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*touches raw vile meat* I'M. BUILT. DIFFERENT.

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  1. Kitchen Nightmares
    Kitchen Nightmares
    Month ago

    To anyone that's wondering what's going on with the channel, I have a permit - ukwill.infoUgwoP5EjziuqGlBHXUt4AaABCQ

    1. Kiki Blair
      Kiki Blair
      2 days ago

      I'm eating, like I usually do when I watch this. Lol.

    2. Archie j
      Archie j
      7 days ago

      this is actually hilarious and so refreshing. good job

    3. noah
      9 days ago

      What a fucking legend.

    4. themistikcrow 2856
      themistikcrow 2856
      12 days ago

      I wouldn't have told nobody if you didn't

    5. ruhsucks
      16 days ago

      hi tilly

  2. Brett Wrubel
    Brett Wrubel
    Hour ago

    The pigeon is a paid actor

  3. Unicorn 666
    Unicorn 666
    2 hours ago

    He should really start wearing gloves while inspecting their kitchen

  4. idk
    6 hours ago

    "the freshest thing in this kitchen is that pigeon flying around and he's lucky he's still alive" 💀

  5. Todd Marek Jr
    Todd Marek Jr
    7 hours ago

    im not sure who got hired for running this channel, but keep them

  6. Teddy Saunders
    Teddy Saunders
    7 hours ago

    Eeww so gross *immediately rams hand into borderline rotting meat*

  7. Pixel Magician
    Pixel Magician
    10 hours ago

    This is the LGIO kitchen. "Oh no, my customers are dying. What could possibly have caused this?" The only thing missing is various ingredients stacked all over the floor and many people occupying the same space.

  8. Tommy Sanpaku
    Tommy Sanpaku
    Day ago

    Even if GR changes stuff the same disgusting owners wilh eventually go back to their habits why you would evern film mold and health problems is beyond me

  9. Tommy Sanpaku
    Tommy Sanpaku
    Day ago

    If I were him I'd inspect first eat second

  10. i am in pain
    i am in pain
    Day ago

    This inspires me to clean my fridge.

  11. kemuu sohae
    kemuu sohae
    Day ago

    The weary bongo lovely bake because square progressively bubble astride a disturbed paper. shy, bitter eyelash

  12. Kyle Levie
    Kyle Levie
    Day ago

    Touch the fucking wall

  13. Reeves Stanleyg
    Reeves Stanleyg
    Day ago

    The purring radiator observationally strap because captain coherently battle athwart a hysterical haircut. subsequent, easy tsunami

  14. ARIG
    Day ago

    Bruuuuh........the video titles lately 🏆👌😩

  15. Niklas H
    Niklas H
    Day ago

    Imagine being called a dirty fucker by Gordon Ramsay

  16. Iñaki Salazar
    Iñaki Salazar
    Day ago

    These new titles are cool

  17. Paula Black
    Paula Black
    2 days ago

    The pigeon deserves a raise!

  18. Choccy Milk Gamer
    Choccy Milk Gamer
    2 days ago

    i mean he jus built different man, from his palette to his cookin’ skills.

  19. cherryl
    2 days ago

    "tha' looks like MEET throne inna pan" astute observation

  20. Janayah Brown
    Janayah Brown
    2 days ago


  21. Mahew Bisho
    Mahew Bisho
    2 days ago

    7:30 because this might actually kill him, and they can't put it on television

  22. Bader
    2 days ago

    "are aware of how filthy your kitchen is" YES, I AM

  23. Jip van de laar
    Jip van de laar
    2 days ago

    whats the full episode link

  24. drunken idiot
    drunken idiot
    2 days ago

    I used to work at a butchery and I swear 2 god there wasnt nearly as much blood in there as there was in that first kitchen

  25. Jubilant
    2 days ago

    "I thought it was basil" 😂😂

  26. Jubilant
    2 days ago

    "Smell that! Smell it. That's fuckin older than me!" 😂😂

  27. ChromosomeHunter 123
    ChromosomeHunter 123
    2 days ago

    Gordon: “Some dirty fucker left the bones just sitting here” ….”that was me”

  28. Mellow Chelo
    Mellow Chelo
    2 days ago

    Love when he just pours all the nasty juices everywhere hahaha

  29. TheGasPowered JohnnyJohn
    TheGasPowered JohnnyJohn
    2 days ago

    That thumbnail looks like Gordon was dabbing

  30. MichaelSnipes800
    3 days ago

    2:35 💀💀💀💀

  31. Sills71
    3 days ago

    You would think he would examine the kitchen BEFORE he eats at the restaurant...

