Transforming ALL of Minecraft - The ULTIMATE Survival World | Part 2

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  1. TrixyBlox
    Month ago

    Sup gamers! I know a lot of you have been waiting for this one! 😎 Remember to join the Discord if you have any questions about the world: Edit: okay we hit the like goal in just over 2 hours 😅 guess I better get building ⛏

    1. Tamara Hynes
      Tamara Hynes
      Month ago


    2. Fermin Fernandez-Villaverde
      Fermin Fernandez-Villaverde
      Month ago

      Can you give the island for free download because my parents are not going to let me spend money on a minecraft map

    3. DFC
      Month ago

      Are you going to transform the nether?

    4. Макс Цырков
      Макс Цырков
      Month ago

      My man, you built a ship based on Black Pearl

    5. giacomo morasso
      giacomo morasso
      Month ago

      for the next biome i vote jungle

  2. Felipe Arnus
    Felipe Arnus
    29 minutes ago

    I vote badlands and dark forest next

  3. Santino Gomez Baldoni
    Santino Gomez Baldoni
    38 minutes ago


  4. Dominic Russo
    Dominic Russo
    Hour ago

    Man, I wish I was this good at building, but even the most simple builds here would make me insane.

  5. Professor Hobo
    Professor Hobo
    Hour ago

    Will there possibly be a bedrock version? I'd love to play this with my friends on console.

  6. YuGatobekittenme
    2 hours ago

    an idea i have that you can build: A great, big library. It holds all, or most recorded information of the lands.

  7. Partitionfan11
    3 hours ago

    Add a giant don’t know how to here. /summon giant

  8. Pamyxl
    3 hours ago

    God at building

  9. Pamyxl
    3 hours ago

    We love challenging this guy to the extreme

  10. Lord Rodef
    Lord Rodef
    4 hours ago

    Wich shader with wich settings are you using? ✌🏻🙂

  11. Just_Ilian
    5 hours ago

    Why do u have to pay for that:(

  12. Kazi
    6 hours ago

    Can you do snowy mountains and dark oak forest pls. LOVE THE VID

  13. Pepe the Frog
    Pepe the Frog
    6 hours ago


  14. Colin Sabolboro
    Colin Sabolboro
    6 hours ago

    Aye yo why this land built like Croissant

  15. Akua Owusu-Ofori
    Akua Owusu-Ofori
    7 hours ago

    Might I suggest smaller more scattered smaller villages throughout the biomes. These big village transformations can act as the major cities within the biomes. Maybe 3-5 house bundles of village houses kind of randomly scattered around the map? It can act as small towns or provinces? Idk just an idea, keep up the amazing work

  16. RMT Animations
    RMT Animations
    7 hours ago

    Wish Minecraft can be like this. It would be amazing!

  17. Cheffy Rah-Rah
    Cheffy Rah-Rah
    7 hours ago

    Sorry for being late, UKwill didn’t notify me-

  18. Nightmare
    8 hours ago

    Can you use mods on a world download?

    10 hours ago

    Its been a month come onnnnn uplode

  20. kartik karukola
    kartik karukola
    10 hours ago

    i want to play it as fast as i can

  21. Adel Benammar
    Adel Benammar
    10 hours ago

    Add a Japanese village in the dark wood forest

  22. Puppyfluffy
    11 hours ago

    The pyramid tho

  23. Twisted Galaxy
    Twisted Galaxy
    12 hours ago

    Snowy mountains

  24. Adryak Cźeatroski
    Adryak Cźeatroski
    12 hours ago

    So how often do you go outside🤔

  25. 07_Aurelius Indera Wiejaya
    07_Aurelius Indera Wiejaya
    12 hours ago


  26. Rafael McCawley
    Rafael McCawley
    13 hours ago

    Make sure you add a mod that makes saplings grow into your tree design

  27. Rafael McCawley
    Rafael McCawley
    13 hours ago

    Pls add town Halls to Villages

  28. Ahmad Ihsan
    Ahmad Ihsan
    14 hours ago

    There's no marsh on the island

  29. Valerino Costa
    Valerino Costa
    14 hours ago

    Will you load this map?

