Perks of Having Asthma

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  1. illymation
    Month ago

    i'm reading so many of y'alls stories about living with chronic illness as a kid, and wow, my heart goes out to you all. it's so dang hard, and so so scary. i hope your quality of life has improved since then, i hope everything from taking medicine to taking time outside has found to be helpful. chronic illness is rough, and holy crap are y'all amazing for continuing on despite it all.

    1. -Mako-
      2 days ago

      Running is basically death for me

    2. Daragh McCormack
      Daragh McCormack
      3 days ago


    3. UltronXMonika
      4 days ago

      Are you natsu dragneel?

    4. Mortal_Gaming
      6 days ago

      I suffered from luekaemia 1 year ago

      6 days ago

      I had asma

  2. Kay - Jay Animations
    Kay - Jay Animations
    36 minutes ago

    How does Tab for A Cause get money?

  3. S S
    S S
    2 hours ago

    The naruto references... they are EVERYWHERE

  4. Fugent
    4 hours ago

    "Perks of Having Asthma" There are none.

  5. Notorius Bookworm
    Notorius Bookworm
    5 hours ago

    I wanna watch the ICU!!

  6. Max Gordon
    Max Gordon
    7 hours ago

    Guess what I used to live in Moorhead city North Carolina and I have exama not sure how to spell it

  7. Nicanor Fredrick’s Bird Realm
    Nicanor Fredrick’s Bird Realm
    8 hours ago

    1:57 obviously promised neverland referance

  8. TwizzyTwix
    9 hours ago

    She had a pickle the dinosaur plush! So cute

  9. hansuke
    12 hours ago

    Am I the only one who saw the promised in neverland refrence?!

  10. stella prinzivalli
    stella prinzivalli
    15 hours ago

    Quick question : I remember once when i was a kid my mom took me to the pharmacy and they made me breath in those... Stuffs you have to breath into? Tho i don't have asthma but I remember having to do that for a few days. I don't remember why. Does anyone knows what it's for when it's not asthma?

  11. Average Person
    Average Person
    15 hours ago

    This is one of the most relatable youtube videos ever made

  12. LunaTheOnlyWolf
    23 hours ago

    I know everyone is pointing out anime characters, and I know this isn't an anime but I swear, at 4:13 that looks like Marcy from Amphibia. (Let me know if I'm wrong, though, because I probably am because I don't watch too many anime.)

  13. Dean Wright
    Dean Wright
    Day ago

    I’m now grateful I don’t have asthma and feel bad for people who do

  14. Elana
    Day ago

    I have asthma but not very hard

  15. Liv Spence
    Liv Spence
    Day ago

    That one scene is the demon slayer movie when the chick goes “I don’t care if you have pNeUmOnIA” 😌 That’s all I think about whenever I hear pneumonia

  16. frances richardson
    frances richardson
    Day ago

    The way she scratched like a dog it has me rolling on the floor 🤣

  17. frances richardson
    frances richardson
    Day ago

    Okay so don’t ask me why because I don’t know but when I was younger I had to use one of those things where you blow Into it and it has the colours and even though it would be like yellow or something I used to put it up to the top lols and my mum would not believe it however it I had it on green then I would get a sticker so she still let me chose a sticker 😂

  18. Velasco De Llama25
    Velasco De Llama25
    Day ago

    Pickle the dinosaur! 2:17

  19. Adura Storms
    Adura Storms
    Day ago

    Your so that you use Body scrub make it

  20. aka zuzzy
    aka zuzzy
    Day ago

    i had asthma

  21. YourSlipperFrom2008
    Day ago

    I have eczema rip

  22. Jace Burner
    Jace Burner
    Day ago

    wow, i had exima as a youth and then got asthma in my early teens. Didn't think they were connected. I eventually beat the asthma. I remember the purple sawdust disc too.

  23. Jadyn Patterson
    Jadyn Patterson
    Day ago

    Well it's a good thing my asthma only cares when i run for too long HA HA hagh hu- help! Cant breathe-

  24. Moody~blues✿
    Day ago

    Omg finally someone making a video about asthma I always felt left out because of my asthma this made me so happy 🤗💖

  25. Ian Hayes
    Ian Hayes
    2 days ago

    I love the anime referances

  26. velvxtte
    2 days ago

    *_My inhaler expired, sobs_*

  27. Kiara Ogle
    Kiara Ogle
    2 days ago

    I’m living for the anime cameos in this video. That Kovu poster is an honourable mention.

  28. Kiara Ogle
    Kiara Ogle
    2 days ago

    2:31 The way I audibly GASPED when i saw Ai in the background. I love Wonder Egg Priority SO MUCH

    1. Kiara Ogle
      Kiara Ogle
      2 days ago

      4:15 ✋🏼😩 Illy you’re KILLING ME. Idk, I’m just so happy to see people who watch and enjoy the anime. It’s so good

  29. ItsJulianPlays
    2 days ago

    you got egzma?

