Spies in Disguise - Death of a Studio

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  1. 24 Frames Of Nick
    24 Frames Of Nick
    Month ago

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    1. jamie spiteri
      jamie spiteri
      14 days ago

      @AaronSongz6 then 3/4 of the restaurants in my area are evil for closing down due to financial problems

    2. AaronSongz6
      15 days ago

      This is one of the reasons that Disney Is EVIL!

    3. McTomboi Gaming
      McTomboi Gaming
      28 days ago

      The next movie I recommend you do is Fly Me to the Moon

    4. bthonk
      Month ago

      You should do a video on Rango, the best animated western and possibly the best animated movie.

    5. jamie spiteri
      jamie spiteri
      Month ago

      ukwill.info/window/mZ26laCgos2bmoQ/video totally not a rickroll!

    3 hours ago

    This movie does look nice. Not great nice

  3. Octopus Fin
    Octopus Fin
    3 hours ago

    The stage of depression I am in is...

  4. wehttaM_1
    14 hours ago

    Disney can go f*** itself

  5. Unknooown
    20 hours ago

    wait they shut down blue skys what i love them one of my fav studios

  6. Cha$m
    Day ago

    There were so many missed opporitunities to make pink floyd jokes

  7. sickening_love
    Day ago

    Isn't this monopoly..?? This is horribly.

  8. Go Jupiter
    Go Jupiter
    Day ago

    I don’t know why but when I think about rio I think about something to do with angry birds I don’t know why

  9. ScubaShark8857
    Day ago

    I actually knew one of the animators, and I also know that their grandpa made a cameo somewhere in this movie. After Blue Sky was shut down, she lost her job. And, even worse, soon after that, her grandfather passed away. I’m pretty sure she has a new job at some other studio now, but it was just so sad to see everything about her job and life at Blue Sky crumble right in front of her.

  10. Commander Miguel
    Commander Miguel
    Day ago

    I liked the pigeon movie except the ending

  11. wfd87
    Day ago

    A little off-topic but I just now realized that "Spies in Disguise" is a pun because it can also sound like "Spies in The Skies"

  12. Alchemist
    Day ago

    viva pinata music? I'll make 27 alts to subscribe to you with

  13. unmew
    Day ago

    my dad worked there before it shut down

  14. Aztek
    2 days ago

    Im a car guy but id take an Aztek.

  15. Jeoffrey Auscia
    Jeoffrey Auscia
    2 days ago

    I wonder how the people who work at BlueSky Studios are now. And looking forward to one eccentric billionaire to hire them, make this one amazing movie that will be remembered by most people, and dip out OR make comedic self-aware tv shows or something

  16. kyasarin
    2 days ago

    This makes me so sad. Rio was and still is my favorite movie to this day. We probably dont even get a rio 3. That movie was so fucking underrated

  17. Mr. Egg
    Mr. Egg
    2 days ago

    Spies in Disguise was a really good movie. It was fun to watch and very well animated. Rest in Pepperonis

  18. JACK HE
    2 days ago

    Why does disney keep buying then destroying things?

  19. Autismacus
    2 days ago

    I wanted a Rio 3 :(

  20. Mint Toast
    Mint Toast
    2 days ago

    I hate Disney, they’re such leeches

  21. Phoenixyy
    2 days ago

    Sooo no SID 2?

  22. LucaBallSalsa
    2 days ago

    I watched this movie with my dad and surprisingly he liked it. I didn’t know this was their last movie :(

  23. Aleta Nook
    Aleta Nook
    3 days ago

    Spies in Disguise was a cloudy with a chance of meatballs rip off, that's why they lost money and killed themselves. You suck Blue Sky, stop ripping off of other movies! You had potential but, why'd you have to take that all away by stealing from Cloudy?

  24. Penguin Studios
    Penguin Studios
    3 days ago

    I was gonna watch it Then I just didn't find it and forgot about t

  25. Izzy Ace Dolphin
    Izzy Ace Dolphin
    3 days ago

    I hope Nimona, the film bluesky was working on gets finished and released. It's sad they put all that work into it and it didn't get released. I think it was around 75% complete or somthing like that.

