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  1. social eye news
    social eye news
    12 days ago

    i like how he prepare the meal, if your watching this and like it you might as well

  2. Yessenia Aponte
    Yessenia Aponte
    17 days ago

    Alondra your HelloFresh code isn’t working

  3. Esmeralda Garcia
    Esmeralda Garcia
    19 days ago

    Where is her faja from though 😭😭

  4. Student Athlete
    Student Athlete
    20 days ago

    Congratulations 🎈🍾🎊🎉 on the preparation for the baby and good luck 🍀 👍🏿 to ya.

  5. Tommy Acosta
    Tommy Acosta
    20 days ago

    Soooo does it feel like you have been pregnant for years or just me and also i need your help on something please its very important for me so if you could respond to me

  6. Carina Carrillo
    Carina Carrillo
    23 days ago

    We’re related that’s the big surprise 😂😂😂

  7. Caribbean gial
    Caribbean gial
    25 days ago

    No pacifier. Don’t start that. That’s for lazy mothers. They stick a pacifier in the baby’s month to shut the baby up.

  8. Ivy Molina
    Ivy Molina
    27 days ago

    If you guys don’t end up using all the baby furniture would you guys mind donating :/ I’m having difficulty preparing for my baby

  9. Jazmine
    27 days ago

    🚨🚨babe you can take any unopened packs of diapers to target and they will allow you to exchange them for a bigger size or a different brand🚨 so if you decide you only want to use huggies you can take all of them and target will give you a gift card to purchase your preferred brand and size 🚨🚨

  10. Madeline Olivia
    Madeline Olivia
    28 days ago

    Before eating your placenta😭 try sea moss. It also has energy benefits and helps with appetite as well.

  11. Emmalee Dawkins
    Emmalee Dawkins
    29 days ago

    Drying racks definitely not an Essential and Pacifiers are ok my 9 month old had 10 teeth already and it definitely was not messing them up ... daughter would be 14 months old now but she had a liver disease and sadly passed but i am pregnant with my second baby and videos like this help trying to remember everything youd need .... much love to your family 💕

  12. Mimi T
    Mimi T
    29 days ago

    Yea you definitely won’t need that many newborn diapers… I would say sizes 3,4,5 are the ones you need the most of 😅

  13. carmellitia
    29 days ago

    i say don’t get pacifiers

  14. Dani Castillo
    Dani Castillo
    Month ago

    No pacifiers!!!!

  15. Berania Sanchez
    Berania Sanchez
    Month ago

    ‼️‼️‼️ You can actually take diaper boxes back to walmart without a receipt and say it was a gift and would just like to switch it out for different size ‼️‼️‼️

  16. Jodie Ramos
    Jodie Ramos
    Month ago

    Where did you get your white drawers?

  17. Agnesa Gashi
    Agnesa Gashi
    Month ago

    the thing next to the bed make sure you don't move him the whole night with that

    Month ago

    Bruhhhh who’s cutting onions 🧅 I’m totally crying me and my boyfriend have been trying & trying and I just found out my sister is pregnant 🤰 I’m happy. But I’m just ready for this moment my tears are happy tears for you guys . Childbirth is a blessing that was beautiful 😢😖🥺😭🙏🏽 congratulations

  19. yflowerss
    Month ago

    Would recommend a regular swing and not momaroo from personal experience and other mommas as well but to each their own hopefully it works for your baby! 🙏🏼🤍

  20. Sindy Castro
    Sindy Castro
    Month ago


  21. Faaizah Hussain
    Faaizah Hussain
    Month ago

    hi l lovw wachting your vlog good lookon you new bon baby and soon to been mum stay bessl you are the best when lwatch you make me feel happyl wish you could been my mum you the best

  22. Jasmine Sarabia
    Jasmine Sarabia
    Month ago

    Alondra and Benny please get the baby use to noise. Have the tv on loud play music. Trust me this will help you in the long run

  23. Bethany Barrera
    Bethany Barrera
    Month ago

    Congratulations Alo and Benny y'all are going to be amazing parents and wish y'all nothing but the best !❤️❤️❤️ Can't wait for part 2

  24. America Valenzuela
    America Valenzuela
    Month ago

    my mom said pacifiers are okay the ones that can cause long term teeth problems are the ones with the stuffed animal hanging from it (again this is from my mom i’d personally do research on it)

