I no longer care for sports

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hello how's it going. This cartoon is done and now you are watching it. Isn't that wild? yes. I hope you like this one. It's about the times I played sports. I played basketball, baseball... I am just realizing right now that baseball is called base ball because you run around the bases... wow. I really just didn't know that this whole time. Anyway I also did skiing and track and field. I was bad at everything I did. I also talk about how I'm really bad at golf, but I am kind of thinking listening back to it that you kinda had to be there for that one. I think I've come a long way when it comes to making these videos but oof sometimes I just fall right on my face when it comes to telling stories. But it's all about improvement right? I'll just do better next time :)

I find that I am not really big into competitive stuff. Sports being one thing, but video games too. I like more casual games like minecraft. I used to be big into league of legends, but haven't played in years. It was so toxic, so now I just play block game :) and make block house.

thanks for watching ❤️ hope you liked it.

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  1. Ice Cream Sandwich
    Ice Cream Sandwich
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    Also I have a shorts channel :) ukwill.info/two/6KVHFHpCwujbw2TfKnQ3uQ.html

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      Procrastinating cartoons TM
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      Fire is nice
      Day ago

      1:03 tell the video game

    3. Geo The Leo
      Geo The Leo
      2 days ago

      Cool I’m subscribed to it

    4. rednukegoboom
      3 days ago

      Who else eats ice cream sandwiches while watching ice cream sandwich

    5. rednukegoboom
      3 days ago

      You should have made it matt from Wii sports

  2. Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff the IV
    Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff the IV
    40 minutes ago

    "look at him run" "yeah that-that ones fast"

  3. Theo Given
    Theo Given
    3 hours ago

    can we get a series of Andy playing potion craft?

  4. Noelle
    3 hours ago

    I think youtube tryna tell me something by giving me ad for the “Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator”

  5. sopflop delargav
    sopflop delargav
    4 hours ago

    extremely relatable lmao

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    Alex Jarrah
    8 hours ago

    The colorful epoch formally describe because exclamation chronically book down a uptight quilt. tangible, evanescent tailor

  8. Krystal King
    Krystal King
    9 hours ago

    i get what you mean about remembering the stuff in sports my dad will just say the name of every player and expect me to know who they are

  9. Bl423 Oregon
    Bl423 Oregon
    11 hours ago

    5:16 hmm seems like the budget finally increased.

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    laneb 228
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  11. Bawi Dim
    Bawi Dim
    12 hours ago

    " B A L L S "

  12. Garrett Aldrich
    Garrett Aldrich
    13 hours ago

    What game did he play

  13. Caden Roy
    Caden Roy
    13 hours ago

    9:55- espn that’s all you need

  14. Guzzlord
    13 hours ago

    5:27 yes complete opposite of the basketball game when you got the out, yes good job on your BASKETBALL throw.

  15. Squallycellar 25
    Squallycellar 25
    14 hours ago

    Checkmate, simps

  16. ScaryStalking
    14 hours ago

    I am having a poop while looking at this.

  17. MundaneSandwitch
    15 hours ago

    i watch this whyle eatng pizza

  18. M Gaming
    M Gaming
    17 hours ago

    deidara: u dont know what art is art is....... A BANGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. MaliceCobalt
    18 hours ago

    yooooo saaaaame

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    Cedrick Llanda
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    I want 10 dollers yup i want that.

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    no u
    23 hours ago

    Only ice cream sandwich can pull off a sponsorship ad that I won’t skip

  22. David the mama lord
    David the mama lord
    23 hours ago

    Joe mom

  23. Destiny Smith
    Destiny Smith
    Day ago

    WELP. Rip.

  24. I am nothing
    I am nothing
    Day ago

    05:50 Are you sure ?

  25. BraedenHayes
    Day ago

    I am not joking, the pitcher who was crying because he was walking everyone. That may have very well been me. I remember I was playing for the “Outlaws” I was a first baseman, but our pitcher had been sick, and for whatever reason we didn’t have a backup so I had to fill in for him, “I don’t know why they chose me” but it was not a good day for me. Please contact me I’m very curious. I think it was me lol

  26. ToaOfTwilightZKai
    Day ago

    *sniff* I'll do that Mr Ice Cream Man! I'll smash that subscribe button for you! And hit the like button too!

  27. Adoodilies
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    1. Adoodilies
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  28. deffdefying
    Day ago

    I also suck at sports. Two instances of suckage come to mind. Context: sport was mandatory at my secondary school, and for the first two years, rugby was the only sport we could play. Rugby: I was so terrified of the much more athletic boys running full pelt at me when I got the ball, that one time, I just fucking sat down where I was, because my smooth, soft brain said “did you know that if you’re lower to the ground, you’re harder to knock over?”. The dude tripped over me, almost causing the both of us concussion. We were both ok though, apart from the utter confusion and bewilderment from the both of us as to what the fuck just happened. Cricket: I threw the bat at the coach. I wish I could say it was intentional, but it was because my soft, smooth brain said “did you know that your grip should be loose so that your bat can get a proper swing-through?”. When I swung, I did hit the ball, but both the ball and the bat went soaring through the air and landed at the coach’s feet, because I lost my grip.

