WWE's Most Wanted Treasures: Undertaker Spots His Purple Gear And Mask In Storage Unit | A&E

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The Undertaker spots his famous purple gear and mask in a storage unit in this clip from Season 1, Episode 2.
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  1. A&E
    19 days ago

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    1. Adam Cik Adam
      Adam Cik Adam
      7 days ago


    2. Big Sarge
      Big Sarge
      14 days ago

      Ive watched every biography so far. Its freaking awesome. I was a teenager in the 80s and i lived this era.

    3. AL BOOGIE
      14 days ago

      Can y'all look for The JUNK YARD DAWG'S CHAIN???

    4. Raul Torres
      Raul Torres
      14 days ago

      What’s it called

    5. Christopher Brown
      Christopher Brown
      15 days ago

      I would like to see if Horror icon Robert England could interview WWE Legend The Undertaker on UKwill

  2. willy nilly
    willy nilly
    47 minutes ago

    you know that was the best part about undertaker and kane.....mysterious..prolly two of the best...real entertainers.

  3. Mike Toovey
    Mike Toovey
    3 hours ago

    2005: Undertaker dives head first out of the ring toward Shawn Michaels. 2021: Undertaker lifts one box “Ooooh my gosh!” Hope he’s not in too much pain.

  4. Saturn Argentavis
    Saturn Argentavis
    4 hours ago

    Can yoy show me this? Can i have it, have it, have it, have it....wtf

  5. Doris Santhana Dass
    Doris Santhana Dass
    5 hours ago

    He still perfect

  6. SweetGypsyRose
    6 hours ago

    Use to have a HUGE CRUSH on him!!!

  7. Eye of the Liar
    Eye of the Liar
    7 hours ago

    He is Mark outside the. Ring and taker in the ring.he makes that clear how his voice changes and characteristics when in the ring.i always thought his voice was naturally deep for a while

  8. حسون حسون
    حسون حسون
    13 hours ago


  9. Hugh Jasoul
    Hugh Jasoul
    15 hours ago

    Undertakers lady is hot

  10. Terryjames Townsend
    Terryjames Townsend
    16 hours ago

    All of that is gold if I was rich I'll buy it

  11. Rijin Chandran
    Rijin Chandran
    22 hours ago

    Kuddos to all 1990s kids who grew up with the Undertaker Memories.... I used to be a die hard fan of WWE .... I believed whatever they showed and also the characters were real ... I always thought that the undertaker lived in a casket and only rose only when it was time for a match... Loved my childhood 90s kids were awesome ...love you all...

  12. Top Notch Gaming
    Top Notch Gaming
    Day ago

    Still making me sh my self with that look in 2021

  13. Scythe Playz
    Scythe Playz
    Day ago

    The purple gear was and still is my favorite out of all of them.

  14. khyruz Craig
    khyruz Craig
    Day ago

    I miss him so much

  15. Hell Rider
    Hell Rider
    Day ago

    leaving WWE artifacts like that i wouldn't forgive.

  16. animeland
    Day ago


  17. Eric Rodden
    Eric Rodden
    Day ago

    Now to find kane original mask and suit

  18. Marty
    Day ago

    I've seen Undertaker wear that Nine Line T-shirt more times than I've seen him wear anything you'll find in that storage unit

  19. Anthony Calderon
    Anthony Calderon
    Day ago


  20. Brandon 98
    Brandon 98
    Day ago

    4:25 why is double j twerking on taker like tht 😂

  21. kasim shaikh
    kasim shaikh
    2 days ago

    Each & every stuff & symbol of Dead man is treasure 💰⚰️⚱️

  22. Black and Blue
    Black and Blue
    2 days ago

    My very first time seeing the undertaker is when he was wearing that mask, was a fan ever since.

  23. 황의건
    2 days ago

    When I was a kid, I had nightmares cuz of this guy. I actually thought that he's an actual deadman resurrected...😂😂😂 That's how good that character is...

  24. Kenny Jones
    Kenny Jones
    2 days ago

    Intresting show but i feel the WWE are shaking down and putting pressure on FANS to give them stuff they bought, especially that big guy who`s in NXT now, it`s like a huge shakedown to me.

  25. D'Andre Fontaine
    D'Andre Fontaine
    2 days ago

    taker you are the best and kane 2001 save your wife and your

  26. patrick comerford
    patrick comerford
    2 days ago

    So if there finding these things y not make an actual HoF

  27. antonio A
    antonio A
    2 days ago

    wats the shirt he wearing? thats my symbol

  28. xWrectifyx
    3 days ago

    Why can't we learn about this in English not about other stories

  29. Amazon Account
    Amazon Account
    3 days ago

    The savory mattock individually heap because grasshopper chiefly sigh down a careless raft. slim, greedy starter

  30. Pacific Seventy
    Pacific Seventy
    3 days ago

    Taker is not WWE Legend He is World Wrestling Legend

  31. Ian Wooldridge
    Ian Wooldridge
    3 days ago

    I really enjoy seeing these iconic wrestlers being just who they really are. The Undertaker, Mark Calaway and his wife Michelle come across as really nice people, so it shows how great they were portraying their characters on the WWE, no wonder a lot of their costumes are worth a lot of money.

