How This Guy Cleaned A Lake!

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  1. Slien arcade
    Slien arcade
    Hour ago

    What a good boy😙

  2. YoutubeChannel #69
    YoutubeChannel #69
    5 hours ago

    We need that in the netherlands

  3. Thatha Pa
    Thatha Pa
    6 hours ago

    I wonder how it tastes like

  4. Mia’s Art challenges
    Mia’s Art challenges
    7 hours ago

    Yo his name is Marino because in Spanish the word Marino is similar to water or something like that

  5. Rizal Wahid
    Rizal Wahid
    8 hours ago

    Wait what still of swim did he use?

  6. Akash Sutradhar
    Akash Sutradhar
    8 hours ago

    Plz send me the solution name.

  7. naman gupta
    naman gupta
    9 hours ago

    At this point this is more of an advertisement channel than motivational

  8. trinh hello vu
    trinh hello vu
    9 hours ago

    The scientist:Hi! My name is Mario My brain: WTF! His name is Mario?

  9. janine aniciete
    janine aniciete
    10 hours ago

    Wow we need that on our Ilog Pasig!

  10. REX
    11 hours ago

    Of course the guy who cleaned a lake has the name Marino how ironic

  11. 24 Neel Yuvan IXHB
    24 Neel Yuvan IXHB
    11 hours ago

    I wish there are thousands of people like marino

  12. Sabbir Chowdhury
    Sabbir Chowdhury
    11 hours ago

    where can i get it?

  13. aclib_
    12 hours ago

    Mi country 🥵🤙

  14. Ailsa Nur Rahma
    Ailsa Nur Rahma
    13 hours ago

    What is that organic chemicalia is

  15. Tanuja D
    Tanuja D
    13 hours ago

    Can marino let me know what that solution is... I'd like to clean a pond nearby. 🙃

  16. Suveer Rikky
    Suveer Rikky
    13 hours ago


  17. Ahtesham khan
    Ahtesham khan
    15 hours ago

    He is real legend❤️

  18. Elijah McLaurin
    Elijah McLaurin
    15 hours ago

    Put it In the ocean

  19. Surabhi C
    Surabhi C
    17 hours ago

    Wow 👏🏼👏🏼

    17 hours ago

    I want it I wanna eat it

  21. Dexter Dexter
    Dexter Dexter
    17 hours ago

    Amazing video love from india

  22. Sourabh Guchhait
    Sourabh Guchhait
    18 hours ago

    Hey marino give us the recipe

  23. DES. ⟨⟨BLAZE⟩⟩
    DES. ⟨⟨BLAZE⟩⟩
    20 hours ago

    So how do we get more people like Marino? Here's one I could think of. Not by making education accessible to the people, but by doing the opposite and make schools an option. By reducing the amount of poor people in this world, more people like Marino will pop-up. That is, if they aren't bad.

  24. Arsh Sharma
    Arsh Sharma
    20 hours ago

    Is his solution is as organic and environment friendly as Amway's products?

  25. Amado Mejia
    Amado Mejia
    21 hour ago

    Gooooood satisfying

  26. Fresh Avocados
    Fresh Avocados
    21 hour ago

    You don't the guys gonna go to heaven

  27. Robo Raptor
    Robo Raptor
    21 hour ago

    Not Gunna lie the first time I saw the dirty lake I thought it was great that's how green it was

  28. Noble Penn
    Noble Penn
    22 hours ago

    What's his full name? What happens to the contamination when it floats to the top? How do you properly dispose of the contaminants? One minute was not enough time.

