Returning to an RPG that you haven't played in a while

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  1. Joel Haver
    Joel Haver
    Month ago

    I present the product of just about all of my time for the last month and a half and far too many days working from morning till after midnight. Knowing people were gonna enjoy it was the light at the end of the tunnel that kept me going. Thanks so much for watching and subscribing, I love you guys. Now I need a nap!

    1. Dwayne cock johnson
      Dwayne cock johnson
      Month ago

      @Jordy 229 Sike, I'm the 500th comment

    2. Jordy 229
      Jordy 229
      Month ago

      E Wait is this the last reply? Nice. Damn, alright congratulations Dwayne!

    3. Reply
      Month ago

      Thank you Joel!

    4. Sweet Grandma
      Sweet Grandma
      Month ago

      @Glenn Davey I’m old and he entertains me in my old age. Please support him young man :)

    5. CoreisusBand (Like Toys-R-Us but with CORE)
      CoreisusBand (Like Toys-R-Us but with CORE)
      Month ago


  2. Mordred C
    Mordred C
    Hour ago

    This guy is getting so bored and annoyed he's about to go full murder-hobo. As a DM I can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice.

  3. First Last
    First Last
    2 hours ago

    more of the clarity clinic

  4. RagnarokAvatar
    8 hours ago

    Seems like he needs to add mods to his game to spice things up

  5. Tevin Wilkerson
    Tevin Wilkerson
    11 hours ago

    I am new to your channel and I have to say this video is top notch. The comedy is on point and you could insert any fantasy game and the narrative would still be on point. Well done!

  6. Lana Deamond
    Lana Deamond
    12 hours ago


  7. Heath Anderson
    Heath Anderson
    13 hours ago

    This was funny at first but got weird, lame and boring.

  8. Logan Parker
    Logan Parker
    13 hours ago

    alot of adult swim vibes off of this..... i like it

  9. Dapper Dan
    Dapper Dan
    14 hours ago

    I'm just now finding your channel and holy shit dude it's unhealthy how many videos I've binged. You're a genius and I love you.

  10. Afterfall81
    18 hours ago


  11. Spoonman
    19 hours ago

    This cartoon was made for me.

  12. Michael Edmunds
    Michael Edmunds
    20 hours ago

    Chill space emperor is my favorite recurring character

  13. Redacted
    20 hours ago


  14. Matthew Burdette
    Matthew Burdette
    21 hour ago


  15. TinyCats
    23 hours ago

    These videos have such Frisky Dingo energies. I love it

  16. Ole' King Cole
    Ole' King Cole
    23 hours ago

    I love the style of these vids I get 3:30am adult swim vibes I love it

  17. Kimg Komg
    Kimg Komg
    Day ago

    Hopefully the king will still be chillin' like a villain in the next game

  18. GuardianR105
    Day ago

    07:21 I've watched this so many times, and I'm only just now picking up the "Hey! I'm back! I'm back from the dead! Hi!"

    1. Corusame Occasum
      Corusame Occasum
      4 hours ago

      OMG thanks for pointing that out! God I love this so much 🤣

  19. Ani_ Thing
    Ani_ Thing
    Day ago

    The green guy know his stuff...

  20. lefrif houssam
    lefrif houssam
    Day ago

    That king reminds me of myself

  21. Cringe Or Not Cringe?
    Cringe Or Not Cringe?
    Day ago

    Not Cringe

  22. Young Khalifa
    Young Khalifa
    Day ago

    Tweakcity party of one 😂😂😂

  23. Live Free or Die
    Live Free or Die
    Day ago

    7:23 that fuckin face lmfao

  24. Wae1
    Day ago

    this crap is actually weirdly funny to watch xd

  25. Aiden Yoo
    Aiden Yoo
    Day ago

    I could see this as a show on adult swim.

  26. The Late Gen Xer
    The Late Gen Xer
    2 days ago

    Thank you for this.

  27. Colin Haynes
    Colin Haynes
    2 days ago

    Oh God, this is hilarious!😂

  28. S4NDRO98 _420_
    S4NDRO98 _420_
    2 days ago

    New king baked af lol

  29. edeandae7
    2 days ago


  30. Piterdeveirs333
    2 days ago

    Traditionally, actions a Kevin would take could be very bandity

  31. Paige Asomeone
    Paige Asomeone
    2 days ago

    Omg I thought I recognized Daxflame xD

  32. Wei o
    Wei o
    2 days ago

    I LOVE Trent's acting and voice in these. And Dax's as well, he does the lazy chill vibe remarkable!

