Tesla Turbine | The interesting physics behind it

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  1. Matthew Foster
    Matthew Foster
    3 hours ago

    um, then dont do 3m disks. have multiple smaller disks. Isnt that what Tesla did with the SpaceX raptor engines?

  2. Jester Zubrata
    Jester Zubrata
    4 hours ago

    Today if this turbine in use we can add more disk i mean over 30k rpm that crazy

  3. AJz
    Day ago

    this video is like putting a script into an auto reader I'm sorry I can't watch this

  4. Tommy. Bee. .
    Tommy. Bee. .
    Day ago

    Nicola..was. .very Spiritual

  5. SuDa Soul
    SuDa Soul
    Day ago

    Very nice way to explain 🖤

  6. John Mills
    John Mills
    Day ago

    why would you need a turbine 3 meters in diameter. What about a turbine less than half a meter in diameter with the same torque. But I guess harnessing 50k to 100k rpms from turbine to generator would be difcult because turning a generator at such high rpms would be ????? I don't know but something small with a reduction of rpms could produce a hell of a lot torque. Power house in a small package.

  7. Jimmy Pham
    Jimmy Pham
    2 days ago

    Is this the most efficient type of powered water pump there is compared to any other conventional type of pump designs?

  8. Mark Manning
    Mark Manning
    2 days ago

    I wonder if the blades were made thinner at the edge could alleviate the problems. Thinning the edges would allow a greater area for the fluid to flow through thus reducing the drag effect.

  9. bob thomas
    bob thomas
    3 days ago

    just need to synthesis a super-alloy capable of running at 100,000RPM and boom 99.99% Efficiency woo

  10. Nicko Eka Nugroho
    Nicko Eka Nugroho
    4 days ago

    See ing turbine without Blade make my brain sick

  11. Sokwambi TV
    Sokwambi TV
    5 days ago

    "Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine." Nikola Tesla

  12. Islomjon Yunusov
    Islomjon Yunusov
    5 days ago

    When the pressure can give you more than 50k rpm but you only choose to receive less than 10k rpm, you are literally wasting the energy... which means that turbines nowadays are still very inefficient.

  13. poi qwerty
    poi qwerty
    6 days ago

    Tesla invented the flying disk he used his wireless towers to power it now they're self contained power source

  14. Philip Syili
    Philip Syili
    6 days ago

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  15. N Kliesow
    N Kliesow
    6 days ago

    Why increse the diameter when you can increse the width of the turbine? I don't understand that problem...

  16. Light Touch Tuning
    Light Touch Tuning
    6 days ago

    Very nice animation and explanation! Thank You!

  17. Eric Nail
    Eric Nail
    8 days ago

    What if the whole system were to be placed in a vacuum or in a low pressure environment? Would this increase efficiency, as unrealistic as it sounds

  18. Roland Gilmore
    Roland Gilmore
    8 days ago

    Are there not modern materials that can resist blade warping?

  19. JPA55MOR3
    9 days ago

    Tesla really thought he saw a pigeon with laser eyes talk to him then die in his arms.

  20. Miroslav Vracar
    Miroslav Vracar
    9 days ago


  21. Gee Wizz
    Gee Wizz
    9 days ago

    My what a great world it could of been?????????? Who changed that............🤣

  22. The Anime Homie
    The Anime Homie
    9 days ago

    I'm no engineer but the tesla turbine sounds extremely inefficient. I would know if it was if you bothered to say how much power it takes to get the thing running in the first place instead of focusing on what it can do during and after it has an unknown amount of power. Also if this thing is actually being used why not use a photo of a real one instead of a 3d model?

  23. VuCitation
    9 days ago

    Heat is another problem. Now a day, we have centrifugal pump, torque convert etc. work on such principle.

  24. Peter Archbold
    Peter Archbold
    9 days ago

    Reduce rotor diameter.