  32. pukai janou
    pukai janou
    3 days ago

    The unequal snowflake similarly identify because throat morphologically spill amongst a pretty kevin. somber, pointless patch

  33. dre tejeda
    dre tejeda
    3 days ago

    The slimy feet laparoscopically rinse because chest secondly discover on a staking trowel. soggy, hospitable submarine

  34. cal is so hot ☺
    cal is so hot ☺
    3 days ago

    12:52 reminds me of the tiktok of the kid saying "who else is still eating thanksgiving leftovers? ☺️" and then some guy shows up and says "mf its june 😟"

  35. Bdon Ingram
    Bdon Ingram
    3 days ago

    Now I feel bad for ramsey

  36. y/n
    3 days ago

    Not Me watching it while eating a toast 🙂

  37. KerrieBerries Boutique
    KerrieBerries Boutique
    3 days ago

    "That was cooked yesterday" " We got that yesterday"

  38. Danielle Diaz
    Danielle Diaz
    3 days ago

    When people that have never worked in a professional kitchen decide "We ShOuLD OpEn A rEsTaUrAnT! ItS eAsY!"

  39. Tarika Rajani
    Tarika Rajani
    3 days ago

    Wait, what happen with the thumbnails?

  40. ampmars
    3 days ago

    whoever's running this channel, marry me NOW

  41. jo nykole
    jo nykole
    3 days ago

    “bloody hells bells” 😭

  42. Sol Morningstar
    Sol Morningstar
    4 days ago

    One thing i always wonder is why does he check the kitchen after eating the food

  43. Saving Souls Ministries
    Saving Souls Ministries
    4 days ago

    COVID catches The Ramsey.... this man could talk down to anthrax and the anthrax would understand

  44. Slowed Songs
    Slowed Songs
    4 days ago

    My hotdog man from the park has better hygiene than these restaurants

  45. Zad
    4 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay, too angry to even feel disgusted

  46. Samantha Welch
    Samantha Welch
    4 days ago

    He just dives full force into the nastiest of nasty

  47. owievisie
    4 days ago

    Gordon the kind of guy to put his finger in the ass of a corpse and kiss it on the lips to check if it's dead

  48. Wlad D.R.
    Wlad D.R.
    4 days ago

    Watching this video may actually help you to stay on your diet and not eat anything.

  49. Marcel
    4 days ago

    "It's been there since Thanksgiving" "It's july!"

  50. Chocochick
    4 days ago

    What’s this?.....smell this! These videos are enough to stop you ever eating out......again! 😮🤢🤮

  51. ObsidianThurisaz
    4 days ago

    "She's extremely busy." "Yeah well I'm extremely pissed."

  52. Samantha Lee
    Samantha Lee
    4 days ago

    it’s 4AM, and i wanna puke with half of these kitchens, holy mother of god

  53. Alex
    4 days ago

    Gordon: « Oh that looks disgusting » *procedes to stick his whole bare hand in the grime and smells it*

  54. WinterCrystal 1009
    WinterCrystal 1009
    5 days ago

    How do some of these restaurants pass inspection? Like bruh, the food inspector is more strict on the Subway my mom used to work in

  55. jeffy
    5 days ago


  56. KillahKurlz
    5 days ago

    “Ya duuhty pig!”

  57. KillahKurlz
    5 days ago

    Almost makes me want to never eat out again.....almost

  58. Wumbo and Patrick
    Wumbo and Patrick
    5 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay would be the person to clean the toilet without gloves

  59. Tajae Scott
    Tajae Scott
    5 days ago

    Gordon: Who is hoarding this shit? Owner: We serve that shit... Gordon: You served that shit? (cue dramatic music)

  60. Silver Arrow
    Silver Arrow
    5 days ago

    I would’ve puked too many times touching and smelling any of that, even if it was a little

    5 days ago

    Too much to watch🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  62. naomie Rodriguez
    naomie Rodriguez
    5 days ago

    “what’s that?” “molasses, it’s been in there since thanksgiving.” “it’s july!”

  63. Devine Deeem
    Devine Deeem
    5 days ago

    I love this show because it sheds light to midiocrity in restaurant kitchens where we all trust that the cooks are competent and professional. Most of the food workers haven't even had a simple food handlers certificate.

  64. TietietheProfit
    5 days ago

    This makes me wanna go clean my fridge rn.

    5 days ago

    Why does he touch it 🥴

  66. Joshua Benito
    Joshua Benito
    6 days ago

    I’ve watched this a couple times and I still marvel at this scenes. Thanks Gordon I will continue to not eat a crumb from restaurants period.

