[1283] A Lock Picking Game Changer?

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Get these tools at www.covertinstruments.com
The referenced video discussing decoding via Lishi: [1244] Schlage Deadbolt OWNED By Lishi Pick/Decoder ukwill.info/window/vnbIkmiKma6j0Z4/video
Video Setup
So many of you have asked about my video setup... well, this is what I use. All links below are Amazon Affiliate.
Microphone- amzn.to/2QO9CCj
Lights (5,800k setting used)- amzn.to/3aTqz5p
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  1. Mohammed Ghaleb
    Mohammed Ghaleb
    3 hours ago

    is this legal omg its too easy

  2. S D
    S D
    4 hours ago

    how do you know which tool works with what lock? You used a schlage with a abus

  3. Dr Evil
    Dr Evil
    4 hours ago

    Wow. Cool.

  4. kojam1
    12 hours ago

    How do these fair agains your KwickSet with the $1 upgrade?

  5. Robert Rubio
    Robert Rubio
    13 hours ago

    So I'm in America I want a set for survival pack which do you recommend??

  6. Briar
    17 hours ago

    Can we see you use one of the Automotive Lishi on a car?

  7. Mr Roy
    Mr Roy
    22 hours ago

    Holy fuck... criminals rejoice. All the shady activities have been normalized thanks to youtube. Thank God we have the castle doctrine in California. I'll be sitting with my .45 ACP pointed right at the door now.

  8. Felonius Skunk
    Felonius Skunk
    23 hours ago

    *I wish I had access to these when I was learning! On the other hand, at $80, they are dramatically overpriced. I expected to see them around $20-$30 each, especially considering that students of the art are going to need a minimum of 4 just to get started using this accelerated path.* *Great tools though. I approve.*

  9. Steve Connor
    Steve Connor
    Day ago

    this guy is like the instructor who teaches cadets how to find and disarm bombs to keep us safe, and then as a side job teaches the enemy how to build bombs (plus he sells the components!).

  10. thedarkne
    Day ago

    How does the beginner know whether the lock is KW1 or SC1 though.

  11. Ömer Kaya
    Ömer Kaya
    Day ago

    I live in Switzerland and this Tool looks really Handy, which type of lock is used in Switzerland / the EU? I wanna buy one

  12. tanked warthog
    tanked warthog
    Day ago

    I have a feeling that these could end up becoming illegal to own if you are not a licensed locksmith

  13. Steve Scruggs
    Steve Scruggs
    Day ago

    I hope the serial killer that lives in your neighborhood is caught with your invention in your home standing over your loved ones. Lolol. #facilitateevil

  14. J.A.R. Family
    J.A.R. Family
    Day ago

    This is 50/50 amazing. Some crappy people are the other 50%. Very cool nonetheless.

  15. Blenderis YO
    Blenderis YO
    2 days ago

    try some europian locks

  16. metalhood
    2 days ago

    how do you recognize the type or door lock from outside? it's not like there's written "KW1" or "SC1" on it

  17. Smarter Ahole
    Smarter Ahole
    2 days ago

    Thank you for this! Saved my life. Before I was freezing my ass off. Now I can watch her sleep in the comfort inside her own room.

  18. Spiritual Meditations
    Spiritual Meditations
    2 days ago

    nice !

  19. Dan K
    Dan K
    2 days ago

    I never really knew what you meant by binding before until watching this video.

  20. bg sw
    bg sw
    2 days ago

    The gamy broker directly trick because viscose routinely bump at a null lipstick. strange, large periodical

  21. Jeffrey Chen
    Jeffrey Chen
    2 days ago

    Always glad to see that under all that industrialist cheap products spam, China has genuine hidden gems like these that manage to get noticed internationally and grow outside their repressive government.

  22. Michael 123
    Michael 123
    3 days ago

    Dam he can open anything with two fingers and a thumb image what he can do with his hole hand miss lpl is a lucky lady lol

  23. salmon with feet
    salmon with feet
    3 days ago

    why are yo9u leting people break into random people's houses

  24. Waseem Mushtaq
    Waseem Mushtaq
    3 days ago

    Might as well keep all doors unlocked.

  25. Arthur D
    Arthur D
    3 days ago

    wow, this is incredible!

