[1045] Swiss Army Knife Bypass of Keypad Lock

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  1. Jan Biedermann
    Jan Biedermann
    3 days ago

    how long did he rehearse before he posted this video?

  2. Patrick Giroux
    Patrick Giroux
    7 days ago

    Thank you for illustrating just how unsafe people are while in hotels/mote.

  3. Jeri Davis
    Jeri Davis
    7 days ago

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  4. Mangani Phiri
    Mangani Phiri
    7 days ago

    Are we safe from burglary?

  5. DaddyBeanDaddyBean
    8 days ago

    I needed to get into my dad's house, and found he had moved the spare key & forgot to tell me. I removed the keyswitch that operated his garage door, shorted across the contacts, and badda boom, I was inside in less than two minutes. He wasn't mad that I let myself in - he was mad that he had overlooked such an obvious weakness. His solution was to cut the wires to the switch, reconnect them with alligator clips, pull the wires tight and tack them down. If you unscrewed and pulled out the switch, you'd immediately pull the ends out of the clips, and be left holding a switch that wasn't connected to anything.

    1. DaddyBeanDaddyBean
      7 days ago

      @roger van Bommel When you pull out the switch, you'll have say 12" leads attached to it. If you could somehow reach the disconnected wires 12" away inside the garage, through the little hole the switch came out of, yes, but it would be virtually impossible to do so.

    2. roger van Bommel
      roger van Bommel
      7 days ago

      Can't you still short the disconnected wires

  6. James Valdez
    James Valdez
    9 days ago

    "With out giving you too much detail" shows us exactly with great detail

  7. g
    10 days ago

    who in their right mind would have screws on the outside of a lock

    1. Psilovecybin
      8 days ago

      Right lol normal people would just construct their house around the key pad

    13 days ago

    well... hehehe thanks bud hehehe this is a joke! don't breaking to someones house using this as a tutorial.

  9. Stephen Adamson
    Stephen Adamson
    14 days ago

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  10. Daniel Beard
    Daniel Beard
    15 days ago

    Hollywood overcomplicates this stuff so badly.

  11. Troy Nall
    Troy Nall
    16 days ago

    This is how 007 really breaks into a secure area.

  12. Hunter Romanski
    Hunter Romanski
    16 days ago

    *Sam Fischer lowers his night vision goggles*

  13. Willy Beamish
    Willy Beamish
    17 days ago

    It clearly says, "EXIT," why the fuck does he keep saying "egress?" He think people will think he has a big dick cuz he said "egress?"

  14. Jin
    18 days ago

    Hey that’s the same code I have for my luggage!

  15. holysirsalad
    19 days ago

    Incredible the shortcuts taken in the name of saving a dollar. None of this would be possible if the control board was inside the building, and not part of the keypad

  16. Disappointed
    19 days ago

    You can also use that Swiss army knife to build a pc

  17. Kyle Stober
    Kyle Stober
    19 days ago

    I design and maintain industrial security systems, most of these send the pin or card read over a com cable then to a control panel to verify mitigating this issue.

  18. Notfallhamster
    20 days ago

    Why are'nt they using the screws for the silent alarm? Make a lil condu tor tip on the screw and as soon as one of the screws is turned and the contact is brikrn the sikent alsrm goes of. Should be pretty easy with a copoer tip screw. Then again it's a plastic casing and you can easiely bypass it with a lighter.

  19. J Jasper
    J Jasper
    20 days ago

    @03:00 hey where the pocket knife??

  20. Rudolf Wickond
    Rudolf Wickond
    20 days ago

    McGyver vs Chinese engineering

  21. Simon Fabre
    Simon Fabre
    20 days ago

    there's a different version of that keyboard that is used as an input device but all the brain is in another box back in 2010 i used to install Kantech " KT200' " acces panel and the KB was wired to the box and from the box to the electro magnet / strike, there was no way you could acces the relay as it was in the KT200 panel . what a cheap version XD

  22. Camerun Chelsia
    Camerun Chelsia
    24 days ago

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  23. Kindanyume .Kindanyume
    Kindanyume .Kindanyume
    25 days ago

    easy bypass on that one looks like some newer but not necessarily improved can be found here for your amusement lol www.aliexpress.com/af/keypad-door-lock.html?d=y&origin=n&SearchText=keypad+door+lock&catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20210527094248

  24. Dwyane IngEnte
    Dwyane IngEnte
    29 days ago

    Isnt that the keypad in back to the future?