  26. Ace_does_internet_stuff
    4 days ago

    The worst part is we'll never get a third Rio. At least from blue sky.

  27. geary
    4 days ago

    disney why

  28. Shapyra
    4 days ago

    Disney is becoming boring in their movies..so they kill the interesting companies

  29. Cptn. Viridian
    Cptn. Viridian
    6 days ago

    Ya know, I am not going to praise bluesky as a fallen titan, but they made some good stuff. Not great, not masterpieces, but certainly good, and certainly better than alot of the competition. It was clear that at the very least, they cared about their work, and in a world of minions, Disney live action and friends, bad kids movies, and endless sequels, that was something rare and precious, that I will miss.

  30. Dani Polanski
    Dani Polanski
    6 days ago

    The villain looks like pitch black from rise of the guardians

  31. Aric Sims
    Aric Sims
    6 days ago


  32. It's Neko
    It's Neko
    7 days ago

    Ice Age was my childhood. I loved that shit

  33. Kim Noire
    Kim Noire
    7 days ago

    Disney shuts down everything

  34. DELTACX10
    7 days ago

    They didn't shut down due to the pandemic, Disney just wants to take over everyone.

  35. toastdog productions 2
    toastdog productions 2
    8 days ago

    solute to blue sky RIP my childhood

  36. Frost Phoenix
    Frost Phoenix
    8 days ago

    I grew up on Blue Sky Studios, Rio 1 and 2, Robots, Epic (I loved that movie so much), even the Ice Age movies and I wasn’t even all that interested in them, they were still fun to watch as a kid. It’s so sad that soon they’ll be just a memory when they were so important to my childhood

  37. Luigi Player 14
    Luigi Player 14
    8 days ago

    How was Disney allowed to do this? I’d imagine they’d be in trouble like the big tech companies for stuff like this.

  38. Kaila Hughes
    Kaila Hughes
    8 days ago

    I cant wait until Nick can finally make a video about Disney’s last film.

  39. Robert Gold IV
    Robert Gold IV
    8 days ago

    I was that kid too 😭

  40. Ice Tide
    Ice Tide
    8 days ago

    Honestly one of the things I love about this movie is they, technically speaking, accidentally made a pigeon lesbian. Will Smith Bird was actually a female pigeon, and the other pigeon swooned over him. What's even better is how often people accidentally make characters gay or lesbian

  41. Molnskuggan
    8 days ago

    Disney is becoming the EA of movie studios...

  42. Cheese Frank
    Cheese Frank
    8 days ago

    Rio 2 and 1 abd lilo and stich where movies I would watch over and over becuase I loved them I wish blue sky was still with us

  43. The Slayer
    The Slayer
    8 days ago

    I'm grateful that Disney can't touch the gaming industry Y E T

  44. Amy U.
    Amy U.
    9 days ago

    Are you sure this video isn’t sponsored by shutterstock

  45. 503Music
    9 days ago

    Kinda sad that we will never see scratt again 😪

    1. Steamed Hams
      Steamed Hams
      7 days ago

      I'm sure we will, given how successful the Ice Age movies were I doubt they'd stop making them

  46. I'm just a guy
    I'm just a guy
    9 days ago

    0:06 oh thank god i cant be here forever

  47. Thad M
    Thad M
    9 days ago

    Another Ice age Movie based on Buck and the Possums was next. I'm sad that I won't see it

  48. Caleb McIntosh
    Caleb McIntosh
    9 days ago

    I can’t stop thinking about that watermark…

  49. Hayden Simpson
    Hayden Simpson
    9 days ago

    Pay for freaking shutterstock already cheapo

  50. Taiyo
    10 days ago

    Disney : *Made Movies about Love and Care* Also Disney :

  51. whalethegreat111 whalethegreat111
    whalethegreat111 whalethegreat111
    10 days ago

    once you said pigeon simulator i imediatly went to the app sotre and now have pigeon simuator :3

  52. ji xuan
    ji xuan
    10 days ago

    Disney just buys an eliminate any animation studios and franchise we hold dear

  53. Johan Karuyan
    Johan Karuyan
    10 days ago

    Ive subbed for the comedy, lol 😆😂

  54. Jinx McLastname
    Jinx McLastname
    10 days ago

    Goodbye bluesky I love that song

  55. Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes
    Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes
    10 days ago

    6:15 did they put the fuel cap on the front of the car?

