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The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Brooklyn Nets, 126-101. Andre Drummond led the Lakers with 20 PTS and 11 REB, while Dennis Schroder added 19 PTS and 4 AST in the victory. Kevin Durant tallied 22 PTS, 7 REB and 5 AST for the Nets in the losing effort. The Lakers improve to 33-20 on the season, while the Nets fall to 36-17.
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  1. Erik Torres
    Erik Torres
    Day ago


  2. Erik Torres
    Erik Torres
    2 days ago


  3. Damiano Gartrell
    Damiano Gartrell
    8 days ago

    Uncle Drew a bad man, but so is Dennis da Menace!

  4. Uzu Maki
    Uzu Maki
    10 days ago

    All this CAP an where y’all at now lol 😂

  5. Lem Timonera
    Lem Timonera
    21 day ago

    Let's go lakes

  6. carolyn gordin
    carolyn gordin
    21 day ago


  7. E Livara
    E Livara
    23 days ago

    Media commentators lang nagpapalakas sa lakers...kailangan pa maghire ni lebron nang mga malalakas para maging mvp sya hahaha

  8. Mariz Baliw
    Mariz Baliw
    23 days ago

    Ok to ihhgho

  9. demario mays
    demario mays
    23 days ago

    LaMarcus Aldridge was so good in the the nets offense great chemistry with the team, a offensive big. This the game where his heart had trouble smh.....

  10. Un Known
    Un Known
    26 days ago

    Lelakers vs netsssssssss

  11. TMB CashBoii
    TMB CashBoii
    26 days ago

    I can’t stop watching this mock my word Lakers will win 2021 championship 😴

  12. Simone Ricci
    Simone Ricci
    26 days ago

    the fact that bron, kuzma, and davis were missing and the team went against durant and still won? it’s like they choose when they wanna win😭

  13. Marq V
    Marq V
    26 days ago

    Thank you and God bless

  14. Aathi Guna
    Aathi Guna
    27 days ago

    3 mil views

  15. SnIpErRiFlE_ 36
    SnIpErRiFlE_ 36
    27 days ago

    Why he be looking like cash nasty

  16. tricia&sofia ninja 3
    tricia&sofia ninja 3
    28 days ago

    Isa to sa mga inaabangan n laban ng hubbie tlagang nagaagawan kmi ng channel haha

  17. Rob Diaz
    Rob Diaz
    28 days ago

  18. dhillon
    28 days ago

    NETS did good

  19. Benedict Galang
    Benedict Galang
    29 days ago

    If I already know who’d win I’d stop watching the game XD

  20. Benedict Galang
    Benedict Galang
    29 days ago

    Dennis Schroeder’s hair looks like Kevin Durants beard...

  21. Nigel Pascua
    Nigel Pascua
    29 days ago

    old Divisoria street expressway-

  22. Escobar Escobar
    Escobar Escobar
    29 days ago

    They only lost because harden was out

  23. Escobar Escobar
    Escobar Escobar
    29 days ago

    Kyrie a great value d Wade at this point now

  24. Escobar Escobar
    Escobar Escobar
    29 days ago

    Gimmi your ring

  25. BboyZoinks
    29 days ago

    This is without Davis and lebron! Damn

  26. Lhian and Keyth
    Lhian and Keyth
    29 days ago

    This looks like a game

  27. Adrian Ortiz
    Adrian Ortiz
    29 days ago

    If I can remember KD holds his legs a couple of times in this game....

  28. Irene S
    Irene S
    29 days ago

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  29. Rosendo Española
    Rosendo Española
    Month ago

    Hahahaha sorry 😝

  30. Wave_ham12
    Month ago

    Loss to the nets IMAOO

  31. Travis
    Month ago

    This aint even our A-team lol, Nets are getting taken out 2nd round this year.

  32. Jung Kook
    Jung Kook
    Month ago

    La last game 0 ring retired

  33. NaL C.
    NaL C.
    Month ago

    I heard the nba let the finals depending on who gets the most views.