  25. The Joseph Colin Experiment
    The Joseph Colin Experiment
    Month ago

    Could you BReak this guy open? Asking for a friend. :) www.amazon.com/DuraBox-Keys-Steel-Cabinet-Digital/dp/B07VGPBM37/ref=sr_1_17?dchild=1&keywords=key+storage+with+app&qid=1621559210&sr=8-17

  26. Michael Crumb
    Michael Crumb
    Month ago

    Teach me master... 🙏

  27. jfdomega
    Month ago

    Unbelievable, they sell this shit to the public claiming security, they should be prosecuted for bullshiting!!!

  28. xarguid
    Month ago

    I don't understand, how slightly bending the spring with the paperclip made the anti-tamper switch stay depressed. I think a demonstration with an alarm would be more convincing. But thanks for another great video!

  29. SkinnyGuyFatGuy
    Month ago

    I install security systems for a living and I can tell you I’ve never installed anything this shitty and can also guarantee I can arm a door where not even this guy is getting through

  30. Codename Catatonic
    Codename Catatonic
    Month ago

    Bypasses the flux capacitor. We’re in...

  31. Old Time Farm Boy
    Old Time Farm Boy
    Month ago

    The man. The myth. The Grindal in the dreams of locks the world over.

  32. manxman
    Month ago

    Give the lock a chance! Do it blindfold!

  33. Michael
    Month ago

    A simple horizontal plastic bottom plate installed on this thing would thwart everything you just did essentially blocking any objects from being inserted from the bottom. (Not that anything would thwart you for long).

  34. Barry Feland
    Barry Feland
    Month ago

    OTHER WAY TO PICK Cheap pin pads common in North America is to just stroke across the keys back and forth and up and down. Controller default setting only looks for string of numbers in correct Order. It doesn't care how many other numbers in between so stroking the keys in different directions sets the 4 - 8 programmed digit version of ungaurded pins

  35. Aaqib
    Month ago

    is the kwikset/weiser obsidian touchless lock secure? Couldn't seem to find any non damaging ways to open it online so it seems good for now

  36. Stefan K
    Stefan K
    Month ago

    If you use a separate controller that accepts wiegand this can be avoided.

  37. Daniel Radick
    Daniel Radick
    Month ago

    Seems a little weak to have screws visible on the cover to get inside the electronics, but I guess they are really only meant to keep honest people honest.

  38. chettonex
    Month ago

    I've seen these all over the Bank I've used to work. Will think about a new proffesion if you know what I mean.

  39. David Lee
    David Lee
    Month ago

    The main defect is that the logic is inside an accessible box, instead of the inaccessible box. The keypad should do nothing more than transmit the combination to the main box.

  40. Luis de Rivas
    Luis de Rivas
    2 months ago

    Common lock today?!?! I've seen this commonly used in the early 19 eighties.

  41. Robin A. Jensen
    Robin A. Jensen
    2 months ago

    If the tamper switch was in circuit it would have been activatet. All tamper switces are pressed active when the front is closed. So by bending the spring the switch would no longer be under press and tamper alarm is turned on.

  42. CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
    2 months ago

    Using a Swiss Army Knife AND a paperclip? Richard Dean Anderson wants to know your location.

  43. Alam Khan
    Alam Khan
    2 months ago

    school for Robinson theif

  44. khris
    2 months ago

    That sounds like a microwave

  45. realulli
    2 months ago

    What do we learn from this? When you design an electronic lock, never ever put anything that is controlling the mechanism anywhere near were an attacker can can reach. Nothing new here...

  46. Lamas Rule
    Lamas Rule
    2 months ago

    This guy can break into your soul

  47. Bogy Wan Kenobi
    Bogy Wan Kenobi
    2 months ago

    There is an old saying in the computer engineering business . . . If you can get to the hardware you can do anything you want. Putting the "smarts" out where they can be accessed is just criminal engineering. That pad should be nothing but a pad and 3 wires - power, ground, and data.

  48. Kamran Haider
    Kamran Haider
    2 months ago

    Thanks , loved your upload 🥰🙏

  49. Józef Gazecki
    Józef Gazecki
    2 months ago

    Wait, isn't the tamper pushed in by the spring not pulled? By pulling it you will trip the alarm if somebody hooked it.

  50. N Hietala
    N Hietala
    2 months ago

    A better tamper switch would go through the screws. Such a lock would have a grounded body and cover plate and the screws holding the cover plate in place bottom out touching contact points so that if it loosens at all the contact point is pulled high and the alarm goes off.

