How I Survived My First Pokémon Nuzlocke

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  1. Zack Awesomeness
    Zack Awesomeness
    Minute ago

    Fuck me the Don’t Ever Forget playing the background legit made me tear up

  2. Zach Sills
    Zach Sills
    3 hours ago

    Sturdy doesn't even take its current form until gen 5 Someone's a Pokémon Zoomer

  3. Mags _Wargod
    Mags _Wargod
    3 hours ago

    Let me get this straight you had the chance to put “game over” on spy kids 3 grave and you didn’t!

  4. Gene Stev
    Gene Stev
    3 hours ago

    Lol the Eric Andre reference

  5. kingofice Hyuge
    kingofice Hyuge
    5 hours ago

    Psychic types are weak to poison you have Venus sore

  6. Nathan Salyers
    Nathan Salyers
    6 hours ago

    Now do a kaizo nuzlock

  7. Felix Hoffmann
    Felix Hoffmann
    8 hours ago

    what is that banger song you used in the elite four?

  8. The Faceless Channel
    The Faceless Channel
    8 hours ago

    Nuzlocke rules if you think something won’t kill it’s absolutely gonna kill

  9. SpookSpook
    10 hours ago

    FYI losing the first rival battle in a nuzlocke won’t count because the run won’t start u til you get Pokémon

  10. Matt Watt
    Matt Watt
    12 hours ago

    'never finished Pokemon stuck in the first town! so many god damn pidgeys...

  11. Lance079
    15 hours ago


  12. eve1231
    18 hours ago

    When he said which is what makes it exciting I laughed blood

  13. Damien Little
    Damien Little
    Day ago


  14. LeeMe YT
    LeeMe YT
    Day ago

    You could have name luigi 2 to twuigi

  15. Kosmic Waffle
    Kosmic Waffle
    Day ago

    3:30 Somebody ring the Dinkster?

  16. Adam Bowden
    Adam Bowden
    Day ago

    I’m shocked with how many JoJo references there were

  17. Pog Birb
    Pog Birb
    Day ago

    I see that nova escaped from your basement.

  18. alvaro alva
    alvaro alva
    Day ago

    Clamslam, I like it!

  19. Tomås Nerisma
    Tomås Nerisma
    Day ago

    You know, he’s known as an internet funnyman, but real talk he’s got an amazing ability to tell a story with ups and downs and get you emotionally invested. I feel like it’s not as well seen, but videos like this really show he’s a great storyteller. Can’t wait for him to narrate an audiobook

  20. Kirbo
    2 days ago

    I’m not crying, it’s just water….

  21. Courtney Scheffler
    Courtney Scheffler
    2 days ago

    Luigi 2 worst video game villain in history

  22. gachatuber _ hyperionut
    gachatuber _ hyperionut
    2 days ago

    Alpha, You had fucking snorlax, You just needed to switch the dumb arcanine into the snorlax in the first turn , and nothing would of happened, brayden, your dumb to

  23. timoty greenjean
    timoty greenjean
    2 days ago

    Yoshi was my favorite pokemon and i cried when he died

  24. Adib Nezami
    Adib Nezami
    2 days ago


  25. Adib Nezami
    Adib Nezami
    2 days ago

    Nooooooooo Hot dog

  26. Meloetta the Hedgehog
    Meloetta the Hedgehog
    2 days ago

    Fyrus’s death could have been prevented if he just switched out.

  27. Zack Eller
    Zack Eller
    2 days ago

    Why did I cry wtf I'm mad at myself (cried at the Laura's part fml) I've gone soft

  28. The N-Word
    The N-Word
    2 days ago

    Punished TRANSFORMR and Venom FUNKO POP?

  29. The Leader Of The Crocodile Revolution
    The Leader Of The Crocodile Revolution
    2 days ago

    Looks like spy kids 3 went "sleeping with the fishes" (kill me)

  30. Jake
    2 days ago

    Ok does anyone know the escape from the city remix that he used while daycare grinding

  31. TheGoldenCatz YT
    TheGoldenCatz YT
    2 days ago


  32. Luigi the Octoling
    Luigi the Octoling
    3 days ago

    What’s the music u used during the final battle with Luigi 2

  33. mythical skeleton
    mythical skeleton
    3 days ago

    Sturdy doesn't leave you at 1 hp until gen 4 besides instakill moves

    1. Bridge Seller
      Bridge Seller
      Day ago

      Until gen 5 bro

  34. Evilrymon
    3 days ago

    20:21 this.

  35. Mobile Player
    Mobile Player
    3 days ago

    Spy kids is the best.

  36. Fav 1958
    Fav 1958
    3 days ago

    should've stalled against alakazam with hotdog's dig. would've stalled and probably done more. I think Arcanine was a physical attacker in gen 3 and alakazam had poor physical defense. but poor alpharad. those losses must've been hard. this teaches us all a lesson. don't listen to ur friends kids

  37. kennova fast forward
    kennova fast forward
    3 days ago

    That Sabrina fight, was by far the most devastating nuzlocke moment I have ever seen in my life.