  32. Velocity0428
    3 days ago

    The best person to sell these to is Chumlee.

  33. Zack Wilkinson
    Zack Wilkinson
    3 days ago

    Michelle: Anything he has touched or worn is like gold Me:Is Michelle gold

  34. Theodore Adelarian
    Theodore Adelarian
    3 days ago

    imagine driving down the road and then you see, on the side of the road, the undertaker wearing his old historic gear; a worldwide legend reliving one of his glory days

  35. Smita Naikawde
    Smita Naikawde
    4 days ago

    I love you the undertaker

  36. Smita Naikawde
    Smita Naikawde
    4 days ago

    The undertaker is king of ring and wwe

  37. Kyran Fox
    Kyran Fox
    4 days ago

    No one gonna talk about how fit undertakers wife is

  38. Satyadeep K
    Satyadeep K
    4 days ago

    iam gonna come looking for u☠️

  39. Fazila Aziz
    Fazila Aziz
    4 days ago

    My favorite undertaker is 1990

  40. Saurabh Sharma
    Saurabh Sharma
    4 days ago

    Here after 'Top Dollar' debuted in NXT.

  41. Maronmikhail Soriano
    Maronmikhail Soriano
    4 days ago

    The delicious bite likely tumble because icon intradurally tour behind a belligerent top. arrogant, acid joke

  42. Staal Hard
    Staal Hard
    4 days ago

    What's rarer than Undertaker's purple outfit? Him getting other guys over. Couldn't even be bothered to give a new star the rub on his way out. Company guy my @ss.

  43. Arris Baldwin
    Arris Baldwin
    4 days ago

    RKO Enterprise : Undertaker 's Retirement Fund $ 1,416.00. Should be a memorable collection from his classic feud from Randy Orton reminsance three Decades Of Destruction.

  44. Pradeep B
    Pradeep B
    4 days ago

    90s Indian kids might be loving this show this gets back so many memories

  45. Rate my pfp pls
    Rate my pfp pls
    5 days ago

    Wait Why She Have Powers Before like “lighting”

  46. Aagos Goswami
    Aagos Goswami
    5 days ago

    Taker has good bicep on right arm. Looks like he is getting back to good health.

  47. saad atif
    saad atif
    5 days ago

    Awesome video

  48. Sanjeev Adi Maharaj
    Sanjeev Adi Maharaj
    5 days ago

    The fact that Michelle said she had never seen takers mask he wore back in 1994 means she still has to learn a lot more about her husband's wrestling history.

    1. Daniel Drayet
      Daniel Drayet
      4 days ago

      1995 but yes your right that she does

  49. Shashwat
    5 days ago

    God make this man 20-15 years younger! I want to witness his greatness again I was too young when he was in his prime! 😢😭

  50. john smith
    john smith
    5 days ago

    I mean this with all respect but his wife is hot! He is also such genuine guy. He really was raised right.

  51. Samuel McKenzie
    Samuel McKenzie
    5 days ago

    🟣 Gear undertaker was the best

  52. Oompa Loompa
    Oompa Loompa
    5 days ago

    he sounds like a cool guy. for someone so big and having a mid-high pitch voice, its surprising. add to that, his tattoos and character in wwe.

  53. Elmsy
    5 days ago

    My fave ever wrestler... Ever

  54. JJA1987
    5 days ago

    Mark still looks badass with The Purple Attire on

  55. Buying Stuff
    Buying Stuff
    5 days ago

    That purple gear is worth far more than 50k. That guy has to be joking.

  56. Buying Stuff
    Buying Stuff
    6 days ago

    The best gimmick in wrestling history. His early acting as the Taker was Oscar-worthy. The academy should look into certain wrestlers getting acting awards. Some of the heels are the nicest guys in the world but they play the part.

  57. Avatar N
    Avatar N
    6 days ago

    Pawn Stars be like "I'll give you 10 dollars for everything"

    1. Reginald Redd
      Reginald Redd
      4 days ago


  58. Ferrufino Numbela Joseph
    Ferrufino Numbela Joseph
    6 days ago

    The undertaker es el mas grande de todos los tiempos!!

  59. Pat Jev
    Pat Jev
    6 days ago

    I remember when he first debuted, I thought he was really dead!! He couldn't be hurt. He sold that character better than anyone else in history. He's my all-time favorite hands down

  60. Brian Diggs
    Brian Diggs
    6 days ago

    I hope he cleared out that storage lol

  61. Charlie Omega
    Charlie Omega
    6 days ago

    That guy wanted to take the entire storage unit. 🙄 Not cool dude.

  62. Charlie Omega
    Charlie Omega
    6 days ago

    Collectors be like 👁👄👁

  63. Arif Sayyed
    Arif Sayyed
    6 days ago

    Now he looking old and weak

  64. きた
    6 days ago

    It’s so weird to hear the word “Instagram” from the dead man.