  33. Cosmic Turban
    Cosmic Turban
    2 days ago

    It took me a month to recognize the Dax Flame cameo! Nice!

  34. Univerzle Growand
    Univerzle Growand
    2 days ago

    Joel has easily one of the biggest channels to continue making such truly original content

  35. submariner103182
    2 days ago

    Very funny video. But, I thought there would be more amnesia. Basically: "what the heck was I doing and what do I do next?"

  36. Don Saze
    Don Saze
    3 days ago

    The Drayloth clinic bit is genius. I keep rewatching that part.

  37. Papaconstantopoulos
    3 days ago

    The enemy therapy is absolutely genius 😎

  38. Peter Hanley
    Peter Hanley
    3 days ago

    This is amazing - I stumbled on it first and then went back through the playlist and really enjoyed them all, Great work!

  39. Frank Cowan
    Frank Cowan
    3 days ago

    Is the rotoscope? Please say yes

  40. A'mon Lua
    A'mon Lua
    3 days ago

    lovr this

  41. Average Joe
    Average Joe
    3 days ago

    Very fun. Thanks!

  42. Aldo Prayoga
    Aldo Prayoga
    3 days ago

    I can't believe how much I relate myself with castle knight 6:21

    1. Corusame Occasum
      Corusame Occasum
      4 hours ago

      @Zaishi Junior you do?

    2. Zaishi Junior
      Zaishi Junior
      3 days ago

      I personally find you extremely interesting

  43. 🥣cerealpeer
    3 days ago

    i hope macelo carvalho is playing guitaur

  44. Mono Nonny
    Mono Nonny
    4 days ago

    hah I'm curious on what went down after green guy got the gun

  45. Nate Steere
    Nate Steere
    4 days ago

    Give this man a show already. (But how cool is it we live in an era that people can create and we can enjoy without needing a show?)

  46. ilia pachulia
    ilia pachulia
    4 days ago

    Honestly greater Townton Area is just reminding me of the greater Toronto Area

  47. Luna Moonie
    Luna Moonie
    4 days ago

    Omg how did this only show up in my recs today lolol If y'all have behind the scenes and bloopers, I'd love to see them! I'm fascinated with how you made this motion tracking animation. It's cool!!!

  48. Michael Ashton
    Michael Ashton
    4 days ago

    The Elder Office

  49. Shmurken Hurken
    Shmurken Hurken
    4 days ago

    But in truth, no adventures awaits.

  50. Mohd Bazli Mohd Azam
    Mohd Bazli Mohd Azam
    4 days ago

    Definitely love the therapist

  51. GilleyThaKid
    4 days ago

    The "The first step is letting go." Motivational poster cracks me up

  52. Scrub Five
    Scrub Five
    4 days ago

    Asmonbald brought me here. Figured ifld watch it again on the og channel for the support .

  53. Corey Lamb
    Corey Lamb
    4 days ago

    "She's my rock... I just wish my rock had a.... catapult. Or something."

  54. Sqigegle
    4 days ago

    This makes me oddly uncomfortable

  55. Yoshibro26
    5 days ago


  56. TCatz Meow
    TCatz Meow
    5 days ago

    This is great

  57. Drunkenslyr
    5 days ago

    This makes me weirdly uncomfortable and sad

  58. Bee B
    Bee B
    5 days ago


  59. KC fish
    KC fish
    5 days ago

    My man greenguy need some care

  60. Diphylla
    5 days ago

    How did he do these animations?

  61. pan-pixie
    5 days ago

    💀 people playing unmodded stardew valley be like

  62. Imakebadvideos
    5 days ago

    This doesn’t seem like fire emblem sacred stones…………..

  63. m r
    m r
    5 days ago

    this was fantastic Great job to every one who was involved in makeing this naratior guy was fantastic and the fryer guy with the rat : )___ i have no choice but to sub

  64. mohammad foroutan
    mohammad foroutan
    5 days ago

    bro thank you for this series seriously, it been a long time i haven't laughed like this, you just made my day thank you!