  38. Adam Rodgers
    Adam Rodgers
    4 days ago

    FYI sturdy only stopped the ohko moves like fissure in gen 3

  39. Adam Rodgers
    Adam Rodgers
    4 days ago

    Its fairly common to not count the first battle as a nuzlocke failure

  40. Yagon2005
    4 days ago

    Yo why did I actually almost cry during the Alakazam fight?

  41. UltraEvan Rodrigues
    UltraEvan Rodrigues
    4 days ago


  42. UltraEvan Rodrigues
    UltraEvan Rodrigues
    4 days ago


  43. Jonathan Mercado
    Jonathan Mercado
    4 days ago

    In retrospect why didn't he use bite 🤔

    1. Bridge Seller
      Bridge Seller
      Day ago

      Both special and weaker than Flamethrower, cool

    2. EddyKidPlayzYT
      3 days ago

      Dark type is special in gen 3 sadly

  44. Jacob Bailey
    Jacob Bailey
    4 days ago

    Never knew that a Pokémon Nuzlocke could turn into a PSA about peer pressure and toxic masculinity. Nice.

  45. gr shark gamer
    gr shark gamer
    4 days ago

    you inspired me to do a nuzlocke and i won with 1 death only

  46. Troll
    4 days ago

    11:06 a moment of silence for all of our fallen soldiers

  47. Iron Feline
    Iron Feline
    5 days ago

    To actually this made me fucking sad when I saw most his team die Like. Shit I want to see this a full manga story asap

  48. numaTruehome 100
    numaTruehome 100
    5 days ago

    You could have switched out Lapras at any point and used the tank to wait out parish song, it gets cancelled for the switched Pokémon and continues for whoever was on the field when it activates.

  49. numaTruehome 100
    numaTruehome 100
    5 days ago

    I’d put survive in big quotes there

  50. Christopher Ballero
    Christopher Ballero
    5 days ago

    Congratulations on beating your second nuzlocke though FR/LG is one of the easiest Pokemon games. If u want a real challenge on an official Pokemon game do a nuzlocke on Colosseum

  51. Adryan Galileu
    Adryan Galileu
    5 days ago

    do you used fast forward feature?

  52. Zeus IDV
    Zeus IDV
    5 days ago

    15:10 you son of bitch makin me cry by sealing in their sacrifices with a jojos reference

  53. Pepper's YT
    Pepper's YT
    5 days ago

    Hmm wierd should i release my alakazam aka kadabra

  54. Pepper's YT
    Pepper's YT
    5 days ago

    And i love mudkip

  55. helloimaweeb
    5 days ago

    Bro alakazam is scary I had a alakazam on Pokemon fire red and it one shot everything.

    1. EddyKidPlayzYT
      3 days ago

      Gen 1 alakazam: *allow me to introduce myself*

    2. helloimaweeb
      5 days ago

      @Mikkel Bjerkholt Svensson ya

    3. Mikkel Bjerkholt Svensson
      Mikkel Bjerkholt Svensson
      5 days ago

      Alakazam is really strong

  56. Stean Gen
    Stean Gen
    5 days ago

    Alt title: "pokemon nuzlelock but I murder 80% of my team from not caring"

  57. Gommycentree
    5 days ago

    Bubasar is a cool starter it can beat the first two jim

  58. justin smith
    justin smith
    5 days ago

    Ah yes I too do not like to engage in the fatal crusade of war this was the single best line in the vid🤣

  59. Pepper's YT
    Pepper's YT
    5 days ago

    I play pokemon ruby i love lileep hes adorable

  60. Tylin Kakola
    Tylin Kakola
    5 days ago

    This made me play pkm saphire I got incredibly lucky when my lv 5 shroomish beat a lvl 14 geodude and a lvl 15 nosepass

  61. Ralis Renegade
    Ralis Renegade
    5 days ago

    Wait. Hold up. Alpha. You do NOT get to slide a megalovania reference at 14:37 and expect me not to notice!

  62. Super Sobos
    Super Sobos
    5 days ago

    “A general could lose an entire army, but he would always remember the first soldier to fall” -a man who lost his mankey (Ngl that quote is sick)

  63. Veszty
    6 days ago

    one time me and my brother did a nuzlocke and i had a mamoswine(i prolly spelt it wrong) but it was hgss the sudowoodo that you have to try to use cut on, the bitch knew low kick.. that’s where my trust issues started

  64. Aidan Redding
    Aidan Redding
    6 days ago

    Rest In Peace MANNNKKKEE the Mankey Lava Girl the Diglett Donkey Kong the Raticate Spy Kids 3 the Gyarados Wii Sports the Pidgeot Hot Dog the Arcanine Fyrus the Lapras Yoshi the Snorlax Clamslam the Cloyster Transformr the Jolteon Mewtwo the Onix Coughing the Weezing Phoenix the Hypno

  65. Kansas
    6 days ago

    Imagine if you did a nuzlock in the Pokémon universe. People just see you throwing fainted pokemon into the wild and walking away

  66. Kansas
    6 days ago

    Pardon me but Mr. Bustdown is the best Pokémon name ever

    1. EddyKidPlayzYT
      3 days ago

      How about the original Dr.Bustdown on his charity stream

  67. wanize ismenia
    wanize ismenia
    6 days ago

    Mankey is a legend

  68. Liam S
    Liam S
    6 days ago

    15:16 wait a minute, THATS A JOJO REFERENCE!!!!