  30. ItsJulianPlays
    2 days ago

    I LOVE THE ANIME REFRENCES IN VIDEOS! they make me so happy! i love them

  31. Corey Phillips
    Corey Phillips
    2 days ago

    I had asthma as a kid

  32. Sinister
    2 days ago

    Nice anime Plushies at 2:21, its the little details that count!

  33. Son Gurung
    Son Gurung
    2 days ago

    I have asthma two

  34. Son Gurung
    Son Gurung
    2 days ago

    my mom has asthma

  35. Katie Mairs
    Katie Mairs
    2 days ago

    *me win I keep seeing the promissed never land anime stuff*

  36. Sheila Murray
    Sheila Murray
    2 days ago

    Wait there perks

  37. Shadow The Toast Thief
    Shadow The Toast Thief
    2 days ago

    i never used the purple thing,I used the inhaler and the tube thingy though

  38. T0X1C
    2 days ago

    Im sorry but when u added the anime and GOD i was dying on my bed plus i love ya videos u make them fun and u r very kind !

  39. Mia:P
    2 days ago

    Me: watching the vid Also me:wait is that....ASH AND EIJI😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  40. Karmen ;-;
    Karmen ;-;
    2 days ago

    I have asthma and i screamed so hard when i saw crona from soul eater and mha characters and justu kaisen and more

  41. Jordan Akin
    Jordan Akin
    2 days ago

    Did the vaccine kill 300,000 people?

  42. bIg RaT
    bIg RaT
    2 days ago

    animae, pickle the dino :O

  43. Jazz Perez
    Jazz Perez
    2 days ago

    You know this video made me fell better about my Seizures thank you😊

  44. jayde cortez
    jayde cortez
    2 days ago

    Thank you for doing so good sponsering people and choosing useful stuff to sponsee

  45. Mr. Torch
    Mr. Torch
    2 days ago

    I have hand exima in winter

  46. Bri
    2 days ago

    i luv that u put anime charicters

  47. Bri
    2 days ago

    omg i saw another anime i know but idk how to spell it

  48. Bri
    2 days ago

    OMG tpn demon slayer coraline and naurto and mha

  49. Bri
    2 days ago

    i loved the part were phil and izabella was there

  50. jackie myers
    jackie myers
    2 days ago

    And then I just felt crazy and then🤮

  51. jackie myers
    jackie myers
    2 days ago

    A few days ago I woke up I woke up I got dressed aaaaaannd 🤮

  52. sqrubbyfingers
    2 days ago

    i have asthma and asthma sucks

  53. Nayilah Williams
    Nayilah Williams
    2 days ago

    You got eggsama

  54. violet bakugo
    violet bakugo
    3 days ago

    i see so many anime references in the background omg

  55. Cali
    3 days ago

    There are so many anime characters it’s hard to keep up with

  56. Sharmila Maharasa
    Sharmila Maharasa
    3 days ago

    ya know FUNNY STORY i had pneumonia once as a kid and they said it was something about a collapsed lung and also i had something inside of my lung AND that something they said was probably a wrapper...ima not tell that story of the wrapper but they were actually really surprised how i was still breathing LIKE it was just chillin in my lung just sitting there they didnt take it out cause they said they couldent see it because it was probably something like a see threw wrapper and...yea

  57. Mirrame Beech
    Mirrame Beech
    3 days ago

    I like those anime Easter eggs 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  58. 宋玉芳
    3 days ago

    illymom: " Wanna go to camp" illy : "FUCK YEAH I DO" me : " I love this child"

  59. Lozy gamer
    Lozy gamer
    3 days ago


  60. Melissa Pinson
    Melissa Pinson
    3 days ago

    Gotta love phill and mother

  61. Tomatojucie_
    3 days ago

    I love tpn Phil thank you

  62. TheEatenCloud
    3 days ago

    I’m lucky I don’t have anything like this all I have is pollen allergies

  63. Nosheen Fahad
    Nosheen Fahad
    3 days ago

    HAIKYUU! 3:25

  64. Coco_Squad Landom
    Coco_Squad Landom
    3 days ago

    illymation is super right O-O its not the same for me when i was a kid i had a inhaler and a machine i couldent even run outside in kindergaren it was really bad i went to 2nd grade i stopped doing it My coach Litterly made all the students run a mile not kidding a MILE and run back you better be knowing i coughed welp thats my exprience

  65. L̥ͦi̥ͦt̥ͦt̥ͦl̥ͦe̥ͦ G̥ͦh̥ͦo̥ͦs̥ͦt̥ͦy̥ͦb̥ͦu̥ͦr̥ͦ!
    L̥ͦi̥ͦt̥ͦt̥ͦl̥ͦe̥ͦ G̥ͦh̥ͦo̥ͦs̥ͦt̥ͦy̥ͦb̥ͦu̥ͦr̥ͦ!
    3 days ago

    I had double pneumonia as a kid. Had to spend a few days in the hospital. Ugh- I hated it there.