  65. CyberVirtual
    5 days ago

    New Title: Bethesda RPG Character Becomes Sentient

  66. SeanJTharpe
    5 days ago

    9:42 Vacay mode, straight blissin'... Blissin' so hard ☺

  67. Dean Schumann
    Dean Schumann
    6 days ago

    "I love her, I do. I just wish there was some sort of intimate mini game I could play with her"

    1. Corusame Occasum
      Corusame Occasum
      4 hours ago

      I'm imagining a rhythm game where you have to tap x at just the right moments

  68. Music Man
    Music Man
    6 days ago

    This is going to be the most popular series on your channel. Trent is going to be hard to replace, but you can always pull a classic coke move and have Trent come back after sometime.

  69. Xizz
    6 days ago

    6:38is genius 😂

  70. Nak Nuade
    Nak Nuade
    6 days ago

    did the new king killed the old king? lol

    1. SeanJTharpe
      5 days ago

      No, the rat did from the last video who had a gun... which explains why the green guy found a gun 😆

  71. buzzdx
    6 days ago

    do you use ebsynth to make this?

  72. Blue Baby
    Blue Baby
    6 days ago

    That cleansing clinic is a pretty cool concept

  73. John Willy Flaten
    John Willy Flaten
    6 days ago

    This style is mesmerizing :P

  74. Threat Bibulous
    Threat Bibulous
    6 days ago


  75. Max
    6 days ago

    I require more dax

  76. CloudBurst
    6 days ago

    2:45 is that Dax Flame?

  77. The CEO Of Crack Cocaine And Amphetamines
    The CEO Of Crack Cocaine And Amphetamines
    6 days ago

    Why did you just upload 10 minutes gameplay of fable the lost chapters?

  78. Alex Mull
    Alex Mull
    7 days ago


  79. LikePhoenixFromAshes
    7 days ago

    My man just desperately needs DLC for his life. Well, after some though, don't we all?

  80. BigFungus
    7 days ago

    I'm betting that Franchesco is just biding his time until he is appointed to the office of town rat. Then he will make his move with Annoying Green Guy.

    1. Alexander Soriano
      Alexander Soriano
      6 days ago

      *Armed Annoying Green Guy

  81. Jason W
    Jason W
    7 days ago

    I like how the PLAYER now has a mustache lol

  82. Gerardo Santana
    Gerardo Santana
    7 days ago

    this is too good

  83. Sally Mae
    Sally Mae
    7 days ago

    You got a sub outta me with this lmao

  84. spruce bingsteen
    spruce bingsteen
    7 days ago

    We love you so much joel

  85. LittleLady
    7 days ago

    I especially loved the wife npc bit lol! Edit: oh and the part with him drinking in the tavern...down to the sound of taking the drink out of his inventory!!!!

  86. LambastinBastihd
    7 days ago

    7:21 when you get what you asked for, but it's different from what you expected and you can't complain.

  87. LaughAtHimAgainJB
    7 days ago

    me loading into skyrim only to remember i have lightsabers and a mansion on top of TTOTW

  88. ziggythegreat
    7 days ago

    im trying out joels other stuff but i keep watching this every week

  89. VANBB
    7 days ago

    Thank you so much my dude.

  90. ingainloggningsnamn
    7 days ago

    LOL that's Daxflames! What the hell is this I am watching btw?! This is the first video of this channel I've seen, and it's been..... quite... disturbing...

  91. Austin
    7 days ago

    One of the greatest videos series ever spawned from the internet.

  92. Typsy K. Capone
    Typsy K. Capone
    8 days ago

    When he was like "tbh I'm in vacay mode, and I'm straight blissin. Blissin so hard" I really felt that

  93. Nikita Frolov
    Nikita Frolov
    8 days ago

    Nice NPC u got there

  94. mSa
    8 days ago

    I want a full show of this

  95. someone something
    someone something
    8 days ago

    Can you do a vid about a dlc release for this. Maybe something about the spaceguys idk

  96. JamBitTheChosen
    8 days ago

    "The first step is letting go" 🤣🤣🤣

  97. Matichek
    8 days ago

    haha, this is too good :)

  98. Another guy who can't think of a name
    Another guy who can't think of a name
    8 days ago

    I love the -Bloodthirsty- Gremlin

  99. M HOP
    M HOP
    8 days ago

    I need that vacay mode, straight chillin and blissin energy rn lmao

  100. R3MN3NT
    9 days ago

    when the players take the campaign in the completely opposite direction no matter what you throw at them