FaZe Jarvis
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  1. Oscar Hart
    Oscar Hart
    5 hours ago

    Do you have a cuson

  2. of duty wor
    of duty wor
    17 hours ago

    Free jarvis

  3. Silver #1
    Silver #1
    18 hours ago


  4. Shadow Medved
    Shadow Medved
    19 hours ago

    The new KSI vs Logan Paul part 3

  5. EN
    20 hours ago

    He went from the biggest dub of the month to the biggest L

  6. Steph Williams
    Steph Williams
    21 hour ago

    King of faze brhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. zzone Clan
    zzone Clan
    23 hours ago

    Nah no respect to Michael le

  8. Armando Martinez
    Armando Martinez
    Day ago

    Bro he's trader was not lying lol

  9. andrewAalvarez
    Day ago

    why is merch so expensive i cant get it but it is fire you did good

  10. Prakash Journey
    Prakash Journey
    Day ago

    You’re fucking so good

  11. Gaming Roblox
    Gaming Roblox
    Day ago

    You know everyone loves you if bxrry (hi) and UKwill commented

  12. Laura-jane Beard
    Laura-jane Beard
    Day ago


  13. Archer Pro
    Archer Pro
    Day ago

    I’m sad because you are banned on fortnite

  14. PackO'Sand
    Day ago

    this is kinda funny lol

  15. Small Fish
    Small Fish
    Day ago

    Guy on michael lee's team youre ####### lying round 2 Jarvis:👹 Michal lee:🙀

  16. Lucian Penuelaz
    Lucian Penuelaz
    Day ago


  17. Taylor Nevarez
    Taylor Nevarez
    2 days ago

    Bruh a kid his 21 and your 18 his older than you Lol

  18. Bruhman 69
    Bruhman 69
    2 days ago

    Epic: unbanning Jarvis Jarvis: I'll beat up anyone u want me to master

  19. Lielia vaughner
    Lielia vaughner
    2 days ago

    I hate u Jarvis

  20. David Lucas
    David Lucas
    2 days ago

    I hope I don't fith with you

  21. Lucien Berkhuijsen
    Lucien Berkhuijsen
    2 days ago


    1. DJ Zarr
      DJ Zarr
      Day ago

      ye i agree after he SCAMMED HIS FANS!!!!

  22. Ghostツ
    2 days ago


  23. Norolain Batabor
    Norolain Batabor
    2 days ago

    Im just joking i love faze jarvis

  24. Kyron Mitchell
    Kyron Mitchell
    2 days ago

    You have 25 he haves 5 lol that b*** lil

  25. 張浩然 Cheung Ho Yin 2E 02
    張浩然 Cheung Ho Yin 2E 02
    2 days ago

    at 1:51 Logan paul dudes comes 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. herkku racing
    herkku racing
    2 days ago

    That was sick knockout

  27. Daniel Bucud
    Daniel Bucud
    2 days ago

    Jarvis i dont wanna say this but your coach just keep saying bad words from michael why like why he said that tik tok is time now and bad words why wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

  28. Ethan Martinez
    Ethan Martinez
    2 days ago


  29. Legandary Beast
    Legandary Beast
    2 days ago

    FaZe kay the step bro boogie dance

  30. N 67
    N 67
    2 days ago

    Man was crying over fortnite now he’s feelin like mike Tyson in his prime or somethin

  31. Xun So2
    Xun So2
    3 days ago

    1:41 was he lying?

  32. Fryfi
    3 days ago

    Let’s fucking goooo

  33. I love quimic💖
    I love quimic💖
    3 days ago


  34. Aaida Fadila Ahmed
    Aaida Fadila Ahmed
    3 days ago

    Haters be like: No! he used macro!!!!!!!!?

  35. Mas
    3 days ago


  36. Jason Hdez
    Jason Hdez
    3 days ago

    l feel so bad for Just Michael le

  37. David Vazquez
    David Vazquez
    3 days ago

    Yea epic unban him everybody go to epic and spam unban jarvis

  38. Zachary Owens
    Zachary Owens
    4 days ago

    He went from aimbotting in fortnite to aimbotting in the ring to aimbotting his career

    4 days ago

    Ma nagga

  40. Camden Bushfield
    Camden Bushfield
    4 days ago

    You are insane at boxing and you beat him up

  41. Rodolfo Aguilar
    Rodolfo Aguilar
    4 days ago

    This is what happends when you're an idiot and you use hacks: you get banned and it changes your life

  42. dophline Mohammed alsultan
    dophline Mohammed alsultan
    4 days ago

    How about big guy amd faze jarvis

  43. Jace Taggart
    Jace Taggart
    4 days ago


  44. asioe kiou
    asioe kiou
    4 days ago

    Jarvis is gonna be a remember legend

  45. VxDazYT
    4 days ago

    LESS F**king go!

    1. deon gjakova
      deon gjakova
      4 days ago

      Then u be quiet u just commenting one month later nobody else is not gonna reply

    2. VxDazYT
      4 days ago

      @deon gjakova Bc we want to so plz be quiet

    3. deon gjakova
      deon gjakova
      4 days ago

      Is done like a month ago y u guys still commenting

  46. VxDazYT
    4 days ago

    Epic u should unban jarvis please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Night _0451
    Night _0451
    4 days ago

    his contact fell yall could have tied

  48. Virrus:3
    4 days ago

    Give the man a Popeyes chicken sandwich

  49. tsering thargay
    tsering thargay
    4 days ago

    I want to be your challenger

  50. Broderick Veerman
    Broderick Veerman
    4 days ago

    Yo good job

  51. John Casares
    John Casares
    4 days ago

    Mans used aim it irl

  52. E S
    E S
    5 days ago

    Im impressed you did not cry

  53. Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed
    5 days ago

    دقيته دق يا ريال مهايطي الي ضدك

  54. Firephionex_progamer
    5 days ago

    Mate faze Jarvis neon the toxic rich kid said he can knock you out and he said he wants to fight you