  34. Daniel Billingslea
    Daniel Billingslea
    Month ago

    Funny thing is I want see the hate when they won if they won cause they team stackef just like lakers and both team been struggling people focus on lakers cause beat nets but lakers lost to Celtics and the hornet's

  35. Realone2
    Month ago

    thumbnail looks like KSI to me

  36. Night Parade
    Night Parade
    Month ago

    dang if all the players in lakers can secure a point shot this is an easy game..

  37. Night Parade
    Night Parade
    Month ago

    Schroeder 🙋🏼‍♂️

  38. 0824jv
    Month ago

    LMA's last game 😔

    1. Pingu4lif3
      Month ago


  39. Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever
    Month ago

    Kyrie got his feelings hurt because he got showed up LMAO 😌🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. Aberto dimata Seraw I like it !
    Aberto dimata Seraw I like it !
    Month ago

    Ok but nets is 2021 champion sory guys !!!

  41. Xeno
    Month ago

    Lamarcus’s last game, i wish him good health.

  42. Mark John Armillo
    Mark John Armillo
    Month ago

    Big three na ba yan sa nets?

  43. Papa Dan TV
    Papa Dan TV
    Month ago

    last game of aldridge 💔

  44. Rakesh Purohitwar
    Rakesh Purohitwar
    Month ago

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  45. kuyagem
    Month ago

    The Last Stylebender vs Durantula 🤓👌

  46. Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever
    Month ago

    As a Laker fan I dislike the Nets with a PASSION. Fuck them all. Fuck KD and KI 🥴

  47. Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever
    Month ago

    Okay but imagine being calling the "nets" 🤣🤣 y'all mfs fishing? 🤣🤣

  48. Lu Sika
    Lu Sika
    Month ago

    Impossible huhuhu nice it’s all about money Called money war shit ./.

  49. Lu Sika
    Lu Sika
    Month ago

    Scripted play hahahah

  50. Raze Tv
    Raze Tv
    Month ago

    LAW OF ATTRACTION: I pray who ever see this will become successful in life through prayers and hardwork🙏🏼💯

  51. John Dave
    John Dave
    Month ago


  52. John Dave
    John Dave
    Month ago


  53. John Dave
    John Dave
    Month ago

    I’m. Aman

  54. John Dave
    John Dave
    Month ago


  55. abby
    Month ago

  56. lil jazin
    lil jazin
    Month ago

    Horton tucker under the radar future mvp

  57. Mj Javellana
    Mj Javellana
    Month ago

    Who's here after you heard the news about aldridge. This game also is the last game of his career😥

  58. Ethan Ethan
    Ethan Ethan
    Month ago

    When watching this, little did I know this would be the final game of Lamarcus Aldrige's career

  59. WilliamIV
    Month ago

    Sadly the last game of aldridge

  60. David Dela Peña
    David Dela Peña
    Month ago

    and yes this is lamarcus' last game😔😔

  61. mista clicka
    mista clicka
    Month ago

    This is Lamarcus Aldridge last game 😢

  62. St-Christian Aldrin
    St-Christian Aldrin
    Month ago

    LaMarcus Aldridge's last game.

  63. Purple 2k lOOl
    Purple 2k lOOl
    Month ago

    Rip laMarcus Aldridge

  64. Sebastian Tarleton
    Sebastian Tarleton
    Month ago

    Aldridge last game ☝️😔 #thanksLA

  65. G.O.A.T :3
    G.O.A.T :3
    Month ago

    sad to know this was aldridge's last game :(

  66. Carolina Highlights Nba channel
    Carolina Highlights Nba channel
    Month ago

    Lamarcus Aldridge last game enjoy retirement👊

  67. Deuces
    Month ago

    This was LA’s last game??

  68. Mr. Tugpak Beats
    Mr. Tugpak Beats
    Month ago

    Is this where Lamarcus Aldridge experience irreg heartbeat after this game?