  56. Nintendo&Disney&Pixar Fan2001
    Nintendo&Disney&Pixar Fan2001
    10 days ago

    Blue Sky Studios: You said if I helped you you'll let me go! Disney: Oh yeah i did. didn't? (Drops them) Blue Sky Studios: AHHHH! Disney: I hear getting shut down is a wonderful time of the year.

  57. Eleonorada 95
    Eleonorada 95
    10 days ago

    Buying competitors so that there are no more competitors. What a pussy move: you fight with competitors and show public that they should choose YOU instead of the competitors. You don't destroy your rivals like that! D:

  58. Crisis Moon
    Crisis Moon
    10 days ago

    Finished watching Rio July, 16, 2021, 4:24AM Rio 2 July, 16, 2021, 6:03AM

  59. subishaymin 369
    subishaymin 369
    11 days ago

    I'm a car guy to

  60. Conner Lawrence
    Conner Lawrence
    11 days ago

    Am I the only one who was expecting the entire intro about things fading to be about keeps💀

  61. TuxedoToad
    11 days ago

    Blue Sky Studios had been facing financial issues ever since their last Ice Age film, Collision Course, and Disney had also lost billions of dollars due to the epidemic and the company nearly went bankrupt, (Yes, you heard me correctly). So Disney decided to shut down Blue Sky Studios as it wasn’t making the company any money, and their last film, Spies in Disguise, was a total flop. Luckily, Disney plans to keep and use Blue Sky’s IPs for future projects, and the vast majority of their films will be brought over to Disney+. In conclusion, the cost to keep Blue Sky studios in production outweighed the benefits, and in all honesty shutting down the company as a whole was a smart business decision. Why waste money and recourses on something that’s isn’t going to give you anything in return? If it weren’t for the pandemic, Blue Sky Studios might still be around.

  62. TrainTubbie
    11 days ago

    Rio was a classic for me, goodbye Blue sky

  63. Cara Furry
    Cara Furry
    12 days ago

    I thought Spies in disguise was getting a sequel...

  64. Drizzqxl
    12 days ago

    I'm so glad i watched their last movie in theaters with my family before the pandemic :')

  65. Abigail's Eerie mystery’s
    Abigail's Eerie mystery’s
    12 days ago

    Me watching Shark Tale and thinks:Oscar looks like his voice actor. My Uncle :Doesn’t he look like the guy that plays him?(or something like that).

  66. NickyVendetta
    13 days ago

    Disney pulled an Old Yeller on Blue Skies.

  67. reduckYT
    13 days ago


  68. Chef Bababoi
    Chef Bababoi
    13 days ago

    Since Disney bought the studio can’t Disney take up the job and make movies with the main big movies like ice age etc

  69. Monhamd muaed1000
    Monhamd muaed1000
    13 days ago

    I like the parts when he's a pigeon and has a girl

  70. Wobbles and Bean
    Wobbles and Bean
    13 days ago

    You know, I sought this out and watched it, and truthfully? It's actually REALLY good! The humour almost always lands, the characters are really well written, and I love the message. Yeah the villain wasn't very fleshed out, but at the same time, that was kinda the point. To Will Smith Birb, he was just a random bad guy, but to him, Will Smith Birb was the central focus of his entire life because of what WSB did to him and his friends. It shows how violence always begets more violence. Seriously, I put this up there with Megamind. It's a criminally underrated classic.

  71. Titanic
    14 days ago

    Cinema Sins giving the movie more sins than the emoji movie probably also done this movie in

  72. Brendan Carlin
    Brendan Carlin
    14 days ago

    It is kinda sad when you think that in the generation no one will probably remember Blue Sky and all of their amazing movies that is a part of a freaking hivemind 😖

  73. Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh
    14 days ago

    I hear the Viva Piñata music :'( Rip Rareware for a similar reason, although Microsoft tried to resurrect it but couldn't do it. TiP was actually pretty good but N&B was just weird.