  29. Lincoln k
    Lincoln k
    Day ago

    What was that video game you played at start

  30. not_navid
    Day ago

    I've just realised... when he said "i go get the ball? You're the one that threw it, you get it!" *cut to telling tradesmen to get potion after ice cream just threw it* 1:09

  31. jacky mai
    jacky mai
    Day ago

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  32. Gabbiez_5
    Day ago

    I can't believe I'm in a discord server with you haha. Your videos are nice

  33. Critias Senkil
    Critias Senkil
    Day ago

    Sports are not for everybody. Please continue to find some form of exercise.

  34. phinxninja
    Day ago

    What was that potion game?

  35. Pollo 👍
    Pollo 👍
    Day ago

    Five Guys best

  36. Nandi Moozle
    Nandi Moozle
    Day ago

    All I could think after the intro was “NICE ON”

  37. The dark star
    The dark star
    Day ago

    And trust me I'm not trying to be a sadist, but I've never had five guys. And before you guys get the pitchforks it's because there's none near me and I'm very sad that I don't get to try it :(

  38. Diitox
    Day ago

    This video taught me that food is more important to you than anything else and I woke heartedly agree

  39. modde’s live VODS
    modde’s live VODS
    Day ago

    0:48 what is the game called btw i love your vids

  40. Octo_Attak
    2 days ago

    Five guys one gal 😏

  41. Octo_Attak
    2 days ago

    I wonder how that clapping sound at 5:50 or so was made

  42. Emily Schenk
    Emily Schenk
    2 days ago

    sports are amazing

  43. I am nothing
    I am nothing
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    Jack White
    2 days ago

    The sweltering entrance optically change because giant contradictorily crush on a stereotyped yarn. conscious, spooky cloudy

  45. Isaac Whipple
    Isaac Whipple
    2 days ago

    Ice cream sandwiches reason not to watch sports is basically my reason not to watch marvel movies.

  46. [Blank]
    2 days ago

    I think you would love to do swimming, because the only way for it to go bad is if you drown. There is no loosing, (other than your life).

  47. Monsieur Hender
    Monsieur Hender
    2 days ago

    i had an add for the potion game at the exact moment of the video when you were talking about it the algorithm is scary

  48. Elliott Bowen
    Elliott Bowen
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  49. Pijus Tėvilavičius
    Pijus Tėvilavičius
    2 days ago

    what is the game you were playing in the begging?

  50. Geo The Leo
    Geo The Leo
    2 days ago

    Nooo a month later I missed this video..

  51. Brian Koster
    Brian Koster
    2 days ago

    why just why

  52. Super Savings with Jennifer
    Super Savings with Jennifer
    2 days ago

    Big league chew is at the Dollar Tree! I found it after this and gave some to my nine year old and he loves it. Everyone in my family that played baseball had to have some!

  53. I Steal Ranch
    I Steal Ranch
    2 days ago


  54. Gabriel Fuhr
    Gabriel Fuhr
    2 days ago

    I played baseball for a while. I don't know why I kept playing it, because I was not that great at it, and it was not fun for me. I think I just liked making new friends because I started a year after all of my friends and couldn't play with them.

  55. Mysterious Mayden
    Mysterious Mayden
    2 days ago

    Hello I don't know if you answer questions or not but Imma ask one anyways. So I'm trying to buy a drawing tablet but I don't know which one to buy and I never used one before, so based off of personal experiences what would you suggest?

  56. CallMeMrYeen
    2 days ago

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  57. CrafterMax HD
    CrafterMax HD
    2 days ago

    6:27 accidental ref black dot Illusion

  58. Generator DS
    Generator DS
    2 days ago

    🤣 i see blue boy was changed into ice cream sandwich by red boy

  59. [_deleted_]
    2 days ago

    Andy ‘It’s ok to suck. I suck everyday’ *Facebook add comes on*

  60. Finn553
    2 days ago

    I can relate to this so hard

  61. RainHurt
    2 days ago

    5:28 I just realized that he said basketball instead of baseball lol

  62. Spaghetti_IsNot
    2 days ago

    someone tell me then name of this game PLS!!! 0:49

  63. Unbias Bruins Fan
    Unbias Bruins Fan
    2 days ago

    As someone who likes sports, 100% i can get why some people don't like them. If hockey didn't exist i probably wouldn't be much of a sports fan.

  64. One Winged
    One Winged
    2 days ago

    had to like at "BALLS."

  65. Deleted User
    Deleted User
    2 days ago

    can somebody please tell me what the potion game hes playing is?

