Bridge looking after you❤️

  59. Dante G
    Dante G
    10 hours ago

    Cant believe i just found out about this ive watched your videos since Vine when i first saw you and maple you guys made such awesome videos Maple Rest in Paradise ❤️

  60. evan muhsin
    evan muhsin
    10 hours ago

    Right now I'm just feelin terribly sad... Waiting on the day that i can be happy again 7: 16 pm Monday 26.7.2021

  61. Michael Mamba15
    Michael Mamba15
    10 hours ago

    I got an old pitbull, and luckily me and my older brother play guitar, so my boi kobe gonna get the best concert ever

  62. Isabelle Compton
    Isabelle Compton
    11 hours ago


  63. Miu Mau
    Miu Mau
    11 hours ago

    this made me cry so much. my dog died last summer and i really miss her

  64. Bibo
    11 hours ago

    I think I only want to get a dog when I'm getting really old because at least if they go I won't be left too far behind.

  65. Gianluca Casponi
    Gianluca Casponi
    11 hours ago

    The biggest hug, man.

  66. Kelsey G.
    Kelsey G.
    12 hours ago

    Can’t remember how many times I watched this video already. Miss you maple

  67. James__
    12 hours ago

    She will be missed. But we still love her just as much

  68. Mark Kevin Limbo
    Mark Kevin Limbo
    12 hours ago

    I wanna know who disliked this video 😕

  69. Charles The Hammer Martel
    Charles The Hammer Martel
    12 hours ago

    She was so blessed to have you! God Bless!

  70. Kyan Mcduffie
    Kyan Mcduffie
    12 hours ago

    These comments bout to make me cry bro

  71. Daniel Rutt
    Daniel Rutt
    12 hours ago

    this makes me too sad. reminds me that our time with our best friends is limited. too limited.

  72. tranquil tunes
    tranquil tunes
    13 hours ago

    RIP Maple. Good dog :(( Hey guys. I just posted a video of the top 10 greatest acoustic guitar songs of all time and it would mean so much if you could check it out. thanks heaps and have a great day :))

  73. Nayyy
    13 hours ago


  74. elâ
    13 hours ago

    i lost my boy last month. i just know they felt the love that we’ve given to them and they lived the best life they could ever lived. i still miss him very much but at least i know that he knows i love him more than anything in this world. rest in peace maple, rest in peace hektor ❤️

  75. Matt Lewis
    Matt Lewis
    14 hours ago


  76. Tunes of Us
    Tunes of Us
    14 hours ago

    Too well loved to ever be forgotten. Rest in peace, Maple🍁

  77. dream0eater
    14 hours ago

    Thanks for bringing so much joy in our lives. Rest In Peace sweet Maple

  78. John Fitzmaurice
    John Fitzmaurice
    15 hours ago

    But what is grief, if not love enduring?

  79. js2800
    16 hours ago

    May she rest in peace. I lost my dog three months and 18 days ago. I loved her like nothing else in this world. I hope you are doing well these days. They always leave too early. She was 6. I miss you Leila. Hopefully i will see her again some day.

  80. Nina Hafner
    Nina Hafner
    16 hours ago

    so much love for maple💗 she‘s with you forever and loved my thousands

  81. its pooriya
    its pooriya
    16 hours ago

    What the breed of this cute dog??

    16 hours ago

    Beautiful RIP Maple ❤️

  83. Atakan Polat
    Atakan Polat
    16 hours ago

    rest in peace Maple :(

  84. Unkempt
    17 hours ago

    I thought about this moment the first time I watched your video, and I would always try my best to get that thought out of my mind and just when I did, it became true. RIP Maple, we love you

  85. IrenaJ
    17 hours ago


  86. Keith Ford
    Keith Ford
    17 hours ago

    Rip maple 🍁 meant more to us than you will ever know

  87. Altan Hasbay
    Altan Hasbay
    18 hours ago

    Literally no point left to live in this world :((((

  88. Mr.EhrkE
    18 hours ago

    I’m not crying you’re crying

  89. Ayush Dipnaik
    Ayush Dipnaik
    18 hours ago

  90. Isa
    18 hours ago


  91. Quentin Gdba
    Quentin Gdba
    18 hours ago

    I have never cried that much over a video but I've lost my 15 y/o dog a few months ago and my heart is still in pieces I know what it feels like losing your best partner in life i am with you ❤️

  92. G_Raffe Alfatih
    G_Raffe Alfatih
    19 hours ago

    I will join Maple soon

  93. mariana
    19 hours ago

    she was such a good dog 💕

  94. As 0109
    As 0109
    19 hours ago

    Im not crying you’re crying

  95. Just Your Typical Duck
    Just Your Typical Duck
    19 hours ago


  96. Rory the racing boi
    Rory the racing boi
    19 hours ago

    Good dog

  97. Boogie_Meister_
    19 hours ago

    To the people that disliked the video. Disrespectfully leave

  98. Wessel game
    Wessel game
    20 hours ago

    The end of an era we wont ever recover from Maple will be missed ❤️

  99. Emily Eskew
    Emily Eskew
    21 hour ago