Navy pilots recall “unsettling” 2004 UAP sighting

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Cmdr. Dave Fravor and Lt. Cmdr. Alex Dietrich were training with the USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group when the encounter occurred.

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  1. Lucio Lopez
    Lucio Lopez
    Hour ago

    ❤️lovey never you reed or see this need a especial test ok wherever se que pueden hacer más y mejores que yo pero los amo les quería mostrar mis memorias

  2. Jonathan Chriqui
    Jonathan Chriqui
    11 hours ago

    Did he said 737??

  3. Dookie Butt
    Dookie Butt
    16 hours ago

    So why dont they try shoot em down?

  4. Aidan Convery
    Aidan Convery
    21 hour ago

    There's little or no Media coverage outside of USA.

  5. Jeffrey Morton
    Jeffrey Morton
    Day ago

    We should be wary of an international "false flag" operation where the global military-industrial complex stages an alien attack on the planet in order to further consolidate their power and reduce individual personal freedoms. If the US can deliver a 20-year war in the Middle East and passage of the Homeland Security Act because two "planes" knocked down three building in NYC and a 3rd "plane" took out the DOD Accounting Dept. in DC, then anything is possible...

  6. delaIII
    Day ago

    it was top secret chapos cartels new way of running drugs

  7. Joseph Stein
    Joseph Stein
    Day ago

    The ship's crew made fun of the topic because they couldn't process it was real.

  8. Dazzo The Great
    Dazzo The Great
    2 days ago

    How are we all so calm about this. ... are we that insignificant they don't feel the need to contact us directly.

  9. Violet Love
    Violet Love
    2 days ago

    Calling then extraterrestrial is not "jumping to conclusions", it's called Occam's Razer, ever heard of it? 😒

  10. jojo catty
    jojo catty
    2 days ago

    The literate lentil independently wrap because ounce beautifully shave amidst a youthful column. open, wasteful piano

  11. Mitchell Waak
    Mitchell Waak
    3 days ago

    alien ETs can elevate from zero ft. to 100K ft. in 1 or 2 seconds. They can clear the horizon in same 1-2 seconds also. alien physics is extremely advanced over mainstream human physics. The exception is our Black projects have some or even most of the alien tech. now after 80 + yrs. of secret back engineering. aliens can step outside of our normal spacetime into time approaches zero extradimensional space(hyperspace envelope) that they can generate locally. I actually met several races of alien ETs directly since 1959,. Dr. Scmit's Alien Universe, PRIVATE, and SILENCED (by the real MIBs) resident ufologist from "Aliens and UFOs Among Us" for over 10+yrs 1990s-2000s era. I have a Doctorate and several years of college credit in both science and non science . I am not a physicist but seem to know more about alien physics than just about anyone out there including most of the known ufologists.

  12. Music: Prahelika-1 & Prahelika-2.
    Music: Prahelika-1 & Prahelika-2.
    3 days ago

    “…if there are more than one stars, (more than one) planets, (more than one) solar systems, (more than one) gas giants, (more than one) black holes, (more than one) galaxies, therefore, there should be more than one life hosting planet like earth out there in this vast universe. It’s just common sense, and it’s that simple.”

  13. I am Nobody
    I am Nobody
    3 days ago

    It never ceases to amaze me as to how childish and immature our military personnel still are. What's even worse is that their command, knowing that this behavior and ridicule will definitely happen, but does nothing to quell the impending immature behavior. Part of being a solid soldier is not only to have your fellow soldier's back in the field of. Battle, but also having their back when they report something like this. By the way, these are the same immature individuals who come back when their tours are done and become cops! This is the best the military can provide towards public civil service. 😐

  14. Steven Jewell
    Steven Jewell
    4 days ago

    Asking them great questions thank you

  15. PEG C
    PEG C
    4 days ago

    US govt insider, "Mike from Around the World", disclosed that the govt worked with a SATANIST who conjured up ALIENS (DEMONS) resulting in ROSWELL. The govt extracted ancient advanced technology from these sinister Fallen Angels. ALIEN ABDUCTIONS have been stopped with the victims rebuked the demons in the name of Jesus Christ, thru faith. COW MUTILATIONS caused by satanists & demons. LA Marzulli has done extensive research and has a UKwill channel.