  65. Will _Powers
    Will _Powers
    6 days ago

    I think I found a new show to keep me busy. Thanks A&E

  66. NYCrazyRob
    6 days ago

    Why is Undertaker renting out a storage garage each month for 15 years? Can't he store this in a room in his mansion?

  67. Shortcut 101
    Shortcut 101
    6 days ago

    Of course he'll agreed to give it for a proper place, he's getting old too. Thanks for the excitement in our childhood dear undertaker!

  68. • • • LOADING
    • • • LOADING
    6 days ago

    This guy knows more about The undertaker then I know about my own dad hahahahaha *soft crying* 😩

  69. Tony C
    Tony C
    6 days ago

    Undertaker,,,,my favorite all-time wrestler...30 yr fan!!!

  70. Aidan Cox
    Aidan Cox
    6 days ago

    I watched the episode and the end made me cry cause he’s done and it’s sad

  71. Joseph Womer
    Joseph Womer
    6 days ago

    Is that former Diva Michelle McCool?

  72. Chef Howard
    Chef Howard
    6 days ago

    You guys need to find rikishi’s thong

  73. o‏‏. . o
    o‏‏. . o
    6 days ago

    Bet You’ve Never See a Username Like This

  74. Jason Brand
    Jason Brand
    6 days ago

    Tell Mark.Jason Brand is leaving Texas.

  75. Allan Velazquez
    Allan Velazquez
    7 days ago

    Undertaker is such a great person, he's the scariest wrestler, employee of the year, always shows up to work on time and did his job. I love his attitude and his calm perspective. They more we see of him outside the ring, we realize how beautiful he is as a human being.

  76. Ryan gst
    Ryan gst
    7 days ago

    L E G E N D 🐐

  77. CheTan_MeherKhamB
    7 days ago

    Lots Of Respect foe the Dead Man

  78. Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker
    7 days ago

    WAIT WHAT???? They didn’t pay him for it?? Come on bro. They should give the MAN HIMSELF at least a hundred grand for that stuff!! Undertaker is beyond iconic and is a very gracious man!!

  79. Arnold Jr. Javier
    Arnold Jr. Javier
    7 days ago

    i like how they blurred the WWE logo on the turnbuckles but the show is all about the WWE lol.

    1. Hugo Stiglitz
      Hugo Stiglitz
      7 days ago

      It said WWF , the old logo.

  80. Colin Sines
    Colin Sines
    7 days ago

    I was working as back stage security at Wembley arena 94 hart attack tour and was lucky to meet all the WWF (as it was then) but the only two that stood out where The Undertaker and Doink the clown, both stopped for photos and to sign my programme. The undertaker spent 5 mins having his photo with me, and I've never met such a polite superstar. Trust me i delt with many superstar tantrams back stage but these two guys were so kind.

  81. Bikini Haul
    Bikini Haul
    7 days ago

    Owesome for people who loves undertaker.

  82. Tech dinbu
    Tech dinbu
    7 days ago

    My all time best wrestler undertaker...

  83. How Depressing
    How Depressing
    7 days ago

    His wife though 😁

  84. Zorc Necrophades
    Zorc Necrophades
    7 days ago

    Michelle McCool still fine asf

  85. استغفر الله
    استغفر الله
    7 days ago

    لا تنسى الصلاة على النبي ﷺ.. تذكير بالصلاة على النبي ........ساهم وأحتسب الاجر

  86. Kubs 94
    Kubs 94
    7 days ago

    Full Episode ?

    1. eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi
      7 days ago

      drink for every time a guy says "purple gear"

  87. Random Trinidadian
    Random Trinidadian
    7 days ago

    1:11, He still got it!

  88. Slyfer- knight
    Slyfer- knight
    7 days ago

    On the game on mame wwf wrestlemania arcade he had the pink suit too. It looks rly awesome

  89. Satya Yerimia
    Satya Yerimia
    7 days ago

    My childhood hero...The Phenom Undertaker

  90. o Darkdevil
    o Darkdevil
    7 days ago

    So you're telling me all of this epic stuff was just laying around in a random unit

  91. Bexar
    7 days ago

    MANN! Seeing Taker in that suit again, made my almost cry! THAT´S my whole childhood coming to life, right there!

  92. Goga Gogoladze
    Goga Gogoladze
    7 days ago

    1:08 God lord

  93. Nemanja Savic
    Nemanja Savic
    7 days ago

    The undertaker is my favourite wwe superstar

  94. Matthew Young
    Matthew Young
    8 days ago

    WELP...that's on TV now, hope they move everything before someone breaks in.

  95. Doffy Flaming
    Doffy Flaming
    8 days ago

    rare items

  96. Ramdev baba
    Ramdev baba
    8 days ago

    After seeing undertaker wife i agree money is everything

  97. Imran Kachhi
    Imran Kachhi
    8 days ago

    I would love to see the attire and the wooden mask and stick of Ugandan giant Kamala

  98. brandonisonline
    8 days ago

    I hope they make a wwe museum

  99. Aaron Lewis
    Aaron Lewis
    8 days ago

    Man, wish Paul Bearer was still alive to see this.

  100. jawknee5
    8 days ago

    drink for every time a guy says "purple gear"