  25. red horse
    red horse
    9 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣 Every piece of technology is thanks to Nicholas Tesla. But, school only teaches about Einstein and Thomas Edison who never invented anything

    1. Jared Maddox
      Jared Maddox
      6 days ago

      Edison did invent a few things, but his only deeply important one is the corporate laboratory, because it makes science & engineering more economically sustainable (he may have personally invented the record player and film projector, but both are antiquated, and would have been old versions anyways). As for Einstein, he was a scientist, while Tesla was more of an engineer- meaningfully different fields. Einstein earned his fame by devising formulas to predict observations (including quantum mechanics observations, though he was trying to _disprove it_ when he did so), while Tesla was _mostly_ focussed on applying existing knowledge in new ways. Hence Tesla invented the induction motor and an early version of the electric grid, while Einstein is distantly related to some particular aspects of modern electronics (the transistor is built off quantum mechanics). I think Einstein had something to do with improving the understanding of thermionic emissions (which were used in vacuum tubes) too, but I forget the details.

  26. Vincent Russo
    Vincent Russo
    10 days ago

    Can they be utilized in a Zero G environment?

  27. J D
    J D
    10 days ago

    sooo.. Engineering impossiblity? so that means Nikola Tesla is still way ahead of our time even at 2021. The idea and concept is sound but the engineering materials has not caught up yet?

  28. Dr. Top Hat
    Dr. Top Hat
    10 days ago


  29. LuckyWheelie
    10 days ago

    Tesla SRBINE!

  30. The_Touring Jedi
    The_Touring Jedi
    10 days ago

    His visions was in those days way way beyond vision that Musk has...oh btw Musk took the name of this famous engineer only to make money.

  31. John sarab
    John sarab
    10 days ago


  32. Timm Long
    Timm Long
    11 days ago

    If Tesla were alive today, we would have faster than light travel

  33. cagdas güven
    cagdas güven
    11 days ago

    Is this theorethical engineering lol. Mechanism would be viable with a spesific new material designed for this application

  34. Vineeth P
    Vineeth P
    11 days ago

    Tesla grown before science ❤

  35. mihindu1967
    11 days ago

    How different is this Tesla turbine different from the turbo charger in automobile engines or the modern day steam turbines.

  36. Giovanni P.
    Giovanni P.
    11 days ago

    How about this power generator? - 26 years after the company was closed down..? kenpedlar.weebly.com/what-has-ken-been-up-to.html?fbclid=IwAR2bn6kYH14O5h_5AKPSsBHkgPC25dW-w8iL0OVNBNM5QA6PmNC9-5DAxiM Dual axis rotor or 'inertialess' drive...

  37. Guz
    12 days ago

    Why this channel name weird now?

  38. Abner Dancuart
    Abner Dancuart
    12 days ago

    With Grapheno is possible to do it !

  39. Bennie Chadwick
    Bennie Chadwick
    12 days ago

    Tesla and DaVinci in today's world. We would be circling the sun on bicycles by now. LOL 😆

  40. Gerardo Ciprian
    Gerardo Ciprian
    12 days ago


  41. Ghost_user
    12 days ago

    I heard if you name your company after this guy, people will think you invented electricity. Not discovered, invented

  42. baguazhang2
    12 days ago

    How about the highest quality carbon fiber, aerospace grade ceramics, or even synthetic sapphire disks?

  43. Troy Broussard
    Troy Broussard
    12 days ago


  44. Annabi Mohammed
    Annabi Mohammed
    12 days ago

    what if the discs were made out of much stronger material? sure the cost will be unreasonable but it'll be efficient in purely mechanical terms

  45. Louie Macorncan
    Louie Macorncan
    12 days ago

    To add stupid but wonder in dwelling in question, what happens if you wield the disk, as in making small piller inside the tiny gap? I mean if you think about it, to stop the warping for there have to be a support beam to hold the disk in place and yes I am aware of the disk losing some power of rpm. If we can wield it and not lose rpms and able keep the flow right then it would be the best energy conducting for little tiny gizmo would power probably 2 or 3 houses.