    1. nobody
      4 days ago


  16. BamBam Holyfeld
    BamBam Holyfeld
    4 days ago

    It's official! It's swamp gas!

  17. Lawrence Reitan
    Lawrence Reitan
    4 days ago

    To me this just shows how prone to perception errors pilots are. They also have two different versions and perspective of the fact. You guys are assuming this is proof of aliens or extreme technology.... to date there is zero clear proof that we are talking about real crafts moving at incredible speeds, all I saw was infra red glares of distant objects, gimbal losing lock, parallax and so on. I don't think it's aliens, at all, and I don't think it's even anti grav stuff (that would mean they have it since the 40s, it would have been discovered by now by universities research or private companies making $$$ out of it), but miscalculations, errors etc

  18. Robert S550stang
    Robert S550stang
    5 days ago

    You would think by now they'd have HD in info red cameras.

  19. edgar figueiredo
    edgar figueiredo
    5 days ago

    No one heard them say the Princeton tracked this for MULTIPLE DAYS. Why does no one talk about WHAT WAS IN THE WATER the size of a 737 WHILE this tic tac was moving directly above it ?

  20. allen
    5 days ago

    I wonder which Hollywood sci-fi movie 🎥 or Tv show would match these guys.. the fifth element coming down to earth 🌍 to bring the. Messiah to the earth to save humanity.. or Cone heads , to investigate our planet and bring few earthlings to Remulack.. contact, ET , the Arrival, Id4 , the Aliens 👽 from the simpsons , or it could be Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, or South Park .. there is a massive variety on this ..

  21. Keef DeStefano
    Keef DeStefano
    5 days ago

    Fravor loves the camera.

  22. celal911
    5 days ago

    This tic tac must save the people and the earth. Its works on air .

  23. Da Reptile
    Da Reptile
    6 days ago

    Because this object likely has a outward gravity type A propulsion I believe the White water they saw was the effects of The Craft moving. For so many feet beyond the Craft space is warped and it is moving in a cross-like shape just like that of a commercial airliner. It makes sense that the water was being moved and agitated by the movement of this craft. I don't believe anything was under the water unless they really saw something solid. Pull up Bob Lazar I knew about him since the early 90s.

  24. paokmoo
    6 days ago

    If the pentagon is releaseng info about this, why cant they not release the data from the Princton radar?

  25. Mdmmy Socialmedia
    Mdmmy Socialmedia
    6 days ago

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force: Now everything will be examined, probably another white wash, U.S.A. Federal Government States: There is NO evidence of Extraterrestrial Space Crafts. So it is our duty as American Citizens to adhere and follow U.S.A. Federal Government's Official Release of up coming report and NOT to question it's veracity! We must be Politically Correct and state: There is NO Evidence to corroborative and supportive evidentiary data and information of the existence of extraterrestrials! Probably just high tech spy drones!

  26. Mike Ropanis
    Mike Ropanis
    7 days ago

    Wtf?🤯 wow I never heard the pilot side of the event

  27. Scott Mika
    Scott Mika
    7 days ago


  28. x INTENSOR x
    x INTENSOR x
    7 days ago

    It doesn't terrify me that they exist. What keeps me up at night is that we can do absolutely nothing about it.

  29. KoeSeer
    7 days ago

    that object is probably took an interest at that descending maneuver. They don't have that one move and it copied it because they probably thought that spiral moves looked so fun.

  30. JDStinner
    8 days ago

    I'd think that I would want to get far away from that thing as possible, this guy has a lot of guts wanting to get closer.

  31. Chris Burns
    Chris Burns
    8 days ago

    the world will never realize until it's too late, but these UAP are interdimensional angelic beings scoping us out before the tribulation/rapture. atheists nightmare.

