The 2022 Ford Maverick Is a City-Friendly Small Pickup Truck

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2022 Ford Maverick review and tour! The 2022 Ford Maverick is a new, city-friendly small pickup truck -- and today I'm going to review the new 2022 Maverick and show you what it's all about. I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about the Maverick, and I'll take you on a thorough tour of the new Ford Maverick -- the first tour yet of Ford's newest truck!


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  1. Coiled Steel
    Coiled Steel
    27 minutes ago

    As with Anything New, It Will Have Problems, that All New Vehicles Have. IF Based on Bronco, it May Have the Same Reported Cooling System Problems. Problem IS Will Stealerships Add Their 'Dealer Pack' to Jack Up ALL Prices. DOUBTFUL You'll Find Any Base Models @ $20.K. Some Will Go up to $40.K

  2. Mayank Maximum
    Mayank Maximum
    54 minutes ago

    This would be more for Mostly all world

  3. thepittsburghpirate
    2 hours ago

    Doug needs to put his hands in his pockets and cool down on the body language. It is too distracting and takes attention away from the vehicle.

  4. Joelfred 121
    Joelfred 121
    3 hours ago

    What the ranger should have been

  5. Hot chop SOo Eee NIGGA
    Hot chop SOo Eee NIGGA
    4 hours ago

    Yuck 🤮

  6. moejoe10000
    5 hours ago

    🧐Hmmm,, it’s a Subaru Baja 😁

  7. Harry Gaul
    Harry Gaul
    6 hours ago

    I was so disappointed in the new Ford Ranger because it should have been just like those previous models (1996 - 1999) with 5 speed 4 cylinders, extended cab and awesomely indestructible (mine was 1997) Instead the basically did the same type of thing as Toyota

  8. Mr Rammathorn
    Mr Rammathorn
    6 hours ago

    I logged in just to say you look like a young Randy Quaid. :)

  9. Drexq One
    Drexq One
    6 hours ago

    Wow it shows not wasting no time talking speaking 100 miles an hour speed .

  10. Alex Essington
    Alex Essington
    7 hours ago

    These are gonna sell like hot cakes

  11. Thomas Houseworth
    Thomas Houseworth
    8 hours ago

    subtle ford gt hanging out in the back ground 21:08

  12. Dust Devil
    Dust Devil
    8 hours ago

    When the rear valance of a 74 Maverick rots and drops away from the rear quarters it gasses u like rat in a cellar. Does this Maverick do the too lol What a dumb idea to use a tag from one of the worst designed nameplates ever

  13. dan vallance
    dan vallance
    9 hours ago

    it sucks

    1. Surprised Face
      Surprised Face
      7 hours ago

      I don’t wanna hear shit from a guy that drives a ram 💀

  14. scotturban54
    9 hours ago

    Thanks doug

  15. Tom Haapala
    Tom Haapala
    10 hours ago

    the ugliest car ive ever seen!!

  16. RoDigital
    10 hours ago

    What I dont get is they made the ranger bigger and now there is a new small pickup. Makes no sense.

  17. Ron
    11 hours ago

    The truck ain't so bad but the colors of today's vehicles are horrible. They all look like they're primered ready for paint.

  18. Chris Baumann
    Chris Baumann
    11 hours ago

    If they would only have made a regular cab, or maybe extended. Then the bed could be bigger, and look tons better. So sick of 4door trucks.

  19. William Su
    William Su
    11 hours ago

    Anyone notice it said Baidu carlife in the menus? Why does a US domestic vehicle have that as an option?

  20. William Su
    William Su
    11 hours ago

    The first time a hybrid engine in a truck actually did anything

  21. 6foot6 E
    6foot6 E
    12 hours ago

    Nice little GT flex, I see you 😉

  22. Vinny GT
    Vinny GT
    12 hours ago

    I think ford is killing it, most relevant car company in 2021 with this and the new ford lightning.

  23. NexFromHell
    13 hours ago

    Looking forward to this truck because I've been wanting to replace my 2003 Ranger for a while now and there hasn't really been anything similar on the market besides the Nissan Frontier.

  24. J S
    J S
    13 hours ago

    This small truck game is exciting. Hoping to see GM fire back now.

