Mercedes EQS is the Most Luxurious Electric Car and it's Not Even Close...

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The Mercedes EQS takes the electric car to another level.
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  1. Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy
    15 days ago

    You thought this was luxurious...? Try this 😂 -

    1. LightningBoltSniper
      8 days ago

      @INSPIRING PERSON what are you replying to? im confused.

    2. OwnItG 4F
      OwnItG 4F
      8 days ago

      Garbage airtag by apple.

    3. Andris Ukstin
      Andris Ukstin
      9 days ago

      @Kolos Kilyénfalvi dbebehgg

    4. Sai Subhash
      Sai Subhash
      9 days ago

      What the price of it ?

    5. Sai Subhash
      Sai Subhash
      9 days ago

      It's costs highly 🤑🤑🤑

  2. Utkarsh Shinde
    Utkarsh Shinde
    5 hours ago

    give him an oscar y’all

  3. Angelo Schettini
    Angelo Schettini
    5 hours ago

    forgot to open the hood

  4. Kaiser O five
    Kaiser O five
    5 hours ago

    tesla who?

  5. MrZillas
    6 hours ago

    All these americans in the comment-section now are very scared.

  6. Le Kang
    Le Kang
    7 hours ago

    You don't get this in a tesla

  7. Sick Duck
    Sick Duck
    7 hours ago

    With all those screens you'd think they would've figured out how to integrate the blindspot cameras that would pop up when indicating like in Hyundai/Kia cars. But no, you'd still have to turn your head to shoulder check like a peasant.

  8. Ask Computers OFFICIAL
    Ask Computers OFFICIAL
    10 hours ago

    is it me or does the front just look like a minivan.................I don't personally like this car as it looks like something my rich neighbour would buy, crash and buy another one. Plus i dont like the distracting led lights inside and the fact the doors open themselves for lazy twats. I also don't like the fact that there is not a single analogue gauge in that thing and i don't like electric cars. Its a flop if you ask me....... ELECTRIC CARS AR NOT THE FUTURE!!!! (at least not here in the uk)

  9. mrm
    11 hours ago

    My dream care wish i Gould afford one. Hope i can buy it secondhand in a few years

  10. junkiesports925
    11 hours ago


  11. Miguel Aguilar Cazar
    Miguel Aguilar Cazar
    13 hours ago

    What a experience to be inside a vehicle. the only problem will always be the price for most of the people in the planet. I would like to see it in other colors, like White. Greetings from Southamerica.

  12. Ding Dong
    Ding Dong
    13 hours ago

    The incompetent geometry laparoscopically escape because notebook concordantly dare beyond a round grip. sophisticated, muddled grandfather

  13. camilo posada
    camilo posada
    14 hours ago

    Pretty cool tech and all, but I don't know why I really dislike this :/ nothing like classic and uncomplicated cars.... Why would I want a computer for a car?

  14. kojay18
    16 hours ago

    I watch a lot review of the eqs but none of them tell us if it has a front trunk

  15. Hades NT
    Hades NT
    16 hours ago

    Even Mercedes can't "unbox" it like you do lew..

  16. Amine Kamili
    Amine Kamili
    17 hours ago

    Gamer cars be like

  17. Sean C
    Sean C
    17 hours ago

    I would love to take this car to a busy home Depot and start throwing bags of concrete in the back and see the look on people's faces 🤣

  18. dcoog anml
    dcoog anml
    18 hours ago

    My girlfriend is asking about your outfit Lou. She is concerned that it does not match the car. 😂

  19. gg boys
    gg boys
    19 hours ago

    shut up

  20. JS MD
    JS MD
    19 hours ago

    Crappy fanboy review of a butt ugly car. Electric cars do not need to look like a giant suppository on wheels. Give up a few MPG's already MB and make the thing attractive. It's great it has all the cool lighting. I would never want to be seen driving this in the daylight.

    1. dcoog anml
      dcoog anml
      18 hours ago

      I'm sorry, but 80k for this car is ridiculously overpriced, even if is targeted as a luxury car. From here it looks cheap and plasticky inside. It has cool innovatide features, but

  21. shivajith gowda
    shivajith gowda
    20 hours ago

    What's the guy's name?

    20 hours ago

    Awesome 👌 something to look forward to

  23. Daniel Salaverri
    Daniel Salaverri
    20 hours ago

    Lets admit it, its pretty ugly on the outside. But when it has the features this car has, it can look like a prius and i’ll buy it.

  24. Brandon Oxendine
    Brandon Oxendine
    20 hours ago

    aight so you buy this expensive ass car, get in, and you find this palm pilot lookin ass interface, lookin like it came from windows xp stretched across a damn 3-foot long screen display smh ugly af

  25. Luqman Adams
    Luqman Adams
    20 hours ago

    That design couldn’t be more horrible. How tf can you have a interior that great with a exterior that Honda Civic-ish

  26. Dursun Yıldırım
    Dursun Yıldırım
    21 hour ago

    How much does it?

