My First Slumber Party - Storytime

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Yes. This is a true story.

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3D Animator and Designer:
Potatoman: PotatomanNg?s=20



Vimhomeless: VimHomeless?s=20

Baldemar Rivas : marsisanart...

Justin Greger: imadeasong?s=20

Samuel Long:


  1. MeatCanyon
    15 days ago

    Trying something new. Was a trip getting this thing together. Hope you all dug it!

    1. Creepa AHH MANNN
      Creepa AHH MANNN
      7 days ago

      No meat u don't get to "Take a Break" u will keep posting videos and you'll never get to have a break my little piggie

    2. rudy rodriguez.
      rudy rodriguez.
      8 days ago

      Keep doing this!

    3. Murloc RJ
      Murloc RJ
      8 days ago

      You should make more of these this one is pretty good honestly I like your original work over your parody

    4. Noah Quintana
      Noah Quintana
      8 days ago

      Hell yeah dude pleaseee do more of these cause this rocked

    5. Ki Fenty
      Ki Fenty
      8 days ago

      I dug it indeed

  2. zack kruchinski
    zack kruchinski
    8 minutes ago

    Seems to be heavy on symbolism before he even gets into it i noticed the upside down rifle which if interpreted the same as a flag is a symbol of distress great foreshadowing now to my main observation. The poster in the bedroom a monkey riding a swan surrounded by alligators it seemed like a focal point so i researched it and swans symbolize grace, beauty, love, trust, and loyalty things you would hope a home would be filled with. In Japanese culture around the 13th century monkeys became a metaphor for tricksters and dislikable people something you do not want in a happy home. The alligator seems to symbolize wani being surrounded by alligators seems to particularly link it to the fable the White Hare of Inaba which deals with deceiving the masses to get what you want becoming overconfident becoming exposed and forced to repent to claim back purity probably overthinking but it seems to add up. side note crazy detail in this notably the pictures in the hall being animated and the moms finger nail breaking off from gripping the tray so hard from obvious stress and terror

  3. Gaming with Jay-cee
    Gaming with Jay-cee
    Hour ago

    why Everyone of your videos is disturbing

  4. Oikawa’s Frog!
    Oikawa’s Frog!
    Hour ago

    Ayo, _______

  5. Raven Winter
    Raven Winter
    Hour ago

    Thank you for the amazing video! Question: Pokemon Ruby came out in 2002 and Donkey Konga in 2004, placing this story in the early to mid 00's. If sources of your birthday are correct, does that mean your first slumber party was when you were 21-22 years old? Please...the curiosity burns me...

  6. tutorials n stuff
    tutorials n stuff
    2 hours ago

    The fact that this is a true story

  7. Cyber Senpai
    Cyber Senpai
    2 hours ago

    Blaizeken noooooooooo!!!!

  8. Noski
    3 hours ago

    I fucking love this

  9. Mog
    4 hours ago

    Hey Meat make a video of Kratos completely eviscerating micky mouse.

    4 hours ago

    She disrespect the pokemon cards

  11. Lobylies_xt
    5 hours ago

    That's exactly how it happened.....I was the pokemon card

  12. Hi I exist
    Hi I exist
    6 hours ago

    Luke’s dad just did not even eat the banana lol

  13. Val Sett
    Val Sett
    6 hours ago

    Did someone notice the head of peppa pig above the chimney ?

  14. Troglodude
    6 hours ago

    I like how the background implies he killed the pepe pig monster

  15. michael o'c
    michael o'c
    7 hours ago


  16. Austin Elmore
    Austin Elmore
    7 hours ago

    Do you think you can make a toy story one?

    7 hours ago

    Did this actually happen is if it did then I’m scared

  18. Official Derp
    Official Derp
    8 hours ago

    That’s the rest of his memory? But what about the other *HALF* of the book?

  19. Greenish Piss
    Greenish Piss
    8 hours ago

    Holy shit that was crazy

  20. Isaac Irwin
    Isaac Irwin
    8 hours ago

    Hey, what about an episode of the pilgrim where he starts the genocide of the native Americans by killing one of the settlers at the end of an episode?

  21. Luis Barrera
    Luis Barrera
    8 hours ago

    Petition to have him make a Ren n Stimpy and/or Rockos Modern Life. If you'd like to make it happen. Press 👍

  22. Nathan Evans
    Nathan Evans
    8 hours ago

    Why did she give them snacks if they were just going to bed. Then she offered them again when he was on his way to his friends room this bitch toying with him!!

  23. Need Some Milk
    Need Some Milk
    9 hours ago

    This made me see religion in a whole new way...

    1. Need Some Milk
      Need Some Milk
      9 hours ago


  24. G- Switch
    G- Switch
    9 hours ago

    I love the tawog style animation and it makes it like a million times scarier.

  25. Zertify Rakade
    Zertify Rakade
    9 hours ago

    i want more storytime

  26. Arjun Bhargava
    Arjun Bhargava
    10 hours ago

    stick to parodies

  27. Ariathememe Queen
    Ariathememe Queen
    11 hours ago

    Did y’all see Peppas head above the fire place?!

