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  1. Ashotz
    2 days ago


  2. Nazi Samodien
    Nazi Samodien
    4 days ago

    Can you play fortnite

    1. Nazi Samodien
      Nazi Samodien
      3 days ago

      White is

  3. Real life at fam Adolfsson
    Real life at fam Adolfsson
    7 days ago

    I LOVE LOOOOVVVVEEEE watching your viss🥺😃😃🤣😍😀😁🤣🤣😂😂😋😛😝😜🤪

  4. Ian Jones
    Ian Jones
    8 days ago

    Reply Jesse or jordan

  5. Wyatt Osborn
    Wyatt Osborn
    8 days ago

    why did it say jordan had 11 when he had 7

  6. augooostan is shit
    augooostan is shit
    9 days ago

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  7. Simo Clapped uu
    Simo Clapped uu
    9 days ago

    what do u do if 1 of u die off spawn

  8. Khaled Playz
    Khaled Playz
    10 days ago


    1. Khaled Playz
      Khaled Playz
      10 days ago

      My Pc Froze

  9. Llydessa Lester
    Llydessa Lester
    11 days ago

    How do they join the same game

  10. TheMaster
    11 days ago

    honestly jordan always wins i kinda feel bad for jesse

  11. Aubrey Bazan
    Aubrey Bazan
    14 days ago

    Rick won

  12. Tina Maguire
    Tina Maguire
    14 days ago


  13. シLoki
    16 days ago


  14. Konstantin Dobrev
    Konstantin Dobrev
    21 day ago

    Ok so Jordan is actually better bc in most of the 1v1’s Jordan wins

    1. Xslayer136 Xd
      Xslayer136 Xd
      19 days ago

      Your the guy from fortnite

    2. SPAZ Pricty
      SPAZ Pricty
      20 days ago

      Look at the chairs

  15. Anne Lagana
    Anne Lagana
    23 days ago

    sorry jesie but jorden is just the beter player

  16. Jack cornes
    Jack cornes
    23 days ago

    Yo sick dude

  17. Kevin Searle
    Kevin Searle
    23 days ago

    Ric is rich

  18. Sneaky Brawler Brawl Stars
    Sneaky Brawler Brawl Stars
    23 days ago


  19. Jdhdndb d
    Jdhdndb d
    24 days ago

    Toxic Rick

  20. speechlisa
    24 days ago

    The 3 bosses you where talking about it can duplicate I can barely kill her🤣🤣

  21. Bendegúz Nagy
    Bendegúz Nagy
    24 days ago

    Utálom jordant

  22. Vibe gaming269
    Vibe gaming269
    24 days ago

    I have a question if you die do you restart the vid

  23. school sucks
    school sucks
    26 days ago

    no rick is nice

  24. Austin Andrews
    Austin Andrews
    26 days ago

    If you hit someone with a recon scanner grenade you give 5 damage

  25. isAboi455
    26 days ago

    7:58 look at Jesse face cam and he’s moving without looking

  26. Fish stick
    Fish stick
    28 days ago


  27. Szabó Iványiné
    Szabó Iványiné
    28 days ago

    gg :D

  28. Teddy Football daily
    Teddy Football daily
    28 days ago

    He meant buying levels

  29. Eemeli Puoliväli
    Eemeli Puoliväli
    28 days ago

    Every time Jordan is that who gets many kills in land

  30. Debra casment
    Debra casment
    28 days ago


  31. Jason Huizar
    Jason Huizar
    29 days ago

    The first ad that I get is a Rick and Morty ad 💀

  32. Dylan Taylor
    Dylan Taylor
    29 days ago

    1:42 Did the pulse rifle just make the noise of an AR Like if u agree

  33. sizzy
    29 days ago

    It wasent fare because jesse and all green guns and u had gold an purple lol

  34. William Brooks
    William Brooks
    29 days ago

    Kill race

  35. Iwillfindanamesoon
    29 days ago

    Toxic rick’s bonus kills should have been the ufo lmao

  36. Gustavo Lopez
    Gustavo Lopez
    29 days ago

    If jordán Winston n He is beter

  37. Miguel Murdoch
    Miguel Murdoch
    29 days ago

    here a fact Jordan, the alien are the Ray gun and the UFO, and there is the i.o. gun are the rail gun, Recon scanner, pulse rifle.

  38. Bxrrybri 🍓
    Bxrrybri 🍓
    Month ago

    What pickaxe is Jesse using?

  39. Kati Nagler
    Kati Nagler
    Month ago

    you guys are super crack

  40. bloodphoenix731
    Month ago

    LoL Jordan sounds like fresh

  41. Camiel Wouters
    Camiel Wouters
    Month ago

    ricke morty nice

  42. Holden Bartels
    Holden Bartels
    Month ago

    I know

  43. Zaxo 2
    Zaxo 2
    Month ago

    Jordan: there’s a UFO what’s Happening Jesse: 1hp what it happening On the stream: SIT DOWN you just got destroyed by the UFO

  44. Hubert Otbo
    Hubert Otbo
    Month ago


  45. Swagg
    Month ago

    Pulse rifle is an IO weapon not an alien weapon

  46. Synthecize
    Month ago

    Jordan: normal, nice rick is here. Me: is rick nice?