  25. Kayla
    Month ago

    I started dying when he said “bottles in the club”😂😂

  26. Maya Delgarito
    Maya Delgarito
    Month ago

    I’ve read reviews on the baby breeza that it put more water than what is suppose to be

  27. ana ortiz
    ana ortiz
    Month ago

    Congrats on the new family member enjoy thise little and precious moments 🥰💋👶💐

  28. Ayoangela_
    Month ago

    Can’t wAit to meet baby 😍😍🥰🥰🥰 love you guys soo much congrats 🎉

  29. Mattie Garcia
    Mattie Garcia
    Month ago

    Thrush is usually caused by dirty bottles and also you should get a separate bottle drying rack to prevent bacteria. Also passifers are hard to get then off of and can affect their teeth by pushing them forward and other things

  30. Mattie Garcia
    Mattie Garcia
    Month ago

    You should put a small bed or chase lounge in the baby's room once the baby started sleeping in there so one person can sleep in there while the other rest you can switch off turns at night

  31. Yazmin Moreno
    Yazmin Moreno
    Month ago

    When Benny started rapping 50

  32. Brooklynn Renae
    Brooklynn Renae
    Month ago

    I have a baby brezza and you need to frequently clean it!!!!!! When you take the funnel out to clean it, look underneath where the funnel is and remove any clumped up formula

  33. Janine Estrada
    Janine Estrada
    Month ago

    Hope u got a couple at least 2 fajas ready ,pads , easy breastfeeding bra if u plan yo nurse , I had both my girls pn pacifier until 2 1/2 years little brats were to used to it But both have beautiful teeth My son who hardly used pacifier had the worst teeth , its more for you to help u not have such a fussy baby . Ummm u got wipey warmer thats going to help , you are mow home w baby wow!!! Congratulations 💟👶🏼

  34. Yanet Bartolo
    Yanet Bartolo
    Month ago

    Lmfao the 1st podcast; Surprise, Me & Benny are related 😭💀

  35. Maria U
    Maria U
    Month ago

    Daaaaang I guess she splurged.... $3,300!!!!! 😳😳😳

  36. bhabiee88 love
    bhabiee88 love
    Month ago

    Congratulations on ur baby ! Did you have a normal birth or C-section?

  37. Bryna Flores
    Bryna Flores
    Month ago

    I think bennys sponsor sections are the only ones I don’t skip in the videos 🤣 he makes them look so interesting lol

  38. nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy
    Month ago

    You’ll need like ONE of those newborn diapers I didn’t even finish a box for my little one she’s a month and almost ready for size 2

  39. Alysa Guzman
    Alysa Guzman
    Month ago

    Also not using a pacifier helps the baby learn to self soothe and helps them become more independent

  40. Sarah Tirado
    Sarah Tirado
    Month ago

    Dude idk why but Benny is getting on my nerves he seems rude and unsupportive.

  41. Corina marie Ortiz
    Corina marie Ortiz
    Month ago

    The only add I’ll watch is Hello Fresh lol

    1. nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy
      Month ago

      down and keeping them relaxed.

  42. Hilda Castro
    Hilda Castro
    Month ago

    Someone said Alondra looks like Momo and now I can’t unsee it 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  43. Wendy Villarreal
    Wendy Villarreal
    Month ago

    She said big baby lol 😭 my son was 9 pounds 5oz !!

  44. Xo Diorr
    Xo Diorr
    Month ago

    Alo do notttt give away the diapers they will come in handy 😭 that’s one thing i regret doing 🤣

  45. Krysten Whitmeyer
    Krysten Whitmeyer
    Month ago

    I recommend you wash all your baby's clothes,sheets, towels, etc

  46. Mariah Jackson
    Mariah Jackson
    Month ago

    alondras face in the beginning had me dead-😭😭

  47. Christine Rajnauth
    Christine Rajnauth
    Month ago

    Beis is a good brand for baby bags

  48. Veronica Gonzalez
    Veronica Gonzalez
    Month ago

    You’ll need like ONE of those newborn diapers I didn’t even finish a box for my little one she’s a month and almost ready for size 2

  49. Laspiritualgoddess
    Month ago

    Damn those tacos looked good

  50. Elenis
    Month ago

    Make sure to wash the babies new clothes too 🥰

  51. Tiara Wardell
    Tiara Wardell
    Month ago

    So excited to see yall become a family❤️❤️ you two are gona be amazing parents ! ❤️ I was on the fence to about baby pacifiers it really helped me with my son an he weened himself off of them at a year old ❤️ and his teeth are fine ,its all personal preference ,😊

