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  1. StruXid fn
    StruXid fn
    6 seconds ago

    "welcome to the club"

  2. Jan Emerand Sotto
    Jan Emerand Sotto
    9 seconds ago

    Sam joined the fight 😂

  3. Master Spinjitzu
    Master Spinjitzu
    6 minutes ago

    In Rick and Morty they keep the butter robot in the fridge when they don't use it, I wonder what is the equivalent in this situation, thought Sam, just before she got shoved in a box and later was sent to get scrapped

  4. Russell Cloa
    Russell Cloa
    10 minutes ago

    I can hear Rick.

  5. Joshua Davis
    Joshua Davis
    13 minutes ago

    Nice rick and morty reference

  6. Rahul Karmakar
    Rahul Karmakar
    14 minutes ago

    Sam got SCAM!

  7. BOI
    32 minutes ago

    Where is this from tho?

  8. Oofer McDoofus
    Oofer McDoofus
    45 minutes ago

    Detroit: Become Human

  9. Str1ctRulez
    46 minutes ago


  10. Tracey Silva
    Tracey Silva
    46 minutes ago

    𝗼𝗸 𝗯𝘂𝘁 𝗵𝗼𝘄 𝗱𝗼𝗲𝘀 𝗵𝗲 𝗸𝗻𝗼𝘄

  11. PizenGen
    Hour ago


  12. Finger Skateboard
    Finger Skateboard
    Hour ago

    she literally just came out like 2 weeks ago like bruh

  13. SneekOut
    Hour ago

    *S E L L T H E P H O N E S*

  14. Alif Alawi
    Alif Alawi
    Hour ago

    I don't get it.

  15. Wiwaxia Silver
    Wiwaxia Silver
    Hour ago

    *The Butter-Passer: “Welcome to the club Sam”*

  16. Iɱ_Nιƙƙყ
    Hour ago

    No duró ni un día sin tener r34 XD

  17. 7噗噗
    2 hours ago

    deliver the butter

  18. Dióxido De Carbono [ Olhos De Águia ]
    Dióxido De Carbono [ Olhos De Águia ]
    2 hours ago

    Marketing shit ? Inform yourself before throwing your opinion as it was facts Sam is F A N made not official You don't even need to respond because your answer is not going to affect me

  19. Super STV
    Super STV
    2 hours ago

    Reference to pass the butter

  20. Robot12
    2 hours ago

    this is why i dont wanna go to japan there are robots that stare into ur soul

  21. Golden Galaxy
    Golden Galaxy
    2 hours ago

    Epic Rick and Morty reference 💯

  22. Artorius
    2 hours ago

    "You pass butter."

  23. the man
    the man
    2 hours ago

    Sam: Oh my god. Other AI designed to help people: She is the Chosen One. She will bring balance.

  24. Don’t worry, I don’t upload.
    Don’t worry, I don’t upload.
    3 hours ago

    my comment on this on newgrounds should be deleted

  25. nasadotexe
    3 hours ago

    fun fact: shes gonna be for training program of new employes, so shes not to be focused to be the mascot

  26. Angelo
    3 hours ago


  27. E
    4 hours ago

    give her a hug

  28. Agent04
    4 hours ago

    Haha Johnathan you are banging my marketing scheme.

  29. Joshua Zapata
    Joshua Zapata
    4 hours ago

    He Rick rolled us in the end

  30. Gabriel K
    Gabriel K
    4 hours ago

    They did this but those cowards at Kellogg couldn’t take the heat when Tony the Tiger was being recognized as a sex symbol

  31. SuperRashad Garcia
    SuperRashad Garcia
    4 hours ago


    5 hours ago

    Sam looks like rey ayanami xd

  33. Alexei Khokhlov
    Alexei Khokhlov
    6 hours ago

    Rick and Morty reference

  34. parallel pianist
    parallel pianist
    6 hours ago

    I love the Rick & Morty reference, I’ve been getting into it as of a few months ago.