  47. Odin Fawcett
    Odin Fawcett
    Month ago

    im a big fan of you

  48. BADi LF
    BADi LF
    Month ago

    😁 😁 😁 GG

  49. TFX_Flaxy
    Month ago

    6:00 "Travis on my roof" Me : HES THE HIGHEST IN THE ROOF

  50. Céline F
    Céline F
    Month ago

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  51. Adam Illouz
    Adam Illouz
    Month ago

    My mates

  52. Skyz
    Month ago

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  53. Neymar JR
    Neymar JR
    Month ago

    Love u guys!!! U guys are my fav youtubers and tg plays.

  54. Zeus
    Month ago

    Y’all should do a monatge

  55. NatE CorzA
    NatE CorzA
    Month ago

    im level 102 didnt buy levels

  56. Nightmares Are Just Visions of Death
    Nightmares Are Just Visions of Death
    Month ago

    I know Im late but the boss can essentially clone herself

  57. Ofri Tal
    Ofri Tal
    Month ago

    How do u play togeter in solos????

  58. justin volino
    justin volino
    Month ago

    You buy 100 levles

  59. kay jacobs
    kay jacobs
    Month ago

    Can you add pather5713

  60. Meric Varvar
    Meric Varvar
    Month ago

    That was a real scene in Rick and morty

  61. Sir bacon
    Sir bacon
    Month ago

    U guys are like mini freshes

  62. Louis Nichols
    Louis Nichols
    Month ago

    I got Rick today yaya

  63. old sm64 speedrun and tool asisted
    old sm64 speedrun and tool asisted
    Month ago

    Toi ta mélangé fête royal avec rick et morty

  64. DH gaming
    DH gaming
    Month ago

    you both sound the exact same

  65. Ngu Fleek
    Ngu Fleek
    Month ago

    Jesse got screwed over

  66. Tremaine Alexander
    Tremaine Alexander
    Month ago


  67. Ghoul Tropper Fan
    Ghoul Tropper Fan
    Month ago

    I Don't Like Real Rick

  68. James Charles-Crawford
    James Charles-Crawford
    Month ago

    It’s actually toxin rick

  69. op supreme
    op supreme
    Month ago


  70. Jake B
    Jake B
    Month ago

    I love the good content that the twins make

  71. DASHLO 200
    DASHLO 200
    Month ago

    Love the graphics

  72. Uveel R
    Uveel R
    Month ago

    Wait am a higher level than both of you wat

  73. HungryCozySocks
    Month ago


  74. Clipped by Dirt
    Clipped by Dirt
    Month ago

    bought the whole battle pass **lvl 100** CODE X2TWINS

  75. Robyn Walker-Allen
    Robyn Walker-Allen
    Month ago

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  76. Leighton Knox
    Leighton Knox
    Month ago

    I like watching these type of Videos

  77. Kole Duhon
    Kole Duhon
    Month ago

    Green one is better

  78. Tuna Öztürk
    Tuna Öztürk
    Month ago

    Lol no one know rick And Morty LOL ı dont think anyone watchOS that el from Netflix LOL

  79. Augusto Brunelli
    Augusto Brunelli
    Month ago


  80. Francesco Ceccarani
    Francesco Ceccarani
    Month ago

    Mello i love this video

  81. Zsolt Balog
    Zsolt Balog
    Month ago

    Xd watch the end guys😂😂😂

  82. akatsuki
    Month ago

    Not gonna lie Jesse and Jordan have the best thumbnails

  83. marvel toys with james
    marvel toys with james
    Month ago

    You are the best Jordan

  84. Amr Hady
    Amr Hady
    Month ago

    x2 twins❌ x2 legends✅

  85. AM Speed Player 2.0
    AM Speed Player 2.0
    Month ago

    Follow me on tik tok and YT

  86. Rashad Harris
    Rashad Harris
    Month ago

    Why do they sound like fresh

  87. Tord
    Month ago

    This sucks sm

  88. sniperdude4692
    Month ago

    jordan is better than jesse

  89. Breanna G
    Breanna G
    Month ago

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  90. Haya ALY MEKAWY
    Month ago

    Pls friend me I love you my name is MEKAWY_aly

  91. Jennifer Ames
    Jennifer Ames
    Month ago

    I hate jesse but like Jordan

  92. 🔧VSL blicks
    🔧VSL blicks
    Month ago

    Got banned on twitch hahahah

  93. Somia876 Akter linda745**
    Somia876 Akter linda745**
    Month ago

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  94. Furtan
    Month ago

    Jesse:I have been grinding out levels Me:yea right rich boy you probably just bought the levels

  95. Ema reyes
    Ema reyes
    Month ago


  96. Faze Squeaks
    Faze Squeaks
    Month ago

    Uhh that aura was me lol

  97. nikol Station
    nikol Station
    Month ago

    Nice work

  98. Doozyrae
    Month ago

    Why are Jordans challenges in these kill races so easy and jesse's are always hard

  99. Jean Carlos Pena
    Jean Carlos Pena
    Month ago

    The ending is so cool

  100. Sammy sniper 2.0
    Sammy sniper 2.0
    Month ago

    Nice I like toxic risk also I subbed