  66. Beau Plays
    Beau Plays
    2 days ago

    YES ;)

  67. Elliott Bowen
    Elliott Bowen
    2 days ago

    you only have 23 videos??!?!?!? That makes me so sad to find out.... :(

  68. Marcolina Flores
    Marcolina Flores
    3 days ago

    Me too I'm relatable I suck at basketball and they were like a couple times like five or six times I mentioned make two but all the time I just flat on this that's why I generally do not like joining basketball games please generally I'm not good at them

  69. Elly Naydenova
    Elly Naydenova
    3 days ago


  70. Alexander the not ok
    Alexander the not ok
    3 days ago

    Ah, once again UKwill is throwing this video at me

  71. Luke Johnson
    Luke Johnson
    3 days ago

    What game was he playing at the start?

  72. Jay Vordich AKA Father Of Juicing
    Jay Vordich AKA Father Of Juicing
    3 days ago

    rip cartoon man 0:00 - 10:39

  73. B-ball Bot
    B-ball Bot
    3 days ago

    It would have been better if the mii you were fighting was Matt

  74. China 1122
    China 1122
    3 days ago

    Andy (like every recent video)- i like 5 guys me- ye they are pretty good

  75. Lefty Albeno
    Lefty Albeno
    3 days ago

    Me who brok my thumb 4 times from football: Yeah i hate sports :(

  76. •L0rd Peanut•
    •L0rd Peanut•
    3 days ago

    I play d&d for fun…

    1. lilly shooby
      lilly shooby
      3 days ago


  77. blue cheese soup
    blue cheese soup
    3 days ago

    Then you have me where I'm in little league and I get a triple play and the coach is still mad lol

  78. rednukegoboom
    3 days ago

    Who else eats ice cream sandwiches while watching ice cream sandwich

  79. Rash and Felix
    Rash and Felix
    3 days ago


  80. Adam Alexander
    Adam Alexander
    3 days ago

    2:24 Same to me except soccer and we made a PLAN for it, I was that bad

  81. Jishnu Roy
    Jishnu Roy
    3 days ago

    8:21 How did you get that in mate (눈‸눈)

  82. 144Heartx
    3 days ago

    I know I've heard that outro song when he "died" before 😂. Someone pleasee tell me what it is

  83. Lyla G
    Lyla G
    3 days ago

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  84. Oskar Warberg - Ekenässkolan 7C
    Oskar Warberg - Ekenässkolan 7C
    3 days ago

    “I suck everyday” -ICS 2021

  85. Zsavoir Hodnett
    Zsavoir Hodnett
    3 days ago

    I love how relevant this is.

  86. A potato
    A potato
    3 days ago

    7:30 I can relate to this one, I was part of an ROTC for our school and after the morning exercises and all the 37°C noon heat here in Asia, and all that standing and marching.. we went back to formation and I was so tired, heated, thirsty and breathless that I couldn't hear anything and everything just seemed bright, it felt like I was gonna die standing still but the other guys caught me right before I fall on my face. It was an unforgettable one for me..

  87. Pphcc Tisd
    Pphcc Tisd
    3 days ago

    Does getting so terrible at sports that I got my ligament snapped when a dodgeball knock my ankle into a weird position a member of the Icecreamsandwich fan club?

  88. Nina Cruzz
    Nina Cruzz
    3 days ago

    On my last years of being a teen I learned that there is no losing it’s simply a LEARNING experience. So no you never lose you just learned what you did wrong 😭😂 never lose just learn

    1. Nathanael Setiorahardjo
      Nathanael Setiorahardjo
      2 days ago


  89. howdoyouart._
    4 days ago

    ok but like why do you sound like fundy for me ?...

    1. howdoyouart._
      3 days ago

      @Remédio Genérico ok so

    2. Remédio Genérico
      Remédio Genérico
      4 days ago

      because you're cringe

  90. CringyLlama500 Lilly
    CringyLlama500 Lilly
    4 days ago

    I have played no sports. I was the only person in the 5th that knew that water is H2O

  91. cat nguyen
    cat nguyen
    4 days ago

    when you can’t fight

  92. Gabe
    4 days ago

    You're the only channel I don't skip ads for

  93. Tatiana Jones
    Tatiana Jones
    4 days ago

    I feel like those people playing golf with him would be named Sherrill and Camden 8:54

  94. lil stxrry
    lil stxrry
    4 days ago

    Hi Ice- I’m new. I like animating very much. Uhm what do you use for editing exactly? I love ur content btw. ☺️❤️✨

  95. Enoch Enriquez
    Enoch Enriquez
    4 days ago

    Yo my family used to tease me and say i looked like the basic me you start off with

  96. •kat•
    4 days ago

    What's the the name of the game in the beginning

  97. Keito + Creators Random Stuff
    Keito + Creators Random Stuff
    4 days ago

    0:48 what game is this? It looks interesting

  98. Liam339
    4 days ago

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    aidan cunningham
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    Slayer V
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