  51. Toudreyte6501
    2 months ago

    Your channel may be interesting, but it's also a lot of work easily accessible and findable due to your reputation online for people who don't care about demonstration purposes... I don't think showing the way to bypass security will make companies change their design every time or people change their devices when they do.

  52. janedagger
    2 months ago

    Voyeur exotic

  53. Виталий Морозов
    Виталий Морозов
    2 months ago

    Припаять металл. пластины вокруг платы, болты сваркой приварить, и все. А нет, корпус - пластик - ужас. Заменить на металл.

    1. Юрий Афонькин
      Юрий Афонькин
      2 months ago

      да не надо ничего делать. здесь схема неправильно собрана для ролика специально. провод от кнопки запустили не на контроллер, а на клавиатуру чтобы на глазах у изумленной публики закоротить :) с контроллера управляющие замком клеммы - пустые :)

  54. PackthatcameBack
    2 months ago

    *McGuyver theme intensifies!*

  55. Colin Smith
    Colin Smith
    2 months ago

    If you say that this and the other locks you show how to bypass are so easy. Why are you making it even easier for criminals to break into our property? I see no advantage for this type of thing to be made available to criminals, you are just multiplying the problems.

  56. MJ
    2 months ago

    lpl later: “and for my next trick.. i will show you how to unlock a smartphone”. XD (all jokes)

  57. Jaden Williams
    Jaden Williams
    2 months ago

    *MacGyver* has entered the chat.

    1. Jaden Williams
      Jaden Williams
      2 months ago

      @Andrei Mocian no spoilers, i can't finish it because CBS All Access is gone.

    2. Andrei Mocian
      Andrei Mocian
      2 months ago

      And in three more episodes he will leave the chat

  58. Soso Nada
    Soso Nada
    2 months ago

    I love gy like UKwill

  59. Juan Rodríguez
    Juan Rodríguez
    2 months ago

    Oh GTFO!!! I Thought this was only possible on a cheap 80's film

  60. rob28803
    2 months ago

    Hideous design. The keypad should send the PIN, preferably scrambled, over a communications link to the master unit, which does the PIN checking and unlocks the door. No actual door control wiring should be outside the secured area.

  61. brodywth
    2 months ago

    A Swiss Army knife that hopefully has a screwdriver

  62. staatenlos. info Video Archiv
    staatenlos. info Video Archiv
    2 months ago

    Without watching the video. Try without Phillips screws but with a riveted part

  63. AmineOnline
    2 months ago

    Face reveal

  64. Peteris Krumings
    Peteris Krumings
    2 months ago

    Who designed that kind of keylock? It makes me angry. I hope legit manufacturer designs are different from chinese fake copies. Who on earth puts keylock 'brains' and unlock system that activates by switch located outdoors not indoors?!! I am not an engineer but every logic suggests making just simple plain keypad outside with nothing more than signal connection with indoors and only if correct keypad sequence is received in given time frame, indoors electronics unlocks the doors. Nothing to pick from outside other than breaking the doors by force. Simple as that .

  65. nikize
    2 months ago

    I would like to see this redone, with the tamper switch connected

  66. Phú Đẹp Trai
    Phú Đẹp Trai
    2 months ago

    You know, your channel would be interested alot with COPs and Law Enforcements ! But then you brilliantly put the Lawyer in right next to it. Now you are safe sir. Keep up the good lock picking.

  67. Joseph
    2 months ago

    Love watching this stuff makes my dreams of becoming some epic art thief never seemed so close lol now I just gota lose 400 lbs

  68. Brian Deines
    Brian Deines
    2 months ago

    will you please show us what you think about Cannon gun safes and the NL electronic locks or actuator/keypad? I have one and I wonder how long it would take to open if I didn't know the code was 12345

  69. punjabiexplorer
    2 months ago

    I already have a Swiss army knife.. Red color.. Now I am ready...

  70. Ab Renos
    Ab Renos
    2 months ago

    I would expose the wires and bridge them, instead of opening the panel.

  71. xiukn8
    2 months ago

    Everything is simple if you open it and study first

  72. james
    2 months ago

    Cool video but this type of attack would not work on a name brand unit like a Securitron, for instance. They don't have any relays inside the keypad. Rather, the relays are inside a separate control box inside the room. Slipping something under the door to reach up and hit the egress button will work on pretty much any system tho.

    1. LockPickingLawyer
      2 months ago

      Knowledge of each system is my most potent tool... walking up to most doors and instantly knowing the options to open them is something that takes time to develop.