  28. Jschick
    12 hours ago

    Meatcanyon better be getting a royalty from Totino's because I have bought more pizza rolls in the past week than I have over the past 2 years and I blame you for reminding me of their magnificence.

  29. ijsbeer
    14 hours ago

    ayo please do a dharr mann video lmfao

  30. karuna bhadel
    karuna bhadel
    15 hours ago

    FuN fACt you can see the the you can count to three pig dead on in he's House

  31. Yellow rubber duckies
    Yellow rubber duckies
    15 hours ago

    I thought Sherk was coming

  32. Skarlight MorningStar
    Skarlight MorningStar
    17 hours ago

    What the heck? They had pizza 🍕 rolls this whole time and only offer banana 🍌 slices? Wtf lady

  33. Santiplay yt
    Santiplay yt
    19 hours ago

    Me pueden desir de que trata la istoria o algo asi

  34. Cøffë .ëxe
    Cøffë .ëxe
    19 hours ago

    "his dad pulls out a banana" how many bananas does your friends family have lol

  35. Vile Nation Gaming
    Vile Nation Gaming
    20 hours ago

    The religious are insane... but since it’s the norm, they don’t know it

  36. Thatfnfkid
    20 hours ago

    There should be a vr version

  37. Jimothy
    21 hour ago

    “I had far too much pride for that.” 😂

  38. Eddy Juan
    Eddy Juan
    21 hour ago

    Meat canyon can you do a parody of Aladdin the Disney movie

  39. Cursed
    22 hours ago

    Banana 🍌

  40. chris Brown
    chris Brown
    22 hours ago

    U should ruin our childhood with a curious George

  41. Xian Willy
    Xian Willy
    22 hours ago

    Omg blaziken i didnt get that yet😥

  42. brennon vonbokern
    brennon vonbokern
    23 hours ago

    P I Z Z A R O L L S

  43. Sneijder Lopez Ayala
    Sneijder Lopez Ayala
    23 hours ago

    Plz could you make one about The amazing world of gumball?

  44. Ryku Isaigana
    Ryku Isaigana
    Day ago

    The style is amazing how you mixed the 3D with 2D. Wonderfully done, MC.

  45. Ryku Isaigana
    Ryku Isaigana
    Day ago

    Damn, no pizza rolls...this is a nightmare.

  46. Jacob Jordan-Proud
    Jacob Jordan-Proud
    Day ago

    I thought that hair on the title screen wasn't there. 3:11 his hand.

  47. TheAvendanoGamer
    Day ago

    This needs to be in 360 VR. How immersive would this fever dream be?

  48. FishingForPugsYT
    Day ago

    Who else is very uncomfy

  49. Akira Giovanna
    Akira Giovanna
    Day ago

    I have a weird feeling that your gonna create dharr mann

  50. Cookie Gamer
    Cookie Gamer
    Day ago

    you should do a cocomelon animation..

  51. Kayden Brack
    Kayden Brack
    Day ago

    Ok hold on you saw the pizza roles but didn't see that strange looking meat right by it or is that just me

  52. That Guy
    That Guy
    Day ago

    Just realized the fathers knuckles are bruised.

  53. son
    Day ago

    i heard ethereal snake and you are doing a collab

  54. Javane Rodgers
    Javane Rodgers
    Day ago

    Do a dhar mann skit

  55. lil marshin
    lil marshin
    Day ago

    Did anyone notice her nail coming popping off

  56. Gabriela Sophia Gonzalez Beltre
    Gabriela Sophia Gonzalez Beltre
    Day ago

    So the bananas have a meaning or its just M.C. adding weird things

  57. Wyatt Easterling
    Wyatt Easterling
    Day ago

    Man yhe father is scary

  58. yeghs-guitar- shredding
    yeghs-guitar- shredding
    Day ago

    bro im watching this at 3AM no cap. How tf am i going to sleep now

  59. 𝐴𝑚𝑖
    Day ago

    Pizza rolls.

  60. Júlio Carlo
    Júlio Carlo
    Day ago

    so that's why you are like this

  61. elmex
    Day ago

    Make a naruto video

  62. Pavement Bear
    Pavement Bear
    Day ago

    I'm gonna need a Phineas and Ferb horror short

  63. Ntz_krashy
    Day ago

    Soooooo..... no one gonna talk abt how he has the cursed peppa pig head on the wall from another video?? 😂😳

  64. Zac.G
    Day ago

    Make a video about Nemo where a stranger tries to kidnap Nemo but it takes a wrong turn and Melvin (Nemo’s father) come to save him with Dori.

  65. D.A.K. DEXTER
    Day ago

    Can you do a parody on the outdoor boys UKwill Channel?😂

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    Day ago

    Wow this channel really exploded. Congrats 👍🏾

  67. Ambeh
    Day ago

    Why is this in my recommended and why am I subscribed? I mean, I'm not complaining but this seems a bit sus to me...

  68. CJ Clark
    CJ Clark
    Day ago

    I hope i never "MEAT" Meat Canyon (pun intended) bc...I'll be

  69. Imcookinsumramen
    Day ago

    To this day, he still thinks about the pizza rolls he could've had

  70. CatInASock
    Day ago

    This seems a lot relatable

    1. CatInASock
      Day ago

      The church part, the friends mom and the way the friend can act sometimes

  71. John von Shepard
    John von Shepard
    Day ago

    Where the funny?