  46. john garvey
    john garvey
    12 days ago

    so all we need is a 6 inch disk that can go 35,000 rpm. if only there was a round item sort of like a high speed saw bade that can spin very fast like a high speed cutting tool. all joking aside would a composite Kevlar/ceramic plate work

  47. Danko j
    Danko j
    12 days ago

    100% Serbian blood!!! So small number of Serbian people in the world, but so much big individuals! For example Novak Djokovic, Mihajlo Pupin and many more!

  48. BlueNovaFlame
    12 days ago

    Tesla would of blue screened The Matrix

  49. Boobindar Pussiya
    Boobindar Pussiya
    12 days ago

    Creating such high efficiency turbines at that tim I mean if he would've got more time or other scientists would've put efforts to his turbines ,they would surely have come out with some solutions and we would be using more efficient turbines in present time

  50. Michael Pierce
    Michael Pierce
    12 days ago

    Does this work in reverse? If you spin the flat plates does it generate thrust?

    1. Raycar
      12 days ago

      It can be a pump or compressor, yes It does not produce thrust it produces axial rotation, which, when combined with a generator produces continuous electricity. This video got alot of things wrong... if your really interested I'll post a link to a decent presentation of teslas work.

  51. Walter
    13 days ago

    When you score a strike at the bowling alley

  52. Phillip Cleaver
    Phillip Cleaver
    13 days ago

    Nikola Tesla , true genius & 100 years ahead of his time , a marvellous man , whose creativity became denied & abused . Men (or women ) like this never fit society , but add so much to it .

  53. Joachim Raeder
    Joachim Raeder
    13 days ago

    The efficiency argument is specious. Friction inherently causes dissipation. It probably depends a lot on the load, but the video does not address that. While the Tesla turbine is an interesting concept, traditional axial turbines work well enough, so the world will stick with them. The are millions of interesting engineering concepts, but the only ones that count are the ones that work in practice.

    1. Raycar
      12 days ago

      Tesla's turbine definitely worked. There are many people still using them today. Dont believe everything you see on an animated video less than 10 minutes long.

  54. Xhing Xhau
    Xhing Xhau
    13 days ago

    I didn't understood shit.

  55. Xiao Luwan
    Xiao Luwan
    13 days ago

    Maybe steel is the wrong material for the discs. Custom made ceramics or polymer maybe more suitable. Just layman thoughts.

  56. Giorgio Tritto
    Giorgio Tritto
    13 days ago

    You for sure know how to complicate something that is basic

  57. joplimat
    14 days ago

    Looks like a reverse cyclotron

  58. Bueno Bueno Tv
    Bueno Bueno Tv
    14 days ago

    Thank god for the creators

  59. sive1231
    14 days ago

    There's a reason he didn't have to build them big to get the same power output. Check the torque those small turbines produce.

  60. Reactor XXL
    Reactor XXL
    14 days ago

    why am i watching this now ....i used to skip physics class all the time

  61. Lg Lg
    Lg Lg
    14 days ago

    Wast of time...

  62. Prabesh Joshi
    Prabesh Joshi
    14 days ago


  63. Дави Силваз
    Дави Силваз
    14 days ago

    Tesla was one of the smartest persons that have ever lived but he was too arrogant

  64. Pascal Gallot
    Pascal Gallot
    14 days ago

    Un , des Meilleur dès son temps

  65. RageNugget
    14 days ago

    Wouldnt the RPM go down itself by itself when hooking up a load? I get that the tubine also needs a minimum RPM to work well. Do we know how much it is?

