My Royal Guards | Ep. 2 | Minecraft Empires 1.17

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  1. Salmonfishead 1
    Salmonfishead 1
    50 minutes ago

    Make a head room

  2. Evelyn Dench
    Evelyn Dench
    Hour ago

    you should have a pet island

  3. Madelyn Jepsen
    Madelyn Jepsen
    2 hours ago

    The fact that Lizzie found a way to the end portal by accident 😳

  4. Richelle Stumbo
    Richelle Stumbo
    2 hours ago

    Me watching the cutest UKwill I know while playing little nightmares 2. Me feels:🥰😊😚😬😰😓

  5. auriya7
    3 hours ago

    1:18 1:19

  6. PancakeZ wants to say goodbye
    PancakeZ wants to say goodbye
    4 hours ago

    1:19 🤐

  7. Sansa Parsons
    Sansa Parsons
    4 hours ago

    I thought my childhood was faiding then i forgot i met you and my childhood came back !!💖 stay safe all!

  8. Lucky LuLu
    Lucky LuLu
    4 hours ago

    I like how you switch from scary to nice in a second

  9. Bubbles And Suds
    Bubbles And Suds
    6 hours ago

    for a house make a ocean themed tiny castle with doors pls so no mobs get in

  10. Unconscious Ackerman
    Unconscious Ackerman
    7 hours ago


  11. Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya
    8 hours ago

    You call axolotls Ocilots like the cat just so you know

  12. Cookypizza _pizza
    Cookypizza _pizza
    8 hours ago

    But of a late comment but are we not gonna talk abt the youtooz pop up??

  13. YT_ LOTTIE
    9 hours ago


  14. James Stephen
    James Stephen
    9 hours ago

    jumpscare at 1:19

  15. Strawberry girl 2028
    Strawberry girl 2028
    10 hours ago

    10:39 use the axlotols I am 11 years old so sorry for spelling mistakes

  16. Galaxy girl
    Galaxy girl
    10 hours ago

    Build a house on the Lilly pad

  17. SydTheSquid
    10 hours ago

    1:19 Slow down your video speed and watch closely.

  18. Boo Bity
    Boo Bity
    10 hours ago

    Make a beautiful cat that made of blocks that doesn’t hate water

  19. Chere Oppod
    Chere Oppod
    10 hours ago

    10:18, yoohoo, big summer blowout😆😆

  20. Amena Begum
    Amena Begum
    10 hours ago

    Slow this part down. 1:19. My sleep paralysis demon.

  21. Edm Steve
    Edm Steve
    11 hours ago

    1:19 Lol

  22. Ratha Dove
    Ratha Dove
    12 hours ago


  23. Kylie Shultz
    Kylie Shultz
    13 hours ago

    “Now this is e-fish-ency”

  24. Kawaii-Chan
    14 hours ago

    If you but the axolotl buckets in an anvil and name them they will come out named :)

  25. TheCupCakeWay
    15 hours ago

    UMMM did anybody else see the very quick picture of her face lol between her talking about her royal guards and her going down that ladder

  26. Jofy and Nadia
    Jofy and Nadia
    16 hours ago

    I have an idea! A Castle on a lily pad and the castle is a flower.

    16 hours ago

    1:20 playback speed 2x

    16 hours ago


  29. Chotiros Hol
    Chotiros Hol
    17 hours ago

    A house

  30. Sienna Harris
    Sienna Harris
    18 hours ago

    at 4:43 that axolotl moves like belle poarch

  31. Koryunee
    19 hours ago

    1:20 😂😂😂

  32. Aurora Niraula
    Aurora Niraula
    21 hour ago

    uhh..... Lizzie what was that photo before u went into your secret cave???? it was on for a hot second

  33. Kevin Huang
    Kevin Huang
    23 hours ago

    u should name your pickaxe lucky pickaxe

  34. Arielle
    Day ago

    I'm so sorry but what is 1:20

  35. Kyle Nicholas Belarmino
    Kyle Nicholas Belarmino
    Day ago

    marcelline from adventure time be like

  36. ItsJelloChicken
    Day ago


  37. TheGreatHedgehog
    Day ago

    to rename axolotls you can also put the axolotl in a bucket and rename that with an anvil :D

  38. Lizzy Grace
    Lizzy Grace
    Day ago

    you should add Bridges to each island

  39. Diamond Butterfly Gaming
    Diamond Butterfly Gaming
    Day ago

    1:19 that’s horrifying

  40. power mollie
    power mollie
    Day ago

    Why don’t you make a rainbow lillipad

  41. Buttercream TEP
    Buttercream TEP
    Day ago

    I love how she found the stronghold on accident XD

  42. iiDani 〈3
    iiDani 〈3
    Day ago

    Name a villager Delilah!