  25. Thomas Burke
    Thomas Burke
    14 hours ago

    This will be massively appealing to people in the city. Or large towns. Everyone always borrows their friends truck. Because they can justify the gas and cost of buying a truck that they'll use once or twice a year. To move furniture basically. Or younger people who want a truck but can't afford the cost of a new one, gas, or even insurance

  26. DeathMammoth
    14 hours ago

    Good job Ford for bringing back the small it's time for Toyota to perfect it!!

  27. Rich Gilberto
    Rich Gilberto
    14 hours ago

    So it's the Explorer SportTrac.

  28. I'm the greatest Ever
    I'm the greatest Ever
    15 hours ago

    They made a beautiful 70s muscle car into a pickup. Why, Ford? Why?

  29. Janet Allen
    Janet Allen
    15 hours ago

    It sure look tiny on the inside...

  30. Daisy Daisy
    Daisy Daisy
    16 hours ago

    Lost me at FWD

  31. JonoZ
    16 hours ago

    wait?? cupholders are an excessory to young city people who kinda sorta need a truck? i guess they are confused...

  32. codyford18
    18 hours ago

    I'm definitely the target for this. I drive 100 miles every day and rarely need a truck. Pretty excited for this!

  33. JonoZ
    18 hours ago

    for $20,000 i expect faster screen response... this isn't china or 2005.

  34. Kanishq Quotes
    Kanishq Quotes
    19 hours ago

    I miss the ford flex already

  35. Kanishq Quotes
    Kanishq Quotes
    19 hours ago

    15:54 That's where to hide the weed

  36. Kanishq Quotes
    Kanishq Quotes
    19 hours ago

    Come on ford bring it to India

  37. Glibs
    21 hour ago

    Took me 20 minutes to think of logan paul so im glad the name maverick hasnt been tainted forever

  38. BaleshNTP
    22 hours ago

    I still prefer my ridgeline, but I'm interested to see if this thing takes off.

  39. Midnight Mikey
    Midnight Mikey
    Day ago

    Don't care about towing, just a decent little truck for 20k

  40. Brad Olsen
    Brad Olsen
    Day ago

    Hey Dougie boy all the cars are coming from you not the truck you are a very hyper man take a sedative please before you do a video I would make it much easier to watch your videos

  41. Brad Olsen
    Brad Olsen
    Day ago

    Has anybody ever offered this guy a Sedative

  42. Steve B
    Steve B
    Day ago

    Dude! Decaf!!!

  43. GadgetMan777
    Day ago

    Man... Wish this thing was electric.

  44. davidmanjhu
    Day ago

    I think the Ranger looks much nicer, but damn that price and the mpg! Tough choice.

  45. Ryan McLellan
    Ryan McLellan
    Day ago

    I'm pretty excited for this truck. The MPG for the Hybrid is awesome.... Only downside for me, the Hybrid isn't offered with an AWD version. If it was, I'd be in line right now. That said, I'll test drive both, price them out, and make my decision after that.

    1. Ryan McLellan
      Ryan McLellan
      13 hours ago

      @Devin Bender I hope so. I don't do any off roading and I do live in a city. But AWD and a hybrid motor would be nice in Minnesota

    2. Devin Bender
      Devin Bender
      Day ago

      I imagine AWD hybrid is coming for the next model year

  46. jared
    Day ago

    Finally poor people trucks

  47. Chris Goodayle
    Chris Goodayle
    Day ago

    More toy then practical utility vehicle.Good for those who want a truck like vehicle but for various reasons cannot get one.I doubt the 40 mpg in the city claim,but it would still be an improvement over most truck like vehicles.

    1. Devin Bender
      Devin Bender
      Day ago

      Why not? Escape gets 44 with the exact same drivetrain. And this is only 200lbs heavier

  48. random bastid
    random bastid
    Day ago

    I looks like a hunk of shoit😆

    Day ago

    BESIDES the quirks they'll have to work out , mass production for these will ultimately cause LOW QUALITY CONTROL . wait 5 yrs..then MAYBE , but then again the price will shoot to 30k . BET . THEREIN LIES THE ISSUE W ALL VEHICLES

  50. Ben Duncan
    Ben Duncan
    Day ago

    "Giving up on their car models to *FOCUS*--"

  51. jeff trauth
    jeff trauth
    Day ago

    This man's arms must be tired.