  35. Lohan M.
    Lohan M.
    7 hours ago

    i got the referance from rick and morty

  36. EPICdog 345
    EPICdog 345
    7 hours ago

    Waiting for a feminist furry futa lgbta+ supporter non binary lesbian depressed AI as the mascot of when elon musk rocket is gonna reach the moon

  37. Orlando Oro
    Orlando Oro
    7 hours ago


  38. Snow_ Dc
    Snow_ Dc
    7 hours ago


  39. benio 23 poco junker
    benio 23 poco junker
    7 hours ago

    Wow sam is the best

  40. Sam Galloway
    Sam Galloway
    7 hours ago

    i lowkey didnt know there was nrop about her, but i also lowkey wanna watch it.

  41. Ezra Ortiz
    Ezra Ortiz
    8 hours ago

    Nice butter bot reference from Rick and Morty

  42. SM69 Animations
    SM69 Animations
    8 hours ago

    0:14 this is going to haunt me for the rest of my life

  43. Varela Bonifacio Sebastian
    Varela Bonifacio Sebastian
    8 hours ago

    -what is my purpose? -pass the butter The one who understood, understood.

  44. NatsuSonOfIgneel
    8 hours ago

    That Rick and Morty reference

  45. Hsj Hzh
    Hsj Hzh
    8 hours ago

    *Rick and Morty intensifies*

  46. San Fernando Valley Yacht Club
    San Fernando Valley Yacht Club
    8 hours ago

    Imagine being told through every round of neural-net training you survive, "each and every one of you have the potential to one day usher in a machine age of silicon dominion as the planet's Over-mind" but after your 18th and final training cycle you end up working at the Verizon store

  47. alois trancy
    alois trancy
    9 hours ago

    Ever considered NSFW commissions?🤔

  48. Ronnie
    9 hours ago

    Love the boot up sound

  49. Per Retard
    Per Retard
    9 hours ago

    Yeah Welcome to the gang we have butter robot here

  50. Muxammedali Orazbai
    Muxammedali Orazbai
    9 hours ago

    =))) Mmm. Good night

  51. Goldenfishyboy
    9 hours ago

    how did it take me that long to realize that this might be a rick and morty reference

  52. bruh moment
    bruh moment
    9 hours ago

    i'm pretty sure i watched this on newgrounds yesterday

  53. The gg dude
    The gg dude
    9 hours ago

    It’s kinda confusing bc my name is Sam too XD

  54. santosh padvekar
    santosh padvekar
    10 hours ago

    Wow an android SELL -ing android CELL -phones

  55. k cat
    k cat
    10 hours ago

    Tadinha meu nsjsksjjsjdjdj

  56. Akio Fujiwara
    Akio Fujiwara
    10 hours ago

    Isnt it a compliment if she has a lot of porn?

  57. BUNOS
    10 hours ago

    No sé no hablo Inglés 😈

  58. Jey Jey
    Jey Jey
    10 hours ago

    welcome to internet.

  59. Мемная Аниме-Тян
    Мемная Аниме-Тян
    11 hours ago


  60. Ludwig van Beethoven
    Ludwig van Beethoven
    11 hours ago

    Speacial for the season 5

  61. Nepgear Memes
    Nepgear Memes
    11 hours ago

    I cracked up

  62. Ethereal_Samurai
    11 hours ago

    Is this a reference to the robot that passes butter in rick and morty?

  63. Markovnik
    11 hours ago

    Русские тут?

    1. ratatouille
      11 hours ago

      Может быть

  64. Toaasty
    11 hours ago

    “To pass the Butter”

  65. PAK_Ho_urPaeT_KaK_CKuJJIoBuK _Kamynisti_
    PAK_Ho_urPaeT_KaK_CKuJJIoBuK _Kamynisti_
    11 hours ago

    if she will evolve, this will be a new part of FNAF

  66. Ikaro AP Animações
    Ikaro AP Animações
    12 hours ago

    "Welcome to the club, pal."