  73. Vermilicious
    2 months ago

    Wow, that's a rubbish keypad.

  74. Gordon Warlow
    Gordon Warlow
    2 months ago

    Wouldn’t irreversable cover plate screws solve the access problem?

  75. Edward Holmes
    Edward Holmes
    2 months ago

    Why is the control circuit on the back of the keypad? Just have the keypad on the outside and then the control circuit on the inside.

  76. Rendon Greeff
    Rendon Greeff
    2 months ago

    Dude's voice reminds me of HL2.

  77. Kokuyous3ki
    2 months ago

    If it has a separate electric box anyways, why not house the wiring choosing to open the door in there? Instead of outside the door for the potential burglar to access...

    2 months ago

    Is there a way you can't get in to that? Lol

  79. Jason W
    Jason W
    2 months ago

    That’s great and all.....these were outdated when they were first out in the 80’s and 90’s. Nobody uses this crap anymore, and whoever still does have these aren’t guarding anything of any value lol.

  80. Christian Ammering
    Christian Ammering
    2 months ago

    Das Problem ist halt, die Elektronik und das Relais für den Türöffner aussen zu montieren und nicht im geschützten Bereich. Aussen sollte sich nur die Tastatur befinden, dann ist man sicher.

  81. Jon Jessen
    Jon Jessen
    2 months ago

    That is one proud (made in china) sticker

  82. Madcr0ws
    2 months ago

    MacGyver....you will find trouble

  83. Jarad Doyon
    Jarad Doyon
    2 months ago

    I wonder how many people have robbed places after they learned how to break in from the LPL haha

  84. Yizhar Abraham
    Yizhar Abraham
    2 months ago

    So does this guy teaches how to commit crimes?

  85. Jalaca
    2 months ago

    This man makes me feel unsafe, not a single lock suvive his hands hahahah

    1. Psilovecybin
      8 days ago

      Well if you lock yourself in a room with a padlock on your side of the door, you'd starve before he can get in ;) to pick a lock you have to reach it first

  86. Armadiller Firefighter
    Armadiller Firefighter
    2 months ago

    1:20 cue MacGyver theme music...

  87. The Shankman
    The Shankman
    2 months ago

    dipping those connections in epoxy or just hot glue should be a good solution to this problem that seems to be in ALL keypad locks. unless it has to be like this for servicing or mounting the thing

  88. A J
    A J
    2 months ago

    My keypad uses a optical sensor which is facing the wall, this would be difficult to bypass, also the circuit board and contacts are sealed so that you cannot gain access to them. Not all keypads are like yours.

  89. gerald takala
    gerald takala
    2 months ago

    Wow in possession of burglary tools

  90. Pancho_99
    2 months ago

    I had this type of keypad lock installed in my workplace a couple years ago. Its reasuring to know how easily they can be picked.

  91. Cosa Hermosa
    Cosa Hermosa
    3 months ago

    I would like to see more uses of the swiss army knife to lockpick

  92. Brendan Mess
    Brendan Mess
    3 months ago


  93. S To
    S To
    3 months ago

    Oh my god... this is just terrible... your open source children's Arduino locking system is 10 times safer than this...

  94. Ze Wee Piglin
    Ze Wee Piglin
    3 months ago

    Once I came from school and was locked out I searched for this video and got inside my house it was the most interesting moment

    1. Ze Wee Piglin
      Ze Wee Piglin
      Month ago

      @Rondog NI it always seems like that

    2. Rondog NI
      Rondog NI
      Month ago

      nice fake story

  95. Crunchy Cowboy
    Crunchy Cowboy
    3 months ago

    All a lock does is keep honest people honest. Bad guys will always find away to get in.

  96. Karl Moens
    Karl Moens
    3 months ago

    At the very least, one should have put all the electronics on the "friendly" side of the door and nothing but the keypad on the "enemy" side.

  97. Ethan Webber
    Ethan Webber
    3 months ago

    I’m the LockPickingLawyer, and today we are going to be opening the lock by looking at it.

  98. arrzfr
    3 months ago

    Shocking as usual.

  99. Enclave 0fficer
    Enclave 0fficer
    3 months ago

    This is getting out of hand, now there’s electrical locks...

  100. Peter Persson
    Peter Persson
    3 months ago

    You never show face but now I know what your face looks like, you are Richard Dean Anderson with a fake voice the type of knife and your skill and a paperclip gave you away. I know that was lame but I just could not help myself