  72. KillioM3nty YT
    KillioM3nty YT
    Day ago

    That’s pretty fucked up she didn’t have u pizza rolls

  73. Lucas🐱
    Day ago

    Is peppa over the fire place🤣🤣🤣

  74. Michael Kabanje
    Michael Kabanje
    Day ago

    Big fan of your work,,, what animation software do you use

  75. Michael Kabanje
    Michael Kabanje
    Day ago

    Big fan of your work,,, what animation software do you use

  76. Red Vanquish
    Red Vanquish
    Day ago

    Hope you do more story time videos. This was great.

  77. MeliodasGod
    Day ago

    Yo just came by to say you are a good animator

  78. Smol Butt Cheeky
    Smol Butt Cheeky
    Day ago

    Rip Blaziken. You deserved better...

  79. Sania Alcaraz
    Sania Alcaraz
    Day ago

    Imagine being stared down by your friends

  80. Exodia The Mack
    Exodia The Mack
    Day ago

    Fuck Friday night at freddys, this shit should be a game

  81. Aleks Ovsepyan
    Aleks Ovsepyan
    Day ago

    I am just a kid and you give me nightmares

  82. XTraterrestrial Gang
    XTraterrestrial Gang
    Day ago

    The mom looks like Betty White

  83. NF3RN0
    Day ago

    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

  84. Niko Pfälzer
    Niko Pfälzer
    Day ago

    It zoomed in on his mooseknuckle 😂😂

  85. dxrkweeb tiktok
    dxrkweeb tiktok
    Day ago

    On papameat I think that was his grandma

  86. teabaggin
    Day ago

    I’d love to see more of these!

  87. Omar Martinez
    Omar Martinez
    Day ago

    Godamn I love this channel. You never seem to disappoint me MeatCanyon. May you make great videos as long as you live🙏

  88. Zai's Z
    Zai's Z
    2 days ago

    Now I’m afraid of bananas

  89. Country Boy
    Country Boy
    2 days ago

    I can relate to spending the night at a friend's house and having to go to church in the morning thing I hated it 😂

  90. hero medley
    hero medley
    2 days ago

    geez no wonder this guy makes the most fucked up shit in the platform if he had to grow up like this.

  91. Fish ops Gaming
    Fish ops Gaming
    2 days ago

    we need more of these

  92. Doran Coleman
    Doran Coleman
    2 days ago

    Happy Fathers Day meatcanyon

  93. Joshie Suacie
    Joshie Suacie
    2 days ago

    Am I the only one who really enjoys the creepy demonic ones because of the eerieness of it all?

  94. Jotaro Joestar Kujo
    Jotaro Joestar Kujo
    2 days ago

    He somehow managed making a normal experience a psychological horror

  95. LeviathanDrumming
    2 days ago

    Let me point out, before my opinion, that I fuckin' LOVE Meatcanyon, and will always click on a new video from him first before anyone else. That being said, this was a pretty cool video man. The idea, was new and I liked the idea. But, man, I didn't get the same weirdness/uncomfortableness/curious as to what will happen next, with a bit of dread mixed in. Idk, man. The only thing I see missing here, is maybe a little bit of fiction. Like, if he would've made the ending something a little more terrible, or downright scary and confusing, I would've absolutely loved this. But, with his awesome skill or turning anything we all love into grotesque monster versions of it, I just kinda feel like he didn't add that special, one-of-a-kind ending that leaves the viewer with the look of awe on their faces when the videos over. Idk, man. Just felt like there was something missing, I guess. I didnt feel any sort of the same feeling I always get with his videos this time. It felt a bit...TOO normal for a meat canyon video. The animation and design was on fuckin' point, but it lacked the horror aspect to it. But thats just my opinion, and I still love his videos:D I do hope he sees my comment, though:p. Constructive criticism, even from a long time fan who knows nothing of creative writing or animation, Is still good for seeing how the average Joe views their content:p. All in all, I still loved it, but I just felt like it was missing that Meatcanyon story-telling we all know and love:p Still, Loved it!!!!!:D im just a musician, not a creative writer:p Please don't trash me guys, I went above and beyond to show I still love his videos. Not all reviews have to be ass kissing. Js.:p

    1. LeviathanDrumming
      2 days ago

      Omfg. That comment was WAY too long. Only because I knew I had to show how much I actually like and respect the dude, his team, etc. Now a days you can't give criticism without someone getting butthurt. Even if you love the creators work. Lol. My bad guys.

  96. Hannah Vlogs
    Hannah Vlogs
    2 days ago

    I hate people who force religion on others.

  97. Egg
    2 days ago

    Why’d he sound like Markiplier?

  98. doraa.
    2 days ago


  99. Follower of Christ
    Follower of Christ
    2 days ago

    Pls accept Jesus Christ repent and try to live like Christ

    1. Logic
      2 days ago

      where is jesus' corpse buried?

  100. Brandon Tiffany
    Brandon Tiffany
    2 days ago

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