    1. Meee Lah!
      Meee Lah!
      10 hours ago


  52. JD
    Day ago

    you could fit like a whole baby under that seat! Very helpful.

  53. JD
    Day ago

    yes, orange

  54. Kerry Ow Buland
    Kerry Ow Buland
    Day ago

    Why not a Fwd body on frame? That would differentiate this from a Ridgeline

  55. J LUIZ
    J LUIZ
    Day ago

    Looks like they are trying to bring back the Ford Sport Trac

  56. Jurgen DX
    Jurgen DX
    Day ago

    Damn, this actually looks really promising! I really like it.

  57. sporadic eel
    sporadic eel
    Day ago

    It's FWD. That's a no for me.

  58. Marathon Houston
    Marathon Houston
    Day ago

    I’m interested in a new truck, but as a Spurs fan I’m not sure how I feel about riding around in a truck called “The Maverick.”

    1. MB
      Day ago

      That's a shame

  59. Doom
    Day ago

    Sweet Jesus, this truck looks like a very good deal to me! I hope these will last though... or else this truck will become a meme too

  60. Screwdriver440
    Day ago

    it looks like planned obsolescence

  61. realtick
    Day ago

    Not bad in concept. I’ll believe the mileage figures when it’s actually tested; they’re shooting for 40 mpg but I’m guessing more like low 30s.

    1. realtick
      Day ago

      @Devin Bender Good info; thanks.

    2. Devin Bender
      Devin Bender
      Day ago

      The Escape Hybrid with the same exact drivetrain gets 44 city 37 highway 41 combine. Maverick will likely be 42 city 35 highway 40 combine

    Day ago

    For 20,000 dollars this aint bad at all, this is such a cool truck, its perfect for those little adventures.

  63. EFREN Elizondo
    EFREN Elizondo
    Day ago

    As a person that owns a 93 f150 I really like this new truck and it’s kitty af ngl 😂

  64. Autonut
    Day ago

    300lb max for tailgate?!!! That’s terrible

    1. Devin Bender
      Devin Bender
      Day ago

      Idk where he got that. Ford says 500

  65. John Merry
    John Merry
    Day ago

    This will be a great ranger replacement for runaround stuff! I'm loving this idea. I can sell my stupid Prius and get one of these for estimates!

  66. Stuart Dilts
    Stuart Dilts
    Day ago

    I was really excited until I heard that the hybrid is only front wheel drive.

  67. YouTube Premium
    YouTube Premium
    Day ago

    Next they need to bring back the Ranchero.

  68. Robert Murphy
    Robert Murphy
    Day ago

    I just bought a 30 acre farm. I need one of these..

  69. R Golab
    R Golab
    Day ago

    $20k my ass. Once dealers have 'em it's gonna be the standard bs: "Well we don't have the one at thst price right now but you we have the XLT at only a few thousand more but I would really suggest getting the top of the line Lariant. Well no, we're not able to special order the $20K version right now but I would really suggest getting blah blah blah...".

  70. Kevin Jokipii
    Kevin Jokipii
    Day ago

    I wonder if this will push GM to certify the Montana/Tornado for US sale?

  71. Jose Ortiz
    Jose Ortiz
    Day ago

    So, I can buy a Maverick in any color I want as long as it's blue ? :).

  72. Jose Ortiz
    Jose Ortiz
    Day ago

    This is more like an EL Camino- Ford Ranchero-type vehicle and not close to a real pickup truck but cool that Ford makes it and it's under $20k :).

  73. Jose Orduno Jr
    Jose Orduno Jr
    Day ago

    An entry level Maverick will most likely become the new fleet sales king. Gas prices here in California are ridiculous and only getting worse. 4 doors, 40 mpg, room for gear and materials in the bed and all for only $20k. Well done Ford.