  26. Jeremy Lanier
    Jeremy Lanier
    3 days ago

    Why lock your door when it takes longer to jimmy it with the key than pick it nowadays

  27. Michael Waters
    Michael Waters
    3 days ago

    And also if you get caught with these in your pocket it is a felony.

  28. Nathan West
    Nathan West
    3 days ago

    I must say that I am concerned about safety just recently I found something what looks like a shim for padlocks in the basement. I don't keep anyting of value there and fortunately people with valuable bikes store them inside their apartment as well but I must say that it is quite annoying that I need to store tools with their value in the thousands inside my apartment because people can not be trustet.

  29. Janjaap Struis
    Janjaap Struis
    3 days ago

    Now the real question is, where are the european counterparts for all us european viewers 😇

  30. AlliN When Playing
    AlliN When Playing
    4 days ago

    Seems that as all the tools are sold out already US is preparing for a Purge Night!

  31. M M
    M M
    4 days ago

    Locks keep honest people honest.

  32. 01bigtrev
    4 days ago

    So looking at that keyway on the ABUS I don’t think that keyway is for European locks as I have the kw1 and doesn’t fit any abus. Would any of the other lishi models fit?

  33. Kanathil
    4 days ago

    Hey LPL! I was wondering if these will be available in Yale Y1 as well, for covert entry in EU? Would be fun to have these for red teaming assessments.

  34. 404_pageNotFound
    4 days ago

    It cost 80 usd… I just checked on Taobao(aliexpress) and they are around 30 usd each. Anyway so glad to see a product like these

  35. Raymond
    4 days ago

    Thanks, I can finally pick open my neighbor's door with ease. So I can move his delivered packages to safety in his home while he is away, seeing them so vulnerable always annoyed me.

  36. nick loss
    nick loss
    4 days ago

    "thousand of hours of practice" you say... any tips on how I can practice on different locks without the neighbours giving me dirty looks or getting chased off of the self storage lot by security? I mean, I tell them I'm only practicing... but I don't think they believe me ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯

  37. Jacob C
    Jacob C
    4 days ago

    These are amazing but way expensive. Better to just learn good technique.

  38. KingOfChaos213
    4 days ago

    The equivalent of Joerg Sprave's Legolas bow, no traditional skill required...

  39. Cory Allison
    Cory Allison
    4 days ago

    "I want to sell you this product" "Yeah I don't know I got enough products I think..." "This ones from the lock picking lawyer himself..the specs incl-" "Okay sold I want it"

  40. od skrajności w skrajność
    od skrajności w skrajność
    4 days ago

    I mean Yeah it is definitely a game changer, buuut I don't think that's a good thing tbh lmao

  41. Arnold Black
    Arnold Black
    4 days ago

    Of course he's selling it

  42. dhtsoaeds dhtnadi
    dhtsoaeds dhtnadi
    4 days ago

    this is WAAAY too scary.

  43. West Florida Locks
    West Florida Locks
    4 days ago

    link for these

  44. Victor Serna López
    Victor Serna López
    4 days ago

    Wich are the most common types for Europe? Do you know where can i find them?

  45. dabradmp1
    5 days ago

    why the hell those exist.....that unbelivably scary and unsafe....

  46. Golbal Helmut
    Golbal Helmut
    5 days ago

    Do you use a bunch of keys or just some of your tools to safe the weight in your pocket instead?

  47. Chaz MichaelMichaels
    Chaz MichaelMichaels
    5 days ago

    Damn, $80 per tool... :(

  48. Jonathan Lefler
    Jonathan Lefler
    5 days ago

    i wonder if i could use this on my car...

  49. Tom O brien
    Tom O brien
    5 days ago

    Can you put a link to your company where I can purchase many Thanks

  50. Tom O brien
    Tom O brien
    5 days ago

    Hi do you do them for UK locks as I would be interested in purchasing a good selection

  51. Jacob Hood
    Jacob Hood
    5 days ago

    Geez thats 320$ worth of tools

  52. Jake
    5 days ago

    But how is a beginner to know which of these four picking-devices is appropriate for the lock the beginner is trying to pick? 🤔

    1. Video Witnesses
      Video Witnesses
      3 days ago

      It won't fit .. try the next one..