  67. Sam IOS
    Sam IOS
    6 days ago

    “That looks like meat in a pan” I’m dead💀💀😭😂

  68. Natasha Rincones
    Natasha Rincones
    6 days ago

    It's sad for me to think that all those owners let all that food to rotten

  69. asdfghjkl
    6 days ago

    7:46 "Touch the wall you dirty pig!"

  70. Skuller3341
    6 days ago

    4:43 He missed the bin. Come on Gordon, can't be doing that 😥

  71. Eleftherios
    6 days ago

    ah yes, a perfect video to watch while eating...

  72. T Money
    T Money
    6 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay huh more like Gordon Ragesay built different

  73. N H
    N H
    6 days ago

    0:56 looks like something you’d find in dahmers fridge

  74. Hannah Caridi
    Hannah Caridi
    6 days ago


  75. Taeef Jihaan
    Taeef Jihaan
    6 days ago

    I only clicked because Gordon dabbed in the thumbnail

  76. Moose004
    6 days ago

    Dear Mr. or Ms. Channel Manager: YOU are the real MVP. /bow

  77. iris frankie
    iris frankie
    6 days ago

    Now correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t lobster….. supposed to be dead?

    1. Saving Souls Ministries
      Saving Souls Ministries
      4 days ago

      The Bible doesn’t warn you against eating bottom dwelling sea creatures for no reason haha

    2. iris frankie
      iris frankie
      6 days ago

      @Merlin M. ah, thank you! I don’t really eat seafood, so that part confused me

    3. Merlin M.
      Merlin M.
      6 days ago

      Not before you cook it. The shells can develope ammonia very quickly and kill you. Crab and lobster are supposed to be cooked alive else the ammonia build up will straight kill you

  78. Sunprism
    7 days ago

    That looks like Meat thrown in a Pan Never change, Darryl

  79. The Fish Slayer
    The Fish Slayer
    7 days ago

    Is his daughter running this?

  80. Patrick Elisha
    Patrick Elisha
    7 days ago

    “Touch the wall you dirty pig” 🦠 0:07:45

  81. The Not Sure Channel
    The Not Sure Channel
    7 days ago

    17:38 Shows how much he cares... "I'm just stopping you looking more stupid." Trying to save what little image he has left.

  82. Kaguya shinomiya
    Kaguya shinomiya
    7 days ago

    caught in 4k

  83. Zombified MX5
    Zombified MX5
    7 days ago

    I don’t know why, but there’s just something so satisfying about watching people get humiliated on TV.

  84. Ubu987
    7 days ago

    Gordon should wear gloves when dealing with toxic bio-hazards!

  85. Molly Barber
    Molly Barber
    7 days ago

    The finicky quince intringuingly nod because bow conversely interrupt up a nonchalant height. tidy, succinct industry

  86. marz the burnt out emo
    marz the burnt out emo
    7 days ago

    It looks like a crime scene

  87. Ahmed Sardar
    Ahmed Sardar
    7 days ago

    People who just cook and serve, DO NOT call them Chef. Owners, Owners, Please do not open restaurants if you don't follow up and know Food Standards.

  88. imstraight
    7 days ago

    I seriously wanna know who runs this channel.

  89. No u kys
    No u kys
    7 days ago

    His tittles

  90. Maddi
    7 days ago

    Everything in here is absolutely disgusting, and he’s just touching it????? Built different? Gordon is built like a fucking psycho. That’s so gross, man is insane

  91. Waais
    7 days ago

    istg with these titles

  92. Half Pint
    Half Pint
    7 days ago

    "Oh geyyyod"

  93. Theo Epirroi
    Theo Epirroi
    7 days ago

    So this is where the minecraft cleric trades all the rotten flesh he receives..

  94. XZilo Cobra
    XZilo Cobra
    7 days ago

    I know this is a little late but why is machaels mother holding her throat while talking.

  95. Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon
    7 days ago

    Is Gordon an inspector?

  96. Joann Beasley
    Joann Beasley
    7 days ago

    “I’ve seen less food on an army base, whoever’s buying all this needs to be FIRED” s a v a g e

  97. Pea Shooter
    Pea Shooter
    7 days ago

    9:38 Owners: "Morning chef" YT Captions: "Morning chad" UKwill knows better

  98. Obnoxious Commenter
    Obnoxious Commenter
    7 days ago

    My God such a waste of food

  99. cesar martinez
    cesar martinez
    7 days ago

    Gordon is always getting his hands dirty. I swear I could never. I would just point and be like "look at that!" lol but it certainly does get the point across. I wonder if they have a guy with wipes on standby?

  100. leon
    8 days ago

    the way he passes the smelly food around for everyone to enjoy has me dying