  52. Ivy Sandoval
    Ivy Sandoval
    Month ago

    No girl pacifiers don’t make their teeth grow crooked their teeth growth apart and kind of crooked while their bigger teeth grow in because of not there isn’t enough space and they will have crooked teeth as adults pacifiers are actually really helpful because it soothes them and it will help them not be so stressed in a way which also comes to play as they grow but I definitely recommend taking their paci away little by little by the time he’s around 18-24 months because if not they can become to dependent of it

    1. Ivy Sandoval
      Ivy Sandoval
      Month ago

      @Brenda Fontes no some kids teeth just are crooked it’s not because of the pacifier because kids teeth already come in by 18 months and that’s around the time they should stop using them

    2. Brenda Fontes
      Brenda Fontes
      Month ago

      I had a pacifier and my teeth got messed up from it not sure if it’s because I used it when I had my teeth

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      Cheap good quality
      Month ago

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  53. Iveth Garcia
    Iveth Garcia
    Month ago

    If i could change things one thing i would definitely change is giving her a pacifier 😩 it hard taking it away from them once they depend on it . So dont give it to him ☺️

    1. Michelle
      28 days ago

      Not true my son used it the first day and within a month he stopped

  54. sandy ochoa
    sandy ochoa
    Month ago

    I’m so happy for u Alondra and Benny. Have fun. I love watching ur Chanel. Keep it going. Sandy at Cali

  55. Yuri Gutierrez
    Yuri Gutierrez
    Month ago

    Omg please dont eat your placenta please dont lmao .... That shit is crazy people doing that as if we dogs lol its a no for me ...

  56. misses peep
    misses peep
    Month ago

    As long as you take the pacifier away by 2-3 years old. There teeth will be fine. I HIGHLY recommend them! Lol. At least for when they're newborns. It helps a lot in calming them down and keeping them relaxed.

  57. Jaqueline Roman
    Jaqueline Roman
    Month ago

    Pacifiers were a need for me. My son is almost 3 and teeth are straight. I stopped giving him the pacifier after he turned one as well.

  58. Valley Girl Cosmetics
    Valley Girl Cosmetics
    Month ago

    You can exchange the newborn diapers in for bigger sizes! I had to do the same thing from the diapers I got from my baby shower. Congratulations!💓

  59. Griselda Salas
    Griselda Salas
    Month ago

    I would recommend no pacifier it’s hard to wean your child off of it most of the time and you do run the risk of it messing up your babies teeth.

  60. bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui
    Month ago

    You should remove tags and wash the baby’s clothes. Baby skin is very sensitive at first and they can get a rash easily.

  61. Reyna Magallanes
    Reyna Magallanes
    Month ago

    I had 4 babies and none of them used a pacifier girl so u don’t have to give the bby it if u don’t want

  62. Alicia Renteria
    Alicia Renteria
    Month ago

    Yes buy newborn inserts! They’re on Amazon as well as baby stores.

  63. Kayla Tamez
    Kayla Tamez
    Month ago

    When is her due date??

    1. bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui
      Month ago

      yet alone social media . Alo take ur time babygirl enjoy this time with him and dnt post him until u ready

  64. Jennifer Cortez
    Jennifer Cortez
    Month ago

    Omg that bassinet 👌🏻

  65. Jonathan Orozco
    Jonathan Orozco
    Month ago


  66. Leslie Alarcon
    Leslie Alarcon
    Month ago

    Me with a one year old I wish I knew about that bassinet before it looks so cool!!!

  67. Life with Mercy
    Life with Mercy
    Month ago

    I wish I could be right there helping you get the room ready✨ that’s my favorite part. No worries you both will have plenty of time while baby sleeps hope you are enjoying these moments cannot wait to see the videos #babyfever 👨‍👩‍👦

  68. Nissi Jaimes
    Nissi Jaimes
    Month ago

    Alondra … girl. If the baby weights up to 6 ounces, the baby won’t fit into number one diapers !!!