  27. 876paula
    21 hour ago

    It's pretty ugly on the outside but as soon as u open the door u enter a space ship🚀

  28. Samur Isma
    Samur Isma
    23 hours ago

    did you film the dark scene with tomato?

  29. Alex Goler
    Alex Goler
    23 hours ago

    Body reminds me of an old Honda Accord. Cool otherwise, but I prefer the looks of the Polestar.

  30. gg boys
    gg boys
    Day ago

    display frames rate is 20 so head excruciating

  31. gg boys
    gg boys
    Day ago

    wish the screen was 120hz

  32. B Sib
    B Sib
    Day ago

    This is the car Elon Musk drives 🤣🤣🤣

  33. Goj Noun
    Goj Noun
    Day ago

    its not a car anymore - its a grown childrens toy now

  34. Fayisaa Hordofaa
    Fayisaa Hordofaa
    Day ago

    The spectacular racing progressively depend because pigeon simulteneously stop mid a nine land. better, overconfident copper

  35. Igor Gem
    Igor Gem
    Day ago

    Man, that clip of the traffic jam on 15:15 is from my hometown. I am big fan of the channel and I was totally surprised to see that 😅

  36. Oriol Fernández Figueras
    Oriol Fernández Figueras
    Day ago

    I'm sorry, but 80k for this car is ridiculously overpriced, even if is targeted as a luxury car. From here it looks cheap and plasticky inside. It has cool innovatide features, but definately doesn't make it to 80k. The car is just as ugly outside as a prius. There are better aerodynamic ways to make the car more visually appealing (like tesla or Polestar). There is no way i'm going to buy a an aggshell on wheels haha.

  37. Oriol Fernández Figueras
    Oriol Fernández Figueras
    Day ago

    I'm sorry, but 80k for this car is ridiculously overpriced, even if is targeted as a luxury car. From here it looks cheap and plasticky inside. It has cool innovatide features, but definately doesn't make it to 80k. The car is just as ugly outside as a prius. There are better aerodynamic ways to make the car more visually appealing (like tesla or Polestar). There is no way i'm going to buy a an aggshell on wheels haha.

  38. Mikail Gül
    Mikail Gül
    Day ago

    Porsche Taycan, last month he buying the Tesla model s plaid and now the EQS👍

  39. bassem gamel
    bassem gamel
    Day ago

    اكيد هتعدى 30.000 ريال

  40. Electrified_ Motors
    Electrified_ Motors
    Day ago

    Nice car however it looks awfully close to a design of a model S 😏 oh and these self opening and closing doors were on the model X since 2016. What I would really love to see is the actual range of this puppy. Great review of the parked car. Looks stunning.

  41. CHUMALAN, Benjamin P.
    CHUMALAN, Benjamin P.
    Day ago

    Sana all

  42. yuena4
    Day ago

    I'm going to get flamed for this but why does this Mercedes kind of look live a Honda Civic from the front? 🤔

  43. Global Libran
    Global Libran
    Day ago

    Wow! Heaven on wheels

  44. Life of Richard
    Life of Richard
    Day ago

    How much did u box theory get to advertise this car?

  45. Carsten Schröder
    Carsten Schröder
    Day ago

    So the lighting of the Seats and the interior are Importamt now? 😄🤪😁 Buy a Merc Sofa and VR Headset and you don't even have to DRUVE it! 😁

  46. GumBall Gaming
    GumBall Gaming
    Day ago

    Where the heck iam gonna get 200kw supply at home ?

  47. Ordinary Minecraft Player
    Ordinary Minecraft Player
    Day ago

    This car is so fancy that your microphone is so poor to record proper audio.

  48. King J.
    King J.
    Day ago

    I'd probably be in this vehicle more than my house....

  49. Iqbal 072
    Iqbal 072
    Day ago

    Sometimes the luxury car cannot keep you happy. I ever wish if we can buy some happiness to keep me happy. This is still a car so paying 100k to buy the luxury doesn’t make sense.

  50. Thorgeir
    Day ago

    Designers these days have such horrible taste for exteriors....incredible interior though.

  51. asioe kiou
    asioe kiou
    Day ago

    So futuristic, its like a spaceship....💖💖💖

  52. Velin Doychev
    Velin Doychev
    Day ago

    China Mercedes Хахахаха

    Day ago

    Hey Lew! You gonna buy it? 🤣

    1. asioe kiou
      asioe kiou
      Day ago


  54. KarlRossmann1900
    Day ago

    Ugly as hell. Will steal sales from S class and lose MB ton of money. Good luck!

  55. Mp_20
    Day ago

    Working From home (WFH)? it will be WFYC soon!!