  74. Mecha Jay
    Mecha Jay
    14 days ago

    Fly High Blue Sky (Studio) 🕊️ You Will Be Missed

  75. UC Productions
    UC Productions
    14 days ago

    If I ever meet the man who created that annoying-ass rodent Mickey Mouse, I'll kill him. Oh, wait. He's already dead. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

  76. Niccilus
    14 days ago

    anyone else here just fuckin love the design of the car they drive?

  77. Animator Lover_
    Animator Lover_
    14 days ago

    We really got to attack and take down Disney soon because I rather not live in a world where Disney is the only animation company

  78. Animator Lover_
    Animator Lover_
    14 days ago

    I’m still pissed off about this 🤬 like tf. They had so much potential but the fact Disney bought them and shut them off

  79. ACman
    14 days ago

    Imagine not being a car person.

  80. Zedkiller Bros
    Zedkiller Bros
    14 days ago

    I don't know man, evil hand guy kind of sounds like the main villain of part 4.

    1. Zedkiller Bros
      Zedkiller Bros
      14 days ago

      @Bruh Bruh 👀

    2. Bruh Bruh
      Bruh Bruh
      14 days ago

      Yeah but it's different because one has less human hands, the other has *more*

  81. Syamil Afiq
    Syamil Afiq
    14 days ago

    Peanuts movie review?

  82. Urboyyycarlos
    14 days ago

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who knows this but I'll bring it up in case: BlueSky always had adult jokes hidden in their movies,the ones you wouldn't find in most animated movies,especially noticeable if you watch it in spanish similar to how DreamWorks had adult jokes that flew over kids heads but were understood by the adults,Disney didn't really do that type of humor as much as they did. - It might seem dumb or irrelevant but think about it,compare them,and I'm betting you see something you didn't notice as a kid.

  83. SmoothTurtle
    14 days ago

    Nick just game me an existential crisis during a video about pigeon spies

  84. SummeryMira
    15 days ago

    blue sky kind sucked ngl

  85. Rainfire
    15 days ago

    so... it's Men in Black but birds? Men in Birds? Sounds fun. I gotta see.

  86. Mr.Pillow
    15 days ago

    Yet again, another commonalty dissolved.

  87. Baiaku
    15 days ago

    Man, as a Brazilian myself Rio marked my childhood like no other film ever did, my culture finally being represented as anything other than soccer and Carnaval? Blue sky made a difference in my live

  88. SmoothTurtle
    15 days ago

    Nick: “I’m a car person” Also Nick: “Aw-dee” (6:07)

  89. sonic the eggnog
    sonic the eggnog
    15 days ago

    are you a car?

  90. charlea
    15 days ago

    best part of this film is tom holland nerd listening to kpop and watching kdramas

  91. one tome plz
    one tome plz
    15 days ago

    I like spies in discuss it was ight I like the style the plot it’s been done but it’s has its Owen cute twist and stuff

  92. Christian Ribeiro
    Christian Ribeiro
    15 days ago

    This is why people hate disney

  93. Holly Gordon
    Holly Gordon
    15 days ago

    Pls make a video of Kung fu panda 1 2 and three

  94. Dxmaqe
    16 days ago

    damn will really likes audis

  95. Dxmaqe
    16 days ago

    Goodbye, old friend...

  96. KingoftheNoobs
    16 days ago

    4:35 uhhh

  97. A
    16 days ago

    I hope they don’t do this to the studio that made Klaus. Disney even shut down their smaller department who made my fave childhood movies, the tinker bell movies.

  98. ptassa270
    16 days ago

    This is undeniable proof that Disney/Pixar are actively trying to take over the world.

  99. WillieManga
    17 days ago

    This movie assassinated Blue Sky in disguise.

  100. DeclanHugo RS
    DeclanHugo RS
    17 days ago

    Whenever a studio makes an animated movie with drones in the modern world, you know it's gonna flop