Color the Spectrum LIVE- Mark Rober and Jimmy Kimmel

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We raised $3.63M in 3 hours! Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel and the presenting sponsor UKwill Originals. Also thanks to special guests Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Casey Neistat, Charlize Theron, Chris Rock, Conan O'Brien, Guillermo, Jack Black, John Oliver, Jon Stewart, Kenan Thompson, Kodi Lee, Marques Brownlee, Matpat, Max Park, Maya Rudolph, MrBeast, Nikkie Glaser, Party Shirt, Paul Rudd, Sarah Silverman, Science Bob, Stephen Colbert, Terry Crews, The Merral Twins and Zack Galifianakis!
Here are more details of how the funds will be distributed by NEXT for AUTISM-
Crypto donations are powered by Nexo. To donate before, during and after the event, head to
If you think you might be autistic, your general practitioner doctor can steer you in the right direction to get an official diagnosis. In the meantime, here are some tools that can help:
Online diagnostic questionnaire-
Here are Samdy Sams 18 questions that might indicate you are Autistic:
1. Sensitivity to sensory stimuli, like Light and Sound?
2. Do you notice details that other people don't?
3. Do you consider yourself "Highly Sensitive"?
4. "You have many enthusiasms and get deeply fulfilled by diving into a subject" not sure what the question there would be?
5. Do you have difficulty doing things that other people find easy (like making phonecalls)?
6. Do you feel like an outsider but are unable to figure out why?
7. Have you lost friends without knowing what you did or what went wrong?
8. Do you need time to recharge from social situations.
9. When super stressed, do you explode out of nowhere in an uncharacteristic way?
10. Do you find it hard to let things go? Do you ruminate on potential outcomes of a situation before or after the fact?
11. Are your vocal or facial expressions different from a lot of people?
12. Do you have difficulty organizing daily tasks?
13. Growing up, did you have a fascination with countercultures? Non-traditional interests?
14. Do people call you quirky, shy, or rude without you knowing what you did to acquire those labels?
15. Are you uninterested in the concept of conforming to society's views of you (especially with regards to gender or sexuality?)
16. Do you have nervous ticks such as picking, fidgeting, or tapping that you can't quit without picking up other bad habbits?
17. Can other people easily manipulate you without you realizing what they're doing?
18. Do you identify with all of these things, and feel shocked that other people don't experience life that way?
You can watch her full video here-
0:00:00 Intro
0:06:35 Chris Rock
0:11:52 Exceptional Minds
0:19:05 Where the funds will go
0:22:16 Kodi Lee
0:25:56 Donation Leaderboard
0:26:57 Zach Galifianakis
0:28:09 World's Largest Nerf Gun
0:29:53 Who we’re donating for
0:33:05 Marques Brownlee - Cap or No Cap
0:41:48 Jack Black
0:45:51 Max Park Rubik's Cube
0:51:29 Thank you letters
0:53:09 Whitecastle
0:54:30 Beanie Babie Nerf Gun
0:57:13 Terry Crews
0:59:39 Sarah Silverman
1:03:23 $2 Million!
1:03:56 Zach Galifianakis 2
1:06:08 Kenan Thompson
1:11:00 Conan O'Brien & MatPat
1:20:23 Uzzia Jones
1:23:42 Stephen Colbert
1:27:59 Thank you letters
1:29:05 Football Kicking Robot VS A Water Balloon
1:31:49 Who we’re donating for
1:34:18 Elongate Crypto Donations
1:36:09 Merrell Twins & Nikki Glaser
1:42:57 Paul Rudd
1:45:38 Charlize Theron
1:48:06 Andy Samberg
1:50:25 John Oliver
1:54:59 Tommy Hilfiger
1:56:36 Football Kicking Robot VS A Watermelon
1:57:34 MrBeast
2:00:38 Who we’re donating for
2:04:18 Appropriate Autism Noun
2:04:58 Crypto Donations
2:05:41 Science Bob Pflugfelder
2:10:41 Have Dreams Charity
2:14:21 MrBeast again!
2:16:18 Kiwico
2:17:41 Jon Stewart
2:29:21 $3Million!
2:29:38 Adam Sandler
2:34:43 Yo Samdy Sam & Questions To Ask
2:35:58 Maya Rudolph
2:39:39 Kodi Lee again
2:41:20 Casey Neistat & Mr Beast
2:49:35 Zach Galifianakis 3
2:50:47 Final Count and Devil’s Toothpaste Finale!


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    Mama Wright
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    I am so late to seeing this! But as the mother of a 7yo with autism and struggling to get him diagnosed whilst juggling life this video has given me so much great hope and perspective. We need more awareness out there we need more support. Thank you so so much to everyone involved this is amazing xx

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    i cant wait for the squirrels tmr and fort knuts

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  11. Nicole Ng
    Nicole Ng
    12 hours ago

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have so many special people in my life that that have Autism. Also, I am on the wait list to get my own boy assessed.

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    Idea that must be done Bug murderer it basically is like bug spray but about 200x better and is like a grenade

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    Much respect to you Mark and your boy as well the autism community. Thank you not only for this but for engage in been part of solutions in this world 💙🤝👏👏👏

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    Thank you for doing this Mark! I am the mother of two autistic people, one 21 and one almost 14 and struggle with how they are going to transition into adulthood every day. Thanks for shining the light into this issue!

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