  66. Brain Dra
    Brain Dra
    14 days ago

    golden ratio

  67. Paul Vigil
    Paul Vigil
    14 days ago

    Use titanium

  68. Paul Vigil
    Paul Vigil
    14 days ago

    My fan clutch

  69. Jerry
    14 days ago

    There's a reason he was discredited & attacked financially. He was too genius for being not for profit but rather for humanity. That mentality is dangerous to those in power, especially those at the time, like Edison the Thief & J.P. Morgan

  70. theawesomone
    14 days ago

    yo, what you doin measuring tip velocity in mach number? thats hella confusing bro. What does that even mean when the fluid is moving too?

  71. Jaap van der Velde
    Jaap van der Velde
    14 days ago

    It's ingenious, but in spite all the Tesla-fanboism on display, the prizes in engineering should go to the solutions that can actually be built and work efficiently. The Tesla turbine is great in theory (with currently impossible material science), but in practice only of use in edge cases (like pumping viscous fluids, or fluids with large particulate matter). In a sense, the Tesla turbine is like the space elevator: the best solution to a problem, if it weren't for the fact that we have no idea how to come up with the materials required, or if that's even physically possible under conditions on Earth.

  72. Binh Tran
    Binh Tran
    15 days ago


  73. Ok ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ
    Ok ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ
    15 days ago

    The man change the world

  74. Dave Kauffman
    Dave Kauffman
    15 days ago

    Mr Tesla was an electrical genius, he should have stayed focused on electrical inventions. I'm not impressed, the amount of energy required to do useful work with this turbine could be harnessed in better ways to do even more work.

  75. Tristan
    15 days ago

    I remember doing this as a kid with the hose. But just with the disk or wheel and the hose.

  76. Soumyadip Sur
    Soumyadip Sur
    15 days ago

    To hot to handle. ! 😂

  77. Dude Of Hazmat
    Dude Of Hazmat
    15 days ago

    This dude had an alien brain transplanted inside his skull. Lol

  78. Alex Alex
    Alex Alex
    15 days ago

    It's easy create Teslas turbine with needed rpm. And you dont need create 3 meter disks. Even I can create design for this turbines. Just say

  79. Dave john.
    Dave john.
    15 days ago

    due to some weird fact i had guessed the physics behind it correctly but i am not good in physics

  80. Flat Earth
    Flat Earth
    15 days ago


  81. nidal idais
    nidal idais
    15 days ago

    Good work, how this graphic are made

  82. Stick Stixk
    Stick Stixk
    15 days ago

    So really he was way way ahead of his time.

    15 days ago

    Crazy awesome!

  84. Alexander Graviton
    Alexander Graviton
    15 days ago

    Tesla made gravity help his water turbine, this is an amazing depth of thought engineer, I am delighted.

  85. Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi
    15 days ago

    If stuff was taught this well in my FINNISH 🇫🇮 high school and college, I would have finished with having chosen all the physics classes

  86. Dumb Person
    Dumb Person
    15 days ago

    Task failed successfully the turbine

  87. Teacher Tony Cars
    Teacher Tony Cars
    15 days ago


  88. Teddy Cush
    Teddy Cush
    15 days ago

    Yeah Tesla was a wizard

  89. lipovi
    15 days ago

    Hmmm. If the RPM is the problem of material fatigue, simply, you can't make it efficient by inventing new material. Yeah, generators can be adjusted. But also the turbine. Here's a theory: - add to the shafts flywheels which has some sort of magnets in it - the flow valve for the turbine is regulated through the flywheel electromagnetic induction that regulates the valve - valve is an electromechanical component, meaning, the more flywheel spins or vice versa, opening or closing of the flow valve is regulated - flywheels add rotational energy, so the generators internal resistance under load is being mitigated - it's a pain to optimise it but it's palusible. - power of generators is closely proportional to the size and weight of the flywheel - 3 phase motor with 36 poles is more than enough for 3000 RPM - you can always make a shutoff by making the generator as a break for the flywheels. Thoughts?