  56. Tim Dohov
    Tim Dohov
    Day ago

    ugly disgraceful design, no no

  57. ThePrada21
    Day ago

    This Studio is Supreme and Lew is Amazing

  58. Tim Dohov
    Tim Dohov
    Day ago

    Tesla smokes;)) facked

  59. J P
    J P
    Day ago

    Tesla killer!

  60. A K
    A K
    Day ago

    Would love to own one only if I could afford. Tesla might be the next Nokia

  61. joris ermens
    joris ermens
    Day ago

    When you review a CAR and can't stop exaggerating. Then you realise he didn't drive it 1 meter.... bullshit.

  62. Hitz
    Day ago

    He doesn't even drive it.. lol.

  63. Billy Doe
    Billy Doe
    Day ago

    OMG the way you sold this car to me eish i got to say im in love with this car, im saving starting today.....

  64. Jean Michel
    Jean Michel
    Day ago

    Great video good job

  65. Nautilus
    Day ago

    I bet you regret getting that taycan now. Don’t lie

  66. Quest4Truth
    2 days ago

    How much?

  67. Marko Zakic
    Marko Zakic
    2 days ago

    German engineering at it's best

  68. Ds Production
    Ds Production
    2 days ago


  69. Immad Shahid
    Immad Shahid
    2 days ago

    No, I'm happy with my corolla.

  70. Michael Brown
    Michael Brown
    2 days ago

    This car is amazing

  71. Matej Bordon
    Matej Bordon
    2 days ago

    Where is the unboxing video?

  72. Gee
    2 days ago

    Most of the technology in Mercedes doesn’t make sense because the quality is so low they always break down and insanely expensive to repair, I own a Mercedes a class

  73. Mert Mehmed
    Mert Mehmed
    2 days ago

    RGB car trend has officially begun

  74. Zarif MS
    Zarif MS
    2 days ago

    Me: What is art? Mercedes: Yes!

  75. Rage Quit
    Rage Quit
    2 days ago

    4:05 when I see my girl undressing

  76. Quinton Markett
    Quinton Markett
    2 days ago

    This is the future

  77. TheHQuad
    2 days ago

    I want a car with: 1. Performance of a tesla s 2. Interior of EQS 3. Exterior of i8

  78. pusher
    2 days ago

    the time has begin , tesla get the fck outta here

  79. Wolf
    2 days ago

    Не знаю как у вас, но у меня это вызывает отвращение и дизлайк ставится автоматически

  80. Hans Raj
    Hans Raj
    2 days ago

    RGB Car love it

  81. Mega Magikarp
    Mega Magikarp
    2 days ago

    I’m getting one. Speaking it into existence.

  82. Jerry’O
    2 days ago

    Bye bye Tesla 🤣🤣

  83. Charles
    2 days ago

    Interior like the rhino in vegas

  84. Francis King
    Francis King
    2 days ago

    Imagine some 1 keyed that car 😂😂😂🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  85. mel diaz
    mel diaz
    2 days ago

    The fron looks like a early 2000 Toyota corolla WTF its ugly

  86. Fyat
    2 days ago

    The song is "Iamdaylight - Dark Fantasy" thanks me later :D

  87. bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu
    2 days ago

    On a dark night...moving through the city like that. That was poetic 😎

  88. Anthony Coyle
    Anthony Coyle
    2 days ago

    You sound like Terrence McKenna shrooming at the beginning.

  89. Delano The Beatnik
    Delano The Beatnik
    2 days ago

    Well, it's no surprise. It comes from the guys who basically invented the automobile.

    1. Delano The Beatnik
      Delano The Beatnik
      2 days ago

      @bocoy noiu The S-Class was always built with the notion to be the best car in the world, which it definitely is. The EQS likewise the best electrical vehicle. They got the job done and it's probably by far the most luxurious elec car.

    2. bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu
      2 days ago

      wtf it's almost a Prius, a family car. piece of expensive shit

  90. CHH Mo
    CHH Mo
    2 days ago

    This is Forzavista in real life😅

  91. Max Biber
    Max Biber
    2 days ago

    too wild

  92. Pets fun,love and cuteness
    Pets fun,love and cuteness
    2 days ago

    You and yours video is outstanding

  93. Shuaib
    2 days ago

    The car is awesome but i have to say too complicated maybe buy it just because.

  94. sagat bison
    sagat bison
    2 days ago


  95. Fatboi
    2 days ago

    such a shame it looks fuck ugly from the front.

  96. verphase phase
    verphase phase
    3 days ago

    it legit looks like a toyota camre or whatever it looks like a other car that has existed alreayd

  97. Jammy Creamer
    Jammy Creamer
    3 days ago

    design looks like a cheap Honda civic on the outside lol

  98. Jaspreet Bhatti
    Jaspreet Bhatti
    3 days ago

    Oh baby!

  99. Maria Esther Rivas
    Maria Esther Rivas
    3 days ago

    Elon musk just left the chat

  100. john wheatley
    john wheatley
    3 days ago

    Did you leave your cycle outside ?