  55. viiont eooiy
    viiont eooiy
    5 days ago

    this kid went to aimbotting to real life that he got kicked out of faze lol

  56. KermitTheFrog
    5 days ago

    You are the best Jarvis

  57. Tasneem Akhtar
    Tasneem Akhtar
    5 days ago

    Nooo his contact went out he said he couldn't see

  58. Aryanvsnoob YT
    Aryanvsnoob YT
    5 days ago

    Jarvis went insane mode

    5 days ago


  60. Cristian Quintero
    Cristian Quintero
    5 days ago

    You duck at boxing on God you do

    1. soedarman mardjoeki
      soedarman mardjoeki
      5 days ago

      Ha spell

  61. Angel uzumaki
    Angel uzumaki
    5 days ago

    Bradley vs Jarvis make it happen

  62. Sxge_is_cracked 2008
    Sxge_is_cracked 2008
    6 days ago

    Jarvis hit a 200 on that kid

  63. The Bros. Gaming
    The Bros. Gaming
    6 days ago

    Lets f#cking go

  64. vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt
    6 days ago

    Yaaaaa my boy won I was all those times I wanted Jarvis to win I feel how happy he is and stay strong

  65. Low ground
    Low ground
    6 days ago

    i love jarvis

  66. Kebabulous
    6 days ago

    In one of the clips it looked like jarvis lost a few teeth

  67. Kiean’s World
    Kiean’s World
    6 days ago

    Lees coach was a little cocky

  68. Mr. jack
    Mr. jack
    6 days ago

    michael le is best

    1. yeBlizzy
      6 days ago

      then he gets knocked the shit out of jarvis

    2. vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt
      6 days ago

      Michael feet deserved it Jarvis is a demon

  69. Luke Roberts
    Luke Roberts
    6 days ago

    Yeah you knocked him out and lost his contact.

  70. Ryan Kumar
    Ryan Kumar
    6 days ago

    jarvis looks scary in the ring

  71. Jovi Ann Denis
    Jovi Ann Denis
    6 days ago


  72. poop power
    poop power
    6 days ago

    free jarvis (spam)

    6 days ago

    Jarvis went from aimboting in fortnight to aimboting in real life 😂

  74. WaltWhitman
    7 days ago


  75. Fortnite boy2011
    Fortnite boy2011
    7 days ago

    I love u

  76. Landon Hernandez
    Landon Hernandez
    7 days ago

    Jarvis is gonna get banned from boxing if he dosent put that aimbot away

    1. Rimuru
      13 hours ago

      Nah if he don't put them scams away

    2. Little Flash
      Little Flash
      4 days ago


  77. Landon And Jack
    Landon And Jack
    7 days ago

    Yoooooooooo your insane

  78. WaltWhitman
    7 days ago

    this guy's a cheat and a scammer. but at the same time i could never support someone from tik tok winning at anything. so ups to him for humiliating that tiktok dude. good song pick too

    1. WaltWhitman
      7 days ago

      @doire aintu ScamTheKids fr

    2. doire aintu
      doire aintu
      7 days ago

      I love how they think people actually care about them

  79. Jacob Lalduhsaka
    Jacob Lalduhsaka
    7 days ago

    man tha ts a good knockout

  80. 9hrs shorts
    9hrs shorts
    7 days ago

    Michael feet deserved it Jarvis is a demon

  81. mrme mr
    mrme mr
    7 days ago

    UKwill won

  82. Simme 1
    Simme 1
    7 days ago

    Good match jarvis

  83. MR tomato
    MR tomato
    7 days ago

    Love you bro!

    7 days ago

    bro jump in the ring with austin Mcbroom

  85. Colten Meadows
    Colten Meadows
    8 days ago

    Jarvis went pow pow powww

  86. ibfps
    8 days ago

    1:30 "you wish"

  87. Norolain Batabor
    Norolain Batabor
    8 days ago

    I don't like you jarvis and your coach

    1. Norolain Batabor
      Norolain Batabor
      2 days ago

      Im joking

    2. yuoop noke
      yuoop noke
      7 days ago

      You fucking beast

  88. MrFlyHighAebel
    8 days ago

    Jarvis is cracked fornite my guy!

  89. Wave FN
    Wave FN
    8 days ago

    Letsgoooooooooooo AIM bot kid! Haha

  90. Hello and Goodbye
    Hello and Goodbye
    8 days ago

    I love how they think people actually care about them

  91. dank elmo
    dank elmo
    8 days ago

    this kid went to aimbotting to real life that he got kicked out of faze lol

  92. Games with Dylan
    Games with Dylan
    8 days ago

    Your mean I hate you

  93. Aiden go crazy
    Aiden go crazy
    8 days ago

    LETS GO BRUV!!!🔥🔝

  94. Griselda Gomez
    Griselda Gomez
    9 days ago

    ok you mightev won congrats but tik tok is better ._. congrats tho

  95. q1qt Plays
    q1qt Plays
    9 days ago


  96. ToyBot0
    9 days ago

    This is a late comment. You’ve got abs but you have twigs for arms. Just sayin

  97. throh BACK
    throh BACK
    9 days ago

    This was fucking sick!

  98. ay non Asim123
    ay non Asim123
    9 days ago


  99. bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss
    9 days ago

    we are so very proud of you Jarvis. ❤

    1. SB Rage ツ
      SB Rage ツ
      8 days ago

      @hoodie gang 🧢 faze Kay got kicked Jarvis got suspended

    2. hoodie gang
      hoodie gang
      8 days ago

      Not no more he scammed people and got kicked out from faze