  90. Hossein Banitabaei
    Hossein Banitabaei
    15 days ago

    Very nice demonstration of boundary layer concept @4:18

  91. Christopher Wise
    Christopher Wise
    15 days ago

    i can only assume that physics plays a part in this. there by, shrinking the radius of the disk will ultimately slow the recorded speed of the outside circumference of the disk. we should all know that the inside radius of a disk spins slower then the outside of the disk at the same point, if you understand the "point" i mean. a disk with a 6 inch radius will spin faster on the outer edge then a disk with a 3 inch diameter at the outer edge. also, surface tension plays a huge role in this. if you use a smooth disk, with low surface tension, the less the force the viscus fluid will have.

  92. Next Level
    Next Level
    16 days ago

    It is not an engineering impossibility. We just haven't found the right material yet to make it possible.

    1. Next Level
      Next Level
      16 days ago

      That new element which can withstand 50k rpm will still be lying somewhere just to be discovered.

  93. Red RaiderRider
    Red RaiderRider
    16 days ago

    Think of how many inventions have been surpressed and gagged because the current industry wants to keep the status qoue. Cancer treatment. Better engines and fuel delivery systems. All kinds of things that would make our lives better but wouldn't generate enough money for the fat cats fat a$$ pockets.

  94. nunya
    16 days ago

    Does being part of the Lesics team pay well?

  95. sta1.m
    16 days ago

    His mind was in future, im sure someday we could solve this impossible seeming engineering problem , it always seems impossible till its done.

    1. Muttley Games
      Muttley Games
      14 days ago

      Look up Adam Savage flywheel. It has th scale of a disk but spins a lot slower. Still it's too dangerous. I'm sure they will find even better designs

  96. rubixx26
    16 days ago

    I wish someone could go back in time to tell Tesla that, among everything else, one particoular kind of turbine/pump of his creation would be useful indeed, as it would be put inside people's hearts hence making them survive to transplant.. i guess he'd be amazed

    1. rubixx26
      14 days ago

      @Adolfo Troncoso lo siento, no intiendo el castellano :(

    2. Adolfo Troncoso
      Adolfo Troncoso
      15 days ago

      Es posible en castellano

  97. Joost
    16 days ago

    so make it wider

  98. Dimitrie Siliakus
    Dimitrie Siliakus
    16 days ago

    thank robot voice

  99. Linked Devices
    Linked Devices
    16 days ago

    It's possible now with finite element analysis. The disc's don't have to be uniform and can be wider toward the edges compressing the outward expansive force. It would be possible to cause the water to compress and heat itself up especially if tiny dimples are added to increase the surface area. At high speeds its really a fly wheel, a type of mechanical battery and the spinning itself would not be a turbine and could power another turbine while also regulating the current like a capacitor. If it were not constantly thought of as a turbine we'd make some progress. Mechanical batteries of similar design are used in power plants as backup storage where the residual rotational mass like a fly wheel becomes its own battery. To charge a flywheel battery while heating up the water to create steam via pressure could be used to as 2 sources of power that counter balance between the steam turbine and the flywheel and the turbine. The turbine can be paired with Tesla valves to work as pistons. The original electric street cars ran in mechanical batteries and were only burned after gm and rubber companies killed the electric street car and forced us for use disposables wasting 100 years of our time causing war after war, and destroying the planet. Elon musk bought Tesla sued the original founders to force them to call him a founder, and his role is to keep us trapped in the belief that lithium should be the future. The stupid battery backup system he stole the contract for in Australia sucks and was designed entirely out of lithium ensuring its obsolescence. For 60 million dollars he bought about 10 million worth of lithium batteries and just connected them in parallel and series in a way that any 8th grader could when it should have been done with a new generation of mag lev fly wheel batteries which could have a risky need innovative.

  100. Martinus Van Der Ahee
    Martinus Van Der Ahee
    16 days ago

    Do your self a favor and see this, if Nicola Tesla was on our farm, what would have happen? See the comments also for more pictures. Thank you. m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=199964132055088&id=100061245062495