  30. Artikulo Uno
    Artikulo Uno
    14 hours ago

    If I were just a billionaire I would donate as much as I could. I'll support you till the end of the day.

  31. JoshSaurus
    15 hours ago

    You should work for Mojang, imagine a structures update.

  32. Josh Clarke
    Josh Clarke
    15 hours ago

    Mesa biome please

  33. Swaraj Tilekar
    Swaraj Tilekar
    15 hours ago

    When is part 3 coming

  34. Jerker Ruthström
    Jerker Ruthström
    15 hours ago

    can you please make a new series where you hungergames in Minecraft

  35. Masud khalifa
    Masud khalifa
    15 hours ago

    Part 3

  36. Wahid Hussain Syed
    Wahid Hussain Syed
    16 hours ago

    I am so excited

  37. Matthew Teknowijoyo
    Matthew Teknowijoyo
    16 hours ago

    how about the harry potter bank that has a dragon and put it intoo the junggle so it looks misterious but youcan alsso not putting abank but reaplacing it with a misterious place where is abandoned

  38. Antoni Grabowski
    Antoni Grabowski
    17 hours ago

    Few ideas: Dwarven style in mountains And Elven in dark oak Forest or something like that

  39. AHASAN
    17 hours ago

    pls make this world free to play plss trixyblox

  40. David Hughes
    David Hughes
    17 hours ago

    underwater Atlantis, city would be great in the jungle ocean with the jungle people slowly discovering it !!!

  41. Earrape studios
    Earrape studios
    18 hours ago

    i feel like you over-did the desert a little bit

  42. CoinMercury7827
    18 hours ago

    R/slash sent me 👉🏼😎👉🏼

  43. Kartavya Ojha
    Kartavya Ojha
    20 hours ago

    Download link pls

  44. Zach Hurlburt
    Zach Hurlburt
    21 hour ago

    0:00 fortnite chapter 1 map be like

  45. Nerdboss3000 gaming
    Nerdboss3000 gaming
    21 hour ago

    100,000 but I want the next video!!!!!! I love this!!!!!!

  46. SpicyCherryMilk
    22 hours ago

    To the person who suggested a treehouse village in the jungle: YESS

  47. Itz-Parkzz04
    23 hours ago

    Zeus's temple?

  48. Jhazeo putra
    Jhazeo putra
    23 hours ago

    will you sell the map when it's finished?

  49. Farsyah Narendra R
    Farsyah Narendra R
    23 hours ago

    PART 3?

  50. Zalax Tv
    Zalax Tv
    23 hours ago

    you are a incredible builder

  51. Nicolas Belan
    Nicolas Belan
    Day ago

    Mesa and jungle next

  52. jumbo willis
    jumbo willis
    Day ago

    you should add a pirate's cove somewhere!

  53. Kai Naylor
    Kai Naylor
    Day ago

    My respect for this man is insane, also, even though he's doing this himself, he should get more good builders on this project, like grian, etc, to add their ideas to this. Just said this to maybe improve this, (Btw, i cant wait to use this world my next smp)

  54. Nik Hig
    Nik Hig
    Day ago

    Will this be a available on bedrock or just Java

  55. Faris Kahlil Haidar_10
    Faris Kahlil Haidar_10
    Day ago

    Where the part 3

  56. DoggoPlays003
    Day ago


  57. AKAYA LP
    Day ago

    where the fuck is you?

  58. Blaht Blayt
    Blaht Blayt
    Day ago

    Map Download?

    1. Astroneer787
      Day ago

      bro he sayed that he s "doing" the map so how do you think he is gonna realase it

  59. James Harkey
    James Harkey
    Day ago

    Try working on a Stronghold. That would be awesome.

  60. Alexey Razumov
    Alexey Razumov
    Day ago

    Its unbelievable (from Rus)

  61. Whiteraisen
    Day ago

    You should add a kraken in the ocean monument to protect it

  62. Joshua Bösl
    Joshua Bösl
    Day ago


  63. Rachit Miharia
    Rachit Miharia
    Day ago

    Is it too much to ask for ep3

  64. StarBunni
    Day ago

    Just a thought, what if you upgraded some of the nether to?