  74. Nate's Random Videos
    Nate's Random Videos
    Day ago

    Orange accents! We've decided to copy Subaru. Lol 😂

  75. __
    Day ago

    Looks so much better than the new ranger

  76. Augustin Suteu
    Augustin Suteu
    Day ago

    Your video is by far the best one out. And I have probably watched it like 30 times already out of excitement and details you provided

  77. Tyler D
    Tyler D
    Day ago

    This dude doesn’t look like he fits in the truck, lol

  78. Mr. Earls
    Mr. Earls
    Day ago

    Front wheel drive pickup?😆 no thanks

  79. Kanishq Quotes
    Kanishq Quotes
    Day ago

    Not bad Ford. Great for IKEA furniture haul

  80. kibukun
    Day ago

    I'm kinda disappointed. I feel like I was promised something like the Ridgeline, but the Ridgeline is all wheel drive and has 5000 lb towing cap. Good price though.

  81. mike lovell
    mike lovell
    Day ago


  82. TY Harris
    TY Harris
    Day ago

    Oh yay. A large square storage hole next to the screen and awful orange handles and trim everywhere. Ugliest truck interior I have ever seen.

  83. Douglas Beaver
    Douglas Beaver
    Day ago

    I’m surprised there’s no mention of the 1970’s muscle car namesake in this video. I wish Ford used “Maverick” as an alternative with the Mustang to match up against the Chevy Charger/Challenger instead.

    1. MatchBookNotes
      Day ago

      Ohh like a 4 door mustangy thing based on the fusion?

  84. Bob Lang
    Bob Lang
    Day ago

    Oh my god can you keep your hands still!

  85. Jason Lihani
    Jason Lihani
    Day ago

    I love it. More smaller trucks please. Shrink this shit way back down to where it was.

  86. Kaleb D
    Kaleb D
    Day ago

    So you have to buy a rear cup holder. Nice job Ford.

    1. Devin Bender
      Devin Bender
      Day ago

      Rear center armrest has cup holders as do the doors. So 4 cup holders in rear. That’s just one example of what you can put there. Ie tablet holder or trash can

  87. Al Mitch
    Al Mitch
    2 days ago

    The hole next to the radio is for your wallet. As to not set on it the whole ride. 90’s f150 had it and it was great. It’s a Ford truck thing that needs to be there.

    1. Devin Bender
      Devin Bender
      Day ago

      I LOVE vehicles with wallet holders. I never sit on my wallet. It hurts. My busy actually had to get a back alignment because of his wallet.

  88. James Smith
    James Smith
    2 days ago

    FWD in a truck sounds like a terrible idea.

  89. George Poindexter
    George Poindexter
    2 days ago

    Bro, I’m hooked on the channel. I can’t get enough! I even play it as background noise extra loud during me and the wife’s “wrestling” sessions during the day time👍🏽

  90. Jswerve J
    Jswerve J
    2 days ago

    21:42 the Ford Gt just over there 😈😍

  91. Erik Wong
    Erik Wong
    2 days ago

    Millenial moving service

  92. Kris Gilmore
    Kris Gilmore
    2 days ago

    Can we have these in Australia please...

  93. Caine Ashcroft
    Caine Ashcroft
    2 days ago

    Sorry 1500lbs payload ? Thats insane for that size of truck

  94. Caleb 23
    Caleb 23
    2 days ago

    This is worse looking than a ridge-line..

  95. Wilson Scudder
    Wilson Scudder
    2 days ago

    Honestly, I might buy one of these. I used to own a late 80s model Jimmy and the space in this reminds me of that a bit. Also kinda wild that with maxed features its still relatively inexpensive as far as trucks go.

  96. J
    2 days ago

    That's a burrito hole.

  97. jrburger95
    2 days ago

    That's a Ute, not a "Pickup Truck" moron.

  98. Melvin Thompson
    Melvin Thompson
    2 days ago


  99. Dan R
    Dan R
    2 days ago

    Ford, do you remember "Quality Is Job One?" No, I didn't think so. You can't even get a simple Fiesta right. Never ever a Ford for me again.

  100. bonob0123
    2 days ago

    ground clearance? not going to mention the sunroof?

    1. bonob0123
      Day ago

      @Devin Bender thanks, didn't catch him mention it. 8.3 is not terrible, not great. about on par with a subaru ircc.

    2. Devin Bender
      Devin Bender
      Day ago

      8.3” ground clearance.