    1. Chase Tuttle
      Chase Tuttle
      8 days ago


  32. rdizzo1313
    8 days ago

    If one lands I bet they are 11 foot Native American Indians.... -Dane Cook

  33. Charles
    9 days ago perhaps a technique in which 3 dimensional objects are projected by one or more sattelites in the atmosphere. Maybe the TICTAC ist a projection by sattelite.

  34. huss1205
    9 days ago

    Big pile of BS, why only US reporting such incidents, all world countries have airforce, advanced air force, only US saw these objects. Reminds me of Grendizer cartoons, UFOs only attack Japan...

    1. huss1205
      8 days ago

      @Chase Tuttle I left all intelligence out there to you. I have respect for myself, I won't let someone play me with black and white blurred pictures of some object without a recognizable shape...

    2. Chase Tuttle
      Chase Tuttle
      8 days ago

      The ignorance of this post is astounding.

    3. James Madison
      James Madison
      8 days ago

      This is reported all over the world. The Russians had so many sightings, including so many underwater, that they made a film about it in 2006. It's on UKwill

    9 days ago

    KEEP UFO'S FILES CLASSIFIED! No need for the American/world public to know, what the U.S airforce and navy don't know. Send the information over to a few universities science professors who study this type of stuff; once they finish their research and come to a reasonable conclusion; then release their final decision on what they could be. If the professional military pilots in the navy & airforce don't know what they are; do they think us dumb, dumbs in the general public are supposed to figure out what they are, we aren't going to know either WTF they are. Also why now, can't they wait another 10 years, or why couldn't they had declassify the files 10yrs ago, or just wait another 20 years from now or they could've just released them 20yrs ago: What's the Rush for, WHY NOW?

  36. radar0412
    10 days ago

    When Top People from The Government went to talk to the Aliens aboard their Spacecraft, the Aliens abused them..Sexually..

  37. A Person
    A Person
    10 days ago

    Good interviewing

  38. Avery Ricco
    Avery Ricco
    11 days ago


  39. rmiddlehouse
    11 days ago

    Why are they being *encouraged* to talk about it?

      9 days ago

      Why shouldn't they, is time we the public know the truth. Or I guess you want to be in the dark forever? I know what you are implying the its muh conspiracy!

  40. The Pink smoke
    The Pink smoke
    11 days ago

  41. bubba_ good
    bubba_ good
    12 days ago


    1. Adam Burling
      Adam Burling
      10 days ago

      Pfff yeah. Right

      11 days ago

      You better hope it is.

  42. Louis Loseau
    Louis Loseau
    12 days ago

    It scared the crap out of alex dietrich it was so unusual but " lets not jump to conclusions" lol.

  43. Toni Bratincevic
    Toni Bratincevic
    12 days ago

    Wondering why everyone is jumping to the conclusion that these are some sort of vehicles or ships. Nobody is exploring the idea that this could be a kind of living entity, that doesn't belong to this time and space continuum and doesn't necessarily use technology to move through the space?

  44. vynaslol
    12 days ago

    it must be cool being an alien, visiting all these worlds etc..I bet there are all kinds of interesting lifeforms out there..

  45. Runnin In the 80s
    Runnin In the 80s
    13 days ago

    I think it’s kind of funny how advanced we think we are. We often laugh at writers during the Middle Ages and before then they described things they didn’t understand in strange ways. 500 years into the future when they fully understand what these things are they will laugh at us for describing them as tictacs

  46. Giovanni Santostasi
    Giovanni Santostasi
    13 days ago

    For its worth, I used MatLab to enhance the Gimbal video around the object area. I also tried to analyze the light emitted by the object for particular periodic pulsations but I could not find any spikes in the spectrum. The total light around the object changes quite a bit but in a very stochastic way (with a slight 1/f trend in the spectrum).

  47. Ashland Pike
    Ashland Pike
    13 days ago

    So little time, so much BS to peddle...Most of what is passing for UFO's is completely explainable, or is just insects, debris, or static particles on lens, or its aircraft in the distance that's not being clearly seen because of the way that video, the lens, and light work together to create anomalies and illusions. The government, under globalism, is just getting ready to use this crap to take even more the climate hoax, and the CCP virus power grab...

