Dear Slim

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Dear Slim · Tom MacDonald

Dear Slim

℗ 2021 Tom MacDonald

Released on: 2021-05-14

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  1. TJK. GO AKA the FNAF fan
    TJK. GO AKA the FNAF fan
    Month ago

    New favorite song for me

  2. Jimmy Watt
    Jimmy Watt
    Month ago

    "I'm just like Eminem." Damn, he thinks a lot of himself. This was really cringey.

  3. Burnt Out
    Burnt Out
    Month ago

    Its trash

  4. Burt
    Month ago

    his corny levels reach new unseen heights every video drop

  5. Peter Byker
    Peter Byker
    Month ago

    I am on a mission to Double #BrandonHartSubs on UKwill! If you are not yet subbed to Tom MacDonald's best friend's channel, DO IT NOW! Thanks H.O.G.

  6. HJV
    Month ago

    fuck yes!!! killed it again 🤙🏼

  7. William west
    William west
    Month ago

    He was just giving Eminem his rose. Just like Joyner Lucas did to Will Smith. Everybody always trying to start shit.

  8. Manhog Bear
    Manhog Bear
    Month ago

    this rapper got HEART! well done, son!

  9. Argha bose
    Argha bose
    Month ago

    I love itttt❤❤❤

  10. Neverknight
    Month ago

    This song is genius

  11. Hershel Warren
    Hershel Warren
    Month ago

    Why does this sound like a diss track??

  12. Cary Rice
    Cary Rice
    Month ago

    All that, I love it!

  13. steph west
    steph west
    Month ago

    This man is inspiring. just what the world really needs

  14. G B
    G B
    Month ago


  15. HpForThe Win
    HpForThe Win
    Month ago

    What a wierdo lmao, shit is ass

  16. Jeffery B
    Jeffery B
    Month ago

    Killed it

  17. Tina Hardee
    Tina Hardee
    Month ago

    I love this! I like Eminem, and i love Tom! Mad props Tom this is a bad ass song! Way to pay respects, mad props Tom! Totally awesome!

  18. Daily Journeys of WTF????
    Daily Journeys of WTF????
    Month ago

    Fucking rocking it Tom;) Keep the Hangover Gang high brotha

  19. Jim Smith
    Jim Smith
    Month ago

    100K Worth every penny.

  20. Patrik Bordovsky
    Patrik Bordovsky
    Month ago

    Execution on point. Solid flow and wordplay. Beat is dope, too.

  21. MentalChappie
    Month ago

    It’s Eminem he’s a hip hop detective I’m sure he will see it And I thought it wasn’t bad

  22. Matthew Deveney
    Matthew Deveney
    Month ago

    What's that I hear? Stans choking on their hate? Check mate bitches! Lol.

  23. Vaibhav X Gaming ☑
    Vaibhav X Gaming ☑
    Month ago

    Too early? Is this released by mistake?

  24. Dave Gonzalez
    Dave Gonzalez
    Month ago

    Great shout out to Em bro! About to spread this like a wild fire🔥

  25. tel' s tunes Gilpin
    tel' s tunes Gilpin
    Month ago

    Another banging tune this is fire 🔥

  26. Carrie C
    Carrie C
    Month ago

    Love it! I'm so excited to see the video... Omgoodness can't wait to share share share

  27. Jess McI
    Jess McI
    Month ago

    THOMAS !!! you killed it !! OMG I LOVE IT !!!!! FUCK YA HOG FOR LIFE 🤘

  28. Kimberly Natanios
    Kimberly Natanios
    Month ago

    They should collaborate! ❤️

  29. Gaming Rhymes
    Gaming Rhymes
    Month ago

    Was expecting a diss track cause we want beef lol it makes rapping fun but instead I got this, I'll take it btw>>

  30. Mr. Big Nose
    Mr. Big Nose
    Month ago

    For all you who didn't know Eminem Prduced this track!!! Isn't that awesome?!

  31. Christopher Toth
    Christopher Toth
    Month ago


  32. HadAbaby ItsAboy
    HadAbaby ItsAboy
    Month ago

    I'm just here to see who this triggers! It's 2021 and Tom Macdonald is more inspiring than Eminem 🤯🤷🏼‍♂️ Stay true fam 🇺🇸 🇨🇦🔥

    1. skyler Darkaveli/Finesse Flow Bar
      skyler Darkaveli/Finesse Flow Bar
      Month ago

      MORE inspiring!?... Bruh stop huffing pen caps

    2. LoneWolfGaming
      Month ago

      Dont agree that he is more inspiring... But he is a amazing artist yes true 🙂👍

    3. Alexandru Amuza
      Alexandru Amuza
      Month ago


    4. dan r
      dan r
      Month ago


  33. Tarance hill
    Tarance hill
    Month ago

    Em inspired execution 10/10

  34. Imm0rtal Shad0w
    Imm0rtal Shad0w
    Month ago

    Damn sounds like you were in the mind of em. Cadence, and chorus are very slim shady like, with an incredible dose of tom macdonald! Hope he hears this!

    1. Mr. Big Nose
      Mr. Big Nose
      Month ago

      EM produced it

  35. Mikkal Breeden
    Mikkal Breeden
    Month ago

    Playing chess again I see.

  36. Adam Cruickshank
    Adam Cruickshank
    Month ago

    You have literally gotten me through my hardest times. I bought your CD album and I have been listening to it everyday 🖤 I love you and your girlfriend, keep going and keep pushing out this music, haters will speak and that’s how it’ll always be!

    1. anthoney cardenas
      anthoney cardenas
      Month ago

      Amazing how do you do it consistently

  37. raze
    Month ago

    sick song mate

  38. Rapsutra
    Month ago


  39. Jonah Hulan
    Jonah Hulan
    Month ago

    Sick track. Much respect Tom MacDonald ❤✌