  65. rad
    Day ago

    part 3 is taking too long

  66. Thomas Draco
    Thomas Draco
    Day ago

    You can do cave houses in montains . like troglodyte . and you can do a castle with farmyard ...

  67. AlmostAlive
    Day ago

    I love the BoTW reference!

  68. Trolcraft Replay
    Trolcraft Replay
    Day ago

    mesa! mountain !

  69. Rakesh Pandey
    Rakesh Pandey
    Day ago

    Make all biomes vanillas

  70. Flash Aaron
    Flash Aaron
    Day ago


  71. The Lego Artist D
    The Lego Artist D
    Day ago

    i vote snowy mountains, with maybe an abandoned fortress, some sort of lost ancient order

  72. Joe Naylor
    Joe Naylor
    Day ago

    Can you do the Badlands and jungle next! I'm really exited for the wild west

  73. Jerker Ruthström
    Jerker Ruthström
    Day ago


  74. Zoé Czövek
    Zoé Czövek
    Day ago

    WoW! That's amazing!😲😲😲😎😎🤠

  75. Glenn House
    Glenn House
    Day ago

    Can you make a orc kingdom

  76. OrangeMonkey07
    Day ago

    More more more

  77. Fate
    Day ago

    I cant even build the simple less than 30 minutes gold farm i've been working on and this video shows how lazy I am. Amazing work though, also may I suggest Jungle as the next biome?

  78. Swissjanu
    Day ago

    I need the download for this map🤤

  79. Samu
    Day ago

    Make snowy Mountains and Jungle pleased.

  80. Insert stock image
    Insert stock image
    Day ago

    Sadly today I was banned from the discord for no reason

  81. krownn
    Day ago

    DESSERT Village and biome is one of the villages/biomes i hate, if only villages naturally looks like this in the game

  82. Salami Ciabatta
    Salami Ciabatta
    Day ago

    bro, i’ve never been so hyped over freakin cubes.

  83. Givenchy
    Day ago


  84. •~•
    Day ago

    Great custom map ! I like this ! But is'n mini world/ i can't buy this city :( Any way , is so great man :)

  85. Krapto
    Day ago

    Vikings,Tibetan styles,Indo-Himalyan styles etc would be great to see in the snow mountain biomes

  86. Jasper Fosami
    Jasper Fosami
    Day ago

    at 12:50 it looks like the ship is zooming through the sky

  87. total_ randomness801
    total_ randomness801
    Day ago

    Trixyblox, we miss you! Part 3 to this series must be a big one coming up. Can’t wait to see it (:

  88. TornadoAnimations Mikey
    TornadoAnimations Mikey
    Day ago

    I think mountains and jungles should be next.

  89. mellythemexican
    Day ago

    That was not a rowboat that was a bunch of random wooden blocks🤣 man every build you stray further from the light of God

  90. Stellen Universe
    Stellen Universe
    Day ago

    I know I might be a bit late but do jungle and Mesa next

  91. pichu !
    pichu !
    Day ago

    Make sure you sleep and eat well buddy. I know the whole biome thing is important at the moment but your health is more important right now.

  92. tahoe_cop
    Day ago

    Masa next! Pls ly2 thx it's amazing k bye

  93. The Nerd Desk
    The Nerd Desk
    Day ago

    Tundra, badlands

  94. Flar3_OW
    Day ago

    when is the next video coming out

  95. Arden
    2 days ago

    Please make some kind of haunted graveyard or abandoned haunted house. That would be epic.

  96. _sohiig_
    2 days ago

    what about the caves?

  97. Tavi_Person
    2 days ago

    Do The Mesa

  98. Jason Hers
    Jason Hers
    2 days ago

    what is this song 17:43

  99. Ols.
    2 days ago

    I would love to see the jungle so do that last, can you please do the extreme hills next