  66. Marquard Family
    Marquard Family
    3 days ago

    My uncle passed away from phemoia

  67. Kurt Bruening
    Kurt Bruening
    3 days ago

    Sadly before Illy got to go to Camp Coast her mom washed her mouth out with soap for saying f*ck.

  68. Chain of lame
    Chain of lame
    3 days ago

    Hey I know what it feels like Cuz I have it

  69. Amelia Drown
    Amelia Drown
    4 days ago

    i grew up i new bern so ty

  70. Stop Station
    Stop Station
    4 days ago

    Just do what you love gurl.

  71. Alpha House
    Alpha House
    4 days ago


  72. Verberus
    4 days ago

    Why were there so many anime references

  73. Verberus
    4 days ago

    Just saw Isabella and Phil at Target. I also saw NeNe, Itadori, and a few at Camp Coast

  74. Jackie Reynolds
    Jackie Reynolds
    4 days ago

    Sometimes I feel about with autism BUT now I am proud 💪

  75. drawing and games and stuff
    drawing and games and stuff
    4 days ago

    I just saw the promised Neverland reference

  76. Daniela Magana
    Daniela Magana
    4 days ago

    i saw pickle the dinosaur from moriah elizabeth

  77. Noor H Malik
    Noor H Malik
    4 days ago

    I have asthma too

  78. Bubblegum
    4 days ago

    I have atopic exeme. The only thing is that i itch and i sometime get irritated airways.

  79. Saddemilad
    4 days ago

    I’ve had asthma for as long as I remember, though thankfully not as bad. I do recall having a cough, like, all the way through elementary school. It doesn’t bother me as much anymore. I hang on to my inhaler just in case, though. I still have trouble with it from time to time.

  80. CandyCane LPS
    CandyCane LPS
    4 days ago


  81. CandyCane LPS
    CandyCane LPS
    4 days ago

    2:18 is that... PICKLE THE DINOSAUR?

    1. Human Person
      Human Person
      4 days ago


  82. Santiago Celedio
    Santiago Celedio
    4 days ago

    asthma gang

  83. Łiły UwU
    Łiły UwU
    4 days ago

    Phil: Whats wrong with that baby? Isbella: Shut up child, your food. Ray: Ugh why don't I get any matches, this athsma camp SUCKS.

  84. Prathit Prasad
    Prathit Prasad
    4 days ago

    I can highly relate with Illy's life. I have very high myopia and also fat, currently 14. Illy thanks to giving me some hope and optimism. I am very grateful to you

  85. Paige w Wagner
    Paige w Wagner
    4 days ago

    I have asthma too it really sucks

  86. christopher perea
    christopher perea
    4 days ago

    I heve it to

  87. Hailey Weeks
    Hailey Weeks
    4 days ago

    I remember having an asthma attack in the middle of the night. And now I kinda miss the ER cause I got to eat whatever I wanted.

  88. try hard gamer
    try hard gamer
    4 days ago

    If illy sees this i have asthma and i always had asthma attacks all the time and I still do and i feel like a outcast for that but when I saw this video you made me feel better so thank you

  89. Ella Cartooness
    Ella Cartooness
    4 days ago

    I love the yashiro nene XD

  90. Mark Cohen
    Mark Cohen
    4 days ago

    Thankfully you didn’t need to be intubated as a kid

  91. Martha Klage
    Martha Klage
    4 days ago

    lmaoooo the promised never land reference edit: i just realized theres wayyyy more anime charecters lol

  92. Monica Martinez
    Monica Martinez
    4 days ago

    One time I was in the hospital for like 2 days ago AND I COULD WATCH ANY CHANELS and they gave me baked lays potato ÇHÏ0ẞ tho

    1. Monica Martinez
      Monica Martinez
      4 days ago

      With chicken soup with VÈG5ÆBLÈẞ

  93. Alexzander Boulay
    Alexzander Boulay
    5 days ago

    I am gonna get a auto clicker

  94. Mama Isabella
    Mama Isabella
    5 days ago

    Plz I love the anime references

  95. Clocked
    5 days ago

    illy ur the next todroki (I think I spelt that right😳) also I love u

  96. Ryan Northup
    Ryan Northup
    5 days ago

    0:56 You took your inhaler while you were EXHALING. What's up with that?

  97. That one person Hi
    That one person Hi
    5 days ago

    I have asthma to ;-;

    1. That one person Hi
      That one person Hi
      5 days ago

      You know haikyuu

  98. Arianna Lendino
    Arianna Lendino
    5 days ago

    me: wanting to download tab for a cause also me: already having ocean hero also also me: "WHYYY"

  99. nofomo
    5 days ago

    I know what you’re going through, I also have asthma and my friends think I’m lying

  100. General .L.E.R.I.K.S.
    General .L.E.R.I.K.S.
    5 days ago