    1. Adam Burling
      Adam Burling
      10 days ago

      " getting ready ".. well when they do let me know.

  48. ́'Robin Cinmatra Kirkhus'
    ́'Robin Cinmatra Kirkhus'
    13 days ago

    The real interesting thing about the US Congress order to the US Intelligence Agencies is that they ONLY should make a rapport about Unidentified Areal Phenomena within US airspace. It does not require the same governmental bodies -or ALL of them- to inform the US Congress of EVERYTHING they know about so-called UFOs (including allegded crashes, the recovery of bodies and aircraft, etc). Why this limitation?

  49. Ben Franklin
    Ben Franklin
    14 days ago

    We live in a third dimension world . We are getting smarter every day People are just going to see more of it as it comes out there’s nothing you can do about it. .. We’re not alone

  50. Drew Jackson
    Drew Jackson
    14 days ago

    I would like to give a special thanks to Major Donald Kehoe for interview he done on the Mike Wallace show in 1958 he talked about tic tac UFOs a government cover up and so on I wish he was alive to see this today they've known for a very long time that we are not alone the truth is they live among us I'm going to go with hollow Earth theory on advanced civilization in Antarctica maybe we live in a world that's similar to the movie Men in Black without the comedy all I know is humanity would be better off with more truth and honesty I'm kind of hoping the aliens won't let us use nuclear weapons..... Just food for thought

  51. Louis Loseau
    Louis Loseau
    14 days ago

    Lol, they say the ufos dropped 80000 feet in 1 second- thats 54000 miles per hour( within our atmosphere) and stops on a dime. Hahaha, dahhhhhh. Not sure but thats not China hahaha!

  52. Shadow Hedgehog
    Shadow Hedgehog
    14 days ago

    The thing is - there were sightings of these things for decades. The chance that we will learn what they are in our lifetime is miniscule. Or just plain zero. Unless they themselves decide to introduce themselves to us. But why would they do that? They haven't done that for 70+ years.

  53. humbleknight
    14 days ago

    More UAP/UFO news please!

  54. Wilson's Channel and more
    Wilson's Channel and more
    14 days ago

    6:23 Sr-71 blackbird could go a little closer to 2k.

  55. Kami84
    14 days ago

    We’ll be laughing 😂 ourselves all the way to an alien 👽 invasion 😳😫

  56. Victor Bastos
    Victor Bastos
    15 days ago

    it's a technology beyond our comprehension, we are just ants to these beings. Actually they might consider ants more intelligent than humans in general.

  57. Localrondevoo Inc.
    Localrondevoo Inc.
    15 days ago

    US government and the Public are not taking it seriously Despite 75 years of lies, I bet $1 million that they are going to place the blame on Russia or China. Note Russia and China did not and does not have the technical knowledge or capability .

  58. Janpha Channel
    Janpha Channel
    15 days ago

    It seemed, as of June 6th 2021, that nothing has changed the status quo of our perception of UFOs and aliens.

  59. candoak47
    15 days ago

    WTF unarmed fighter jet 😳 The Aliens 👽are probing our best weapon system planning a possible invasion.

  60. Max Ipaduser
    Max Ipaduser
    15 days ago

    So there is a whatever power 100 to 1000 years ahead that can kick american military butts whenever they please ?

    16 days ago

    2411 angel number

  62. The Ghillie Gamer
    The Ghillie Gamer
    16 days ago

    It’s funny because the US government says “it’s more than likely not aliens” but things are floating in our airspace and military bases and they aren’t worried about it and just throw it under the rug? If they don’t think it’s aliens and they say it’s not us, then why wouldn’t they be worried about it?! Something don’t add up here if you really think about it

  63. Jonathan Wallace
    Jonathan Wallace
    16 days ago

    So a rival nation has figured a way to defy the laws of physics as we know it. Guess that's easier and more comfortable to accept since the latter would be unthinkable.