  29. isaac cake
    isaac cake
    22 hours ago

    What the heck don,t bath right there you making it dirty

  30. imperialist Garuda
    imperialist Garuda
    22 hours ago

    Plus this is solving world hunger because you could eat it

  31. Maniocle T-reX
    Maniocle T-reX
    23 hours ago

    * The birds came back * Lake: * Happy noises * * and the humans did too * Lake: here we go again

  32. Tatay Buboy
    Tatay Buboy
    Day ago

    He makes my day perfect every time I watch him

  33. Marco Sacco
    Marco Sacco
    Day ago

    Mussolini would be proud of him

  34. Alongusernamebassicaly
    Day ago

    Me imaginating the process like: 25 Health Streak! Tactical Nuke ready. Tactical Nuke Imbound! Did it hit? Fuck yea it did

  35. StormCrown
    Day ago

    "Because it is 100% organic" So is Arsenic.

  36. noob ok's roblox & Minecraft & fnf
    noob ok's roblox & Minecraft & fnf
    Day ago

    My world a uuhhhh,my world is not fucking clean

  37. Aldy Chann
    Aldy Chann
    Day ago

    And the ppl dirty it again

  38. JT Garcia
    JT Garcia
    Day ago

    This is epic!

  39. Sean Lau
    Sean Lau
    Day ago

    Oh yeah

  40. BY Lili
    BY Lili
    Day ago

    I'm so grateful for all the people like him

  41. BANG
    Day ago

    Nasdaily: I found a guy who is cloning Marino.

  42. kids videos
    kids videos
    Day ago

    This is superb, yeh toh gold Hai, sir.

  43. Dorothea Delistathis
    Dorothea Delistathis
    Day ago

    Yeah but what is the solution?????

  44. Prabhakar Nayak
    Prabhakar Nayak
    Day ago

    How did he made the solution,we want know too please.

  45. Madness :3
    Madness :3
    Day ago

    His name is somehow related to water, that's beautiful! Marine(o)

  46. STSYシャーニス
    Day ago

    Bro was i the only one who tought the dirty lake was the teletubbies big field😩

  47. niraj singh
    niraj singh
    Day ago

    I wish this was also in India 🙄

  48. Harish Jayaraj
    Harish Jayaraj
    Day ago

    Dude. U are awesome ✨. Thanks to u

    1. Harish Jayaraj
      Harish Jayaraj
      Day ago

      I mean. U nas daily

  49. IA
    Day ago

    We don't need peoplr like him world would be like than it will be again a blue plznet

  50. Wolfiefurry
    Day ago

    That’s really cool try and put him and film maybe he can teach us how to make it!

  51. bee gees
    bee gees
    Day ago

    Marino will useful in Indonesia

  52. Parachute Gaming
    Parachute Gaming
    Day ago

    thats crazy

  53. Pratima Tamang
    Pratima Tamang
    Day ago

    We need the recipe of his solution.

  54. Nayan Patel
    Nayan Patel
    Day ago

    I don’t know why everyone wants to be a memer in comment section 🙄

  55. kalahasthi lokanadhan
    kalahasthi lokanadhan
    Day ago

    I am happy for the lucky lake

  56. Abhishek Debnath
    Abhishek Debnath
    Day ago

    How can we contact merino?

  57. WinterAlphaWhiteWolf
    Day ago

    The birds cma back Me : that good And the people's too Me : what if they throw plastic grabage and make it dirty again

  58. Shan Seby
    Shan Seby
    Day ago

    A little bit, that's very correct 😂

  59. CarryMinati FanClub (NAFIS)
    CarryMinati FanClub (NAFIS)
    Day ago

    World needs people like Marino

    1. MCNZ
      Day ago

      You again!!

  60. ShopMrBeast
    2 days ago

    roger that just lemme buy a boeing 747 transporter and clean the World

  61. Emmanuel CJ Bartolome
    Emmanuel CJ Bartolome
    2 days ago

    Also the other ocean

  62. The Preaching Cat
    The Preaching Cat
    2 days ago

    Nobody: My stupid ass: Do it taste good though?

  63. darnoc
    2 days ago

    Yeah the people came back to ruin it again

  64. Strawberry_ Milk
    Strawberry_ Milk
    2 days ago

    Sooo whats in it??????👀👀👀👀

  65. Γιάννης Σιμ
    Γιάννης Σιμ
    2 days ago

    Marino didn't tell us what came up to his mouth after he ate it...