  53. Soljarag5
    5 days ago

    Nice, but Hella expensive

  54. Piyoti LaHound
    Piyoti LaHound
    5 days ago

    If your list of video setup you didn't list the camera. Also, I can't find those picks listed on the site.

  55. Dkfk Lfkx
    Dkfk Lfkx
    5 days ago

    My careere as a thief can begin

    1. I dont upload much
      I dont upload much
      4 days ago

      @Dkfk Lfkx yes I am what languages do you speak

    2. Dkfk Lfkx
      Dkfk Lfkx
      4 days ago

      @I dont upload much wow thanks for your comment. are you searching for comments with a bad english to correct ppl? sorry but i live in a country where you dont speak english and my motherlanguage is far away from english but thanks anyway

    3. I dont upload much
      I dont upload much
      4 days ago

      Learn to spell firstly

  56. Douglas Stafford
    Douglas Stafford
    5 days ago

    Out f curiosity would your suggest 5 or that would be there most common lock encountered to train on?

  57. Xerclipse
    5 days ago

    Day One: "This is the lockpicking lawyer, and I'm selling these lockpickers in the black market." Day Seven: "This is the lockpicking lawyer, and I'm going to get out of these handcuffs" Day Three Hundred Nine: "This is the lockpicking lawyer, and I'm going to show you why maximum security isn't so secure."

    1. Jeremy Lanier
      Jeremy Lanier
      3 days ago

      The only lock you can’t pick is welded. He could pick his way out of solitary confinement in the dark with a string and some finger nail clippings.

  58. The Harlequin
    The Harlequin
    6 days ago

    Gotta say that selling a easy to use speedhack to lock picking for any unskilled fledgling burglar isn't really the most reasonable decision to me. Yes, you can learn the skills required to bypass locks if you have bad intentions and argue that tools are just that; tools that are neither good nor bad. But still this feels like the proverb "opportunity makes thieves" shaped into aluminium.

  59. SnappyJon
    6 days ago

    I have a question. Since cheap Chinese copies of these are probably already now available on AliExpress for the whole world to buy and abuse, what exactly are we supposed to use to keep our front doors secured?

  60. ChronoMasterGaming
    6 days ago

    The only real challenge is knowing the appropriate tool

  61. Mike_naugz88
    6 days ago

    What set of lock picks would you recommend for beginners?? Not looking to spend just somthing that get the job done? Thanks man!

  62. Josh B
    Josh B
    6 days ago

    It's cool but...Amazon sells the same thing, same brand, for half the price, what gives?

    1. Josh B
      Josh B
      6 days ago

      Ok so the ones on Amazon are different models for car entry, same tool though technically. For these specific ones eBay has em for about $50 (direct from China).

    6 days ago

    Just use a battery powered grinder with a diamond blade it beats all keys

  64. Federico Trenton
    Federico Trenton
    6 days ago

    please do a video with someone NEW to lockpicking or with less skill than you operating this tool :)

  65. Vic Swanson
    Vic Swanson
    6 days ago

    I went to your website to buy them and they’re all sold out when do you plan on getting any more of those in there I would like to buy all four of them

  66. Jordan Weber
    Jordan Weber
    6 days ago

    Went to website but dont see this tool.

  67. Graham Hodgson
    Graham Hodgson
    7 days ago

    He is GOD!!!!!!!!

  68. Travis Smith
    Travis Smith
    7 days ago

    These are absolutely amazing

  69. DeeZhuL
    7 days ago

    WR not as common in the states? @LockPickingLawyer

  70. rarelibra
    7 days ago

    of course ... sold out already ... WTF

  71. Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith
    7 days ago

    Woooooowwww my mind is blown lpl!!!! Thats a great design ! I might actualy buy a set

  72. Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith
    7 days ago

    Woooooowwww my mind is blown lpl!!!! Thats great how much are they???

  73. Master Max
    Master Max
    7 days ago

    I wonder if the car version would be useful incase I locked myself out!

  74. A-DaM Grubeer
    A-DaM Grubeer
    7 days ago

    Thanks for showing me something that’s sold out...