  64. Jermain Ethan
    Jermain Ethan
    16 days ago

    I remember seeing a silver shaped ball that looked like liquid aluminum in the sky, slowly forming into different shapes. As I grabbed my binoculars to get a closer view, I was able to see through the object as it formed into another shape. What looked like to be flying this object appeared to be a machine elf. It did not look like an alien we would imagine from the movies. Once it saw me looking at it, it instantly disappeared from existence like a cartoon. I never saw life the same after witnessing that experience.

  65. J Casey
    J Casey
    16 days ago

    No dashcam ?

  66. Mirek Šlechta
    Mirek Šlechta
    16 days ago

    I see just one problem....why they(military) have no day light camera pictures and videos of those crafts? Is not that strange if you realize, that military is capable of taking a day light picture of a dog from satelite a the same military still has showed no pictures and no videos of those crafts on day light cameras? It makes no sence to me....(either they have it, or it must be just fake news)

    1. vynaslol
      12 days ago

      it's not public yet

    2. Mirek Šlechta
      Mirek Šlechta
      16 days ago

      @Ivanna Rios I saw something, but it was very blurred(those what I saw). And no day time videos at all.... Is not that strange if you realize, that some of the pilots said, the saw it almost every day?

    3. Ivanna Rios
      Ivanna Rios
      16 days ago

      2 or 3 pictures were realesed a few weeks ago

  67. Xavier Jones
    Xavier Jones
    16 days ago

    I’m seeing that if we take it seriously then maybe we’ll finally get some real answers

  68. Garth Carr
    Garth Carr
    16 days ago

    "I felt vulnerable because I didn't have a bomb to shoot it" ... Is that a typical American attitude?

  69. Bonnie Pawson
    Bonnie Pawson
    16 days ago

    I am a believer of UFO'S or UAP'S. If the government finally announces UFOs have traveled here from somewhere in the universe or from a different dimension, what would happen to our stock market, how would certain fractions regard them (hostel or friendly). A big part of the world can't even live with different races or different backgrounds with out prejudice. How are they to except outlanders, (this is what I call who or what ever is flying those contraptions). I'm under the belief that the reason it's taking so long to tell us there here, is for us to get use to the idea we are living with them now and forever. What do we have that they would want? I saw one traveling above a passenger plane that flew over my home from the PDX airport in 1995. Why travel above a plane in the first place? what did it want, and did it take anything from the plane? It had to be there for some kind of reason. As for me, I will be very very cautious about this. My brother said maybe the T.V. show "Twilight Zone", season 3 ep. 24 is why there here. I just laughed.

  70. Jay Dawg
    Jay Dawg
    17 days ago

    I'm just glad they didn't say ... 'It looked like a Vicodin' ... lol

  71. Frances Chewy Bear
    Frances Chewy Bear
    17 days ago

    Ok then who’s flying them. How can soo many high level people, Head of security Israel, Bob Lazar, military personnel, & many many more say that greys are real. Is it going to take one to wave hi in Times Square?

  72. nosuchthing8
    17 days ago

    Space force funding exercise....

  73. Thunk Junk
    Thunk Junk
    17 days ago

    Where is the full 60 minutes?

    1. Thunk Junk
      Thunk Junk
      16 days ago

      @Ivanna Rios I said FULL 60 MINUTES!

    2. Ivanna Rios
      Ivanna Rios
      16 days ago

  74. ekku1979
    17 days ago

    Alex Dietrich looks a little like Ripley in the "Aliens" movie AND she has the same surname as one of the marines in said movie...It blows my mind. She has to be selected for the task force. The signs are too strong :D

    1. Derong cambodia
      Derong cambodia
      15 days ago


    2. alexng4
      16 days ago

      lol..your right, she does look like ripley

  75. mike bar
    mike bar
    17 days ago

    I would like to see some old videos 90s at the latest... Some Fu fighters

  76. Jose Jose Jose
    Jose Jose Jose
    17 days ago

    They'd better declassify what they really know about the Roswell crash and disclose to the public what they retrieved from the crash site. Enough with the B.S.