  43. Menna Alkhateb
    Menna Alkhateb
    Day ago

    What was that picturee

  44. Luz Hernández
    Luz Hernández
    Day ago


  45. Ultima 9 tail fox
    Ultima 9 tail fox
    Day ago

    You need tropical fish to tame a axolotl a lot of it a bucket of tropical fish

  46. Belako AJ
    Belako AJ
    Day ago

    To get animals to your land easier you can put animals to second boat and put a lead to the second boat (you can use more boats for more animals) I hope this helped :)

  47. リンリン ୨୧
    リンリン ୨୧
    Day ago

    lizzie…the queen of the ocean your axolotl army is struggling because they have realised how you spelt their poor breeds name wrong in your note to jimmy the swamp empire master. YOU SAID “axoltl” BUT ITS OKAY YOUR GAURDS DONT MIND

  48. The Triggered Eiko
    The Triggered Eiko
    Day ago

    1:20 for a bit I saw Lizzy with a big head and eyes 👀

  49. Padilla Julietabitha
    Padilla Julietabitha
    Day ago


  50. Chomo Rai
    Chomo Rai
    Day ago

    Lizzie: This day can’tget any better. Lizzie: Finds amthest and stronghold. Me: I think it can.

  51. Margaux Isobelle DIONISIO
    Margaux Isobelle DIONISIO
    Day ago

    You should get the diamond 1st cuz one of your friends might just steal it before you mine it :[

  52. 5c aretha
    5c aretha
    Day ago

    1:18 did anyone see that LMAO

  53. Pidgeyarbock Feathers
    Pidgeyarbock Feathers
    Day ago

    I love how cute the fan art is.😍

  54. Ananya Kaushik
    Ananya Kaushik
    Day ago

    I think you should make some souvenir's cuz other empire's won't be able to breather under the water so 🤷 make them some helmets too!

  55. Ranjita Dhanjal
    Ranjita Dhanjal
    Day ago

    Big giant guard

  56. Sakii !
    Sakii !
    Day ago

    1:19 did anyone else notice this? To get a clearer vision, use the power of youtubes playback speed!!!!

  57. ๏ Ashley ๏
    ๏ Ashley ๏
    Day ago

    10:29 lol

  58. Shelby Hutchens
    Shelby Hutchens
    Day ago

    Hey Lizzie btw if you do not feed your axolotls they will die and you will have to add on to your graveyard...

  59. not Fong ngai kit
    not Fong ngai kit
    Day ago

    You can just name the axolotl with a a

  60. yepyep
    Day ago

    1:18 IM LOSING IT

  61. Azure Powers
    Azure Powers
    2 days ago

    1:19 😂

  62. %ST4RRY EYED%
    2 days ago

    1:20 I had to put it on 0.25x to see it lol

  63. baylee Jarnagin
    baylee Jarnagin
    2 days ago


  64. Strawberry bear
    Strawberry bear
    2 days ago

    I found an amithist cave also in water but like 10 min later I found another digging up cause I got lost in a mine shaft

  65. Lime_Toast
    2 days ago

    i dont get how jimmy has like 3 houses in this ep and everyone else's in plain

  66. Groovy Gamers
    Groovy Gamers
    2 days ago

    of course the one time she uploads regularly was the time i thought i was gonna binge watch it after it was released

  67. ß*Mushroom*ß
    2 days ago

    Who else saw the funny Pic of Lizzie at 1:19

  68. PixelDonkey
    2 days ago

    Imagine finding the stronghold by accident

  69. Caiden Leech
    Caiden Leech
    2 days ago

    i paused it on the face and screenshted it i couldnt help it XD

  70. Private Stay_out
    Private Stay_out
    2 days ago

    i saw the secret picture🤣🤣🤣

  71. Hello 😊
    Hello 😊
    2 days ago

    Make a museum of heads

  72. Phuong Nguyen
    Phuong Nguyen
    2 days ago

    You can breed the axolotals with tropical fish

  73. melissa brooke
    melissa brooke
    2 days ago

    omg i saw the secret funny little filter on her! 1:19

  74. øKaaaayyy
    2 days ago

    1:19 if you want to the picture 😂

  75. dy1an_https
    2 days ago

    Poseidon is also the god or horses. You live in the ocean and have killed a bunch of horses. How will this end out?