    1. logo 2
      logo 2
      Month ago

      I have no idea but I think so

  69. Jordan Estes
    Jordan Estes
    Month ago

    Here after Lamarcus Aldridge’s retirement 😕

  70. Mr. Club
    Mr. Club
    Month ago

    Not knowing this was Lamarcus Aldridge's last game. You will be missed. Happy Retirement LA.

  71. Quenn
    Month ago


  72. Greetzer
    Month ago

    I came back to see how Aldridge was feeling that game😕

  73. Spencer Cherry
    Spencer Cherry
    Month ago

    Lamarcus Aldridge last game. Hope the best to you and your family

  74. Charles Julius Oliquino
    Charles Julius Oliquino
    Month ago

    When I first watched the game, I was thinking of why Aldridge was running like that. Now I understand. Hoping for the best for LA!

  75. Marshmelons Official
    Marshmelons Official
    Month ago

    LMA’s last game. Thank you midrange maestro! The league will surely miss you. Enjoy your retirement 💖

  76. Aarav Noronha
    Aarav Noronha
    Month ago

    l.a retired... damn

  77. Kevin Sori
    Kevin Sori
    Month ago

    Came here after hearing Aldridge retirement 😢

  78. KoRnFlakes1408
    Month ago

    Aldridge’s final game

  79. Andrei Salvador
    Andrei Salvador
    Month ago

    Lamarcus aldridge last nba game

  80. Therentz Estabaya
    Therentz Estabaya
    Month ago

    Who's here after knowing about Aldridge's retirement?

  81. Djmike25
    Month ago

    Whos here after lemaurcus Aldridge retire from nba his final game

  82. Dee 2k
    Dee 2k
    Month ago

    This is the game where LaMarcus Aldridge had the irregular heartbeat. Who else came back to watch him❤️

  83. Cuts Revoked
    Cuts Revoked
    Month ago

    So that’s why Drummond bullied Aldridge, he’s not in his condition

  84. Jayson City
    Jayson City
    Month ago

    Who else here after hearing Lamarcus retired

  85. JV Bueza
    JV Bueza
    Month ago

    am i the only one who watched only aldridge because of his announcement, happy retirement LA

  86. Ducky McCool
    Ducky McCool
    Month ago

    Wow. To think this is the last game we will have seen LaMarcus Aldridge play. Enjoy retirement well champ!

  87. Lil Pupeep
    Lil Pupeep
    Month ago

    LaMarcus's last game.. Thank you for being part of the Nets!

  88. ben sinogba
    ben sinogba
    Month ago

    can't believe this is lamarcus last game

    Month ago

    Aldridge last game!

  90. Kyrie Irving
    Kyrie Irving
    Month ago

    LaMarcus played with a irregular heartbeat ☹ last nba game ☹

  91. Abra Aguilar
    Abra Aguilar
    Month ago

    Last game for Lamarcus Aldridge

  92. Rouen Gabriel Soriao
    Rouen Gabriel Soriao
    Month ago

    Man. We didn't know this was Aldridge's last game.

  93. Daniel Shamayev
    Daniel Shamayev
    Month ago

    Damn, to think this will be LA’s last game ever. Hall of fame career, one of the most low key greatest players of all time.

  94. Karl De Guzman
    Karl De Guzman
    Month ago

    So yeah this was probably Aldridge's last nba game

  95. Christian Paolo Jucar Sobrevilla
    Christian Paolo Jucar Sobrevilla
    Month ago

    Akala ko Anderson Silva vs. Israel Adesanya II yung nasa thumbnail 🤣🤣

  96. quit temporarily
    quit temporarily
    Month ago

    I was not expecting this to happen...

  97. Euroyen420p
    Month ago

    Shut down the whole ass thing, they all racist af! They hate whites for eternity, now shut it down!!!

  98. Khyléē Flõrês
    Khyléē Flõrês
    Month ago

    5:04 over Drummond?

  99. TheModer8ter
    Month ago

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