  77. salobreña
    17 days ago

    so are these war planes flying at 100k feet? in order for this tictac object to descend 80k, no they fly at 36k feet

    1. Jose Jose Jose
      Jose Jose Jose
      17 days ago

      No. It was seen 80K feet descend on the radar.

  78. Don Williams
    Don Williams
    18 days ago


  79. Norris Pulliam
    Norris Pulliam
    18 days ago

    Somethings afoot !. we have experienced a strange last couple of years especially 2020 with a once in a generation health crisis IE global pandemic violent protests and clashes between Isreal and Palestine NSA revelations nuclear sable rattling with north korea and iran . maybe something from somewhere else is about too check us and we do need checking

  80. shank2001
    18 days ago

    Absolutely fantastic 60 Minutes.

  81. A R
    A R
    18 days ago

    Is it just me, or does the fact that she looks like a young sigourney weaver just do it for you on so many levels.

    1. Dearly Diane
      Dearly Diane
      Day ago

      Perhaps they were selected for their roles, just like Sigourney Weaver. Fravor already has "actor" as his job description :)

    2. Michael Buchhorn
      Michael Buchhorn
      Day ago

      Lol i needed that snap back to reality

    3. Axle Parker
      Axle Parker
      8 days ago

      It's not just you, she's tidy

      17 days ago


  82. TheBic4
    18 days ago

    2:40 if that doesn’t sound like a warp drive idk what does. She was very adamant that it didn’t accelerate it just moved from point to point instantaneously.

  83. dorobo81
    18 days ago

    Military needs to invest into some better cameras :D

  84. D Williams
    D Williams
    18 days ago

    The triangular images are produced by the triangular Iris in the [B.E. Meyers OWL Gen 3+ (Thin Film/Autogated ) NV System] which uses a green phosphor. The light flashing is consistent with FAA requirements for airliners and other aircraft. Pretty clearly nothing unusual here. The devices are available for as low as $1,500 on the used market, no idea what the cost of a new system is. The ones for sale now are restricted to US citizens and other related situations. Check it out and see what you find.

  85. D Williams
    D Williams
    18 days ago

    Here is the truth, have a look: ""

    1. D Williams
      D Williams
      18 days ago

      Take a look at the information displayed on the typical FLIR video. In particular look at the relative bearing at the top of the screen. You will see that changes with time and keeps the image of the "UFO" centered in the display. As long as the tracking is maintained the "UFO" appears to move with respect to the sea or cloud background. Just the opposite is true. If you want a practical analog, consider a child riding in the back of a car as it drives through an area with mountains in the background. If the child absent-mindedly locks his gaze on a specific telephone pole, it will appear to be very fast moving compared to the mountains in the background. The same thing is happening in the "UFO" videos, the tracking system is locked onto, and specifically tracking, the object of interest. You don't realize that because the tracking is automatic by the gimbal-mounted FLIR camera (Your gaze is Fixed on the object, not the sea surface or cloud background.). You can see it, however, by observing the relative bearing angle displayed at the top center of the display. There is one video that's interesting in that at the very end of the video, the object of interest dashes off "at incredible speed" to the left. The object didn't dash anywhere, what happened is the tracking system either lost track or hit an angle limit and the object could no longer be kept in centered view. That's exactly what you would expect when tracking fails to keep the object centered, or at least in the field of view.

  86. Adrian Gais
    Adrian Gais
    18 days ago

    Fauci's emails, UFO stories...distractions from what happened on November 3th...

  87. malenotyalc
    18 days ago

    It is likely our own aircraft just classified. The SR71 Blackbird is the current fasted plane ever made, with a record speed of 3,530 km/h (2,190 mph). The record was set on 28 July 1976. An aircraft which Skunk Works designed in the early 1960's and first built in 1964. Don't you think we may have invented and built something a little more advanced 61 freaking years later...

    1. Leif Nordh
      Leif Nordh
      13 days ago

      That can handle +600 G forces that this encounter showed? That can stopp on a dime? Without any obvious propulsion system? That do not utilize aerodynamics..which means it actually doesn`t fly in a conventional way! And by the sonic boom When it moved 60 miles to the cap point.