  66. Harish Jagtap
    Harish Jagtap
    2 days ago

    Hey, I wanted to buy that organic powder ( chemical ) , Please

  67. Gacha_ Momentum
    Gacha_ Momentum
    2 days ago

    We need 1B Traveling around the world cleaning all lakes oceans and seas

  68. j0_0j. SZ
    j0_0j. SZ
    2 days ago

    None of the comments here are supportive and nice

  69. Mihajlo Terzin
    Mihajlo Terzin
    2 days ago

    dobro bi nam to doslo na jezeru palicu

  70. Super Doggo
    Super Doggo
    2 days ago

    Nas: it is so eco friendly that you can eat it Also marino: *ready to throw up* this is 100% organic

  71. The unknown she
    The unknown she
    2 days ago

    What is the solution !!

  72. Asitha induwara
    Asitha induwara
    2 days ago

    Actual Legend.

  73. Rommel B. Omega TV
    Rommel B. Omega TV
    2 days ago

    Please ask him to sell this to Philippines also

    2 days ago

    Their is no organic powder ever made to clean the water like this way.. their is no simple solution to a complex problem .. don't spread bogus news

  75. Dk Trek
    Dk Trek
    2 days ago

    Dude, this is the type of people who deserve awards. Not some little girl who think the world's gonna go back to normal if we don't use fossil fuels.

  76. The Blue lightning Production house
    The Blue lightning Production house
    2 days ago

    The hero indeed💙

    2 days ago

    All please

  78. tablet tablet
    tablet tablet
    2 days ago

    Marino best

  79. Raven Brent Zara
    Raven Brent Zara
    2 days ago

    Marino is a water cleaning grenade

  80. Pringle Productions
    Pringle Productions
    3 days ago

    What a badass

  81. Juvy Ladimo
    Juvy Ladimo
    3 days ago


  82. Constantin Conradi
    Constantin Conradi
    3 days ago

    Where can i Buy this

  83. Homie Gaming
    Homie Gaming
    3 days ago

    How bout the sea too

  84. NunoKanas
    3 days ago

    All the dirty lakes. Finnish people: umm

  85. T h o t .・✫・゜・。.
    T h o t .・✫・゜・。.
    3 days ago

    Marino sounds like marine, so his name was perfect for what he did. ✨

  86. sonzai
    3 days ago

    " Not all heroes wearing capes " Some heroes wearing glasses

  87. rajesh ravori
    rajesh ravori
    3 days ago

    Need the formula to create the solution

  88. Mateus Macedo
    Mateus Macedo
    3 days ago


  89. Cel Cleo
    Cel Cleo
    3 days ago

    Baka ma save nya ilog pasig,

  90. Mohamad Nasser
    Mohamad Nasser
    3 days ago

    Lol this kind of things needed in India has dirty waters alot ..and some villages can't find water to drink

  91. auostic musicians
    auostic musicians
    3 days ago

    Can I know what he used in solution?? Please reply

  92. Polly
    3 days ago

    Yea i think only 80% will be like marino,i seen alot of people just putting waste in the rivers and oceans and many other things with water they even throw their garbage in the sewers!

  93. el wey del cyber
    el wey del cyber
    3 days ago

    Peru es pais mas facha xd

  94. J Dalton
    J Dalton
    3 days ago

    He is right we need more people like Marino

  95. mohammed fakhruddin
    mohammed fakhruddin
    4 days ago

  96. Gabriel Bales
    Gabriel Bales
    4 days ago

    This is epic.

  97. Mely Huerta
    Mely Huerta
    4 days ago

    Wow 😄🙂😮😮😮😮👏🏼🎉

  98. mApLe
    4 days ago

    his solution looks like the spices that you put in noodle cups

    4 days ago

    Thanks for introducing underrated peoples

  100. Edwin Thomas
    Edwin Thomas
    4 days ago

    India needs someone like him to clean dirty ganges.