  69. Judah Yang
    Judah Yang
    6 days ago

    in the battle against sabrina hotdog could have used dig whichi s physical and alakzam buffed his special defense

  70. Frenzy Thorpe
    Frenzy Thorpe
    6 days ago

    I’m legit crying I feel so bad

  71. DerpyAlusky
    6 days ago

    Okay legit tho why did I nearly cry during the Sabrina battle?

  72. Sharrant
    6 days ago

    “I threw out Coughing one last time…” Well, you’re not wrong, but we true fans know that’s not how it really ended, don’t we?

  73. Sam Barham
    Sam Barham
    7 days ago

    I don't think it counts losing the first battle. You don't even have pokeballs at that point yet.

  74. Eggzwithaz
    7 days ago

    In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon, his soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, he chose the path of perpetual torment. In his ravenous hatred he found no peace; and with boiling blood he scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him. He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, and those that tasted the bite of his psychic powers named him, Sabrina's Alakazam, the one who has wronged alpharad

  75. J Stratts
    J Stratts
    7 days ago

    14:33 The notes are first 4 notes of Megalovania. Nice one alpha.... nice

  76. Michaela the Grape girl
    Michaela the Grape girl
    7 days ago

    My first pokemon game was Fire red so it was very interesting...

  77. baaconflimflam
    7 days ago

    i love the fact that luigi is the rival and also champion before alpha

  78. Cobalt Prime
    Cobalt Prime
    7 days ago

    I’d love whoever this artist is to make a manga

  79. Spottedhusky
    7 days ago

    Dude.. the run doesn't end until you get past the first bit, you didn't need to restart... noob?

  80. Lucky Cinccino
    Lucky Cinccino
    7 days ago

    Lol. You suck at pokemon. Maybe should have been better xD Loved the video. You just suck xD

  81. martin hallmen
    martin hallmen
    8 days ago

    I like how Alpharad doesn't realize that all his viewers are me on different accounts. Dont believe me? watch me post this on my other accounts

  82. gideon langeberg
    gideon langeberg
    8 days ago

    first nuzlocke i seen with items in battle

  83. Rizlen Quadros
    Rizlen Quadros
    8 days ago

    Damn. I thought this video was supposed to be funny. Not make me cry like a little girl

  84. Maria Wilding
    Maria Wilding
    8 days ago

    Did you do the art in this video because it is really good

    1. Maria Wilding
      Maria Wilding
      5 days ago

      @Bridge Seller right...🤦‍♀️

    2. Bridge Seller
      Bridge Seller
      7 days ago


  85. Kyle Louw
    Kyle Louw
    8 days ago

    mr bstdown....

  86. Omar Dugee
    Omar Dugee
    8 days ago

    Sabrina really is the hardest gym leader in Kanto

  87. Ralph's Mum
    Ralph's Mum
    8 days ago

    i liked the manga artstyle it was amazing

  88. Comic Sans
    Comic Sans
    8 days ago

    Pyschic > poison

  89. Oracion
    9 days ago

    Why am I crying

  90. The meme brothers
    The meme brothers
    9 days ago


  91. Blue Aizu
    Blue Aizu
    9 days ago

    This story completely enraptured me, despite me not even liking Pokémon much anymore.

  92. Holy One
    Holy One
    9 days ago

    what is alpha rad's channel called?

  93. Dark Matter
    Dark Matter
    9 days ago

    "jjba kira theme intensifies"

  94. Amanda D.
    Amanda D.
    9 days ago

    Any Pokemon Mystery Dungeon song still makes me cry to this day

  95. Vice
    9 days ago

    _If your Nuzlocke were an Anime, what would it be?_ *Jaiden:* Tengen Toppa-Gurren Lagann *Alpharad:* Berserker

  96. yorick veenhuizen
    yorick veenhuizen
    9 days ago

    how i survived my first pokemon nuzlocke: "not".

  97. James Dolendo
    James Dolendo
    9 days ago

    The nuzlock only starts when you gets the PokeBall

  98. Redhawk Brotherhood
    Redhawk Brotherhood
    9 days ago

    Good now do Emerald Kaizo

  99. umber soul
    umber soul
    9 days ago

    I wish i knew the emulator he used