    2. Jose Jose Jose
      Jose Jose Jose
      17 days ago

      That can travel 15-20;miles or more in less than 1 second? I don't think so!

  88. Logical Thinking
    Logical Thinking
    18 days ago

    Perhaps our hostility towards each other here on earth is the very reason the rest of this peaceful mulitverse community is just observing us and toying with us, just like how adults would watch a bunch of kids in a playground playing and screaming. If only we grow up fellow earthlings we can really have a dialogue with rest of the cosmos. Until then we are just kidding ourselves.😂🤣

    1. Logical Thinking
      Logical Thinking
      8 days ago

      @James Madison The fact that they haven't conquered us yet with their advanced crafts and technology yet and turned us into slaves. Perhaps they don't think hostile like we do. Hence more peace loving. They've likely had thousands of years to reflect on their mistakes so I'd think they are more peaceful than not.

    2. James Madison
      James Madison
      8 days ago

      Even if there is such a thing as the multiverse community, what makes you think it is peaceful?

    3. Juan María Cañadas Sánchez de Yebra
      Juan María Cañadas Sánchez de Yebra
      11 days ago


  89. Jack McCarthy
    Jack McCarthy
    18 days ago

    Has anyone done the math for how fast it would take them to travel through space compared to our current space travel technology?

  90. Chau Hoang
    Chau Hoang
    19 days ago

    #MasterChief Intel Information Xauredan Aircraft Vs F-35 Aircraft Quanan race 4 fingers 9 times bigger than Jupiter Red Water Red Oxygen Lipener Rifle Gun Vs AK-47 Rifle From Planet Creduan

  91. DL Kennedy
    DL Kennedy
    19 days ago

    My son and I saw an object that looked like the yellowish triangle in this clip (the 20 second mark). I reported it at the time. (That happened on 11/06/2016.) Here's the link to one of the reports. I had filed another, more detailed report, but I can't find that link.

  92. Martins Owen
    Martins Owen
    19 days ago

    Beastclone your 1000$ trial work well for me, am coming on t-gram to hit you up with bigger deal, I wish 1m$ cc is possible on dark web 😀😀

  93. Anaconda Vise
    Anaconda Vise
    19 days ago

    Well if anyone thinks we are alone then you are a fool. Time to admit that we aren’t.

  94. Cheetah Freeman
    Cheetah Freeman
    19 days ago

    Sh!t’s getting more n more interesting !!! are we in contact with aliens??

    1. Sergeant Camacho
      Sergeant Camacho
      17 days ago

      That's what it seems. Also, another theory is that they could be another civilization living down in the oceans.

  95. William Parrish
    William Parrish
    19 days ago

    There is a reason Trump started Space Force

  96. The California Chuck Norris
    The California Chuck Norris
    19 days ago

    New things will happen guys.

  97. Martin Beck
    Martin Beck
    19 days ago

    I believe the drones are operated by future Americans

  98. OTL The High Temple of Spam
    OTL The High Temple of Spam
    19 days ago

    Why make that guy walk around like he's in the X-Files ffs

  99. Joe Roberts
    Joe Roberts
    20 days ago

    Interviewer at 0:53: It was seemingly "out of this world". Pilots at 1:15: We don't want to sensationalize this as "little green men". Sorry pilots, the interviewer/editor beat you to it by 22 seconds. I could spend all night criticizing the quality of this interview/report. The whole report and interview seemed very disjointed. I wish they would have just let the pilots each tell their stories from beginning to end. 60 Minutes went to the trouble to bring these pilots in for an interview and then only aired less than 2 minutes of what they had to say. 60 Minutes: Please do better. Stop sensationalizing uncertainty. I think you are doing a great dis-service to your viewers with this type of reporting.

  100. Michael Morgan
    Michael Morgan
    20 days ago

    No one has questioned these two former Navy officers' Public Affairs backgrounds. Not Rogan, not Lex.