  69. Yuni G
    Yuni G
    Month ago

    Awww ❤️❤️❤️ cant wait to see ur birth experience !!what a magical time to finally see ur baby after all the pregnancy drama Hehe love it good luck! ❤️❤️❤️

  70. HaveACupofCheer WithGiggles
    HaveACupofCheer WithGiggles
    Month ago

    Love the couch

  71. Stephanie Hernandez
    Stephanie Hernandez
    Month ago

    When the baby is born MAKE NOISE put the hospital TV on loud! Don't be one of those parents that gets the baby used to sleeping only in pitch quiet, trust me!!

    1. Cindy Fernandez
      Cindy Fernandez
      29 days ago

      I'm not even expect but I'm gonna right this down

    2. A Rod
      A Rod
      Month ago

      Babies sleep more soundly when they are newborns, it’s when they’re older that the issue with noise begins

    3. Kika Ae
      Kika Ae
      Month ago

      Yup need noise so they can sleep thru it all!

    4. Elisa B.
      Elisa B.
      Month ago

      I would suggest a noise machine not a loud tv.

    5. Stephanie Perez
      Stephanie Perez
      Month ago

      I heard babies like to be in quiet places somtimes not just loud places they like their quiet time , my son likes it quiet as long as his mommy & daddy are next to him

  72. Jenae Soto
    Jenae Soto
    Month ago

    Newborns don’t last to long as far as diapers but size ones do. I wouldnt exchange yet until you know there outta that size because babies grow at different rates. Plus it all depends what baby boys birth weight is.

  73. Cristina Farias
    Cristina Farias
    Month ago

    Wipe warmers I always used for my babies. Wipes are usually wet and cold. That helped my babies not cry when changing their diaper. Have Vaseline on hold for rashes. Don’t use baby powder.

  74. Magdaelena Pacheco
    Magdaelena Pacheco
    Month ago

    My baby has the same bassinet. We use the fan noise all the way up.. at first it was annoying but eventually even me and my husband fall asleep to it. Its a must 😂

  75. Ashley Blanco
    Ashley Blanco
    Month ago

    The tete doesnt make the babies teeth crooked I was hooked on it and my teeth came out naturally perfect

  76. Melissa Maulding
    Melissa Maulding
    Month ago

    Sending lots of love to the new baby can't wait to meet him and hear all about the journey he took to get here!! Whatever you guys want to share we're here for, or if u don't that's ok too. Just sending good vibes

  77. Ginaa P
    Ginaa P
    Month ago

    You guys waiting this long to get the babies room ready stresses me out 😂

  78. The Espinosa's
    The Espinosa's
    Month ago

    Dam I feel bad I was looking on ur ig n people are fucked up like leave oh girl alone tf she jst gave birth and it takes a few days if not weeks to get used to your schedule and the baby and bonding with the baby yall trippn yall really needa lay tf off her I jst gave birth to my baby the 19th n I still haven't posted pictures or send anything to my own dam family yet alone social media . Alo take ur time babygirl enjoy this time with him and dnt post him until u ready

  79. Linaa Muro
    Linaa Muro
    Month ago

    Get a 4moms bassinet my baby loved it !!!

  80. Nayeishka Borrero
    Nayeishka Borrero
    Month ago

    You should start a stuff animal collection (😉Care Bears) to put above the closet and he can have them till he has his kids and he can pass it down to his kids

  81. Adamaris Ramirez
    Adamaris Ramirez
    Month ago

    You don’t need a drying rack for the baby bottles it’s not necessary and don’t use pacifiers for your baby it makes their theeth cricket

  82. Darien Jackson
    Darien Jackson
    Month ago

    Pacifier is going to be your best friend! I wouldn't return the pampers yet until baby comes if he's already big he might go straight into a size one but you never know. Always nice to have them on hand. As far as Pacifier messing up teeth thats only if they use the Pacifier when all their teeth have grown in. But for babies yes use it. Also a white noise machine use it when baby sleeps and don't be quiet when baby sleeps so baby doesn't get up with every little noise. My daughter loved the vacuum and hair dryer white noise. She couldn't sleep if it was to quiet had to be noise. That's going to help you out alot for real no cap.

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    Sweet Tea
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    Valeria Perez
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    1. Stephanie Perez
      Stephanie Perez
      Month ago

      After my son grew his 2 bottom teeth i took his pacifier away & he doesn't want it anymore lol

  85. Hayde Soberanes
    Hayde Soberanes
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    Kyana Salazar
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    Desirae Castaneda
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    1. oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu
      Month ago

      So happy for you guys my baby girl was 10lbs I had to get a c section

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    Shirleyann Colon
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    It's The Viral
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