  75. Guy Palm
    Guy Palm
    7 days ago

    This makes me severely depressed. No one is safe. All locks are useless. Might as well leave everything unlocked. It is one thing to watch a single person with the skills mentioned pass through any and every lock imaginable, but it is absolutely terrifying to know that any one without those skills can now do the same… and that this expert is helping them to do it. It seems criminal. Are we watching a criminal here, helping other criminals? Am I going to be burglarize by one of the many people he has sold a pick to? I’ve watched him pick many locks, there seems to be no lock that can’t be picked - so, nowhere to turn for safety… while waiting for lock manufacturers to make better locks (which many seem to think these videos will cause, and many doubt). In the mean time… 100% vulnerability to crime now made even easier. Crap.

    1. I dont upload much
      I dont upload much
      4 days ago

      I mean nothing is safe hide in plane sight

  76. Matthew Latz
    Matthew Latz
    7 days ago

    Hmmm.. maybe I should go get another door lock......

  77. Lock Man
    Lock Man
    7 days ago


  78. Andrew schaefer
    Andrew schaefer
    7 days ago

    They're sold out T.T

  79. Andrew Tijerina
    Andrew Tijerina
    7 days ago

    “This is the lishi-picking Lawyer...”

  80. Saint John
    Saint John
    7 days ago

    I purchased five of these of different flavors. The case of one of them was broken. Lishi tried to say that some of them are loose in the cases and they put a bit of tape on it. NO. The case was broken. Be warned. Lishi has no pride in their product or service.

  81. yasio bolo
    yasio bolo
    7 days ago

    This is litterally what gaming has taught us how to do for years now.

    1. TommyPKFire
      6 days ago

      No it isn't

  82. listerine 2010
    listerine 2010
    7 days ago

    This guy teaches how to steal and there are yet other ways to make money.

  83. Ma. Rosario Galang
    Ma. Rosario Galang
    7 days ago

    How do we secure our front door now?

  84. Bangeman71 Bangeman
    Bangeman71 Bangeman
    7 days ago

    Ad to stock take my money

  85. nerowolf1234
    7 days ago

    This is litterally what gaming has taught us how to do for years now.

    1. yasio bolo
      yasio bolo
      7 days ago

      and it's gone... now, could that be LPL on the portrait on the tools?

  86. Gabriel López
    Gabriel López
    7 days ago

    Fuck lishis are all sold out

  87. Yung Shai
    Yung Shai
    8 days ago

    So which lishi is for standart pad lock and European keyways? If anyone can tell ill be glad, thx!

  88. Someone On The Internet
    Someone On The Internet
    8 days ago

    Seems locks are no longer valid instruments for their purpose.

  89. Kyle Vin
    Kyle Vin
    8 days ago

    beautiful beautiful device!

  90. Reuven
    8 days ago

    Used it in my locksmith business,easy money makers . Works on old and new locks .makes it very quick and easy.. of course if you have the right one for the key way hah ,.

  91. Robert Senecal
    Robert Senecal
    8 days ago

    I found a box of disassembled locker locks at work,I will try a couple at home. It looks like the combination may be on the inside back where the lock would be on the door. I'll try to make a vid at home and try my luck

  92. Jake Hummell
    Jake Hummell
    8 days ago

    Ansolutely genius!

  93. takezo musashi
    takezo musashi
    8 days ago

    Pics are only for law abiding citizens when I used to break in houses as a teenager we went through the window or through the sliding glass door. Sometimes used a crowbar on the front door but never used a pick

  94. Krzysztof Kalinowski
    Krzysztof Kalinowski
    8 days ago

    Video is 9 days old and everything is already sold out...

  95. Dmac MacD
    Dmac MacD
    8 days ago

    Which one is best for titan locks?

  96. James Stapleton
    James Stapleton
    8 days ago

    Tools are sold out!

  97. ThexBorg
    8 days ago

    Sold out until next time...

  98. Scorpio Death
    Scorpio Death
    8 days ago

    and it's gone... now, could that be LPL on the portrait on the tools?

  99. David Goodtime
    David Goodtime
    8 days ago

    sold out; (

  100. Xander Schmidt
    Xander Schmidt
    8 days ago

    Sold out already? :(