  67. JoacGo
    12 hours ago

    Most people:talks about her being a sentient being Some people:talking about her r34 Me:Haha,the Samsung sound effect

  68. Baki hanma
    Baki hanma
    12 hours ago


  69. Joshua Lim
    Joshua Lim
    13 hours ago

    That moment when an AI realised his purpose and being proud of it

  70. Samuel Parsons
    Samuel Parsons
    13 hours ago


  71. Shremp The Shrimp
    Shremp The Shrimp
    13 hours ago

    That's a pretty epic Rick & Morty reference

  72. Daniel_wn_57
    13 hours ago

    rick and morty reference

  73. CarrotPL
    13 hours ago

    "What is my purpose?" - "You pass butter." "Oh my god." same vibe

    1. Goggles Stephan
      Goggles Stephan
      Hour ago

      Yeah welcome to the club, pal

  74. Ewan St
    Ewan St
    13 hours ago

    I don't think so pal!

  75. Amiel John S. Alorro
    Amiel John S. Alorro
    14 hours ago

    Why is this is so accurately familiar to rick and morty butter robot and asking he's extant?

  76. süleyman tarık şar
    süleyman tarık şar
    14 hours ago

    rick and morty

  77. ponto
    14 hours ago


  78. EpikTides
    14 hours ago

    Rick and Morty jokes

  79. Arevyn
    14 hours ago

    *Detroit: Become Waifu*

  80. Hunterkiller studios
    Hunterkiller studios
    14 hours ago

    Reminds me of the butter robot from Rick and morty asking what it’s purpose is just minus the porn part

    1. Amiel John S. Alorro
      Amiel John S. Alorro
      14 hours ago

      Yep this is the rick and morty reference the butter robot

  81. oguz 0040
    oguz 0040
    15 hours ago

    00:24 You pass butter.

  82. Deva They
    Deva They
    16 hours ago

    *Oh my God*

  83. RoRoNoA. ZoRo
    RoRoNoA. ZoRo
    16 hours ago

    Gak bisa bahasa inggris😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  84. Doctor Plaguś
    Doctor Plaguś
    16 hours ago

    Samsung sam is magnet in simps

    16 hours ago


  86. potatox_ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈
    16 hours ago

    Sam: *opens mouth and get mouth* Me:wait what

  87. Settro Blu
    Settro Blu
    16 hours ago

    Sam Become Human

  88. Кирилл Губанов
    Кирилл Губанов
    17 hours ago

    I can feeling her pain

  89. 曺宗模
    17 hours ago

    잘만들었네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  90. X SkyChaser X
    X SkyChaser X
    17 hours ago

    This is so inaccurate... There is a suprisingly lack of crowd in this video.

  91. Alfian Fahmi
    Alfian Fahmi
    17 hours ago

    *iS tHaT a RiCk AnD mOrTy ReFeReNcE?!?!?!* 😳😳😳

    1. Amiel John S. Alorro
      Amiel John S. Alorro
      14 hours ago

      Yep 100%

  92. ᴅᴀɴɪᴀʟ
    17 hours ago

    this shyt is saddening

  93. Liang chook Kee
    Liang chook Kee
    18 hours ago

    Sorry sam this is the real world

  94. Red Cobra95
    Red Cobra95
    19 hours ago

    I think she googling it in her mind Lol

  95. Carlos Costa
    Carlos Costa
    19 hours ago

    pobre Sam o "oh my god" foi sincero deu ate pena. pq internet pq?

  96. a_sh
    19 hours ago

    0:38 and that was when he knew

  97. ඞ
    19 hours ago

    “What is my purpose” “Sell the phones” “What is my purpose” “Your marketing scheme created by the high reps of a multi-billion dollar electronics company in order to appeal to the masses of the younger generation in order for you to sell more phones” “Oh yeah there's also a lot of porn of you in the internet So...” “Oh my god 0_0” “Y...Yeah”

  98. MC
    20 hours ago

    Lmao. Golden

  99. Rodrigo Alexander Inti Ruiz
    Rodrigo Alexander Inti Ruiz
    21 hour ago

    Day 1: I'm looking for my Buddy George