  76. DrINk CaCtus JuICe🌵💚
    DrINk CaCtus JuICe🌵💚
    2 days ago

    Maybe instead of a pond for the axolotls u should have a glass for the them!

  77. Gay Frog
    Gay Frog
    2 days ago

    1:48 *war flashbacks*

  78. Simon Price
    Simon Price
    2 days ago


  79. terence mashona
    terence mashona
    2 days ago

    biuld a dolfin jumping ofer a lily pad

  80. inky splash
    inky splash
    2 days ago

    Even though amethyst a really pretty you can also make a spyglass with them I'm sorry if I'm already telling you stuff you already know I'm I really like your channels and I just want to help

  81. inky splash
    inky splash
    2 days ago

    Oh my gosh that fanart looks so adorable you should make it into a Funko Pop or whatever you guys call them

  82. tsukkisdinosaurplush
    2 days ago

    I was not ready for that jumpscare at 1:19

  83. Itz_ 幸せな天気
    Itz_ 幸せな天気
    2 days ago


  84. Vandana Shankar
    Vandana Shankar
    2 days ago

    Amazing intro btw I love it

  85. CoffeeGremlin
    2 days ago

    What if you made a flower greenhouse on an island? (If u have ignore this lol)

  86. Sam Turner
    Sam Turner
    2 days ago

    While watching this I can bearly hear you because i have hiccups XD

    1. Sam Turner
      Sam Turner
      2 days ago

      Me:SHUT UP HICCUPS! Lizzie:You don't have't to be so violent you know... Me:Oh ok...

  87. Unknown Animations
    Unknown Animations
    2 days ago

    go to 1.19 minutes into the video... I am confused

  88. Jasmine Murillo
    Jasmine Murillo
    2 days ago

    you should make a lily pad that has a Axolotl drawing

  89. alexgaming
    2 days ago

    1:19 nice youtooz hahahahaha that scared me hahaha

  90. • S A Z Y •
    • S A Z Y •
    2 days ago

    Fun fact: Axolotls like fishes / eats fishes

  91. The KPM Twins
    The KPM Twins
    2 days ago

    Lizze when she finds a diamond: i'm going to wait until I have fortune. me: I FOUND A DIAMOND! 🤣🤣🤣

  92. Alfonso Sendico
    Alfonso Sendico
    2 days ago

    Why!! Why didnt you get the diamonds!!!

  93. Royal Ibis
    Royal Ibis
    2 days ago

    1:19 I had a heart attack when I paused to go do something-

  94. 𝚂𝚘𝚛𝚊 𝚃𝚘𝚔𝚎𝚒
    𝚂𝚘𝚛𝚊 𝚃𝚘𝚔𝚎𝚒
    2 days ago

    Ep 1:Diamonds Ep 2:Stronghold Me: *Thats what i call extra lucky.*

  95. Quê Tôi Hà Giang
    Quê Tôi Hà Giang
    2 days ago

    Hello new friend great video

  96. LalisaManoBangs
    3 days ago

    Lizzie you can name an axolotl in an anvil with the buket

  97. Jade - Cool Cat -
    Jade - Cool Cat -
    3 days ago

    1:19 oh have mercy on my soul

  98. Caramel Apple
    Caramel Apple
    3 days ago

    Lizzy: oh no I need pris marine? 🦭🦭🦭🦭🦭🦭🦭🦭🦭

  99. Tristan Johnson
    Tristan Johnson
    3 days ago

    That lucky pickaxe is op

  100. Abi Housiaux
    Abi Housiaux
    3 days ago

    1:19 is so funny 😆😂🤣🤣😂😆